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Gamo Airguns

For over 120 years Gamo has been in the airgun industry designing and producing high quality and high powered air rifles, air pistols and airgun ammunition for small game hunting and pest control. Today Gamo is the largest manufacturer of airgun pellets in the world and one of the most recognized airgun manufacturers in Europe. Gamo has a wide range of airguns, air rifles, air pistols and BB guns. Airgun enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of Gamo airguns and air rifles available. Gamo produces and inspects each component of the airguns and produces their own metal parts for the airguns to ensure a perfect shot every time. European Walnut and Beech are used for their air rifle stocks. The wood for each pellet gun stock is shaped by fully computerized machinery in order to create a perfectly weighted air rifle. Gamo offers customers a one year warranty on all air rifles and pistols. Also Gamo is the world leader in top quality, accurate ammunition.