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Crosman PowerShot Red .22 Cal, 16.7 gr - 100 ct

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  • Code: LF22167 · $13.59 · .22 · 16.7 grains · 100 ct
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The red ballistic pellets are great for long distance shooting in the field or for recreation in non-lead environments. As these pellets maintain their shape, they deliver superior penetration and enhanced accuracy.
  • Caliber- .22
  • Ammo Type: Non-Lead Pellet
  • Grain: 16.7
  • Nose: Pointed
  • Red Ballistic
  • Quantity: 100
  • Use: Long-Range (Target/ Hunting)
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .22
  • Ammo Type Lead-free pellets
  • Ammo Weight 16.7 grains
  • Pellet Shape Cylindrical
  • Pellet Quantity 100 ct
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By KenjiNovember 12, 2023

Anyone know if the Umarex Gauntlet is a significant power upgrade? Still undecided about pcp..

These fit snug in my Umarex Fuel; barrel position is of no consequence. Easily penetrates the back of a 20 year old metal folding chair at 20 yards(apologies to my in-laws, lol). Ditto for these shot out of my Fuel in .177, just a smaller hole. If dropped no need for a magnet or metal detector to find them! I stock up whenever I catch them on sale..

A few more grains and I would be eternally grateful, lol.

By AlexUSAMay 24, 2018

Superb penetration pellet. The best on the market. Accuracy and penetration. Very well ballistically designed.

By IvanMay 20, 2017

Agree with other gentlemen, Are very loose fit for my .22 Ruger, Sig Saure and Benjamin Maurader Also top heavy as well as it penetrates cardboard targets sideways. HOPEFULLY CROSMAN. SOLVES THESE ISSUES BECAUSE $US10 IS A BIT TOO MUCH FOR 100 PALLETS.. There are many other pallets if not muchr cheaper and far better results.

Speed.. Would recommend iif issues are solved.

Accuracy, too loose for many .22 cal. Barrel. Rifle must almost be in a horizontal position so the pallet does not drop out. Accuracy.

By DonnieApril 16, 2016

This pellet will fit loose in the chamber and fall out. So when closing the barrel hold the gun downward. Other than that these pellets shoot faster than lead and are accurate from my Remington Express .22. Very good penetration as well!

Great speed and penetration.

Loose fit in the chamber.

By BeverlyUSAAugust 25, 2015

Anything that makes me a better shot especially in the eyes of my friends Im going to like. Other two piece pellets put the plastic in the front thats just asking it to tumble. All the weight forward flies better.These pellets are extremely accurate Lead free means never having to clean the barrel and being bright red if you drop one its easy to find They work well even in my most pellet fussy gun. Every pellet in the box is perfect and well worth the money..


By derrickUSAApril 5, 2014

These are pretty good and not too expensive. The only problem I have is they are too light. If they would make them or another type 5 grains heavier then they would definitely have some good penetration. As it sits they have decent penetration. I can get them to make a small hole from the pointed tip in a directv reflector. As for accuracy they are decent. I can get close to a quarter size grouping using a Benjamin Trail NP All Weather.

Pointed and pretty accurate

Too light

By GeneOctober 18, 2013

As I have not hunted with these pellets yet I'm only giving them a 3 star . They shoot well , and have very good penetration . In my rifle I have to watch out how I close the barrel as the pellet dose not seat tight , and if the rifle is pointed up in closing the pellet can fall out . I shoot the Benjamin Trail NP series all weather . Was planning a hunt this morning but trout are biting soooo, going hunting for tree rat's tomorrow . But all , and all am pleased with this pellet . If it works well in the woods I'll change my scoring to 5 star's .

seems to do the penetration well

Pellet can fall out if the barrel is not pointed down , at least with my rifle .

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Can these work in a Gamo Magnum Gen 3

asked Jermaine from St. Christopher (St. Kitts and Nevis)

Will these work in all the 22 cal air guns?

asked Willis from USA

Yes they will

Zac from USA

Are these safe for the barrel? The allow is so hard, I've literally shot them into cement/AR500 steel without pellet deformation. I was just wondering if they are that hard are they safe on the barrel? I thought that the barrel used in airguns is relatively soft metal.

asked Joe

No deformation? You need a more powerful airgun.

John from USA
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