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FAS 6004 Pellet Pistol

Single Stroke Pneumatic Target Pistol with Ambidextrous Grip
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  • Code: 440040 · 0.177 cal · 400 fps ·
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The FAS 6004 is an entry level target pistol that will get you started in the 10 meter game but won't simultaneously empty your wallet. This well made Italian import features a comfortable ambidextrous wood grip (also available in left hand and right hand match style grips), a single shot, single stroke pneumatic action that delivers a constant 400 fps velocity, and a fully adjustable match trigger that is one of the best we have seen. The FAS is constructed of wood and steel and has a high quality, durable finish, and each gun ships in a hard case perfect for carrying your pistol to and from the range. If you're ready to try your hand at 10 meter air pistol the FAS 6004 is a great option for a gun to get your foot in the door, and keeps up with you as your skill increases.
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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
  • ManufacturerChiappa
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity400 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionOverlever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Cocking Effort20 lbs.
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight2
  • Overall Length9.88
  • Barrel Length7.5
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismSingle-stroke pneumatic
  • Front SightsFixed Blade
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage and elevation
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Pull1.8
  • UseTarget practice/Fun
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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FAS 6004 Pellet Pistol
22 Reviews
95% (21)
5% (1)
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91% Recommend this product (20 of 22 responses)
By Michael r.
Colfax calif.
June 24, 2018
Very impressed, I can't express how good it is.shot to shot . Of I miss it is me. Quality is first rate,they say best ammo is responsible 4.5 wadcutter, but I have found jsb match heavy 10.34gr print same hole accuracy great pistol 4 the price. Plus great grip
ConsNone fits perfect.every
Best UsesPaper targets 10 meters,let I'm fly
By Nyati
May 13, 2018
Best 400 bucks I've spent lately
The FAS with ambidextrous stock rests perfectly in either hand and is more accurate than I can shoot. Its a pleasure at the range or at home and at 10 meters groups better than any pistol air or otherwise I shoot. Easy cocking and beautifully finished.
ProsFit Finish Accuracy Gorgeous wood
ConsNone. I’m going to need more targets!
By Pappy
Exeter, NH
December 6, 2017
This is definatly a great air gun. At first, I almost was going to return it because it would fire nicely until I put a pellet in it, then it wouldn't fire the pellet. I finally discovered that this gun is VERY sensitive to how far into the barrel you push the pellet. Too high or too low, the gun won't fire. When you find the sweet spot, it's very accurate, but one ten thousandth too high or too low, the accuracy and power falls off. Since most of my pellet gun experience is with bolt tipe guns, I'm still trying to find a way to get the pellet to the same depth every time. I can hardly wate to see how great this gun is when I can get it right.
ProsGreat looking gun, perfect (for me) grip size and shape, relatively easy to cock.
ConsI wish the gun came with tool to seat the pellet to the right depth, I wish the top strap had a rail, I'm close to 70 and shoot better with a red dot sight
By Pappy
Exeter, NH
November 24, 2017
Almost returned it, thank God I didn't!
When I first took the gun to my club, it wouldn't fire - tried a few different things, but nothing worked. I removed the pellet with a .177 cleaning rod, then it fired fine. I was SO miffed! I'll skip to the end, I didn't realize how sensitive these guns are to pellet seating depth! One thousandth to high, the gun won't fire - one thousandth to deep, the power and accuracy drop off. I thought I'd post this review for other novices like me. The gun is wonderful, but if your pellet gun experience is with bolt actions, well, nobody ever posted a review with this info!
ProsThis gun is amazing!
ConsNothing (however I'll probably stain the grip a little darker)
By Chip
Tacoma WA
August 13, 2017
Worth the Wait
Our local gun club just built an indoor air gun range for competitive shooting and so I wanted to get a pistol league started. Searching for a pistol that would serve to generate interest and not intimidate new shooters I turned to the FAS 6004 and for the price I decided it was worth a try. I had shot the FAS 604 in the 80's when I was very active in Bullseye Pistol I had confidence that this pistol would meet my needs, so I put on or order. After waiting for overseas production and shipping delays my pistol arrived. I unpacked it was instantly impressed with the fit and finish, the trigger is a bit light out of the box for me but remember I shot Bullseye and are used to something a bit heavier. The ambidextrous grips are very well designed and with just a small amount of wood filler to close up a gap generated from my small hand its just perfect.

