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H&N Field Target Trophy .25 Cal, 20.06 gr - 200 ct

H&N Field Target Trophy .25 Cal, 20.06 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-32 · 0.25 cal · 20.06 gr · 200 ct
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Medium-weight, extremely accurate competition pellet with flat trajectory for medium ranges. Exceptional aerodynamic design for high impact and penetration. Tightest shot groups. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication.

  • Caliber: .25
  • Grain: 20.06
  • Quantity: 200
  • Nose: Domed
  • Use: Target Shooting / Pest Control / Small Game

Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight20.06 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity200
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H&N Field Target Trophy .25 Cal, 20.06 gr - 200 ct
34 Reviews
82% (28)
15% (5)
3% (1)
0% (0)
0% (0)
94% Recommend this product (32 of 34 responses)
By Tony
Southern Il.
H&N field Target 20.06
March 3, 2019
I bought the H&N 20.06 gr. field and target pellets to try with my HARSAN .25 Cal.
The first few groups I tried to shoot they seemed to diesel in my rifle, I continued to shoot and the groups now seem to be tightening up considerably.
ProsAccurate inexpensive consistent shot groups hit hard
Consseemed to diesel in my rifle. I don't necessarily blame it on the the pellets but probably the rifle being new.
Best Usestarget shooting small game hunting pest control
By John
Walker Louisiana
November 12, 2018
Very accurate,longer distance,but not very hard hitting. 28 gram hits harder
By Francisco L.
San Jose, CA
Lightest Lead Pellet Available in .25
October 17, 2018
These are a great pellet to break in your new .25 pellet gun. They shoot high, straight, and consistent even past 50 yards. Like the title says they are the lightest lead pellet available without having to switch over to aluminum pellets, and unlike aluminum they have average to decent penetration on metal and wood targets instead of bouncing off or denting. And since they are the lightest you still get the slight FPS bump so they reach the target a bit faster.
ProsGood Entry Level Pellet For New Air Gun Consistent Groups Higher FPS Average penetration
ConsOnly bad thing was a few pellets were bent at the bottom but they are lead. Every pellet performed the same even with bent skirts.
Best UsesBreaking In New Air Gun Penetrating Wood and Thin steel
By Kenneth T.
Houston Tx.
H and N field target 25 cal. Pellets
August 21, 2018
Shooting them from my Hatsan at 50 yards and they are dead on target I get a 1/2 group. I'm going to try them at 100 yards this weekend.
ProsAccurate you can't beat the accuracy for the money
By Walter W.
May 24, 2018
These chronograph at a five shot average of 854 fps from my hatsan 125 and group at 3/4 inch with bsa 6-24x40 scope at full 24 power.
ProsBest .25 caliber pellet for speed ,accuracy and energy.
Best UsesHunting target
By John
Lockport NY
My go to pellets
March 13, 2018
One of my favorite pellets
ProsConsistent pellets
Best UsesAll purpose pellets
By Mike
They are right on
February 23, 2018
They are well made and work fine in my Hatsan Vortex .25
ProsVery well packed with no dented or flawed pellets. They were right on target and for hunting they are great I didn't buy them for target shooting they are one shots kills.
ConsNone that I could find
By Kenny
Lawrence, Kansas
Flat shooter
January 26, 2018
This is the pellet of choice for my hatsan 135 vortex. Flat shooting from 0-50 yrds with very little drop.
ProsFlat shooting
By Titus
Good pellet
January 1, 2018
Good pellet very accurate
ConsGoes right through squirrels and rabbits. Energy doesn't transfer to game. They run off and die.
By Andy
Bakersfield, California
Lightest lead pellet in 25
December 27, 2017
These are the the lightest lead pellets I could find for my Hatsan 125 (with spring piston), and they work great. After 4 tins I'm still averaging 830 fps with these. They're accurate and uniform - I love them, and my Hatsan.
ProsUniform, Accurate, good wait for a springger 25 Cal.
By Paul
Alexandria, VA
Close but not JSB Quality
October 26, 2017
I purchased these to try in my Hatsan AT44S-10 QE to shoot before and after installing the Hatsan regulator. This pellet looks similar in style to the JSB Diabolo Exact Kings my guns favorite pellet to date. I wanted to give these a try and see how they shot. My chronograph results for one 9 shot string are listed below. I shot about 5 strings and they are all pretty consistent with the below listed result. Where they don't hold up in quality to a JSB Exact King is the base of H&N pellet. It's thin, and some in my can are damage. I am sure because of how thin the base of this pellet is, but we do need to keep in mind it's 5 grains less in weight than a JSB so it's a little faster and they had to shave that weight off from some place. Price per shot is marginally cheaper both around 5 cents each. I was able to get groups at 50 yards that would fit in a 50 cent piece. I consider that really good, but I did get more occasional flyers than my normal pellet the JSB. If you take care to just sort out the few bad ones you will get decent results. If you want to get the very best results from your air rifle you just have to try different pellets and if you hunt and target shoot it's always nice to have options as you see a far bigger difference in airguns over traditional firearms.

