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Gamo Airguns

Gamo Outdoor is a Spanish airgun manufacturer based out of Barcelona. Founded in 1959, Gamo released their first production airgun in 1961. Since then, Gamo has become the largest producer of airguns in Europe. Gamo USA, based in Rogers Arkansas, is the United States division. In 2016 Gamo acquired the legendary US airgun manufacturer Daisy, creating an impressive union between youth shooting and adult airgun markets.

Gamo airguns span multiple stlyes and include the most basic entry-level airguns, the midrange break barrels you see in many big box stores, various small bore target and hunting PCP airguns, and single shot and multishot big bore airguns for big game hunting. Regardless of what you are looking for in an airgun, Gamo has you covered.

Gamo doesn't just build airguns. They also make airgun pellets in all shapes and sizes. They pioneered the first truly mainstream alloy pellet, which allowed airguns to achieve FPS levels previously thought impossible. Today they make a wide assortment of pellets, each with a specific intent and matched with particular airguns through their Pro Shot ID system. From target to plinking to serious big-bore hunting, Gamo has the right ammo for their airguns.

Gamo focuses on affordable quality. Where some manufacturers fall to one side or the other, Gamo has managed to maintain a balance for consumers, delivering value beyond the price tag. Gamo's break barrels offer some of the best performance on the market. They are lightweight, easy to cock, and deliver on power and accuracy. Models are extensively tested for durability during development. Throughout their lifespan, models are tested by automated shooting "robots" that cock and fire the product samples thousands upon thousands of times, trying to find a crack in the production. This ongoing testing ensures that you get a gun that not only works out of the box but down the road as well.

Gamo continues to push the limits of airgunning with their continued development and innovation. Many of their pioneering technologies have kept them many steps ahead of their competition. This trend continues today as they continue to take affordable airgunning beyond what was considered possible just a few years ago. To learn more about all the Gamo, Daisy, and Winchester airguns, please browse our site.