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Diana Stormrider Magazine

Available in .177, .22
Only $22.99
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  • .177
  • .22
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Carry an extra magazine for your Seneca Dragonfly and Diana Stormrider on the range or on the trail.

Diana Stormrider Magazine
  • Magnetic rotary magazine
  • 9 shots in .177, 7 shots in .22
  • Compatible with Seneca Dragonfly MK2, Diana Stormrider, Diana Bandit, Diana Chaser, and Diana Airbug models
  • Metal housing for improved durability
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Magazine, Clips & Reloaders
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 0.10
  • Caliber .177
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By MarkAugust 12, 2023 Verified Purchase

Im happy I bought it-may even buy another one or two, but the design still needs a little work

This makes things a whole lot nicer than loading the pellets one at a time

Even though this is the new fresh stock, its still not a perfect magazine. I’ve had a lot of jams since I started using this-about half of the pellets load perfectly but the other half need a little bit of help going in.

By MichaelMay 30, 2023 Verified Purchase

The magazine is small and light. It's precision made and does the job. Make sure to check out the loading instructions on u-tube, you'll be glad you did. This is my third and still have the original 2. I like to load all 3 and shoot without having to load as often.

By GaryJune 17, 2022

Not many bright spots on this magazine.

Difficult to load until you figure it out. There are better after market magazines that are easier to load and work flawlessly.

By GrockMay 8, 2020

Don't even attempt to use this magazine until you Watch the SMK PR900W magazine loading video on YouTube, several times if necessary.

Reliable semi-semi-automatic mag. for Diana stormrider and certain other diana products.

Requires patience: some people don't have that

By TreyAugust 12, 2019

It worked good for me, but the spring tension dies. I got about 20 loads before the spring wouldn’t wind with enough tension to load pellets.

By JeffreyUSAAugust 12, 2019

Bought 2 of these for my Diana Chaser CO2 rifle/pistol kit (22 cal). Once you find the YouTube video that explains how to load the magazine (no instructions, and certainly not intuitive!), you've over the first hurdle. Unfortunately, the gun becomes a VERY finicky eater when fed from the magazine. So far I've tried 8 different pellets, and only 2 will feed trouble-free without at least one jam during the 7 shots you get. I'll continue to try different pellets to see what's usable, but it's not a good ratio so far. If you own one (mag), my advice is "Do NOT go gentle into that breech!" No hesitation - kinda like loading a howitzer: swift and sure! I think the unit could stand some refining by the manufacturer.

Great concept, work okay, IF you feed it the right ammo.

No instructions whatsoever; totally un-intuitive loading. Luckily, there's a YouTube video for that. At best a hard feed, at worst, jams that may require barrel disassembly.

By MarkJuly 22, 2019

It works ok, it is rather a pain to load. I've used better mags costing less!

feeds ok

mag loading mag mounting,,,,there are better ways than a slot and magnet

By TimUSADecember 16, 2018

I've got some good news for you! (.22 Only) I ordered that four packages. It was okay! Diana, got your crap together now. First of all I want to get my directions The package doesn't have anything, Direction wise. Turn over the magazine. Grab the bottom of the magazine, Counter-clock-wise. (The bottom) The spring tension goes higher and higher. When you get to the end, dropped a .22 pellets, Skirt first. (If you follow the directions, and only has one hole). Now grab the magazine, turn it over. Clockwise - you put the remaining pellet(6) in there. The bottom of the pellet, goes in first.

Better product. The spring tension goes higher and higher, (6:00 to 8:00 Counter-clock-wise)

Not so, the original product. When you go Counterclockwise, 6:00 to 1:00 You have nothing!

By Truth N.May 29, 2018

... unless you count the first shot then it immediately jammed. The mag has a hole on each side so you will lose tons of pellets just trying to load this thing and probably Jam it before even puting it in the gun. It's also has a 360 rotation then stops so you have to time it when loading the gun or you will get one shot. not a continuous 540 like the Crosman rotary clip design. I so want to tell a Polish joke about it's design, but that would be offencive.

None use the single shot tray in your stormrider kit and don't waste your money on this POS

Diana corporation are the cons for tricking me into buying the stormrider thinking it was a repeater but isn't if you only get one shot from this piece of crepe.

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What accessories come with the Stormrider?

asked Robert from USA

Does the magazine accept both .177 and .22 pellets? (I do not see a way to specify the caliber and only one item comes up in a search for the Diana Charger)

asked David from USA

Cannot insert into loading area seems to be a fraction too wide, any thoughts ? Thanks

asked Rich

I watched the airgun video on how to change over to the rifle set up. it shows you to take out the pellet single shot tray !! then this goofy magazine fits perfectly. They never mentioned that little tidbit !

Steve from USA

Obviously AirGun Depot doesn't answer their questions. As I have exactly the same issue. neat little magazine but it won't fit. 6-27-21.

Steve from USA

Is this mag good for the Diana

asked John Martens

what is the best pellet to use in the Diana Stormrider magazine - 177 cal - I hear some pellets don't fit properly - I use Corpsman hollow point

asked Warren

Is the Diana stormrider worth tossing $20.00 away? Plan on using it on Diana Chaser in pistol form. Thank you.

asked tHOMAS from USA

works perfectly in the Chaser rifle set up. slide out the single shot tray first and then the mag fits ( slides in ).

Steve from USA
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