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Daisy Model 105 Buck

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Start shooting right with the Model 105 Buck BB rifle. Suitable for shooters 10 and older (with adult supervision), this lever-action spring rifle is lightweight, easy to cock and durable. The engraved solid wood stock is just the right length for young shooters. BBs can fly out the steel barrel at up to 275 fps (Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects!), and there's plenty more where that came from. It holds 400 BBs!

This rifle is perfect for plinking, shooting paper targets and for training new shooters. Of course, more experienced shooters will want to shoot this rifle to visit times past when they owned their first Daisy lever-action.
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Daisy Model 105 Buck
24 Reviews
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17% (4)
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79% Recommend this product (19 of 24 responses)
By Aaron
Maple valley Washington
March 31, 2019
I've had this gun for 5+ years and it's still holding up great. As for the power, it can put a hole in a pop can from across the yard and get stuck inside. I also have the red rider which is apparently 350 fps (this gun is only 275fps) but honestly I can't tell a difference between the power of the two guns. Fairly accurate and doesn't require maintenance. Great gun.
ProsNo co2 required. A very simple gun.
ConsYou have to shake it around after cocking it to be sure there's a bb in the chamber. Not significant.
Best UsesMaking holes and what not.
By mike t.
January 10, 2017
i have one. its 20+yrs. old. got a little rusty and the seam started to widen. put a vice grip to tighten the seam back up and wired it tight. stopped the curve to the right past 20 ft. many bb's and dead cans.
Prosit is just right
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
Can't be beat for the price
November 22, 2016
Bought it as a refurb. Under $20! Can't beat that. This is he gun you had as a kid, and were driuling to get the better more expensive Red Ryder. I was going to just hang it on the wall with a couple of other old BB guns, but needed a gift so... It works fine, just like the one I had in the '60's. Now I will have to order another one
Personally I do not recommend BB guns as a first gun for kids. BB's ricochet. I prefer pellet guns. But for plinking fun, BB guns are great.
ProsCheap! Kid sized Cheap to shoot No CO2
ConsNo power Limited range, at least with any accuracy
By Tim
Great value
May 30, 2016
I bought 2 for my kids 6&7 yrs. old ,they love them ,now they talk about their 2nd amendment right . Great time shooting zombie targets in the back yard. They seem pretty acurate at 7 Yards . The gun has a nice feel to it. The stock is rather small for an adult the fixed sights look odd on it but they work fine . It is a little thinner than my daisy 95. It is a great piece & cheaper to shoot than my glock.
By hope
jupiter, FL
great first bb gun
April 8, 2016
got one of these 5 years ago and she still works great
Prospretty accurate
Consthe top of the barrel cracked the first week i had it?
By Charles
Henrico, VA
My favorite gun ever
November 26, 2015
I had one I made an adult size custom hickory stock. I used it for snakes on the Nottoway River in Sussex County, VA off my back yard. It is strong enough to kill a snake with a head or lung shot at close range. I sold it in a yard sale like a dummy. I want another Daisy Buck but this one I will make a custom stock out of recycled HDPE #2 plastic and instead of making it longer I will make it shorter because I want a Daisy Buck Bull Pup. I just need to rig some sort of extension to move the trigger forward.
ProsMost fun gun ever. What other weapon can carry 400 rounds of ammo and can be customized to fit adult needs. I'm 59 and still love the Daisy Buck even more than my Gamo 1250 fps Big Cat air rifle.
ConsNone just hope I can find one at 350 fps instead of 275 fps. They used to be $20 and now they are $35 or maybe $29 on sale.
By LeeAnn G.
Daisy Buck Model 105 Air Rifle 400-Shot BB Repeater 275 fps perfect gun
June 25, 2015
Daisy Buck Model 105 Air Rifle 400-Shot BB Repeater 275 fps perfect gun for my grandsons
By Ken
NW burbs of Chicago
Best "first" gun option available
February 2, 2015
Santa brought the Buck to our home for our son. He's six years old. After discussing gun safety, walking through the parts and how/what they do, we headed outside. 20+ shots later, he was plinking cans, bottles, targets, etc. with ease at 30 feet. He is able to pump, load, and fire this gun for hours at a time. Straight from the box this gun is super accurate, light weight and very easy to use, which is what I ( I mean Santa) wanted for teaching my son how to properly use guns. He has never been discouraged while shooting this "treasure" of a bb gun.
ProsPerfect first gun Accurate straight out of the box Easy/simple to use Price The look on my son's face while we're plinking
ConsThe look on my son's face when I tell him it's time to put the gun away.
By Cole
Good for targets
April 16, 2014
This was my first bbgun when I 6 . It was good then for targets but not hunting
ProsGood for targets
ConsTo slow and not powerful
By W S.
irwin, PA
buck 105
January 5, 2014
mine shoot fine at a chrono'd 343 fps (I was bored) . mine is advertised on the box as 350 fps, so its right
Prosbbs are cheap and you can buy them everywhere, fun target shooting. use this to kill or harm anything in any U.S. state (which I seriously doubt it can kill) enjoy your visit from your local game commission officer.
Consthe rear sight is terrible
By Scott
Great bb gun
December 26, 2013
Very awsome BB gun I'm 15 and got one and it's great it's a little small but works like a dream mine is 350 fps and can punch right through soda cans and I'm certain would kill small birds and rats
Pros Lightweight and smooth large magazine capacity
ConsA little small
By Daren
shawville, quebec
March 26, 2013
Got my first one at 7 and now I'm 40. I had several and dragged them around 100 acres, on my hands and knees. I will never forget this little gun. It brings back memories just looking at it. Every child who can, should have one. I found years of enjoyment and countless hours of fun. Not to mention, every nickle went to buy millions of BB's. Thanks Daisy for all those years.
ProsWhen you hit your first target let it be with daisy.
By Tristen
My second BB gun
November 9, 2012
I'm 14 and when I was 4, my dad bought me the red ryder but it broke within 2 months. When I was 5, my grandfather bought me my Buck. I still have it in my dad's shed in the backyard and I can shoot it Annie Oakley style, backwards using my iphone as a mirror; I can shoot a water bottle 30 feet away!!
ProsLasted 9 years so far and still going strong. High capacity, my friend uses mine when we go squirrel hunting (he uses it to scare squirrels up trees for me to shoot down with my benjamin titan .22 pellet rifle). ACCURATE!!
ConsAfter 9 years, the sights are kind of off center, but it is fine. Also, the velocity was already low when I bought it, but now when you shoot in the ditch behind my house, the BB just flies a little then sinks to the bottom, oppose to my brother's newer model that is still shooting strong after 1 year. I can't put a scope on it as far as I know.
By Sammy S.
Northeastern, USA
My First BB Gun. Sound Familiar?
October 30, 2012
1975 is when I first shot my BB with this gun. It wasn't called the buck then and has since received a few upgrades. My version was a little bit rougher. I proudly took my first kill with it, a nice fat bull frog.

