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Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Rifle

Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Rifle

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Modeled after M4 used by special OPS soldiers, the Stinger R34 soft air gun features a removable stock. and comes with a four-sided rail structure to mount accessories like the included red dot sight for increased visibility, and a tactical flashlight to illuminate your target (flashlight NOT included). Thanks to the Hop-Up system, you'll enjoy increased accuracy and distance. Not to mention, the quick reload chamber lets you replenish your plastic BBs as fast as you can shake them into place.

  • clip holds up to 18 plastic BBs. Reservoir holds up to 400 plastic BBs.
  • Removable stock for increased stability
  • Electronic red dot sight gives you a more accurate shot
  • Four-sided rail structure lets you easily mount accessories like a tactical flashlight (See accessories tab)
  • Package contains: the Crosman R34, two magazines, red dot, 500 plastic BBs, sling
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity300 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight4.5
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsMicrometer adjustable
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Stinger R34 Airsoft Rifle Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 41 Review(s)
Karter Heffernan
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun but sight needs work
January 1, 2017
Great gun it even can decapitateasily a lego guy in put holes in wood and is very sturdy and powerfully the only thing wrong is the sight if there was a better sight on it it would be one of the top 5 airsoft guns for sure overall great gun
Sturdy, powerful, lots of ammo room

Miami, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun but i didn't get electronic sight
April 23, 2016
The gun is really good but the sight i got wasn't electronic and very bad i didn;t know till now that the sight was supposed to be electronic i have this gun couple months and except the sight it's a great gun inexpensive and pretty light
light, inexpensive, easy to use and strong
sight bad and sometime the clip falls

Grand Haven, MI
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy Shooting
February 20, 2015
I bought this for keeping squirrels out of my bird feeders. I use it to whack 'em in the butt from 40-50 feet. Just want to sting them, not cause any real damage. It does the job. I'm still getting used to the trajectory of the light weight ammo. But it does seem to shoot with consistency so I'm getting it figures out.
Very inexpensive shooting. Does what I bought it for.

, Chicago
4 Stars

November 2, 2014
great aim and perfect for the backyard!!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice Gun
November 30, 2013
Very handy, also a nice sight.

doado, puerto rico
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

its really good with red dot sight
November 18, 2013
really cool

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

cool gun
August 9, 2012
Really cool gun. Very accurate. .25 bbs would make it a lot more accurate as .12 bbs may fly up from your target. It's also more of a sniper than anything else.
Goes pretty far
It's fully plastic

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun and easy to reload!!
May 7, 2012
i had this gun for over a month now and the gun is amazing its easy to reload and is great with the second magazine the sight isn't very good and is a bit inaccurate but good in wars and a good price and i would recommend this to someone!!
Durable easy to reload extra mag
hop up sight

airsoft king
5 Stars

April 23, 2011
This gun is beast! its really accurate and has an FPS of 300-420. it has a rail u can put lasers and flashlights on. BUY IT NOW!

Airsoft Expert
4 Stars

Crosman Stinger R34
March 23, 2011
The Crosman Stinger R34 is accurate at 300 fps so its a good gun for starters. The range is decent not long but if you use .12 gram bbs it curves a little much. I suggest using .2 gram bbs. When I bought it the front rail was very wobbly. The Magazine size is ok because it is only a single shot but it is a good gun. The stock on mine still works I don't use the gun but when I reviewed it and give at good grade.

Damien SMA Leader
5 Stars

Training Tactics
January 28, 2011
Best Gun I ever had The other Airsoft guns Were Pistols Mainly The C11 But This Crosman stinger R34 Is the best MY Crew/Team/Group was training they agree'd with this statement

War Machine
5 Stars

GET IT!!!!!
December 16, 2010
This gun is amazing its soooooop accurate i was shootin 50 yards across a river and i was still hitting the enemy. BUY IT NOW!

Some guy
4 Stars

September 11, 2010
This gun is great! It is very good for starter airsoft. If you need a good gun thats easy to reload get this one. Everything is good, but one little flaw. The stock on the back breaks after about five uses. Overall good for starters.

4 Stars

Good Gun
May 28, 2010
this is a good gun. not great accuracy.

5 Stars

April 28, 2010
I have had this gun for about two years now[ i really abuse my guns. This things lasts a good while it is still shoots dead on. Beast for a springer. Buy it NOW!!!!!!

5 Stars

April 17, 2010
This gun is great for starters and is super acurate it does curve up about a hundred feet away and it is well put together ive dropped mine still works perfect I HAVE A SEMI AUTO AND AN AUTO BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE

4 Stars

starter gun
April 11, 2010
I just got into airsoft, and this is my first gun. overall its pretty good. the spring is kind of anoying, and the plastic is okay. Its not the most accurate thing in the world but it shoots well for a spring gun. 300 fps is pretty good. Im wishing i had bought an automatic, but hey, we all cant be winners. Im saving to get the crosman pulse r72 next, but this is a good gun to start off with.

4 Stars

ment to say
April 11, 2010
I meant to say i was saving for the crosman R76, my bad

5 Stars

Great Gun
January 1, 2010
Great gun lasts a long time except for the stock which there is no need to use. Very accurate gun.

5 Stars

November 13, 2009
This gun is awesome, If you get the scope on right its hit is DEAD on! I would so reccomend this to you.

3 Stars

August 12, 2009
well ive had the gun for nine months and the only thing that broke was the stock the guns good and reliable but it should be metal so things wouldnt break as easy but overall its reliable and dead accurate gun but i would save the extra fouty dollars and buy the pulse r72 or the ak 74u theyre electric metal dont weigh much and much more reliable than the plastic m4

3 Stars

Good for starters
July 21, 2009
This gun is ok and good for starters. It uses .12 or .2 gram. The sights are pretty accurate and the ''red dot sight'' is just a crosshair sight that isnt very decent. 300 fps and pretty powerful and a more silent shot. Here's a video review i made for additional info

Sean Haber
5 Stars

Great Starter Gun
May 6, 2009
This was the third airsoft gun I have ever owned. It is a great all-around gun. It is accurate, and fast. I would definately recommend this to anyone begining to play airsoft.

