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H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal, 18.52 gr - 200 ct

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal, 18.52 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-1047 · 0.22 cal · 18.52 gr · 200 ct
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Heavy, exceptionally accurate hunting pellet for long ranges. Deep, crossshaped hollow tip for tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer. Best aerodynamic properties for high accuracy. These unique hollowpoints are ideally suited for hunting. Use with magnum air rifles. The mushrooming head delivers a shocking blow on impact.

  • Caliber: .22
  • Grain: 18.52
  • Quantity: 200
  • Nose: Hollowpoint
  • Use: Hunting, Ranges Over 50 Yards

Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight18.52 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity200
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H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal, 18.52 gr - 200 ct
55 Reviews
87% (48)
5% (3)
5% (3)
0% (0)
2% (1)
95% Recommend this product (52 of 55 responses)
By Dave
Deadly Flower
July 13, 2019
These pellets work great in my 22 Bullboss. I usually shoot the 18 gr. JSB at 940 fps and these H&N match them shot for shot. They pretty much stack
at 25 and give me 5/8 groups at 50. The best part is I donā€™t have to adjust the point of impact between the two.

They make taking care of my woodchuck problem around my garden a snap. I can set up on one take a lung shot and they move 5 feet tops. With the JSB they would have enough gas to run under my shed to expire....not a fan of that in the summer heat.

I was curious how the terminal performance was so I retrevived one from a 20 yard shot.
ProsHigh quality well sorted pellets Notched center delivers full expansion Accurate as any high quality domed pellet
Best UsesVarmint control up to raccoon size animals
By alan
Mechanicsville, MD
great hard hitting pellets
February 25, 2019
great accurate pellets
Prosgood mushrooming
By Hodg
Warner Robins, Ga
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal
January 24, 2019
Visually, the pellets all seem dimensionally uniform. The skirt of this pellet is thicker than other pellet types by H&N. Over all the pellet seems to be well made and engineered for its intended purpose.
During my trial of these pellets I found that the pressure required to seat the pellet into the chamber of my RWS48 varied from pellet to pellet, some slipped into the chamber easily, while others required a firm pressure to get them to seat in the chamber. This caused me to shoot numerous groups to be sure that I was seating each pellet consistently in the chamber.
As to grouping: at a measured 25 yards, my best group was about 1" and my worst about 3". While doing my best to keep things consistent, in my best effort to gain accuracy, I was unable to repeat, with these pellets, what others define as a greatly accurate pellet, as such I would recommend trying them in your airgun, but mine doesn't seem to care for them.
ProsScrew top tin.
By Verdell
Clayton, DE
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme
December 7, 2018
This is a very hard hitting and accurate pellet that has no problem taking down its prey. It is well made and carries a good wallop on its prey. I think it is better than the Hunter pellet with the little extra weight.
ProsAccurate, and well made with a perfect size and weight
Best UsesHunting
By Paul
St Louis, MO
Good hunter pellet
May 11, 2018
Nice stopping power for small caliber pellet
By Daniel
Ferndale , WA
March 1, 2018
Pellets are uniform and shoot well through my single shot pcp pellet carbine. I have not noted a problems.
ProsWork well I’m my .22 PCP
By Alejandro
Laredo, TX
Excellent product.
February 1, 2018
Excellent product and excellent price. Very accurate. Groups very well. Id. shot 200 rounds in my brand new Game bone collector hunter. Like a dream.
By Anthony
Great for Medium to Small Pests
December 6, 2017
I have skunks and raccoons that destroy my grass and garden. This is my go to pellet for small to medium size pests. Very accurate and good expansion. Get great groups at 25 yards. Dime to nickel size. Overall I think this is a great pellet.