Off to the range I went and right off the bat it held a tight group . I dialed in the sights, settled down and drove 10 shots all int the 9 ring at 10 meters. Not bad for an out of the box pistol with just a small modification to the grip and the stock trigger. Although we have =bot yet had our introduction to the new range to our membership the FAS 6004 has certainly sparked a lot of interest. every shooter who has seen it was surprised by the quality for the cost, the comfort of the grips, and a trigger they could shoot with. This pistol is very high on my recommendation list for someone interested in looking at competitive air pistol or just seeking something fun to shoot in their basement or back yard. Add in a tin of R 10 pellets and you instantly have 500 shots of just pure fun. This pistol will certainly put a smile on your face every time you align the sights and send a pellet towards the target.
ProsVery high quality for the price. Clear sights, great trigger, and super grips.
ConsNone at al'
By Mike
March 30, 2017
Weaver rail adapter for the 6004
BTE makes a Waver style rail for the FAS 6004. It requires a 65 degree dovetail to fit into the front sight notch. Their part number is 604R. Be certain to state you are working with the 6004 ad they also build a rail for the older FAS 604.

I got this info from:

John Chernick, Manager
BME Custom Sports Products, LLC
PO Box 1079
Intervale, NH 03845
Telephone: 603.356.6580
ProsNow you can add a red dot.
By Larry
Largo, FL
March 15, 2017
Great Gun
I started my pellet pistol shooting several years ago with a Umarex Desert Eagle. I next bought a Walther CP88 Competition that I like, but I wanted a dedicated 10-meter gun. So, I purchased the FAS 6004 at the beginning of February 2017. In general, I agree with the Airgun Depot written review, but I have a few nits as well.

First, the reviewer said that in his gun, the RWS Meisterkugeln pellets could not be shot because of their tightness in the breech. I had a supply of the 7.0 gr RWSM pellets so when I received my gun, I though Id give them a try even though Chiappa recommends the RWS R10 pellets. At the time of gun purchase, I also bought the R10s, but have not yet used them because the RWSM pellets work just fine for me. No problems with fit or performance. I have not yet shot the R10s, but so far, I have not had to because of the lack of problems with the RWSM 7.0 gr pellets.

Second, while the intent of many shooters will be to shoot the gun single-handed, the ambidextrous grip does allow two-handed shooting quite comfortably. Using the hand measurement system in the review, from the tip of my middle finger to heel of my hand is 6.5 inches resulting in a perfect grip fit for me. I initially wanted to buy the large match gun with the hand rest, but at the time I bought my gun, the difference between the ambidextrous and the match hand rest versions was $170 which I could not justify. Im very satisfied with my decision to stick with the ambidextrous version.

Third, the lack of rear sight click. With my gun, the click is light, but it is there. I also have so trouble with the sight picture because of the width of the front site. I do agree that if the black front and rear sights are not modified by coloring them, the target black on black coloring hides the sites so aiming is made quite difficult. Because of this problem, I paint both front and rear sites with Whiteout forming a U in the rear with the white front sight blade between the U posts (not very sophisticated I know but it works really well). Other reviewers have had problems with the rear sight that requires shimming. Fortunately, my gun does not suffer from that problem. In fact, there is more than enough adjustment ability to set up the gun for 10-meter shooting.

