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EDgun Air Rifles

Founded in 2005 with the goal of giving shooters a compact, durable, precise rifle, EDgun is the premier bullpup air rifle manufacturer in the world today. Combining accuracy, design, durability, and special features, no one matches what EDgun air rifles offer.

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Fully ambidextrous, lightweight with very simple maintenance. These were the goals when developing the Matador bullpup design. Bringing a compact, precise rifle to the market, EDgun changed the PCP air rifle market. Not wanting to be a one-hit-wonder, they then developed the next EDgun rifle, the Lelya. Built off the same design as the Matador, the Lelya is the leader in bullpup air rifle designs. Giving more, without sacrificing anything. Smaller, lighter, and more powerful, the Lelya is the perfect bullpup rifle.

Building off the bullpup design, the next EDgun pellet rifle was the Leshiy. Equipped with a folding stock and weaver rails, the Leshiy isn't your average airgun. Ranking right up there with other competition-level airguns, the Leshiy delivers more. Already able to be ordered in a longer barrel version, no matter the need, the Leshiy is ready.

EDgun pellet rifles have been in business for almost twenty years. Using their patented valve design, interchangeable barrels, and materials, EDgun has stayed ahead of the competition by always refining and developing new ideas for their line of rifles.

Using high-quality materials and machining, EDgun air rifles bring quality and reliability to each of their products. Every EDgun air rifle they offer is completely ambidextrous and able to be ordered in multiple calibers and lengths. Giving each shooter comfort and adaptability from their air rifle.

Designed and manufactured in Russia using D16T alloy, EDgun rifles are some of the most durable on the market. Adding to the durability is the streamlined design. This allows a tight, compact rifle, that is easily carried and stored.

You may see other bullpup air rifles out on the market today, but no one can match the quality, dependability, and precision of EDgun air rifles. Order your EDgun air rifle today exclusively from Airgun Depot and see what the leader in bullpup air rifles is all about.

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