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Crosman Premier Hollowpoint .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 500 ct

Crosman Premier Hollowpoint .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: LHP22 · 0.22 cal · 14.3 gr · 500 ct
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  • .22 Cal
  • 14.3 Grains
  • Hollow point
  • 500 Tin
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight14.3 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity500
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Crosman Premier Hollowpoint .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 500 ct
104 Reviews
72% (75)
17% (18)
6% (6)
3% (3)
2% (2)
80% Recommend this product (83 of 104 responses)
By Kelly
Tucson, AZ
Crosman Premier .22 cal Hollow Point Pellets Review
November 28, 2011
The Crosman Premier .22 cal Hollow Point Pellet is an awesome pellet! The hollow point is small but is doing exactly what its supposed to do. The cheap price makes it a bonus considering the 500 pellet count! The case is quite sturdy and a huge plus is that the cover is threaded and screws on tight! So no pellets flying everywhere if dropped. The case doesnt have the weight of the pellet printed on so i did some weighing myself and saw that the pellets fluctuated in weight, anywhere between 14.2gr-14.7gr in weight. Im not quite sure if its a problem with the scale due to it being brand new, but if the pellets really do range in weight, that may be the reason its not printed on the case. I cant say for sure though. 5 shots, the pellets hit at about an inch diameter @ 50 yards. Pretty good with me! Almost every single pellet was in tip top shape right out of the case! I love this pellet!
ProsClean pellets, strong screw on case, cheap price, fairly good accuracy.
ConsNo weight of pellet on the case, if the weight truly fluctuates- that is a huge downer.
By Tom
Powerful and Shoots Straight
October 21, 2019
Shoots great through my Benjamin Titan NP.
By Bob L.
South Carolina
Best Pellets
September 17, 2019
These are the best pellets i have ever used.
By Westen
Crossman Premier Hollow Points in .22
June 27, 2019
Straight up for the money you simply cannot beat these. First off you get a 500 in a tin... Second, these are actually very accurate and consistent in most guns in my personal experience as well as many gun reviews I've seen. The drawbacks to these are the do come kinda dirty with lead particles in the tin all over the ammo and you will find that a fair amount of pellets have damaged skirts and that does effect accuracy. As far as being dirty goes, dump the tin out, roll them around, blow em of with air, hoot to go. All in all there is no reason not to have these pellets. They are my go to.
ProsCheap, accurate, plentiful, readily available
ConsDirty, damaged ammo is present. Not a big deal.
Best UsesEverything. Plinking, target shooting, pest elimination.
By Logan
May 27, 2019
These shoot great out of my gauntlets... cheap and accurate
ProsPrice and accuracy
Best UsesSmall game
By Dennis
La Grange, TX
Gamo Coyote Whisper loves these
March 23, 2019
JSB 18.3 are my go to pellet for my Walther Challenger Ultra & Gamo Coyote Whisper but these Crosmans Hollow point are just as accurate. Wally world has them for $6.50 in 500 count tins.
ProsAccurate & easy to get locally
Best UsesTarget shooting & small game hunting
By oats
CPHP 14.3 Grain
March 10, 2019
These are a great all around pellet . They can be found at Walley's World for 6.28 or less per tin. I stocked up .
By Jimmy B.
Benton, Arkansas
January 4, 2019
Although every Airgun prefers various pellets over others, I find that Crosman Premieres are always a good starting point. These fire best in my RWS Diana 34, and are good performers in my other rifles and pistols too. The consistency found in each pellet by weight and construction is commendable.
ProsNever vent skirts Consistent weight Easily available
Best UsesAir rifle
By David
May 28, 2018
I totally like dome and hollow points they fly out of benjiman np xl with great accuracy
By Amori
loveland ohio
bad pellets
May 27, 2018
shoots bad groups out off my np phantom
Consbad groups
By Cheng L.
Crossman Hollowpoint 14.3 gr.
March 12, 2018
My P-rod doesn't like these pallets at any distances but the Hatsan Bullboss shoot them okay just not good enough but they sure have punching power that can knock down raccoons and rabbits with good placement any times when you have one that hit.
ProsHave good knocking power.
ConsToo many damaged skirts and don't shoot well for me.
Best UsesUse for small games Raccoons,rabbits,squirels and birds.
