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FX Stackable Moderator, Middle Section

For FX Bobcat, Wildcat, Streamline, Verminator & Indy Airguns
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The FX Stackable Moderators are just another example of innovation, forward thinking, and customization that FX Airguns considers constantly for the shooter. This simple but effective design is the Lego's of sound moderation. Need more sound reduction? Simply add a moderator section kit (or just increase the volume of the moderator by adding middle sections to your existing moderator sections). And don't scoff that there are no K baffles or other common firearm designed internals to these sections. Since you're firing an airgun there is no hot air to cool, so no need for those designs. All you need is volume of space to capture the air. Effective and simple!

FX Standard Stackable Moderator Features
  • Middle Piece (Baffles)
  • Made out of aluminum
  • Fits FX Bobcat, Streamline, Wildcat, Indy & Verminator Air Rifles
  • Does not fit FX Impact Air Rifle
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Condition New
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
  • Caliber .177
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Im looking into purchasing a fx wildcat .22. A buddy of mine bought on a while back and let me shoot his. I was very impressed with the gun as a whole, but what really caught my attention was how quiet his was. When firing the rifle, it was so quite, it seemed like something you would see in a movie. Since shooting his, we changed hunting leases and we are no longer in contact for him to answer some of my questions before I purchase one of my one; so i turn to you. What all do i need in order to make my future fx wildcat mk 11 as quite as it can be. Do i only need one of these "FX Stackable Moderator, Middle Section" pieces, or is there an additional moderator i need to buy?

asked Hunter from USA

will this fit on the fx wildcat mk 2 .25 compact?

asked Jason from USA

Does this work on a Streamline?

asked Bob O

will this fit the streamline?

asked Eaton from USA

By adding 2 of these, will it fit on the streamline.22 caliber FX moderator that comes with the rifle?

asked Joseph

is this moderator section compatible with the FX Streamline ?

asked Herbert from USA

Will this fit the new FX Streamline?

asked Gonzalo from USA
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