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FX Impact Slug Power Kit

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For FX Impact owners looking to get the very best performance when shooting slugs, the Slug Power Kit is just the ticket. An adjustable pin probe allows for better air flow and adjustable seating depth for your slugs. In addition, the kit comes with two hammer weight spacers and a lighter valve return spring. This allows you to get more velocity from your Impact and push slugs at the speeds they shoot best at.

FX Impact Slug Power Kit Features:
  • .22 caliber adjustable pin probe with .25 caliber sleeve
  • Lighter valve return spring - allows valve to stay open longer
  • Two hammer weight spacers - allows more hammer spring compression and added hammer weight
  • .22 caliber velocity increases between 35-55 FPS
  • .25 caliber velocity increases between 50-80 FPS
  • When installing this kit on an Impact M3, the spring and rubber ball do not need to be used.
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Accessories
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 0.50
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will this fit .30 cal?

asked Ong from USA

Will this work on FX Impact M3?

asked William from USA

Is this needed for the.35 impact m3? I don't see a listing for that rifle.

asked Douglas from USA

No, it's not needed - the rifle will shoot as it is stock. The kit is for a .22 / .25 cal, I know there is a sleeve you can get for the .30 cal, but I don't think it will even fit a .35 considering a lot of the internals are different for the .35

Seth from USA

Is this kit compatible with the maverick ?

asked Sara from USA

They do have one that is made for the Maverick

Donald from USA

is there a .30 slug power kit for the FX Impact?

asked william from USA

I might be mistaken, but I think the power kit is only available for the .22 and .25. (The kit is made for .22 and there is a sleeve to make it work for the .25) My assumption is .177 has enough power to push whatever it needs, and .30 and .35 already have something to boost the power considering the pellets they use are require as much power as the slugs trying to be pushed out of the lower calibers

Seth from USA

Would it be a mistake to use these parts with pellets? Why or why not? What if you shoot slugs part of the time?

asked Bill from USA

Bill, to begin, slugs require more air and at higher pressure than pellets, so generally speaking, you would be using more volume and pressure on the pellet than practically needed. Not that it would be detrimental, but a waste of air for shot count and excess pressure for precision, which might be so little that you might not notice it. For example, take the speed of sound once you break it the projectile gets wobbled and some, or all precision is lost, so you want to stay away from the speed of sound most definitely, or better yet below 80% Mach 1 to get the Best Power AND Precision combination. With the slug setting you might be at 79% Mach 1 which will outperform your rifle at any other settings, but under the same settings for the slug, you might drive the pellet at 81% Mach 1, or higher, which means it will fall below that "sweet-spot" Bell-Curve (in electronics, it's called the Maximum Power Theorem). So ask yourself, do you want more power, or better accuracy? There is a trade-off and that trade-off might not even be very noticeable, or even measurable to precision, but it is there, just do the math, which a whole book can be written on just one shot and all the variables involved such as what you had for breakfast, or not. The combination of the lighter K-value of the valve spring and the larger slug port can be as high as a 20% increase in air volume and air velocity at peak, so if you were to find the sweet-spot for your slug then you decide to shoot pellets, just crank down the power setting combination approximately 20% and you should be at the pellets sweet-spot, or in the area. The problems start with the ratios and proportions of the mass difference of the slug vs. the pellet then their coefficient of friction to the barrel then the ballistic coefficients then the Range then the wind speed and angle, but like I stated, you might not even notice it because a good shooter with a bad rifle will always out shoot a bad shooter with a good rifle; same pellets. In other words, you are the most influential variable in the myriad variables of the equation. I would just experiment and empirically find out because its about the journey and not the finish. Write down every data point on every shot and record video to be analyzed later with freeze frame capabilities, or don't even bother buying a rifle and just throw tins of pellets and tins of slugs and see how your arm hurts the least at the end of the day.

Francisco from

will this work on the FX Impact?

asked william from USA

It should...

Seth from USA

thats what the name implies

william from USA


Val from USA
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