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Picking the Perfect Gun

What do I want to use my new airgun for?

That's the first question that needs to be answered on your quest to picking the perfect airgun. We usually recommend that customers pick an airgun based on their primary needs. Below is a list of some common needs and uses for airguns:
  • Hunting small, medium or large game- You will want power and long-range accuracy so start with the hunting section of our Air Rifle Guide.
  • Dispatching pests or rodents around your yard- Depending on range you can use an air rifle or air pistol. Choose the hunting section from either our Air Rifle Guide or Air Pistol Guide.
  • Casual or competitive short-range target shooting- An air pistol would be your best choice here. Check out the target shooting section of the Air Pistol Guide.
  • Shooting cans, targets, plastic army men, spinners, balloons or other fun objects- Either rifles or pistols can be used for this. Check out the Just for Fun section of either guide.
  • Competitive shooting- There are events for both air pistols and rifles. Check out the competitive shooting section of either guides.
  • Long range target shooting- Check out the casual target shooting section of our Air Rifle Guide
Once you have an idea about how you are going to use your new airgun, use one of our guides above for hand-picked selections by our trained staff and we'll have you shooting in no time!

Expert Tip For Choosing An Air Rifle To Hunt With

Manufacturers advertise their airguns based on how fast they can shoot (FPS or Feet Per Second). Faster is better right? This is a topic of discussion that we constantly have with our new customers and it's critical that it is addressed and answered correctly. FPS numbers can be very misleading, especially to new airgunners. Currently there?s really no standard by which these airguns are measured so everything is constantly changing. Manufacturers will typically use light alloy pellets or light lead pellets when measuring how fast an airgun shoots so they can claim high FPS numbers on the box. Usually, the FPS numbers are overstated a bit, but the more important metric to look for is FPE or Foot Pounds Of Energy. FPE measures how much energy an airgun can put downrange. We have written an extensive article on this subject to help give airgunners some general direction.