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FX Radar Pocket Wireless Chronograph

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FX Radar Pocket Chronograph

  • Uses Doppler Radar to obtain velocity, energy and other stats
  • Controlled via Android/iOS smartphone app
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Runs off three AAA batteries
  • Allows user to input variables like pellet weight and radar return
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type CHRONOGRAPHS
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By MichaelUSAOctober 16, 2021 Verified Purchase

Set up at the range or the backyard is a breeze.

Works great with all air rifles from a .177 Daisy Red Ryder to a .72 cal Big Bore PCP! Very small and portable, set up is quick and easy.


By SethUSAFebruary 22, 2020

Would be nice if it came with the barrel clip as shown in other online videos

Quick and easy to setup and very reliable. No messing around with sunshades. Works im the house and out

Bluetooth setup the first time was glitchy, no issues after the first pair

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Does unit come with the adjustable tripod as shown in the video?

asked Duane from USA

I don't know *for sure*, but since it is not in the pictures, and not mentioned *prominently* in the description (such that I can see, so far), I'd say no, probably not. Looks like an after-market add-on. I own a very similar one, that I bought at Wal-Mart for my iPhone.

Paul from USA

Does unit come with the adjustable tripod as shown in the video?

asked Duane from USA

Can I connect this via bluetooth to my win 10 tablet? What app would I download to accomplish this? Thanks

asked Forrest from USA

No, the app is for Android and iOS only.

Edward from USA

Anybody have specs on what the speed (FPS) range is? Understanding it’s likely optimal between 400-1400, I’d like to know if it will read higher for center fire

asked George from USA

does this work on apple phones

asked Robert from USA

I just received my Fx chronometer. I’m having a little trouble getting it to read out the fps. I only get 3 readings out of ten shots. Where do most of you set the percentage rate? I have mine set at 30% for the co2 profile. Is that good?

asked Rudy from USA

Try putting on 20, that would bake it more sensitive. The setting is under "Advance Return" it recommends "Highest Use this setting to fine tune the result from the Chronograph Using Small Large calibres may require fine tuning using this adjustment Lowest is most sensitive Too low can result in random readings Result is shown when the radar return exceeds the set value"

John from USA

Can this device be attached to a high power springer?

asked Rudy from USA

It's not really FX only, you just need to consider the fps

John from USA

Does this ship with the barrel bracket?

asked Dean from USA


Mark from USA

Is this radar MK2? I have placed an order. I just wanted MK2.

asked TAO from China - People's Republic of


Mark from USA

This chrono does not turn on. Do I need to remove the 4 screws to insert the batteries?

asked Maureen from USA


John from USA

Include a barrel clamp?

asked Orlando A Diaz

Yes, but you need to use river bands or something like that to secure it.

John from USA

Are these coming with the mounting bracket.

asked Ronld from USA


John from USA

FX has recently added the much needed barrel bracket to the FX Pocket Chrony. When will you have them and how do we folks who bought previously get one? Per Giles of, FX will distribute the bracket free to all previous owners, but we'll have to go through our local retailer to get it. Thanks.

asked Bernard Orosz from USA

Does unit read barrel and target speeds?

asked Glen from USA

Barrel only.

Edward from USA

Will this return velocities if the phone is in airplane mode?

asked Dave

Is this durable enough for firearms as well?

asked Eric Whalen

What velocities range does it hold. Memory. etc. None of this is listed. Do you fire over it and how far out does it pickup the pellet. is it like a Labrador that you can set yardages or footages to give speeds at different distances?

asked J Bike

This is not a Labradar! No downrange velocity readings are possible, only velocity at the muzzle. The unit does use radar waves, so no cumbersome setups like Caldwell Chronographs that are sensitive to light and such.

Edward from USA

Will it work on hand guns being most shoot under 1100 fps

asked Kurtiss from USA

Will this also measure arrows traveling as low as 220 to 280 fps?

asked Augustus from USA


Edward from USA
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