By Lighthouse
Best all around pellet for those looking for a slightly heavier hit
December 2, 2017
My favorite heavier hunting pellet. First off it is manufactured to higher standards than most others while remaining affordable. They almost have that plated or coated look. Much less lead fouling, so barrels stay cleaner longer, and that in and of itself lends for better accuracy down the road. Best used with heavier power guns in higher calibers. It's a very accurate pellet down range. Do not look at these as expanding hollow points, they are not. They do have a deep phillips screw shaped four quadrant head with a mini "hollowpoint" center that really bites down and grabs flesh and amplifies shock noticeably, critters go down and stay down. I'll take deep penetration, insane shock, and better down range accuracy over less accurate, shallower penetrating, "expansion first" engineering any day. Bottom line is that they do not expand under 900fps in muscle or gel, so don't look for noticeable expansion on any caliber above .177 You can mess around going back and forth between pellets, and test your rig till the cows come home. I've been shooting pellets for 50 years, and for the past 5-6 years these have been the only ones I buy. I have no reason to switch.
Pros down range accuracy, hard impact, vicious shock, manufactured very well - less lead fouling, fewer flyers, and fair pricing compared to others.
Conscan't buy bulk tins
By Daryll
Carlisle, PA
Good Heavy Pellet
November 3, 2017
I wanted to try these heavier pellets along with my JSB Exact Jumbo Heavies and they are pretty good. Very clean, uniform, and shoot very accurately in my Octane. I wish they were a little cheaper but they are on the heavier side so comparing these to 14.5 gr isn't a fair comparison. I'll be buying these again when I get low. They are accurate and hit with a punch.
By Jordan R.
September 8, 2017
Did not shoot good out of my gun but the ftt and bm were dropping dimes at thirty yard, this was all over the place 20, 4 inch groups
By William R.
High quality pellet.
August 18, 2017
These are well made, but do not perform well in my Hatsan Galatian.
By Devlin
Well package and fast delivery.
July 5, 2017
I placed the order and three days later i got it.
ProsWell package and fast delivery.
By Matthew G.
Great Accuracy
February 27, 2017
I've shot many types of pellets through my Benjamin Genesis .22 cal. and these are by far my favorite to shoot. Not only are they the most accurate but they seem to have really good range for a heavier pellet. I can knock cans off fence posts all day long at 50 yards. Right now these are the only pellets I'm buying. I may get adventurous and try some other pellets down the road but right now it's H&N Bacacuda Hunter Extreme all the way!
Pros-Accuracy -Distance -Hard Hitting
By bigE
south texas
My .22 cal hunting pellet
February 21, 2017
I found these pellets to be very accurate and hard hitting. These are my .22cal discovery rabbit hunting favorites. Very nice quality thats easy to see. All pellets are in perfect shape and i have not found one dented /damaged pellet yet...very nice. Packaging was awsome and delivery was flawless. Get you some! They are real good out of my discovery. I recommend these pellets and will be getting more of them to hunt.
ProsQuality ammo
ConsCant think of anything
By Jim
Mpls, MN
Great pellet
February 13, 2017
Good groups, good penetration, great expansion.
By Vince
Wrentham, MA
Stocking up with selection of pellets
January 20, 2017
Just received the pellets and they look great, haven't shot any yet, waiting until Spring, but am buying several different weight, styles etc. so come spring I can get a feel for the difference in pellets,
ProsLooks good.
By Ron
Washington state
H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal, 19.09 gr - 200 ct
January 17, 2017
Really nice solid pellet, very good penetration
Proswell made, nice shooter
By Neal
New Braunfels, Texas
very accurate in my gun
December 28, 2016
This is the most accurate shooting pellet I have found for my Hatsan 95 Vortex QE.
Prosvery accurate
By Chester
Fairfield, CA
November 11, 2016
I have a Gamo Raptor and I read that they like the heavier pellets. I bought these and they are the most accurate of the ones I tried. I hve only sighted in at 20 yards so far and they stack pellets on each other. They chronograph at about 600 FPS.
ProsVery accurate, hard hitting.
By Genaro C.
Thank you
November 3, 2016
Good product. Will recommend to everyone.
By Matt
Phillips, Wisconsin
Great pellet
October 24, 2016
This pellet shot great in my gamo .22 and in my hatsan 125 .22.
ProsAccurate in Alot if then.22 I have
By Bryan
Sophia WV
Hard hitting pellets
September 15, 2016
These pellets are very accurate with my Hatsan 100x springer. 22
ProsMade very well and clean love the scew on lid
ConsWish they came in a can of 250
By Marilyn
Denver, CO
September 12, 2016
Im not to fond of these may be my 2240..but i get a lot of flyers outta these..
