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Definitive Guide to FX Dreamline

The FX Dreamline is one of the most highly anticipated airguns to ever hit the market! It takes a proven platform and adds the ability to configure it in multiple different ways. Having bought one version of the gun you are then able to change the configuration to make it a classic sporter, a bullpup, a field target rifle, or a lightweight tactical-style air rifle! And since it uses the Smooth Twist X barrel system you can also change barrel liners to optimize your gun for a variety of pellets and even slugs. And barrel kits allow you to also change the caliber of your gun in just minutes. Never has this level of versatility been dreamed of in an air rifle!
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Detailed Review
The three basic configurations of the Dreamline at the time of its launch are the DreamClassic, the DreamLite, and the DreamPup, but before we go into the details of each one let's look first at what they have in common. The basic action of the Dreamline incorporates the redesigned breech block we first saw on the Streamline. It completely incorporates the air cylinder directly into the breech block in a seamless fitted piece and is one of the reasons that the Dreamline is so affordable. This one-piece block removes connecting pieces found on most breech blocks that often lead to air inefficiencies, leaks and additional weight to the gun. One difference between the Dreamline and the Streamline is that the former has an angled breech like the Crown that allows it to accept FX's high capacity magazines. The magazines are the same as those used in the Crown. In .177 you get 21 shots, in .22 - 18 shots, in .25 - 16 shots and in .30 you still get a remarkable 14 shots per magazine! The high capacity magazine does require you to use high mounts for your scope (we recommend the FX No-Limits mounts) but if you want to use medium mounts the Dreamline also accepts FX's standard magazines. They will float a bit instead of seating flush with the base but they still work perfectly reliably.
All metal parts are coated with a special fingerprint-resistant finish which is a very nice touch (get it?). The sidelever cocking handle is buttery smooth and a huge improvement from the Streamline, which was itself very nice. This is so smooth and easy to cock it is almost spooky. The air cylinder holds 250ccs of air compared to the 190ccs of the Streamline and it is filled via an FX air probe at the top of the cylinder. This is the same air probe used on other FX airguns like the Wildcat. The probe opening is covered by an integrated dust cover to keep debris from entering and causing problems. At the top of the cylinder is a manometer to show the air pressure found within the air cylinder and at the base of the air cylinder is the regulator pressure gauge. Opposite the pressure gauge is the AMP regulator adjuster screw. Both gauges are relatively large and very easy to read.
The AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator is a huge step forward in regulator technology. It allows you to both raise and lower the pressure of the regulator without removing the air from the cylinder. Beware, though that you do need to relieve the pressure by dry firing the gun every quarter turn of the regulator adjustment screw as you lower the pressure, otherwise you can still damage it. The AMP regulator is also designed to support higher pressures and be more consistent over time, meaning you can say goodbye to regulator creep and fatigue. Though the internal regulator aids in accuracy, the pinpoint accuracy obtained by the Dreamline is mainly due to the FX Smooth Twist X barrel system. Instead of having grooves cut out of the bore like standard rifling, the Smooth Twist X barrels have the rifling impressed from the outside. This allows the bore to be extremely polished straight from the factory, which contributes to the astonishing accuracy of these barrels. The results are phenomenal as you will read below in our accuracy section! The barrel on the .177 and .22 is 500mm long, and 600mm long on the .25 and .30. The barrel is shrouded, but the shroud is very slender and doesn't suppress the report enough to make it backyard friendly so FX has partnered with DonnyFL to provide world-class moderators designed specifically for the Dreamline at an affordable price. They are so effective and make the Dreamline such a quiet gun that we are offering them as standard and they will come permanently affixed from FX. Plus they look awesome! This raises the price a mere $80, which is far below the retail price and we are confident that you will find it well worth it.
If you talk to any owner of an FX air rifle and ask them why they love their rifle so much, certainly one of the items they will mention is the FX match grade trigger. This two-stage adjustable trigger is simply one of the best triggers you will find on any rifle, let alone an air rifle! It comes from the factory tuned very light at around 14 ounces with a nice clean break. The whole reason that famed YouTube reviewer .22 Plinkster even started exploring PCP airguns is that he got his hands on an FX and exclaimed: "Holy cow, that's a great trigger!" The best part is that now with the FX Dreamline and its very competitive price, more airgunners will be able to experience one of the best triggers in the world. FX Airguns USA offers a full factory back up service to each FX Airgun that it imports into the US. All FX Airguns manufactured from October 2017 and on are warranted to the retail consumer for three (3) years from the date of purchase against faulty workmanship and defective materials. Proof of purchase is required. FX Airguns USA will also extend the warranty of any rifle purchased in 2018 to match this new 3-year warranty. The warranty of your FX Airgun is transferable with a copy of the original invoice or receipt.