Finally, I am very pleased with my FAS. I have not yet played with the trigger adjustments because for now, the guns fires very predictably at the factory setting. The gun is comfortable and feels great in my hand. The gun is a joy to shoot. I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase.
ProsFit, feel, accuracy
ConsNot an issue with the gun, but Chiappa could do a better job of sighting in the gun for 10-meter shooting before sale. With the gun - No cons
By Monte
Simsbury, CT
October 22, 2016
Everything You've Heard is True
I have been shooting a Weihrauch HW45 Silver Star for several years, which is truly a phenomenal gun, especially in .22 caliber. To change things up a bit, I wanted to try something that was lighter, a little easier to cock, and perhaps a bit more accurate while costing under $400. The Chiappa FAS 6004 appeared to fit these requirements and I bought mine from Airgun Depot in the beginning of August. After 11 weeks of almost daily shooting, I can now give an informed review of this gun. Compared to the HW45, the FAS 6004 is light. I also found it easier to cock than the HW45 (which is relatively easy), which means I can shoot for quite a long time without tiring. There is no effort when cocking the gun by lifting the top up, and fairly low effort to close it. I am using RWS R10 Match pellets (7 grain) which is the pellet recommended by Chiappa and which fits perfectly and shoots well. I had to adjust the rear sight because it was shooting about two inches high, and using a gun rest this took only a few shots. The construction of the gun is solid and the included case is a nice touch. The case is bigger than it need be but at least it holds my pellets and also safety glasses. The gun is so quiet that if I shot at midnight my neighbors wouldn't even hear it. I bought mine with the ambidextrous grips and they feel good to my average size hands. It took a little while for me to get the hang of loading pellets quickly. I discovered that if after cocking the gun open I pulled it back to close it until I felt a little pressure, I could load the pellet easier because the pellet opening was now angled towards me instead of being straight up in the air. As far as issues, there have been only two minor ones. The grip on the gun I was sent was very light -- almost blond or mustard colored. The photos I had seen before purchasing this gun usually showed a darker color, which I preferred. With the removal of one allen screw on the bottom of the grip, I removed it and stained it a nice walnut. Now it looks great. A bigger issue have been the sights. My H45 has fiber optic sights which are very easy to see in almost all lighting conditions. The FAS 6004 has black steel front and rear sights, and I find it sometimes difficult to line up depending on the outside lighting conditions. To remedy this, I painted the front sight a day-glow orange and the rear sight a day-glow green. This has helped immensely. I regularly search the web to see if anyone offers fiber optic sights for this gun, but no luck yet. In summary, I would say that the Chiappa FAS 6004 is well made, light, easy to load and cock, accurate, worth the money, and definitely fun to shoot.
ProsWell made, light, comfortable grips, quiet, easy to load, effortless cocking, accurate.
ConsSights should have white dots to make it easier to aim, or better yet, should have come with fiber optic sights. A rail for a red-dot would also be nice.
By Chuck
South West Minnesota
September 27, 2016
Great plunker
Love the grips, wish it had rail to mount scope or laser but shooting from bench rest is very accurate, not as steady as I was in my younger days but havin fun.
ConsNo scope rail.
By Steve
September 15, 2016
I compete in National Match Pistol Competition. This pistol allows me realistic practice in my living room using the 10 meter target (Transitionally speaking it is the same size bullseye as you would see and shoot at the 25yd and 50yd lines in matches)
ProsVery accurate with any pellet and easy to operate.
ConsSome pellet brands are a bit hard on the thumb when seating in barrel. I need to make an off-set pellet pen for them.
By Bob P.
Gloucester, MA
August 30, 2016
Great Air Pistol
This is a great precision practice target pistol. Very accurate and consistent which results in nice small groups.
ProsExcellent trigger which has 4 adjustments, constant air pressure on single stroke. All metal with real wooden grips that fit my hand great. Very nice balance and fun to shoot. Very easy to load if using a pallet pen.
ConsCan't think of any,
By Mark
Palermo, Italy
August 14, 2016
Excellent and beautiful match pistol
I have this pistol since June 2015.

Beautiful pistol with excellent precision. In Europe the Fas 604 (previous version of the FAS 6004 but identical) is a legendary gun !
Prosbeautiful style, very quiet, precision, accurate, easy to charge, great trigger. very good grips
Cons as in all pca pistol O-rings can become worn and, after a few years, need to be replaced
gainesville, GA
April 11, 2016
I have been shooting this for months now, almost every day. This pistol has a great feel and the accuracy is unbelievable. High Quality.
By Frank S.
Pittsburgh, PA
March 13, 2016
Excellent Match Grade Pistol
The FAS 6004 pellet pistol is as nice a build and finish as the finest firearm. It is in another league of other air guns at this price point. In the hand it is substantial but not at all bulky like some pistols. A great grip angle and stippling keeps this gun right on target The weight distribution is perfect and the trigger is the absolute finest at any price point. There is zero recoil. Combined with the great trigger, you almost can't miss with this gun. It is almost too easy to hit the bulls eye. It is the combination of many elements that come together to make this a stellar pellet gun. Using H&N Match Pistol pellets, .177 Cal, 7.56 gr. , the pellets will essentially go through the same holes at 10 meters when the pistol is clamped to a bench.