By william
bath, new york
A great pellet for the money
March 6, 2018
These pellets work good in my air gun collection, but be prepared for flyers.. A cheaper way to target practice.
I sort by head size and weigh each pellet when I really want true accuracy with these pellets. I shoot a lot so these pellets offer me a great savings when I want to shoot all weekend long.. As mentioned ... expect flyers but for the cost I can accept this problem.
ProsLow cost, can be very accurate and a great value for the money
ConsThe tins can be a pain to open... most times I have to use screwdriver...
good pellet
February 28, 2018
shoot well better than others tried
Consnot alot of consistency with the skirt
By Ajay
Consistently accurate
November 21, 2017
I like these. They are consistently well made and accurate. Good price.
ProsGood quality control and price.
By pablo
richmond, CA
Crosman HP
November 8, 2017
This pellet shoot well in all of my guns with no problems. I have a modified Crosman 2240, Benjamin Maximus, and RWS Model 34.
ProsAccurate and affordable
ConsHollow point does not expand. I used a 9.5 foot pound gun to a 20 foot pound rifle.
By Joe C.
Worcester, Mass
Great product
August 7, 2017
One hole groups, doesn't get better than that!
okeana, ohio, united states
nice pellet,
June 28, 2017
My Hatsan model 85 shoots this pellet well. price point is good for $$ vs quantity
Prosprice, quantity, value, accuracy
By Ed B.
San Diego, CA
Best deal for the $$
April 10, 2017
Hard hitting and deadly accurate. Simply can't go wrong with this baby. Very impressed and satisfy with the rifle and Air Gun Depot's fast delivery
ProsHard hitting and accurate. Fantastic value for the $$
By william w.
good pellets for the price
February 26, 2017
these are good pellets with some flyers, to be expected. good weight, I use these with all of my 22cal air guns. there just an all around good pellet for target, plinking, and hunting. for the price a great buy.
Prosmostly good consistency.
Conssome flyers, but that's ok.
By Jay M.
Trail NP likes them
February 13, 2017
My Benjamin trail NP likes these. I had been using the Crosman Premier round nose 14.3 grain but these are more consistent. It seems the hollow point is pressed into the pellet. They all seem to fit the barrel exactly the same, very few tight or loose.

I like shooting long range over 100 yards at beer cans, or coffee cans at 150 yards. With no wind I'm getting about 5 of ten hits on the beer cans and about 3 of 10 on the 150 yard coffee can.

Prosvery consistent and inexpensive.
By cody
plains MT
February 5, 2017
Best pellet ever!!!!!!!!! I shot a ground squirrel @75 yards dropped him in his tracks with my crosman 140 pellet gun
By Jacques T.
Crossman Premier Hollowpoint .22 cal 14.3 gr pellet and Gamo Urban
January 19, 2017
I ordered all four of the .22 cal Crossman 14.3 gr pellets to test with my new Gamo Urban. The Piranha, the Pointed, the Ultra Mag and the Premier Hollowpoint all hit within a dime sized spread at 30yrds, however the Premier Hollowpoint had better "ballistics". I saw better mushrooming of the pellet once it hit my multi phonebook target. I think this will translate to better small game (Squirrel, Rabbit, Ground Hog, etc) take down in the field.
Prosconsistent grouping at 30yrds with the other 14.3 grain pellets meant zero scope adjustments only $9.99 for a tin of 500ct.
By treemanbow
upstate n.y. wilderness
December 27, 2016
Groups well in my rifle,mid-range pellet
ProsVery consistant,like to kill a varmit w/it
ConsHave not yet tried at long range-40-80 yrds.more testing needed
By Rob
Atlanta, Ga
December 26, 2016
Great can of pellets
ProsGreat packing
By David S.
Swartz Creek, Michigan
Excellent product
November 16, 2016
I have tried many different types of pellets, these are the best fitting and shoot more consistently tighterror groups than any other.
I use them exclusively in my .22 and a .177 rifles.
By sheila s.
October 24, 2016
Good pellet!
ProsAccurate! Hits hard! Good for pest control!
ConsSeizing difference
By tony
fort campbell, KY
Great stopping power
September 9, 2016
Pellets are low cost and high quality, i have taken out squirrels, possums and even raccoons with these
Prosgreat stopping power at a low cost
Consnone i know of
By Jair
Cuautla, Morelos
Greater value hunting pellet ever
August 28, 2016
This pellet surpass the great value line by far, supreme accuracy, great velocity, great quality and impressive expansion (not as massive as the H&N Barracuda Hunter Extreme) but at 9.99 for 500 pellets, this pellet have set the new standard in quality, price and performance.