5 Stars

rock n roll!
April 18, 2009
This gun is awsome!, good targeting, good reloading. THE ONLY THING BAD, is if you be reckless or damage it or drop it on pavement, it will probably not work as well or break entirely BUST. Because it isin't a all round PROFESSIONAL airsoft gun. ;)

5 Stars

industructable UU
April 11, 2009
i couldnt break it

5 Stars

March 30, 2009
The best freacking gun EVER

5 Stars

March 26, 2009
this gun is great I could face my friends and dominate them!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the best on the field with this gun. Dont even get me started on the accurcy its great. But My evil 16 year old sister jammed because she held the trigger to long your only supose to hold it for about 5 seconds but she held it too long and jammed and whas still holding it so it broke the motor. But now she paid me back to order it again and right when I take it out of the box Im going to charge it then shoot her so I can get revenge!!!!!!!! So get this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

March 1, 2009
this gun is great i had an airsoft fight with my friend he had the r72 wich is high power electric gun i beat i busted his nuckle

5 Stars

February 16, 2009
crazy good accuracy dont even get me started on how great this gun is im just telling its a nice nice sniper so dont break it but buy it

5 Stars

February 15, 2009
This gun is a great gun to start off on and its not great for acuracy and begginers so..... get this gun its so bbeeaasstt ":":?

5 Stars

this gun is rockin
December 25, 2008
its a good gun you should buy it

Navy Seal #7
5 Stars

Wonder full
December 20, 2008
this gun is a great gun and it has never failed me. you can stand up to AEGs with this bad boy and you will come to respect it's accuracy. :)

G36-E killa
5 Stars

November 20, 2008
an ok gun the best part dot.. i hadd bad exp with other guns but when i was in trubble ..i had it to save my back a airsoft war-fight ull expect virctory 99% promiss u can tale out 5 guys...(like i did) in two magazines no dought about that!!have fun airsofters!!

5 Stars

Great Gun
November 15, 2008
This is a great gun im 12 years old and i cant get enough of this gun surely im young and mostely people wont care about my reviews but anyway ive had this gun for a year and it is one of the best guns ive ever had but there is one problem the scope broke after about 11 monthsa after i got it and with the scope it was off about 1-2 inches with .12 gram bb's also it broke several times but never broke effectively so i recomend this gun even though there are some chjeap parts on this gun just buy it already

4 Stars

November 7, 2008
I have had this gun for a long time i usually use it to just mess around with friends and stuff but it is a good gun. probably my favorite spring rifle it has a decent range and is very accurate for a spring and for the price you pay you have pretty decent accessories

5 Stars

September 22, 2008
this gun is so cool, i just got it i was in a airsoft fight and i was able to snipe my way to victory i was the only one left and i took out 5 guys with it to win it has amazing accuracy without scope and the scope isnt that bad get this gun!

4 Stars

pretty good
August 12, 2008
its a pretty good gun, but the sling broke on the 2nd day. It has nice accuracy and a great eff. range although i couldnt get the sight to be centered up with the blade

4 Stars

Title of Your Review
May 3, 2008
this gun has pretty good accuracy and an ok sight

airsoft sniper
5 Stars

February 4, 2008
i had the earlier model of this gun and it killed in pain and accuracy but i broke it (my fault) threw it tryin to get behind a bunker extremely powerful and accurate

5 Stars

February 3, 2008
awsome accuracy and reloading

5 Stars

December 17, 2006
This gun is amazzing,it has beatufil accuracy. If you see someone far away when playin the red light crosshair gives you a perfect sight to aim down..... Have fun with your gun!!!!!!!!

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By diego from new york on February 8, 2012
it includes battery?
By Craig from Mableton, GA on February 10, 2012

No it does not have a battery. It is a manual pull and is very easy to operate. Kids love it it's a great gun for them to play with the other kids in the backyard.
By Vinni from portland, or on February 12, 2012

No batterys required for the gun or the sight. The gun is spring and the red dot is just for looks, not really functional.
By clemente from Rotterdam, Netherlands on February 16, 2012

no, it isn't automatic. it is a spring gun.

By hunter from virginia on November 13, 2011
is this gun automatic
By Staff on November 14, 2011

No, it's spring powered. You have to cock the airsoft rifle after each shot.

By jeff from portland or on May 10, 2012
is this a good gun for my 12 year old son
By Staff on May 11, 2012

This would be a very fun toy for your 12 year old son.

By Geoff from on June 22, 2012
What accessories tab?

By Andy from Los Angeles , CA on March 4, 2012
what kind of ammo does this use?
By Staff on March 6, 2012

Any .6 mm airsoft bb will do fine.

By chance from Peachtree City, GA on April 9, 2012
can you switch it to automatic and to semi-automatic

By Staff on April 17, 2012

It is nether, it is spring.

By jorden from Utah on June 5, 2012
What is the FPS?

By Robert from Ma on August 14, 2012

Specs say 300 fps

By Benjamin from Lafayette, Louisiana on November 19, 2011
What is the recommended ammo size
By Staff on November 24, 2011

.20 gr airsoft bbs.

By kyle from spanish fork utah on July 16, 2012
Is it metal?

By syed moinuddin from ongole,andhra pradesh,india on December 26, 2011
can you please deliver crosman stringer r34-soft air to my home on cash on delivery?

By Staff on January 9, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For question about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

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