ProsThe non flyers hit fairly well..but crosman works better.
ConsA lot of flyers
By jeager
N.E. Ohio
Excellent for target/hunting.
September 6, 2016
I won't use any other pel in my RWS break barrels and side cockers.
Squirrels go down and stay down even with chest shots.
Even took a 15 pound ground hog at 30 yards with a head shot.
I recovered a couple pels from tree rat body shots and they actually expanded!
The ONLY pel I'll hunt with.
By Jair
Cuautla, Morelos
August 28, 2016
Best hollow point pellet avialable, it shows massive energy transfer to the target, impresive performance in medium and small game. Impressive performance for the price.
ProsMassive expansion Great accuracy due the pellet shape Excellent performance in hunting Great price for the performance
ConsDoesn't come in 500 pieces tin
By Bman
Key West, Fl
Extremely Deadly/Accurate
June 11, 2016
I have been shooting a Ruger -Yukon NP 22cal. for about a year now. I wasn't getting the knock down power I needed. After going thru a variety of pellets I have found that the Ruger's accuracy improves with pellet weights in the 18 to 19 gram range. Anything lighter tends to fly around while heavier slugs tend to drop. So I experimented with a few tins of pellets and have found these Barracudas to be outstanding.
I do most of my shooting inside of 60 feet due to scrub and underbrush when I'm going after Iguanas. Now - these critters are hard to kill. I have seen .177's bounce off off and zing away. Punching paper is one thing, when you smack an Iggy with one of these babies, the WACK is LOUD!! The report of the shot is a whisper compared to the hit, followed by the crashing down of a very dead iguana. Accurate...accurate... shot one kill the norm now. The expansion is incredible ,exit wounds are really huge for such a small slug, and it will knock an Iggy right out of a tree.
These pellets are worth every dime. If you are serious hunter I highly recommend them. Bernard
ProsClean molding with no burrs or deformations. Hard hitting and very accurate.
By Tom
Greer, SC
great for Hatsan AT44 magazines
February 26, 2016
If you are looking for nice heavy hunting pellet for Hatsan AT44 magazines this is probably the best. Other reviewers often mention this pellet as many of the other heavier hunting pellets will not cycle properly in Hatsan magazines as they are too long. Accurate and hard hitting and ideal to maximize PCP power, this is a great pellet. When fired in PCP they optimize the thrust and travel as fast as lighter pellets. The work well in magnum springers also.
ProsNice grouping hunting pellet especially those looking for Hatsan magazine compatible pellets.
Conslittle bit pricey
By Islander
Marthas Vineyard
Great Pellet
February 19, 2016
This pellet is outstanding, true knockdown power and very accurate. I have a Gamo Whisper Fusion Maxima (which I ordered from this website) and have no problem shooting these in a quarter size grouping at 25 yards. Also recently ordered another 8 tins, and will continue to do so.
By Richard
Lawrence, MA
lethal and accurate in my .22 octane.
January 22, 2016
nailed a skunk that was bothering me forever-got him right between the eyes at 20 yards with these in my umarex octane .22 and a utg bug buster scope. i can pretty much put a hole in anything i put the dot on out to 50 yards reliably. cool setup!!
Prospackaged well, consistently accurate.
Consnon with this type of quality.
By bootmaker
the best i've found
November 9, 2015
I am always trying different pellets of shapes and weights and this is the absolute best match i have found so far. I hunt with these regularly and they are devastating on squirrels. I have fired about 500 rounds. when my son tried them he could not believe the accuracy and knock down power. H&N has my vote.
Prosaccurate / hard hitting
Conscan't buy them locally
By Jared H.
New Hampshire
Love These Heavies!
October 21, 2015
Nice, heavy hitting pellets! When a near 20gr hollowpoint hits its mark with some power behind it, even larger small game (is that an oxymoron?) is easily taken down (woodchuck, raccoon, etc). It can give a lower FPS rifle a better chance at a kill, as well. Just be sure you're not overtasking your rifle. They may not travel as far, but when they hit, they make a serious impact!
ProsSolid punch, good expansion.
