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Crosman Fire

Nitro Piston Technology
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  • Code: AGD-38017944 · $69.99 · .177 · 1200 fps
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The Crosman Fire air rifle features Nitro Piston technology that can produce velocities up to 1200 FPS with alloy pellets. Why would you want this gun? Because at this price-point you get power & precision with rduced recoil & 70% less noise due to the integrated muzzle break. If your thinking of getting into the Nitro Piston game or looking to add a great priced air rifle to your collection, then you'll want to consider the Crosman Fire Nitro Piston air rifle.

Crosman Fire Nitro Piston Features
  • Rifled steel barrel for increased accuracy
  • Single-shot
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Dovetail mounting rail
  • Ambidextrous lever safety
  • Integrated muzzle brake for reduced recoil and noise (up to 70%)
  • Includes Centerpoint 4x32 scope

Benefits of a gas-piston over a spring-piston powerplant
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity1200 fps
  • ConditionRefurbished
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight6.00
  • Overall Length43.50
  • Barrel Length0.00
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismGas-piston
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyManual
  • Front Sightsnone
  • Rear Sightsnone
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty5-year limited warranty
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By JimDecember 25, 2018

I enjoy shooting and don’t have time to go to the range often. We have 2 acres but it’s inside the city limits. Back yard is over a 1/2 acre w privacy fence, plenty of room for an air gun range. I’ve been shopping and comparing air rifles for a while but could never “pull the trigger”. Wife read the reviews and got this rifle for me for Christmas. I’ve been plinking at 30, 50, 75 and 100 ft for 2 days. Impressive accuracy and power. Trigger pull is long and scope is moderate quality but adjustable. This rifle hammers standard pointed lead pellets through 3/8” plywood at 100’ with ease. I still can’t believe the power at this price. Great value.

Weight, power, consistency, quality.

Long stiff trigger pull, no muzzle break (as advertised),

By JuergenUSAOctober 7, 2017

I didn't bought this from here I bought used from my neighbor about 3 months ago. The original CP-Scope was not on it no more, instead was an Tasco 4x32 fixed scope on it. So I put a new Simmons 4x32 fixed scope on it, what was big improvement. But I can't review the original CP Scope, cause it was not installed. So far I had a ton of fun with shooting it. I get good results with Crosman premier HP 7.9 gr, with Crosman Pointed 7.4 gr., with Crosman 7.9 gr. Destroyers and with Winchester 9.8 gr. dommed pellets. I can shoot in my own little shooting range with 32, 60, 90, 120 and 146 feet regular size soup tin cans and hit them all day long if do my part right. It is hitting hart and goes through both sides of the can even at 146 feet, do plenty of power. Not hard to cook at all, lightweight to rifle. Yes I did modify the trigger some with help of YouTube videos. Now the gun is a pleasure to shoot, if would have the funds I would like to get CDT GRT III trigger installed, and for my opinion with a higher powered scope like 3x9 or a 4x13 it will be capable to shoot even longer distance. For my opinion a very nice and good shooting NP Rifle. If you looking for something like that for a good price point go get it.

Lightweight, accurate, hart hitting, good price point, a lot of fun.

Trigger could be some better, but easy to fix with You Tube or GRT III trigger.

By FrankUSASeptember 14, 2017

Was looking for a 1 pump for my 15 yr old grand daughter. My beeman with a wooden stock was to heavy. the synthetic stock on this is durable but much lighter. The gas piston provides plenty of power and the scope that is provided is of good quality.

light weight


By ErikJune 26, 2017

Great squirrel gun! Light easy to walk with. My only advice is to put rounds through it. When I got up to 300rds I went from hollow points getting stuck in first wall of a poly barrel at 25 yds to going completey through it and plinking the building behind it! I thought my scope took a dump and was missing it until I looked at the back of the barrel. The scope isn't the greatest but it's no frills so it will make you a better shooter as long as it doesn't fall apart lol. Loctite all mounting screws for the scope they will back out! I also use Benjamin Hollow points and Gamo red fires so far. I like the hollow points a little better.

Very powerful once broken in. Light easy to cock. Very comfortable pistol grip.

