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H&N Field Target Trophy Power .177 Cal, 8.8 gr - 300 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-836 · $7.99 · .177 · 8.8 grains · 300 ct
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Medium-weight, extremely accurate competition pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Exceptional aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tightest shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication.
  • Caliber: .177
  • Grain: 8.80
  • Quantity: 300
  • Nose: Domed
  • Use: Field Target and Hunting, ranges over 50 yards
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 8.8 grains
  • Pellet Shape Domed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity 300 ct
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By JacksonUSASeptember 28, 2023

A very good small game pellet Ive shot 2 squirrels and 1 rabbit and they were all clean kills.

Very accurate

I would like to see a model in the mid 9 gr range because thats were a lot of .177 springers have a sweet spot.

By SalvatoreJune 11, 2023 Verified Purchase

Hit very hard and accurate pellet

By KyleMarch 17, 2023 Verified Purchase

This site is a great place to buy pellets. If you cannot find them anywhere else prices are a little high on a lot of things though.

Absolutely love these pellets. Fast and accurate very clean.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about them

By MichaelUSAJanuary 14, 2020

Wasn’t to pleased until I seated them deeper in the chamber (past the skirt). Now using a 9mm. round nose to seat the pellet, seating a little past the skirt. Groups are now one ragged hole at 68 ft. It takes some forse to seat, you feel a a little clunk.

Cleaner, on hands and barrel, dead balls accurate.


By DanielUSAOctober 7, 2016

When useing my 500-700 fps c02 or multi pump guns at 10 yards I use wadcutters for accuracy and visual impact. Wads aren't as stable at 20-30 yards so I needed a dome. For some reason these expensive higher weight copper domes out shoot most everything in my rather large selection.

Stable and consistent.

A bit expensive for .177

By ThomasUSAAugust 11, 2016

Every pellet has such a nice feel and you know it will be accurate. love this, i would definitely buy again!!!

the craftsmanship of each pellet is great.

none so far.

By FredUSAApril 20, 2014

At first, was disappointed with accuracy results from these pellets. 2 to 3 inch groups at 30 yards. Decided to try seating pellets against rifling in barrel, and groups shrank to 3/4 inch at 30 yards. I don't know why such a difference, must just be my particular rifle. With a little more practice, was able get dime sized groups nearly every time at 25 yards. I haven't used these pellets for hunting yet, but should do fine out to 30 yards or so.

Very consistent quality from pellet to pellet. No deformed skirts or rough edges. Nicely finished.

A bit pricey, but what quality pellet isn't? Accuracy results may depend largely on your particular set up- had to seat pellets in my rifle to obtain best results.

By AlanUSAJanuary 24, 2014

I've been wanting to use lead free pellets for my spinger, as I shoot in the basement during the winter, but most alloy pellets are too light ( less than 7 grains). The problem is that super light pellets don't offer sufficient resistance and can harm a spring gun. This pellet is not lead free, but the lead is contained by a coating of copper. This prevents lead dust from exiting the muzzle and ending up on the floor. The copper coating maintains its integrity after hitting soft targets (duct seal, magazines, ballistic cloth), so the lead is not expose after impact. I don't yet know how the copper would hold up against a harder surface, but I don't use those type targets in the house anyway. At 8.8 grains, these are fine in any spring gun and I've found them wonderfully accurate.

Safe for shooting indoors and safe for spring guns. Very accurate in the guns I've tried. No problem with lead as the copper seals it in.

None that I can think of.

By JeffreyUSANovember 19, 2012

These pellets shoot straight and hit hard.

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Will they work with the Crosmen 1077 rifles

asked Matk from USA

Will these pellets function in a PT 85 pellet pistol?

asked Michael from USA

?They should.

Mark from USA
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