ConsNone, really.
By hamee
Very devastating
September 29, 2015
I decided to give these a try in my hatsan 125 sniper. took only a few shots to zero the scope. These were exceptionally accurate, not to mention, knock down power. The amount of damage these do to game is second to none. I took out a small bird from about 40 yrds. the pellet practically ripped its chest when it exited. I think H&N really makes high quality pellets.
ProsI love the knock down power. the quality is also great; I didn't have a single deformed pellet. Also, they they are not too soft but they do fold in when they hit harder targets, thus transferring a lot of energy
ConsI would definitely love to see these in larger quantity, atleast a 250 or 500 ct. tin. I will definitely recommend these for persons who want serious knock down power on small game.
By Adam
Westminster, CO
Shoot Great
September 8, 2015
All pellets look clean and shaped very well
Proshollow point, made great
By Jaren
September 8, 2015
This pellet hits so hard, expands like crazy and is more accurate than domed heads out of my hatsan mod 125 sniper. I have a picture of expansion in clay but this website wont let me update it all i can say is the pelIet easily went from .22 cal to .40 cal. Highly reccomended these.
ProsVery deadly Very very very very very very very very ACCURATE
By Warren
Lexington, NC
Great Pellets
August 25, 2015
Tried a variety of .22 pellets; these are simply the best! Good quality control in terms of consistency shape and weight. Accuracy is outstanding @ 10 to 50 yards. Great knockdown effect for squirrels which are my primary targets. Plan to reorder soon.
By John
Northern California
H&N BHEP .22 19.09
August 5, 2015
These shoot 750 fps in my Umarex Octane .22...Fairly accurate and loooong range. I shoot targets easily at 110 yds.!
Proshard hitting...long range..accurate.
By Louis
Pacific Northwest
The best pellet I have ever used.
July 29, 2015
These look like precision made pellets, almost like someone made each one on a small lathe.

The rear skirt and every bit is smooth, concise, and well made. No stray slag or burrs anywhere. I looked through the whole tin to see if I could find a blemished one. None found.

The philips screwdriver hollowpoint looks odd, but it must work, great mushroom on impact. I actually did place a screwdriver tip in one to look at one.
Heavy and accurate pellets. I will be getting more of these.
ProsVery well made, precise and smooth finish. Made in Germany.
ConsNo cons. (Except that these would be good in a 1000 pellet pack.)
By Jon D.
Eustis, FL
Best Overall Pellet!!!
May 25, 2015
Over the last five years, I've tried quite a few pellets from what appear to be the industry leaders. The main characteristics I look for in a pellet are their flight design: Will it fly true down range? Their damage factor: Will it take down a small varmint in one humane shot? Their quality control: Do you find irregular shaped or damaged pellets in every can? Their Weight & Speed; Are these pellets right for your gun, and for what you'll be using them for. You'll need at least an 850 FPS gun to fire them with authority, as their 19 gr. weight can be a bit much for lesser guns. Finally, I look for pellets that just seem to be what my gun does its best work with. THESE H & N PELLETS ARE THE STRAIGHTEST SHOOTING, HARDEST HITTING, WITH A FOUR PIECE FRAG NOSE THAT LOOKS LIKE A PHILLIPS SCREW HEAD. IT PROVIDES AWESOME IMPACT, WITH DEVASTATING DAMAGE, WHILE STILL RETAINING PLENTY OF SPEED, AND THEY ARE SO WELL MADE IT'S AS IF THEY WERE MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR MY WALTHER TALON MAGNUM (.22), AND MY WINCHESTER 1029 (.177). CONSISTENT GROUPS, TOO!!!
ProsEverything you need all in one pellet: Quality, Accuracy, & their Damage Factor!! H & N are the VERY BEST!!! Thanks!!!
By chris
n Carolina
accurate with great knock down intensity
March 19, 2015
Great hunting pellet for magnum rifles
ProsAccurate, great knock down power, inexpensive
By Congoman
Southeast US
Excellent for small game
March 8, 2015
My experience with them shows they are accurate and deadly for hunting small game. I'm using a Hatsan 125 Sniper Vortex and a Umarex Octane, both 22 cal. They hit hard, fly straight. My best range is 25 - 35 yards. Very uniform and consistent quality. Fit well in both guns. I've learned with air guns that finding the right pellet(s) for your gun makes a huge difference in how much fun you have. I'm having fun with these.