Name: H&N Field Trop 50 yards
Shots: 9
Average: 870 FPS
SD: 12 FPS
Min: 849 FPS
Max: 885 FPS
Spread: 36 FPS
Power Factor Average: 17
Power Factor Low: 17
Power Factor High: 18
Barometric Pressure: 30.2 inHg
Temperature: 68F
Weight: 20 grains
Pros Fast but still under 1000 FPS and groups well
ConsYou should inspect them as the can seems to have a few damaged pellets worth sorting out.
By robert
Cranston, RI
25 Cal light
September 20, 2017
Use it for my 25 caliber Hatsan one of the more accurate ones that I use for a light pellet
By Andrew
Norwood, MA
Accurate pellets
July 31, 2017
These were one of the only pellets that worked for my .25 Hatsan 95
ProsQuality and accurate
ConsKinda expensive
By Victor
Bakersfield ca
H&k target trophy 19.91
July 10, 2017
Used with Galacian we not best grooming at 39 yards
Pellets might have been too light for this rifle
ProsGood price
ConsSome skits damaged inconsisrant
By John P.
May 12, 2017
TH&N FIELD TARGET TROPHY PELLETS ARE THE BEST MADE PELLETS HANDS DOWN!! There miniature scud missles Nothing can top them these pellets deliver speed accuracy & aerodynamics plus there hard hitting im getting nickle size groups at 40 yards with my hatsan 125 and my hatsan torpedo, plus nickle size groups at 60 yards with my fx impact pcp, and small game head shots they drop in there tracks, took down my first coyote with the H&N pellets i was super amazed on the precision, quality, and penetration plus the extra F.P.S these deliver out of any air rifle or pcp my chrony read 810 fps out of my hatsan 125 when this gun is 750 f.p.s strait from the factory, "AMAZING PELLET" i been a airgunner since 1985 shot every pellet made an NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING WILL TOP THESE PELLETS!! IIN ANY CALIBER,
ProsBest made pellet on the market hands down Aerodynamics, accuracy, hard hitting ,hard penetrating extra F.P.S guarenteed!!.. nickle size groups (NO FLYERS) from these pellets Great price for 200 in the can, long distant shots not a problem at all
ConsH&N dont sell these in local walmarts it would be more convenient to alot of airgunners.. They dont sell these in bulk of a thousand for a good rate.
By John
L.A. Calif.
Consistant and Accurate in my Cyote
April 18, 2017
Purchased these because of lighter weight for my .25 Gamo Cyote, which kicks up the speed a little. Was concerned about accuracy, however they have shot ragged hole groups at 15 and 25 Yds. Shot a few at 50 and 75 Yds outdoors and hit what I was aiming at. Very impressed with these.
ProsGood Value, consistent accuracy.
ConsNone so far
By Anthony
19.91 vs 20.06
April 15, 2017
Had saw these on other websites with the weight as being 19.91 grains; AGD had the weight as 20.06 grains so I thought this was a different or updated version. Received my order and they were the 19.91 version. Contacted AGD because it was not what I ordered. Told them that their product advertised these as being 20.06 grains but the ones I received were 19.91 grains. Asked for a exchange for something different. I was asked to send a picture of the tin showing the weight. Did that and was told that I would be sent what I had wanted in exchange and that I could keep the ones that I had been sent. I would say that this is exceptional customer service. Thanks AGD. As far as the pellets, they work ok, not great. Have a BT65 .25 and they don't group well unless the air pressure is at 160 bar or below. After that they will group good not great at 25 yards. Since they are not that expensive I think I might be using these for target practice.
ProsIn expensive light weight pellet for target practice.
By Creedence W.
Hatsan 95 vortex .25
February 2, 2017
I shoot these in my hatsan 95 and they work pretty damn good
By Parker
North Carolina
great pellets.
November 8, 2016
Using these in the Hatsan AT44 and they are proving to be as accurate as the JSB 25.39 grain pellets. Definitely good pellets to use for paper or small game.
Proswell rounded (pun intended) and versatile pellet
Conspricey but quality.
By brian
, menoken nd
Quality Pellet
October 17, 2016
This pellet was one of the most accurate pellet I shot out of my Hatsan 87 QE out to 50 yards.