ProsImpressive quality Great velocity and stability Great accuracy Impressive expansion Supreme performance in hunting Easiest hollow point pellet to find in local stores Makes the .177" pellet real lethal At $ 9.99 per tin this is a bargain
ConsNot suitable for long distant shots
Not the best
June 18, 2016
Bought these awhile back and they were decent, but weren't the most consistent pellet. May want to consider other options before buying.
By james
, sw idaho, farm country
dead center
June 15, 2016
performed better than expected with the air rifle purchased at same time. used to eliminate rodent problem, hits hard and terminates quickly.
Prosworks in just about every air rifle i own
Conswish they were a little bit heaver.
By Carson
Very consistent pellet!
June 3, 2016
These pellets seem to always shoot very accurately out of all my .22 air rifles. No matter what brand air rifle I own, whether Ruger, Beeman, Hatsan or even my Crosman, these pellets are accurate and consistent out of all of them.

I've had very much success with these pellets so far when it comes to hunting. They mushroom out like they should and seem to have very decent penetration on small game and varmints like raccoon.

I now use powershot penetrators by Crosman as my primary hunting round in .22, but those are more expensive, so if you're looking for a low cost pellet that will perform well on accuracy and penetration then these are a must have round!
ProsFit snug in breach, Accurate, good penetration.
Good Quality Pellet
June 1, 2016
Using this in our Benjamin Titan NP's. Quality seems to be very good and the price is a little better than the Benjamin Discovery pellets. Both are equal in accuracy and quality but the Crossman has the advantage in price.
By BCM90
CrownPoint, In.
NOT consistant!
May 20, 2016
This is one of the worst pellet I have ever used for accuracy and consistency! I cant even get 2 out of 10 pellet at 30 ft/10yards to be closer than 1ft!
JUNK at any price!!!!!
Merchant Response:What's the model and age of rifle are you shooting? Also, if you are using a rifle with a stock scope, that might be the issue. Stock scopes are really intended for plinking and pest control within 5 to 7 meters, not for match level accuracy, as they are basically a "freebie" because of the very low cost the manufacture pays for them. Upgrading to even a $50 scope will make a world of difference, regardless of the rifle. Have you tried open sights, if your rifle has them? 10 yards is about the distance of professional matches and they use sights without magnification, as one can get more consistent shot placement at that range.
ProsSome one suckered $10 out of my pocket!
ConsSome one suckered $10 out of my pocket!
By Bryan
Sophia WV
Crosman Premier hollow points
May 6, 2016
Shoots very good out of my Hatsan 100X springer. 22
ProsVery accurate pellets in most any air gun
ConsDirty but can be washed dried then put a light coat of WD40 on them that will keep your Barrel cleaner and help accuracy
By wll
My Go To General Pellet
April 24, 2016
Shoots well in all my guns and is good for all my plinking and messing around. Does not have the BC of my JSB Exact's, but more than good for general use. Always have a tin handy when I'm out and about.

ProsInexpensive-good accuracy-consistent ..... A good all around pellet
ConsDoes not have the BC of higher priced pellets for down range energy.
By Geno
Sf Bay Area
By Far the Best Pellet
March 19, 2016
I go through about a tin of pellets every couple months
I have tried almost all of the different pellets on the market and did all kinds of tests. When I tried these, I fell in love. I have used very accurate pellets but they had no punch.These are by far the most accurate with a" terrific" punch. I just hit a Raven at 50 yards with my Ruger and it dropped like a rock.