Many may say the velocity of just under 400 fps is too slow but it is a target pistol. It is for serious target shooting and plinking. It is probably not a good choice for hunting or long range shooting so get another gun for that. For very serious target and plinking, this is one of the finest and I am tough to please.

The only issue is the same that many have said and that is the rear sight needs to be lowered just a little for 10 meter shooting. It is not that there is anything wrong with the sight but the manual shows the sight picture on the bottom of the black circle rather than on the center. I do not know why they send it out of the factory that way but they do. If you hold there you will hit the center. Everybody I know holds at the center so I did the shim modification and fixed it in a couple of minutes.
ProsFantastic build and appearance. Great balance and feel in the hand. SUPER accurate. Fantastic trigger. Easy to pump. Quiet. Stippled grip. Great value for the quality and accuracy. Once you own this gun, you will not use your others so you can sell them and buy more pellets. :-)
ConsRear sight needed to be shimmed because it was shooting a little high with a normal sight picture.
gainesville, GA
March 11, 2016
Excellent pistol
Pistol shoots like a dream. The accuracy is unbelievable.
ProsPerfect balance and superb accuracy.
By Dan
Eagle River Wi
March 8, 2016
Fantastic on all accounts
Very accurate. I have approx. 3000 rounds thru the gun at this time. I shoot it daily, and am more impressed with it every day.
I can't recommend it enough.
ProsGreat trigger. very good grips. Extremely accurate. Very good balance and its made of metal.
ConsThe latch to open the gun is small and hard to grasp. A few minutes with a dremel and a sanding drum on the grip took care of this problem. A little difficult to load but it gets easier the more you use it.
By Bill A.
Lake Havasu City
January 25, 2016
After some experience
I have had my 6004 with the ambi grip for over a month and I am very impressed. Since I am a beginner at accurate pistol work I am sticking with the RWS Basic line of pellets while I learn better trigger control. My results keep getting better. My 10M results are a shrinking group size. I settled on this air pistol because of its light cocking effort and it has certainly not disappointed me. As I continue shooting I expect things to settle down more than they have so far (over 700 pellets shot). I have also not adjusted the trigger so far as I think that that should be saved until I am more familiar with the shooting style and the gun itself. I bought this thing to play with 10M shooting and I am certainly happy so far.
ProsLight cocking effort. Ambidextrous grip (I shoot left eyed with two hands so far). Adjustable trigger. Ease of loading.
ConsI have very large hands and noticed that the Ambi grip comes very close to a perfect size for me. You can modify the grip for smaller hands but it takes very careful work.
By Nick P.
December 18, 2015
I just received this gun today, and I shot about 250 pellets blowing out the center of a target at about 10meters. Once sighted in this gun performs perfect; also unbelievable smooth trigger!!
The gun has a great finish and the grip fits in my hand like a glove. I highly recommend this gun to anyone starting to target shoot.
ConsMy gun shot about 3" high at 10 meters. There is a simple fix: just add a piece of cardboard (a little thinner than a credit card) in front of the rear sight blade. This will set the rear sight blade slightly lower causing the shot to settle into the center of the target. I learned this from a post on YouTube
By Tom
The villages fl.
August 24, 2015
Fas 6004
This is a very nice shooting gun. The sights a accurate and cocking is quite easy. All in all a good easy accurate shooting gun.
ConsI would be better if a red dot could be add
By Joseph H.
Orangevale, Kalifornia
August 3, 2015
Excellent pistol
Very good trigger, and superb accuracy! Recommend highly.
By Armando
Pasadena, CA
July 29, 2015
fas 6001
this pistol has a nice weight, feel and overall great trigger for shooting and competition.
Prostrigger adjustability. price. quality parts.
Consmy pistol came defective and would fail to fire. item was returned. when it did shoot however it was perfect.
By RandyW
Lapeer, MI
July 22, 2015
Initial impression of FAS 6004
I received my FAS 6004 yesterday and shot approx 100 pellets through it. The balance is excellent, the grips are as well.
A very accurate little pistol easily as accurate but with better sights than a Daisy 747, As accurate as a P1701 but much
lighter. The pellets are a little tricky to load especially with fat fingers. Overall an excellent gun for getting into 10M.
FPS on my unit is 370fps with RWS R10 7grn match pellets.

ProsLight Weight good balance excellent grips easily cocked nice sights extremely quiet case included
Constricky to load rear sight could get knocked out of adjustment if hit with closing hand
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