ProsHigh quality, accurate, hard hitting.
By Stuart
Kelso, WA
Hard Hitting
January 22, 2015
Things things are amazing! I don't have my rifle yet, but I shot these out of my buddies Disco .22 and I have to say, I cannot WAIT to see what they do to a starling and/or pigeon! They shrapenal in the ballistic gel is crazy!
ProsHard hitting and quality made
By John
pagosa springs, CO
hunter extreme
December 29, 2014
Didn't like this pellet. Or should I say my rifle didn't like this pellet. What's strange was the pellet size fit good into the breech but the pellet seemed to start tumbling right out of the barrel.
By Noah
Duluth mn
Pretty good
July 9, 2014
Shot a squirrel with my stoeger x20 suppressor and it took two shots and then when it fell from the tree it was still twitching so had to put another one in it.
ProsGood and accurate
ConsTakes three shots to kill a squirrel with a 1000 feet per second airgun
By Lawrence
Adelanto, CA
Good pellet for hunting.
April 26, 2014
So far these pellets hit everything I shoot at. Did I say they hit hard. They hit game HARD. Good alt to crow mag.
ProsMy Disco and XL 1100 Shoot these pellets in hunting situation very well. So far no tracking problems (fliers).
ConsDidn't order more the first time.
By terry
Mount Sterling, KY
Very Accurate
March 19, 2014
These are excellent hunting pellets...
By Tom
Commercial Point, OH
OUTSTANDING accuracy, great stopping power!
March 5, 2014
My Big Cat loves these pellets. They group like a dream (touching, jagged 6-shot group at 15 meters), are consistent and tight fitting in the barrel, and expand and stop unlike anything I've ever seen an airgun pellet do before. If you want to hunt at any distance, these should be your first choice!
ProsEXTREMELY accurate and consistent Heavy pellets are not blown as much in adversely windy conditions over distance UNBELIEVABLE expansion and stopping power
ConsSomewhat expensive, but you CERTAINLY get your money's worth!
By W S.
irwin, PA
all the reviews are true
January 5, 2014
These pellets cause nasty impact damage best I've seen so far. If you wanna slay critters humanly these are a very good choice
ProsH&N quality
Conson the heavy side might not get the same results with weaker air guns. but if your gun is rated 900+ you should be fine
By Dale
very good pellet
August 18, 2013
The accuracy of this pellet at 20 yd. is great, can cover 5 shot group from my rifle with a quarter. I believe it will do everything in catalog statement.
ProsH&N products are very good and my rifle loves them. The Barracuda Hunter Extreme is the one I will hunt with.
By christopher
Paso Robles, CA
August 16, 2013
these baracuda hunter extreme's are excellent, little ajustment to your scope or iron sight's and SPATT!!! when they said extreme they mean EXTREME!!!, took the head off of a ground squirrl @ 30meters MAN IM GETTING MORE OF THESE!!!
By steve
davis, ca
baracuda hunter pellets
July 12, 2013
These are accurate and hard hitting. I have taken large jack rabbits at 50 yds.
By hwelch2171
Tallahassee, FL
accurate pellet
April 24, 2013
Pellet is very accurate out of my beeman break barrel, does a good number on blue jays around the yard. Longest shot has been 37 yards and the bird didn't flinch, can't wait for squirrel season to start so I can try this pellet on them.
By Viejo A.
Quality pellet HN only as we can bring
January 27, 2013
High penetration and excellent finish. They are all even, good speed, and ideal small game.
ProsHigh penetration, excellent finish, they are all even, good speed, ideal small game
ConsNo cons.
By Chad
January 26, 2013
Great product with good accuracy.
By Antonio W.
New Orleans La.
December 5, 2012
H&N is one of my all time favorites. This pellet will get the job done. They shoot really well in .22cal and .177cal. If accuracy is important to you, this is the pellet for you.
ProsLove the accuracy. One shot one kill.
ConsNo dislikes
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