ProsAccuracy with a great Punch
By James
Edina, MN
Excellent pellet for the money
February 22, 2016
Accurate and inexpensive
ProsCrosman quality
ConsNone to date
By brandon
very acrute
February 21, 2016
this pellet is a great for target shooting or hunting. this pellet is great for any crossman or benjamin air guns
Prosacrute good hunting
By Joe
Very good for the price
December 3, 2015
These pellets are pretty good for the price. You can't really get a tin of 500 pellets for 10 bucks in any other brand. I have bought countless tins of these and only maybe 3-5 defects in the entire can. Very good quality control on these. I use them for hunting shooting them out of my Hatsan AT44-S10 long in 22. and they are very effective. If you are worried that they are to light (14.7grains) for good penetration then let me set you straight. Out of pellet rifle shooting these at about 1070fps (that is with lead pellets not alloy) I can consistently shoot clean through Jack rabbits at 80yrds. They will also punch through old 1/2" ply wood at the same distance. I have never had a problem with knock down power on these either. They do however do to being lighter start to loose some accuracy at distances past 50yrds. They still hold true enough to hit soda cans consistently at 100yrds. Your just not going to get under 3" groups at that distance if that's what you were hoping for. Plenty enough accuracy for me though. At about 30yrds with my gun I can get 1.5" groups off of a lead sled. But once I through on an Air-stripper those groups tightened down to about 1/2" . Yes I would recommend them to a friend and you.
ProsCheap Good quality good penetration and knock down power decent accuracy
ConsStart to lose accuracy at longer distances. Aren't super accurate to begin with either.
By Ethan
Boerne, Texas
October 3, 2015
Good pellets for the price.
By frank
portland or.
work good
September 17, 2015
By Thomas
Campo, CA
Best Pellet for the $
August 27, 2015
I shoot these in my Crosman Titan NP .22 they work great, took out a rabbit yesterday.. been using these for 3 years since I started using Airguns again..
ProsMost are in good shape, screw on Tin lid..
ConsScrew on Lid, too damn tight..
By jimmy h.
new port richey fl.
super acuracy
August 1, 2015
i have a daystate mk4 rifle in .22 cal. i have pellets from every single pellet manufactuer in the world. yes i really mean every single one! i am a perfectionest to the upmost. i have run every type of pellet through a water and then rinse them and allow them to dry. i then use a flareing tool on each and every pellet to make sure the scirts are all uniformally round. i then roll them on a fine sponge makeup pad with just a small amount of pellet lube on it. i shoot one hole groups most of the time. emagine my surprise when i found that this pellet was far far better than any pellet ive ever used. i mean the round head pellet, not the hollow point. chronograph to look for consistency in speed. i have bench rested every type or pellet made looking for the tightest groups. i weigh every pellet i shoot looking for consistency in weight. i first wash my pellets in soapy i find the hollow point is not as accurate.
By Louis
Pacific Northwest
Good plinking pellets.
July 29, 2015
These are great plinking pellets. There are some blemishes, and maybe some burrs and slag on some in the tin. Fairly accurate and pack a good punch. Good stand in pellets for the more expensive ones. I use these for common plinking tasts.

500 round tins give you plenty to shoot for a long session.
ProsCheap, consistent flight. 500 round tin gives you plenty of ammo. Great common "plinking" ammo.
ConsSome burrs and blemish from being in the tin.
By Bobby L.
Excellent Product!
July 7, 2015
My NP2 shoots these accurately and they hit with a good impact.
ProsUniform, accurate.
By Cameron
Galt, CA
Okay for Discovery
July 2, 2015
Works alright out of discovery. 1/4" groups at 25 yards.
Prosfairly accurate
Consdirty pellets, lots of lead dust
By cassius
mechanicsville, maryland
I Like these
June 25, 2015
nice solid hard hitting with great groups in my gun. no defects in tin.
Prosgreat price and 500 great quality
By Chris
Traverse City, Michigan
very nice pellets
May 15, 2015
I really like these pellets and so does my Trail NP 2. The uniformity is not as good as some other brands, but they still are more accurate out of my gun than just about any others. They hit hard and expand well. You cant beat the price and they are made in the good old USA.
ProsMade in America, accurate in my gun, good quality, hard hitting.
ConsCould be more uniform in shape and size.
By Jimmy
Good Pellet
January 17, 2015
This is a good value in pellets. Shoots well and takes game cleanly.
ProsGood value. Accurate.
By Leo T.
Best pellet so far in my Ruger Yukon!
January 9, 2015
I have found these pellets to be pretty accurate. Of hand,35 yard shots and open sight I can keep my grouping to a 1-1.5". There is not a lot of variety where I live so I can only compare them to Daisy match .22 pointed pellets and gamo hunters with the bb on the top of the dome. The Crosman's have a sturdy skirt, very clean and a polish to them. When they strike small game there is a loud whack! They hit with authority! That being said with an upgraded scope on my Yukon,artillery hold,and controlled breathing I have taken medium birds out to 75 yards. I'm very confident with this pellet out of my Yukon!
