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Diana Stormrider Magazine

Available in .177, .22
Only $22.99
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  • .177
  • .22
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Carry an extra magazine for your Seneca Dragonfly MK2 and Diana Stormrider on the range or on the trail.

Seneca Dragonfly MK2 and Diana Stormrider Magazine
  • Magnetic rotary magazine
  • 9 shots in .177, 7 shots in .22
  • Compatible with Seneca Dragonfly MK2, Diana Stormrider, Diana Bandit, Diana Chaser, and Diana Airbug models
  • Metal housing for improved durability
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Magazine, Clips & Reloaders
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 1.00
  • Caliber .22
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By Philip June 28, 2024 Verified Purchase

I read some negative reviews but they operate better than expected

Works great


By CecilSeptember 2, 2023 Verified Purchase

This item is nothing extra but is something most shooters would like to have with their purchase but did not come with it.

Works as intended with no problems

I would like to this item a little cheaper as most extra magazines for other rifles are cheaper and most air rifles come with more than one magazine.

By ScottAugust 18, 2022

The problem I had originally was the direction of rotation of the clear plastic cover. You need to wind the magazine up and the pellet in the back holds the wound spring in place. When you rotate the clear plastic shield you should feel the resistance from the spring, if not, youre rotating the wrong direction. Remember, to load the first pellet backwards. Once its loaded, the clear plastic shield stays in place. Now, turn the magazine over, the first pellet is held in place by the spring tension. Load the remaining pellets nose first in each position. Youll rotate the clear plastic cover hole to each position. After about 10 magazines, youll love it.

The magnetic attachment works great

The manual is not clear

By LESLIEUSAAugust 18, 2022

These mags are tiny, especially 177 and therefore fragile, Some are going to fail and some will be DOA. Buy extras and return defectives, AGD is great about providing replacements. Regarding jams. I have had jams with my first Stormrider, but it wasn't the mag it was due to the total lack of a lead in the breech. If there is not a PROPER lead, you will have many jams. You can fix it yourself or return the gun. I fixed mine. Regarding double feeds that jam the mag so that you cannot remove it. There are two ways to resolve the problem. One is to tap the rear of the bolt lightly with a small hammer which is exposed in the rear of the breech, that should drive the second pellet into the breech so that the mag can be removed. (you still have two pellets in the barrel and you will need a cleaning rod, or something, to push the pellets out. Second way is to just remove the barrel and everything will be exposed and fixable. The barrel alignment is critical - careful

Very convenient when they work. The mags have a bolt stop so that you cannot chamber an empty mag.

Very tricky to load. In .177, pellet loading is tedious for someone with large hands. When you have the pellet poised for inserting into the mag, your fingers block your view of the hole-- only a problem with the first pellet

By JamesUSASeptember 21, 2021

If you're having difficulties, be patient and stick with it. You'll get used to it like I did. I've gone through several mags now and haven't had any problems. If you're doing it right, it works great. I'll probably buy a couple more. One note of caution - as I was shooting my way through a mag, I fat-fingered the slide bolt and accidentally chambered two pellets, so I had to clear the barrel before I could continue. This wouldn't happen if you were going one shot at a time. So be careful and happy shooting!

Makes the gun a repeater. Spending less time loading and more time shooting = more fun for me.

Just as other reviewers have said, I had trouble with it at first. At one point I thought I had a defective unit, or maybe I had broke it. But then I read the instructions again and followed them step by step, and I got it. Maybe having more detailed instructions to begin with would help with the learning curve.

By Peter AgostiniSeptember 2, 2021


It is a good magazine the problem is most people are using the wrong pellets , (USE DOMED PELLETS ONLY in correct caliber ) you will have no problems with them feeding if loaded correctly into magazine follow instructions in PDF instructions . WADCUTTERS GET STUCK


By TeagueOctober 22, 2020

Received a magazine free with order, and it's broke! It's taken 2 1/2 months to get a replacement and thers no gaurentee it will worm.dont spend the 20$!!

Don't order thus part

By DerrickUSAJune 25, 2020

It's a must do yourself a favor order two of them .

It's awesome it makes my Diana Chaser now I repeater and Works flawless and it lets you know when you shot the last shot cuz it holds the bolt open.

It's a little awkward to load at first loading one pellet backwards than flipping the magazine around to load from the other direction but you get used to it.

By DavidUSADecember 31, 2019

Hard to load

By MichaelUSAApril 6, 2019

Works well once you get use to using it. Won’t let bolt go home when mag. Is empty.

Very nice for follow shots on critter.

Make shur each pellet chambers.if your not paying attention and get a jam between clip and chamber you must pull the barrel off to clear jam, also dismont scope rings to get at barrel grub screws.

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Will this fit a Stoeger XM1 22cal PCP rifle ?

asked Elwyn from USA


Adam from USA

Does this work with Diana Trailscout?

asked Joel from USA


Adam from USA

Does this magazine fit the Diana Bandit .22?

asked Argenis from USA

Yes, it does. Unfortunately my magazine broke very shortly after receiving it. They do seem to be very fragile, but if you baby them they seem to work OK. Been waiting forever for them to get this item back in stock!

Joy from USA

I was going to buy a storm rider but it seem the magazine's aren't working out well. I don't want to load one letter at a time. Would anyone but it again?

asked Greg from USA

The mag definitely takes some getting used to. If you're having problems, or you think you got a broken one, read the instructions again, and then again if you have to. When you turn the dial initially, if the inner barrel isn't also turning, then you're turning it the wrong way. Once you get the hang of it, it works beautifully - at least that was my experience. The Stormrider is awesome. I bought two extra mags and a tin of pellets when I bought the gun. I knew I made a good choice after only a few shots. I would definitely buy it again.

James from USA

Is there a magazine available for the Trail Master

asked james from USA

This mag can be used with the Trailscout - if that's what you meant to say.

James from USA

Do these fit the Diana Chaser pistol? It appears they do. But it is not mentioned. Only for storm rider.

asked Phillip D from USA

This mag can be used with the Stormrider, Bandit, Chaser and Trailscout

James from USA

The descriptions of the Chaser indicate this fits both the Chaser and Stormrider models. It should come with this gun and does not. Very expensive after market item.

Frederick from USA
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