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Daisy Precision Max Pointed .177 Cal, 7.2 gr - 250 ct

Daisy Precision Max Pointed .177 Cal, 7.2 gr - 250 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-339 · 0.177 cal · 7.2 gr · 250 ct
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The Daisy Max Precision Pointed Pellet is ideal for target shooting or just plain plinking. The extremely low price is excellent due to the superior quality of these pellets. The best choice for the budget-minded shooter.
Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight7.2 gr
  • Pellet ShapePointed
  • Pellet Quantity250
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Daisy Precision Max Pointed .177 Cal, 7.2 gr - 250 ct
21 Reviews
33% (7)
19% (4)
24% (5)
5% (1)
19% (4)
24% Recommend this product (5 of 21 responses)
By Walter
temecula, CA
Best pellet for sig sauer mcx
August 3, 2017
Shot eight tins and not even one jammed. This 2000 rounds.
By W S.
Middle tennessee
Not a bad pellet
February 10, 2017
Precision Max Pointed is not a bad pellet, depends on the type of air gun shooting them. They are rather light for high power riffles. I've not had very good luck with pointed pellets of any brand in high power riffles.For me hollow points and round head pellets of heaver weight work best over 800 ft per sec. Precision max pointed works very well in all my co/2 and break barrel pistols.
By Runt
East Coast, USA
Smaller than .177" ??
November 24, 2015
I bought these to use as low price plinking ammo. They're too light to shoot well in my Bone Collector, so I wasn't expecting the same performance as I'd get from a heavier more expensive pellet. As expected, accuracy is pretty poor in a high power rifle. However, the biggest problem is that loading became a chore. Every pellet in the tin I opened was slightly smaller in diameter than the breech. Therefore, unless I was careful, the pellet would fall out while I tried to close the action. I thought it might just be the Bone Collector so I tried these pellets with an older springer with the same results. Either standard .177 pellets are slightly larger than .177" or these pellets are slightly smaller. Either way, their inability to seat firmly in the breech of my rifles makes them pretty useless. I'm going to try them in a Crosman Vigilante revolver to see if they work better. However, if they fit as loosely in the Vigilante clip as they did in my springers, I expect I'll be clearing some jams.
ProsInexpensive pellets if you happen to own a .170 caliber air gun. Otherwise, maybe they can be pinched onto fishing line.
ConsOnly half of the product name is accurate - they are made by Daisy and they are pointed pellets. However, they are neither exemplars of precision nor are they .177 caliber.
By Arin
dallas, TX
Not the best
February 14, 2015
Im using the gamo hornet It could be better, about 10 yards its very accurate the farther the worse and some just go wherever they want
ProsVery accurate if less then 10 yards
ConsHorrible long distance Pellets go random directions at times
By James
middletown, MO
Suprisingly good
June 12, 2014
These will be my plinking ammo of choice for bouncing cans and random targets! They are inexpensive and shot surprisingly well through my Gamo Bull Whisper BC. Giving about 5/8" groups at 25 yards. Heck a little more testing it may just be my "all the time" pellet Best groups I have gotten with anything is just a hair under 1/2 inch and those pellets cost about five times as much and the next runner up was a 1/2 inch as well and cost about 2.5 times as much so these may just be THE pick.
Prosgood tin, great accuracy, wonderful pricing!!
Conslittle dirty, not nice and shiny (who cares they WORK)
By joshua
Carsonville, MI
January 9, 2014
pellets are dirty inconsistent in shape
Consnot shaped well
By Mendoza R.
Not accurate from high velocity rifle
February 5, 2013
I had been shooting Crosman pointed pellets from my 1200 FPS Mendoza rifle with great success. I had no problems hitting quarters at 20 yards. I ran out and picked up a pack of these to try out. They are all over the place. Accuracy is horrible, unless you are within 10 yards. Most of the skirts of the pellets were rough looking and the fitment in the barrel seemed to change every pellet. These pellets might be fine for a 600fps gun but if you have a break barrel I would go with the Crosman pointed pellets over these in a minute. Very disappointed with them.
ConsVery inaccurate with high velocity rifle.
By E
Not for high velocity air guns!
December 10, 2012
I have a Gamo Silent Stalker 1200-1300 fps and these pellets were terrible! I couldn't get my scope sighted in even from 15 yards. I've had much better results with the Crosman hollowpoint.
By plyler
ok pellet
February 17, 2012
They shoots ok out of my crosman pumpmaster classic but were very Inaccurate in my Gamo Big Cat 1250 if you want a good cheap pellet for higher fps Rifles i would suggest the crosman pointed hunting pellets
By tc
Tilden, TX
November 19, 2011
They are your normal pellets good for airgun hunters and target shooters. I have used a lot of pellets, the best I have used is the Crosman Destroyer EX.
By Dave
Bronte, Texas
These pellets are terrible for accuracy
November 11, 2011
I bought a Crosman break-barrel 1000 fps rifle and a tin of these pellets recently thinking the 'Precision' in the name meant they would be accurate; WRONG! I shot several 5 shot groups from 15 yds and averaged 2.5 inch groups. Went back to the store and bought some plain flat-nosed pellets. Shot several more 5 shot groups at 15 yds and averaged 0.75 inch.

The pellets are poorly made, I would not buy them if you are serious about hitting a target.

By DasAsianKid
Cheap Quality
May 29, 2011
...Crossman Pumpmaster760 shoots all over the place... not very accurate...

If you even look at the quality, the bullets are rough. They have decent accuracy for 300fps-400, but anything over 550fps they go crazy

Not recommended for anything that has a better performance than Pumpmaster 760. Even Pmstr 760 is stretching it.
By woodman
varmit control
June 8, 2010
I have alot of fun keeping the red squirels away from or summer home. These are very accurate out of my powerline 760.
By Ryan
squirrel Killer
May 16, 2010
i had shot a red squirrel in non leathal shot in the back leg with the daisy 880 (750 fps) and he ran about 50 yards and dropped. USE THESE PELLETS!!!!!!!!
By Max R.
April 5, 2010
we were testing the daisy pointed pellets compared to the daisy flathead and we thought that the flatheads would be more accurate than the pointed but were prooved wrong.we were using my daisy 880 (ryan's gun)
By ford m.
lead quality is too low
April 2, 2010
In daisy pellets there lead is such a soft quality that it will leave streaks of lead in your barrel that are nearly impossible to get out. So if you have a super cheep gun go for it bet if not get some better quality pellets like gamo. they are not to much more compared to buying a new gun. thanks
By Chuck
Good for low fps guns
October 30, 2009
I have a Daisy 760 pumpmaster that is rated for about 500 fps and they are fairly accurate with that gun they are good for squirels. I also have a Daisy powerline 1000ws and the pellets go all over the place. Good pellets,but wouldn't recomend them for guns with over 750 fps
By mike
June 3, 2008
killed gofers with them from about 15 ft. anything farther than about 30ft and they start curving big time
By Joe
pretty good
May 5, 2008
Well, they werent exactly the best shooting pellet from my Gamo Shadow but they did kill. i had a tin of them that didn't really preform like the other did. Great penetration. Went thru my beeman pellet trap.
By tyler
November 4, 2007
i hunt birds and small game they really put a punch to them.
By Jonathan
June 15, 2007
great for shooting birds shot a lot of pesky barn birds and sparrows
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