Scope, long trigger.

By JeddMarch 8, 2017

I purchased this for backyard pest control. I have a garden that gets ravaged by a variety of pests. I measured the accuracy of this gun at 10 Minutes of Angle. so the max effective range is about 25-30 meters, I have not used it past 20. I was able to take out a fairly large rabbit at 20 meters, rabbit was 9 pounds! Took it with an easy headshot. For the price this is a great buy.

Great price point, fairly accurate. Enough power to take all small game.

Scope leaves much to be desired. hazing, focal depth, and chromatic aberration are terrible.

By JerryMarch 4, 2017

First off, I'm gonna say, this is well worth your money! As a newbie to the world of airguns, I got this mainly for the cosmetics and the fps rating. Then I read reviews(not a good buying process, I know,but hey, this time I struck it good). This is a really good buy considering what your getting. This air rifle has a lot of features that you would expect to find in higher end air rifles, such as a gas piston, all weather stock, temp resistant barrel, Ect. The scope it comes with isn't really that bad, until like me, you drop the rifle on it( what can I say, I've got skills). But it's all good, I was going to replace I anyway. So I bought a BSA red dot for about $30. When you first get it you need to take either an oil rag or a silicone rag and run it over the barrel and all the metal surfaces. I made the mistake of not doing what I just said and took it outside on a really humid summer day, and the barrel was covered in spot rust, so I took a rough paper towel and was able to take the rust off without taking the finish off( don't use scotch brite on it or you'll take the finish off ) Also you need to tighten the stock screws because they'll probably be loose. I'm not too picky about the trigger as some other people are, but I was able to shoot the same hole five times in a row at about ten yards. I've found that this rifle likes the pointed lead Crosman pellets. Off hand it's a little bit heavy, but accurate with an artillery hold nonetheless. Not bad for a hundred bucks. With a little tweaking, you can outshoot three and four hundred dollar rifles. But be warned that this is very dangerous weapon and is not to be taken lightly. Treat it as you would a firearm. All in all, a great squirrel gun. If I was rating the whole package, it would be four stars, but since I'm only rating the rifle itself, and since any changes would probably make the price go up, I'm giving this product five stars. One other thing I forgot to mention, - cocking effort. Breaking in the rifle does make a difference. When I first got it, it was a bear to cock, had terrible recoil, was loud as a .22 lr, and was an all - around monster. My advice with any break barrel is give it a chance to break in, and don't expect it to be a wonder gun right out of the box. It now has a cocking effort of about 30- ish pounds. For a teen like me, it's really not that hard to cock, but then I have a bit of a larger build. Also, as with most airguns out there, fps ratings aren't normally as advertised. I'd say it' probably running in the nine-hundred to nine-hundred fifties range with lead and about a thousand to eleven hundred range with alloy. But still enough to break the sound barrier and go through both sides of a two-liter filled with water at thirty yards and hit a piece of steel at a hundred yards with a resounding ping.

Great price, exceptional power, good quality, well built, and accurate with the right optic.

A little heavy, but that's to be expected with a break action, and a simple remedy to that is a homemade sling. Optics and trigger could probably be made a little better, but that would increase the price

By BrianUSAMarch 1, 2017

Everything fine. I always take them apart and polish everything up before I even shoot these b18/19 crosmans. The stock is better than any other pistol grip I've tried imo. As always, polish the sears and put a screw through the trigger to lighten and make it a true two stage. Standard trigger is terrible. Breech face had very deep machine marks that needed sanding. Ears where very rough (more so than normal) and had already chewed up the plastic washers. Clean up this area if you want any consistency and replace plastic with brass. Piston seal was in good shape, but piston was loose and needed buttons. I like this barrel as I never shoot open sight and haven't found the Crosman Shrouded barrels to be very accurate. About 3 hours of work and $3 and it is now quiet and calm 1/2 inch group shooter from 18yds.

Stock is nice. Very tunable as are all these Crosmans.

As always, lots of polishing needed.

