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FX Hybrid Slug, .22 Cal, 22.0 gr - 100 ct

Available in .22, .25, .30, .357, Extreme expansion
Only $14.99
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agd _ caliber
  • .22
  • .25
  • .30
  • .357
  • In Stock
  • Code: AGD-P1542 · $14.99 · .22 · 22 grains · 100 ct
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The long awaited slugs from FX have finally arrived! Designed specifically for use in the FX Smooth Twist X barrels, these slugs have the qualities of both diabolo and swaged slugs making them accurate and devastating projectiles. The massive expansion from the hollow point will ensure maximum effectiveness when hunting. While these were engineered to maximize the performance of FX rifles with STX barrels, they are also for use in any other type of barrel.

  • .22 caliber
  • 22.0 grains
  • 100 Slugs
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Caliber .22
  • Ammo Type Slugs
  • Ammo Weight 22 grains
  • Pellet Shape Hollowpoint Slug
  • Pellet Quantity 100 ct
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By WesleyUSAJanuary 9, 2024 Verified Purchase

These shoot amazing out of my 25 caliber Avenge X but not so well through my 22 caliber Avenge X. Slugs kinda very through different barrels.

Love these slugs!!

They shoot well out of my hatsan flash, but not so well out of my avenge x.

By JacobFebruary 23, 2022 Verified Purchase

Even if you’re pesting or target shooting with a budget gun such as a stormer XM1 S4 or a Diana storm rider, these slugs still hit dead on. Now, take this with a grain of salt, but in my opinion, they are well worth every penny.

Dead accurate at 35 yards

Nothing at all

By RyanUSAFebruary 1, 2022

These slugs shoot great out of my Benjamin Cayden. Many pellets and slugs shoot well from my gun, but not all. They open up like they should and dump energy. They are also typically in stock, which is a big deal. Who cares how great the ammo is if it’s hardly ever in stock? I give FX an A+ for these slugs. On second thought, I should give them one star because they don’t shoot well out of my gun. That will leave more for me.

Great accuracy!

Package and price.

By HenryUSAAugust 2, 2021

They're packaged nicely.

Shot placement was extremely inconsistant using my break barrel Hatsaan 95.

By RonUSAApril 28, 2021

I lube my projectiles with pell gun lube to keep the o rings fresh and it helps keep the mags indexing,,just put a few in a little mint container with a few drops of lube,,,,now to these fx slugs,,i have a maurader and when i switched to these slugs i had to buy another scope with a thinner reticle,because the spot i aimed at would be covered by the reticle at 50 yards.This rifle is very accurate with crosman pellets,but the slugs upped the game,, flatter trajectory,,pencil eraser accuracy at 50 yards and im not exaggerating.last crow i took was at 84 yards with 1 and 1/2 mil dot hold over and the slug hit exactly where i was aiming



By Jonathan USAMarch 20, 2020

Can't wait for the larger caliber Hybrids to come out. Great product

Can't argue with the accuracy. Crazy groups out to 100 yards and beyond. And the expansion is crazy. You can hear the pop as they open up on birds. Devastating and certainly makes for humane hunting. Love the tray packaging as well, reminds me of firearm primers.

Nothing really. They're more expensive than other slugs, but they're better than other slugs so I get it. This is my go to when hunting

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Would these be able to be shot out of umarex gauntlet what size are they 215 216 217

asked Alejandro from USA

They are 217, should work fine for the gauntlet

Jacob from USA

Can it work in my SIG Sauer MCX Virtus

asked Dontae from USA

Can I use these in a spring hatsan 95?

asked Henry from USA

Can you shoot these with a .22 cal B3?

asked Jim from USA

How will this shoot out of a Umarex Octane Elite 22-caliber?

asked Garan from USA

can you shot this out of an FX Dreamline classics .22

asked alex from USA

Will these fit the Benjamin Marauder magazine?

asked Stephen from USA

Yes, they do. They will be tight going into the breach so make sure your o-ring is kept lubed.

Stephen from USA

They may. They have not been released yet so they have not been tested.

Mark from USA

these hybrid are rather tight .22 it doesn't go into the breach, its a tight fit I don't want it to jam my bone collector but it can be used ?

asked Michael from USA

Do Not force the slugs. you can reduce their diameter by rolling the slugs on 100-120 grit sandpaper. It would be a bit of work but you can get the to fit better.

Mark from USA

how long are these? asking to see if they will fit in my rapid mag.

asked Kenneth from USA

They have not been releases yet. The length is not available yet.

Mark from USA

can I use them in a gammo .22 swarm magnum or bone collector

asked Michael from USA

You can shoot them. They may have to be single loaded. They may not fit in magazines.

Mark from USA

How well do these work in a Stormrider Gen 2?

asked Benjamin from USA

They can be shot.They may have to be single loaded.

Mark from USA

I can not post reviews on this. I have a Gladius long. I have it pretty well dialed in, and it is a better than 1moa gun at 30 yards with JSB pellets. I can't get better than 3 inch groups with the hybrids and the speed is about 10% lower than I expected for the weight. I am guessing that the relatively thick skirt not sealing the rifling and the choked barrel are the problems. Anyone else seeing this?

asked Ralph from USA

Can you fire these out of a Springer?

asked Jesse

Will these pellets operate in a GAMO Swarm Magazine. They look like they might be a little too long.

asked Jack Rookhuyzen

Can you use these hybrid slugs in other guns such as the Seneca Aspen in 22 cal?

asked Jaime from USA
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