Multiple Configurations
The Dreamline has been called the Lego of airguns because you are able to configure it in so many ways. As mentioned above, the three basic Dreamline configurations at the time of launch are the DreamClassic, the DreamLite, and the DreamPup, but more will be released as time goes on. You can see the modular nature of the Dreamline in this photo of the DreamLite stripped down to the action and the DreamLite's additional parts.
The DreamClassic is basically the upgraded version of the FX Streamline. It is 38.25" long plus the moderator, has a length of pull of 14.25", and weighs 6lbs. It has a transfer port adjuster (called a valve adjuster by the manufacturer) with three settings and the hammer spring can be adjusted by removing the stock and turning the hammer spring retainer clockwise for more power or counter-clockwise for less. It is available in three stock options: walnut, grey laminate, and synthetic, all of which are very attractive. The stock has a higher comb than the Streamline to enable you to get a good cheek weld even while using the high capacity magazines. The stock has been changed in other ways from the Streamline so that they are not compatible.
The DreamLite is 37" long plus the moderator, has a 13" length of pull, and weighs just 5.5lbs - making it the lightest Dreamline configuration. It has the same transfer port/valve adjuster with three settings but it has an additional hammer spring wheel, the same as that found on the Crown and Impact. It has 12 settings and can be adjusted externally to quickly fine-tune the gun for the projectile or shooting situation.
The stock can be removed with just the turn of a knob making this an excellent tear-down rifle. The gun will still fire with the stock removed in case you feel like shooting the longest pistol in the world!
The DreamPup is one of the most remarkable configurations and it solves the age-old dilemma of choosing between a bullpup or a sporter. Now you can have both! It is 29" long without the moderator (33" in .25 and .30) and weighs 5.9lbs making it a superb gun for a long day of hunting.
Accuracy, Calibers & Shot Count of the FX Dreamline
The Dreamline comes in four calibers: .177 cal that is favored by field target competitors, and the larger .22, .25, and .30 calibers favored by those wanting to shoot at farther ranges (as a heavier pellet tends to buck the wind) as well as offering higher muzzle energy for those using the Dreamline for pesting and hunting. Due to the internal regulator, the shot count on our .22 caliber FX Dreamline air rifle produced a very smooth and even shot curve. We were able to obtain 55 shots on a full 230 bar fill with an extreme spread of only 11 fps and a standard deviation of 2.97 fps. It averaged 846 feet per second, but FX informs us that the production Dreamlines will come with a heavier hammer that will increase speeds to averages in the 880s and will produce up to 32 foot-pounds of energy while yielding just as many shots per fill or even a few more. FX builds all their rifles to use the standard JSB Diabolo pellets. Meaning that although you can find other pellet sizes and brands that will work with your FX Dreamline (or other FX air rifle), the best performance will almost exclusively be with JSB pellets. That said, part of the fun with any air rifle is trying different pellets to get the most out of your rifle. We shot JSB 18.13gr pellets which is what the Dreamline is set up for and we found it to be extremely accurate! Our best group was 5 shots in 0.08" at 35 yards! Ten shots made a hole only 0.17" wide center-to-center and 14 shots consistently went into quarter-inch holes. We can't wait to take it out to 100 yards to see what it can do because this is match-winning accuracy! And it is incredibly consistent: with only a little bit of effort on our part, it produced phenomenal groups time after time. The accuracy comes from a combination of the very consistent AMP regulator, the STX barrel, and the trigger that really makes shooting just so darn easy! You have to try it to understand what we mean.
You will want high rings in order to use the high-capacity magazines and we recommend the FX No-Limits rings because this gun is so accurate you are going to want to try it out at long range! You'll also need some way to fill it. Because it is regulated you can use a hand pump like the Hill MK4 to fill it up to 200 bar and you will still get a lot of shots, but if you want to fill it to the full 230 bar you will want a large tank like our 98 cubic foot tank. Another option is a compressor like the Air Venturi Compressor which will fill the gun or a tank, or the Nomad II which is a portable option for filling your gun at home or on the road. Once you've sent some lead down range with your Dreamline leave a review to help out other customers, and if you have any questions leave them below and we'll do our best to answer them.