By Ron U.February 20, 2017

After attaching the scope and sighting it in, I have had great fun and taken down game with it. I have taken down Birds, Jackrabbit and a young male (about a year) Javelin, Using .177 cal Destroyer Pellets. I also shot other items as well. I shot at a piece of aluminum pipe (the one used in showers to hold curtains)with a .177 cal Destroyer Pellet. The Destroyers were awesome, managing to go thru the pipe and leaving a big exit hole proving that they were expanding.I then shot some into clay and they penetrated and expanded to almost three times the original size. The Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal are definitely able to handle the"destroyers" and with the FPS - Velocity and the accuracy of the rifle, this is an outstanding rifle at a great price, Super Deal. After seeing the super job the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal was doing I went out into the Forrest. There I encountered birds, Jackrabbits and a Javelin. The combination of the velocity and accuracy of the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal I experienced the same results I had earlier. I had a bunch of Javelin come through. No better time then when the opportunity presents to see what the rifle can do. So I put it to the test. Watching and waiting for the Javelin to turn around a look in my direction. Once it did I took the scope and put the cross hairs just below the bony helmet it has on top of head. It look at me lowered its head giving me a straight shot at he base of the 45 degree skull below the bony helmet and took the shot with the .177 cal Destroyer Pellet. BANG the rifle shot the .177 cal Destroyer Pellet through the target area. The Javelin immediately dropped kick its feet a few times and it was over. Upon dressing it out I want to see what the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal was able to do. After opening that area carefully I observed the .177 cal Destroyer Pellet had gone into the brain area and the pellet had expanded about 3 times it size as it had in the clay. I would highly recommend this Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal. with the sighted scope. You will find It is reliable, dependable works smoothly and has great FPS Velocity which will push the pellet for great accuracy and exceptional results. Purchasing this was a very good decision and in fact a friend of mine also purchased and he has the same results as I am sharing here. I am a 31 year retired US Army Ranger and I would recommend this for both older youth and adults. I will be experimenting with other types of .177 cal pellets on both targets and in hunting. My goal is to attempt hunting bigger game. I am feeling confident the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal has a good chance of taking down a deer with the proper placement of the shot as in the Javelin case..

This is a very accurate rifle with great FPS - Velocity. I have used it both target and hunting and it has preformed with excellence in both area. The Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal. is able to use a wide range of .177 pellets which allows various uses of the rifle. The combination of the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal and the scope is a great match and very effective. I am very impressed what the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal for at its level it is a mighty rifle. This would be great for preppers for both hunting and what ever. The ammo is inexpensive and very is easy to stock it up .The ammo is easily obtained in person or through the internet. I am glad I added this to my collection. The price was great and the specs were interesting. The decision was made to purchase and the rest is history as shared here. My fried feels exactly the same and thanks me with a smile that we made the purchase of the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal

It is unfortunate that there can only be 1 load at a time. it would be nice if it could hold more then 1 load at at time. Operation of the Crosman Fire NP, .177 cal could be faster with the ability to hold more then 1 shot at a time. To me that is the 1 real Con 1 shot at a time and no where more then 1 shot at a time.

By DavidFebruary 18, 2017

So far my Crosman Fire rifle is awesome. The scope and rings are not top quality but are holding up well. The trigger does take some getting used to but very manageable. Keep in mind it does NOT have a muzzle break as stated in the online specs. It is mearly a plastic cover to help cock the rifle. It does not make the rifle quieter when firing as it is solid plastic.

Well built consistent shooter Good ergonomics Powerful

Low quality scope and rings Heavy cocking No sling studs

By VincentJanuary 26, 2017

I got this gun used from a junk shop near me and I would recommend it to everyone. The power and accuracy is amazing. I have mine sited so I can hit a regular sized water bottle dead center multiple shots in a row at 30 yards and I know she can go farther but my yard is only so big. It's a bit difficult to cock for weaker or smaller shooters and it is a bit heavy but it performs like a 1200 dollar gun in my opinion and I hunt squirrels with it and it's a one shot clean crisp kill

Accurate Powerful Nitro piston tech inside Scope is high quality Comes with scope cover (at least mine did) Good for hunting Easy to snake for cleaning Never jams Never loses power

A bit heavy Semi-difficult to cock No sites, scope only Scope is impossible to zero at 11yrds (about Olympic airgun distance)

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