ProsGood weight, hits your game with authority and a loud whack! They mushroom very well. I have a 55 gallon metal drum that I use for a back stop. These will nearly penetrate the drum. I think for a hollow point to be able to do that while expanding to the size of a dime speaks volumes. I'm very pleased with these and they are my go to pellet.
ConsNone, however In the future it would be nice to see these available in heavier weights.
By Enrique
Fort Worth, TX
Great Budget Pellet
December 16, 2014
Clean and accurat to about 25 yards (about a quarter size group) at semi rested sitting position.
ProsCheap and accurate enough for small game
By jen
tbilisi, kartli
the best pellets for Shooting
November 6, 2014
i advice everyone to buy this for 1200 FPS
By Steve
crossman premier
July 12, 2014
In my Crosman Nitro venom they were awful. At about 15 yards they were all over a six inch circle. They might be fine for another type of air gun but not for mine. I will say that I don't recommend them, however this is more for others who have a Nitro Venom, these pellets may be first rate in another model.
Conssloppy patterning in my nitro venom.
By Rod
Roseburg, OR
Crosman Premiers Do the job
May 30, 2014
The Crosman Premier pellets are very well made and are one of the most accurate pellets I have found so far in my new Hatsan Striker 1000 .22 cal air rifle.
ProsWell made, accurate, hard hitting pellet.
By Eric
Albuquerque, NM
An Excellent Value
May 17, 2014
These pellets, while somewhat lacking in killing power, are nevertheless accurate and adequately lethal. I've shot around 300 in a RWS Model 34 at both paper targets and nuisance birds like pigeons. When target shooting off-hand at 10 meters, usually 8 or 9 of 10 shots cluster into a tight group with 1 or 2 significant flyers. RWS Super-H-Points are more emphatic killers and measurably more accurate in my Model 34 at all distances, but these Crosman Premiers are half their price so I consider them an excellent value.
ProsExcellent pellets for the price. The screw top lid is nice.
By Mike
, Elgin,Texas
Crosman pellets
April 20, 2014
Good for the price does well in my benji.
ProsLots of pellets for the price good uniform skirts.
By Stephen
S.E. Ohio
Both my airguns like them
April 3, 2014
For the price a very good shooting pellet. My .177 & .22 shoot them very well. I have not had the chance to use them for hunting yet, but looking forward too. I have used many types of higher quality pellets, none of them provide any better performance to warrant the higher cost.
Prosprice , group very well without fliers.
By Andy
Los Angeles
Best pellets I've used in my hatsan1000s striker!
February 27, 2014
I use these pellets to hunt and plink and hit field targets and they are awesome! I've been able to easily take out pigeons and squirrels with these pellets. They penetrate targets and drop them all in one hit. These pellets are great for medium range shooting. I am able to hit pigeons and squirrels all at 15-50 yards. I plan on buying more!
ProsGreat penetration Able to travel and hit HARD! Drops pigeons and squirrels instantly!
ConsThere isn't a bigger bulk item to buy like maybe a 3000 pellet pack...
By Richard
Pleasant Hill, CA
In this case, you get what you pay for
January 1, 2014
Shooting these with my Umarex Octane .22 they have very little consistency at 50'. 5 shot groupings are about 1 1/2" to 2". These are all over the place. Maybe they work better with guns that have less velocity.
ProsInexpensive and have good penetration
ConsNot consistent.
By jeffery
United States
crossman premier .22 cal. hollow point pellets
December 25, 2013
seems OK to me hitting at 45 yards with Hatsan 22 pistol.
Proshit good & hard right on target.
Consa little tight & fingers get dirty.
By Kevin
Fort Lee, VA
December 20, 2013
Crosman calls these pellets "Premier" and I wonder why. I tried these in my Crosman 2240. I didn't find them terribly accurate or powerful.
By David
Rowland Heights, CA
perfect for my Benjamin 392
November 30, 2013
Pretty decent accuracy for my Benjamin 392
Pros-Fits nicely in my Benjamin 392 -Hollow point expansion is noticeable -Well built pellet container compared to other brands
Cons-Not the best hollow point pellet
By Gene C.
