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Dan Wesson 715 6", Essentials Darts Combo, Steel Grey

Available in .177, Offical Airgun Darts combo includes pellet revolver, darts, CO2 and dartboard
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  • Code: AGD-38589253 · $209.99 · .177 · 430 fps
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Our exclusive AGD combo package includes a Dan Wesson pistol, airgun darts, CO2 and a dartboard. We found that the Dan Wesson pellet pistols actually seemed to be the most accurate with the darts, despite the fact that we were told that smoothbore barrels were the way to go with the darts initially.

Dan Wesson 715 6", Essentials Darts Combo, Steel Grey Features
  • CO2 powered
  • Hogue Imitation Rubber Grip
  • Integrated tool for tightening CO2
  • Dan Wesson Full Metal Engraving
  • Realistic Weight & Balance
  • Includes Dan Wesson Revolver in Steel Grey, Airgun Dartboard, 12 Airgun Darts, and 25 CO2 cartridges
  • Colors of darts may vary
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  • Manufacturer Dan Wesson
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 430 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Revolver
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 2.30
  • Overall Length 11.73
  • Barrel Length 5.50
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 6
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 90
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action Double-Action
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 90-day limited repair warranty
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By JohnUSAApril 20, 2024 Verified Purchase

The dart board is decent quality and appears to be a horsehair board.

Gun finish is beautiful. Accuracy is surprisingly great for a gun at this price point. I can consistently place 4 out of 6 darts in the bullseye from 15 feet. The Hogue grips are great! Single action trigger is smooth and crisp, albeit a bit heavy.

Rubber inserts do not retain the darts. I use a bit of cotton pushed in ahead of the darts to ensure that they do not slide forward and prevent the cylinder from rotating. The rubber seal at the rear of the frame requires frequent application of lube or the cylinder will not rotate. I use silicone oil. Sights could use a bit of color both front and rear. I painted the front blade white. A contrasting color outline on the rear blade would be nice. The darts lose the feathers quickly. While very accurate for a full metal replica at this price point, the actual rifled barrel does not extend the full length of the 6 inch barrel.

By EricJune 24, 2022

Do not buy this revolver. As I said, the cylinder doesn’t line up with the barrel. On single action I can pull back the hammer and the shells prevent the cylinder from rotating fully into position. I have to turn it a little more manually (with my hand) to line up the cylinder with the barrel. Then it fires ok. Double action, forget it. The pellets get shredded or jam the gun. It does this only with shells in it. No shells and the cylinder works fine. It’s like the rubber piece inside rubs the shells too hard and prevents the cylinder from turning all the way. Has to be a manufacturing defect. It does this with the included shells so it’s not an after market shell issue. I included a photo of what it does to pellets. Also, you have to decide if you want this as a pellet gun or dart gun. Even the dart description says they are for smooth barrel guns only. This gun has a rifled barrel and the darts and steel bbs will destroy the rifling.

Looks nice!

The cylinder doesn’t line up with the barrel properly and it shreds pellets. This is the replacement I was sent. The original one did the same thing.

By GregoryUSAAugust 7, 2018

There are no surprises here. The Dan Wesson CO2 revolvers are pretty well known and proven. I was surprised that the fit of the crane to the frame was not a bit tighter but keeping in mind the price of the pistol it is completely acceptable. The grip is actually a bit small for largish hands; I would not describe my hands as a lot larger than normal but the grip was about as small as I would consider comfortable mand someone with actual big hands will probably find it a bt undersized. Very shootable pistol. The trigger is consistent and predictable. We immediately removed the small inserts so that we could load darts more easily into the gun and it worked flawlessly. In fact, it propels the darts with enough force that removing some from the dart board required a plier assist. The finish is clean and even but a tad bright. the "cartridges" fit easily enough that you do not need the ejector at all. In fact if you make the mistake of tipping the gun back with the cylinder open you will be picking the cartridges up from the floor. I am in the habit of always cleaning every new gun barrel even though the pistols are usually pretty clean. I bought the 6" model to get the extra barrel length thinking that the longer the barrel the better the accuracy which would be true if the rifled barrel was full length. But in the case of these pistols it appears they saved money by making on length of barrel and simply increasing the length of the outer visible barrel for each model. Had I known that I would have selected the 4" model since the 6 is heavier and you effectively only get about a 3 1/2" rifled barrel. But if cosmetically you want the big barrel it does look good and you won't be disappointed. Just don't expect the additional velocity and accuracy that a 6" barrel would give.

Very good looking pistol with a better over-all finish than I expected. Really like the well concealed safety mounted behind the hammer arm and the trigger, especially in single action, is good. a fun shooter for targets and darts, which is exactly what it is meant to be.

It would be nice if the specifications made it clear that the actual internal rifled barrel is considerably shorter than the apparent length. 6" gives you the extra 2" of site radius but as a trade off against the convenience of the 4" barrel I would recommend the shorter version unless you really want the cosmetics of the longer barrel.

By RichardUSAJuly 18, 2018

I bought this combo because I thought it would be fun to enter the airgun dart challenge. When I received my order, I was amazed by how realistic the Dan Wesson looked and felt in my hand. It reminded me of two .357 cal handguns I have owned from two major firearm manufacturers. I am really enjoying shooting the gun with both pellets and darts. My only criticism is that the trigger pull seems a little heavy when shooting single action but I'm hoping that improves with use.

By TrevorJuly 14, 2018

Gun is heavy metal. Darts are a little finickey replacement darts are spendy. But dart board and gun are huge value. I cant belive quality of gun. If you want the darts to stay put you must load them by removing the plastic plug. Then load dart into shell, then replace plastic/rubber plug. This method holds the darts securely. This causes the plastic part to grip the hairs on the darts. You can also just jam the darts in but they can slide too far forward.

Gun is worth 2x the money by it self Dart board is nice as well.

Darts hit so hard they can be damaged being removed. Expensive darts

By RobertUSAJuly 9, 2018

Good standard dart board,took the metal grid off kept breaking the darts,love the gun shot and sighted in at 10 meters had a one inch grouping a tad low and right,with the darts ha there everywhere,will keep trying,i spend more time cleaning the gun its one of my best in my small collection.

By RobertUSAJuly 5, 2018

This is a really good looking gun, very accurate. The only thing that could be an issue, the first time I fired the darts at the board, I aimed at the bullseye, I destroyed two of them when they buried themselves into another dart. I guess I'll have to find out how to play for real. Fortunately, I got extra darts.

I understand that I can buy a red dot mount for this gun. I'll probably do that in the future.

Nothing with the gun package, but I messed up and ordered extra cartrages but for bbs not darts. I haven't tried the gun with bbs, so I can't do a review of those yet, but with darts and pellets, the gun is amazing!

By Stan b.June 29, 2018

The wire on the dartboard causes the darts to bounce out if you hit them

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The tail of the darts stick out of the back of cartridges. What am I missing?

asked Jonathan from USA

Can the cartridge for the darts be used in the other guns that uses that type of cartridge?

asked Wesley T from USA
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