37 years later, it still spits out a BB.
ProsGreat first gun. Easy to cock, load, and shoot.
ConsBroadside of a barn accuracy. 275 fps is almost too slow for anything.
By Robin F.
Middlesex N.C.
My First Air Rifle.
October 3, 2012
Accurate, easy to use and safe. REAL ACTION FUN!!!!!
ProsLight, has real wood stock, cool BUCK Logo on the stock.
By johnson
Rainbow City, AL
my first gun
August 24, 2012
Hits target very very very very very very very very well
ProsIt hits the target
ConsIt's all very good.
By Tom
Duluth, MN
Well made simplicity!
July 5, 2012
I grew up on this gun, and they certainly improved the sights since them. I loved the 400 capacity magazine and emptied endless tubes of Daisy BBs into my 105 without any breakdowns or problems.. My greatest fun was shooting flies off sidewalks. (Don't knock it until you tried it) Once you get the hang of it you can cock, aim and shoot a lot faster than almost any other starter BB gun. Not a lot of power but the lever action is easy for a kid!
ProsLarge magazine that is easy to fill. Out lasts most other inexpensive guns. I Like the newer adjustable rear sight.
ConsLow power. Not as fancy as the Red Ryder.
By Ed
Abbotsford, British Columbia
Daisy Buck
November 18, 2011
We've had the gun for about 2 weeks, and our boys love it. The build quality is good and the gun shoots very consistently.
By Jackson
San Pedro, CA
November 11, 2011
The rifle is GREAT, just as good as they were back then. The recoil is kinda stronger then other models but cant complain. Its "newness" has its affect on it as well. I would definitely recommend this rifle to anybody who has an eye on it.
ProsDetails Quality Durability
Consnot much... just the handle to cock it. Its plastic so it feels like it can snap anytime...
By Andres
very very high quality
April 23, 2011
my dad bought 2 of these daisy buck 105s for me and my brothers in 2004. i was 10 at the time and i was shooting bottel caps of beer bottels at around 28 feet away or more. this gun is very accurate sterdy and durable. i have only killed grass hoppers and 1 lizerd this gun dose not kill pigeons. it shoots thru both sides of a beer can and shatters beer bottels at 20 ft away. ranges aruond 100 ft. the stock is wood and very hard. the lever is some kind of hard plastic. it has a front fiber optic sight and notch rear sight. it is very quiet wont disterb your neighbor very easy to use and very very high quality great gun for beginers
By luke
November 8, 2010
got it when i was 6 and it still works its great for target practice- its pretty good for a beginner gun
By brettthomas
Great starter gun for the money
August 10, 2010
Bought this for my 6 & 7 year old to introduce them to shooting. For $20, this has been a great little gun for target shooting in the back yard. Very accurate (can shoot 3 shots grouped within 1.5", at 25 feet) for an inexpensive gun. The stock is real wood, with a nice branded 'buck' logo, the gun is short and light, which is great for little kids. Fit and finish is suprisingly good, and we've had zero problems. Only drawback is cocking it is a bit difficult at first for really little kids, but my 6 year old 'man'd up' pretty quick and can now cock it on his own.
By :]
June 29, 2010
It is a great beginner gun. It can't really kill anything from more than 20 yards. Worth the money.
By hunter
great gun
May 3, 2010
it was my first ever airgun ive had got it when i was 8 i killed 5 birds and 2 rabits with this gun all from about 20 - feet id recomend it to any starter out ther
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Daisy Model 105 Buck
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 275 fps
    Loudness 1-Low
    Mag Capacity 400
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