SF Bay area
nice pellet
November 26, 2013
I just got my premier Pellets
I normally have to re calibrate my scope with the type of pellets I'm using I was quite pleased that they shot straight right away and I did not have to reset my scope. 30 yd shot on a crow and feathers were flying. Impressive pellet
Proscost was excellent , great quality and the case had a screw lid
By Ray
very good
November 4, 2013
1/2" @30 yrd most of the time, if they are all you can find you'll be ok
Prosalways the same easy to find good price for a very good pellet
By Trenton C.
Trenton, NJ
My Preferred Pellet
August 30, 2013
There's no other pellet that I want to use (Except Skenkos HP's) ! While I don't and won't shoot small animals for fun, it's just as exciting holding a 3/4 to 1 inch grouping on targets from 25 to 60 yards!
ProsPrice is great! In three years of shooting these out of my Gamo Big Cat .22 I've never had a deformed pellet!
ConsThe shipping charges are more than the pellets! I use to be able to find them at my local Walmart but they are getting scarce !
By Mason
Leitchfield , Kentucky
Best low cost .22 pellet
July 27, 2013
These pellets seem to fit nice and snug in the breech of my rifle. I haven't noticed any factory deformations in any of the pellets and have went through 3 tins of the pellets. In my air gun (hatsan striker 1000s) there is about a 6 inch drop at 50 yards.
ProsNicely made Inexpensive
By Braden J.
Midland, NC
Great pellets
July 16, 2013
This pellet does the trick in accuracy and hunting.
ProsGood Mushroom, most people think mushrooming is bad but for hunting you need it. A pellet that is hard and goes straight through an animal will not do as much damage as a softer, expanding pellet. Think of a .22 vs .50 cal, which makes a bigger hole?
By Kevin
Best So Far
May 27, 2013
I've tried many pellets now and find these the best, Ive had Many clean Kills from 50+ yards. Would rate these as the Best for My Custom BSA Super10 .22
ProsGreat Impact Great Accuracy over short or long range Great Price
By fritz
Work great
April 21, 2013
These are very accurate with my Crosman 1322 pistol. Also, easier to load than others I have tried. The price is also very competitive. I highly recommend these, especially for target shooting.
By Jake
The working man's pellet
April 4, 2013
CPHP's really do everything their expected to in my book. They are cheap, made well, and group consistently in most .22's. They provide consistent power on the kill-zone, and mushroom nicely. I really don't have anything bad to say about this pellet. It's downright fantastic. For under $10, you get 500 rounds, suitable for any occasion.
ProsAccurate in most .22's Consistently used for any situation to great effect Cheap Good weight
By Andrew
Crosman Premier .22 cal Hollow Point Pellet Review
March 12, 2013
These pellets are just okay.
ProsAccurate Cheap Easy to get Large quantity Nice tin Screw top
ConsHard to put in break barrel Very soft and bends sometimes when put them in Not much penetration
By Wayne
Columbus, NE
Backyard plinker
February 13, 2013
I tested this ammo using my Benjamin Discovery PCP rifle shooting into a block of modeling clay. I also tested Superdome, SuperH, and Crow Magnum. Penetration averaged 3.5 to 4 inches and was the best of the four. The pellet compressed slightly and the hollow point barely opened.

ProsMost affordable. Best penetration. Excellent for plinking.
ConsNo appreciable deformation means the pellet would likely pass through the varmint, reducing knockdown power.
By Billy
liberty, KY
Not bad
February 8, 2013
I've shot around 100 of these pellets so far. At 45 yards, with no wind, I get 2 inch groups. They are a little light but do the job.
By Eric
Very nice for the price
February 6, 2013
At first, I was skeptical about these HP's, but once I started shooting them, I was pleased. They shoot pretty good and are one of the more accurate pellets I've used. They feel lighter than other pellets but that's just me, I think. They fit well in the chamber but not as good as the jumbo exact, still pretty good though.
By chuck
dumfries virginia
1/2 inch
January 17, 2013
These pellets do very well in my stoger x 20. So far, they are the best out of the three I have tried. I get a 1/2 in group at 25 yards when use bench rest. Opens up to about 1 1/4 shooting freehand, which is me not holding the heavy rifle steady but still not too bad. I will improve with practice. Notice that some pellets fit easily into barrel and others are very tight which must mean there are some differences in the sizing. It doesn't seem to effect the accuracy.
ProsGood consistent pellet.
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