By Evan
Gales Ferry, CT
Very Accurate and consistent
October 17, 2016
Dime Size grouping at 25 yards with Hatsan 125 sniper ! Very happy with he design and consistency of this ammo
By Lester
Westminster, MD
Best for my Benji Trail NP XL .25
September 19, 2016
My NP XL does not like heavy pellets. I have done much work on this rifle and have improved its' accuracy to about 1/2 inch at 10 meter. This has only been achieved with the H&N FTT 20.06gr, pellets. Although this is still not great, it is consistent with no flyers. More work is planned on this rifle and hope to get better accuracy. Other pellets that I tried were inaccurate and hindered my efforts to improve this rifle. Whatever the results, I'll stick with the H&N FTT pellets. My gun likes them - I like them
ProsConsistent - accurate - economical - available
ConsNone that I can think of.
By Joseph
Port Arthur Texas
Great product
August 31, 2016
Very well made and accurate ammo
By Tom W.
Top Pick For Hatsan 25cal break barrels
August 20, 2016
These pellets shoot EXELENT in my 2 Hatsan 25cal rifles. Which are a Hatsan 85p sniper/spring piston and a Hatsan Edge Vortec/gas piston-break barrel rifles. I bought both rifles from AGD. The Hatsan Edge gas piston (a gift from my wife) this spring and the 85p sniper about 2 yrs ago. I bought 20 tins of these pellets shortly after I bought the 85p sniper on recomendation from Jason ( I think ) at AIR GUN DEPOT. He recomended them and said they should work well and he was 110% RIGHT! I have shot these pellets in both guns and they preform GREAT ! I also have several tins of 5 other brands to compare them with. These pellets are 19.91 grains and compare well with Hatsan Vortec Supreme domed pellets at 19.91 grains. I have both brands of pellets. There accuracy is very good, 3/4 in groups at 35 yds. They have more velocity and less drop than heavier grain pellets. These are sized right for non PCP air guns. I highly recommend these pellets in hatsan break barrel rifles like mine. I also highly recommend buying pellets at AGD. I have bought pellets elsewhere and believe what I say, it just works out better buying from AGD. It always has for me in the long run. If you have questions, I also recommend calling them on their Air Gun Specialist line--1-866-477-4867. I have and they have always been truthfull, helpfull and SMART about what they sell. They are selling service more so than product and want a perfect fit for you. That is how they get repeat sales and why I have bought 4 air rifles and many pellets frpm them.
ProsTop pick for hatsan break barrel rifles, compairs well with hatsan's own pellets, tight groups with less drop, I have had no flyers with these pellets so far. 5 stars for these pellets and 7 stars for AGD's service.
ConsThese pellets are 19.91 grains------ NOT 20.06 depicted in the add.
By Trevor M.
United States
best for hatsan 125!!
August 2, 2016
Best pellet for hatsan 125 with best price from air gun depot with buy 3 get 1 free. Hits harder with better accuracy than any other pellet. I think this is d/t under 20 gram wt. I feel that u need a pcp to properly handle above 20 gm.
By Stan
NW Colorado
H&N 20.06gr. pellet
July 16, 2016
My Marauder didn't shoot these pellets very well, every gun is different. The pellets looked great and I really wanted them to shoot better out of my gun, but that is how it goes. Some pellets shoot better than others in each individual gun. Other than that I have nothing bad to say.
ProsGood looking, H&N Quality pellets
ConsNot my rifle's favorite
By MidCal-airgunner
Clovis, Ca
Great pellet!
August 23, 2015
So far the most accurate pellet for my .25 cal Hatsan 135.
ProsAccurate. Hard hitting!
By David
Fast shooting
August 12, 2015
700 fps from my benjamin np. 25 cal rifle. 10 yards,5 shots,one ragged hole about the size of a. 45 cal.
ProsLight weight but solid.
By Lawrence
Adelanto, CA
H&N makes the best pellets.
November 23, 2014
All clip friendly. Very good light and powerful pellets. Must have pellet.
ProsLike lighter jsb round and that means a winner.
By terry
Mount Sterling, KY
Very Accurate
March 19, 2014
My Hatsan 95 loves this pellet...
By W S.
irwin, PA
decent light .25
January 17, 2014
I used these to break my striker in
ProsH&N quality
By David
Davenport, IA
Some are loose and some snug when loading.
July 20, 2013
Accuracy with these was terrible at 15 yards with my Hatsan 1000X. Couldn't get under a 1 inch group but JSB's were shooting ragged one-holers at the same distance. I've had good luck with these pellets in .177 before but not in .25 caliber. Some would almost fall out when closing the barrel and others would fit snug in the breech. Maybe they would be more accurate if sorted by head size but that should be done at the factory and not by me.
ProsVery clean and I have had good luck with this pellet in different calibers.
ConsNon-consistent head sizes. I really think this is what killed accuracy for me.
By Glen
Honolulu, HI
HN FT Trophy .25 pellets
June 26, 2013
Pellets arrived solidly packaged and no damage to any of the 8 tins. Shoots good in my .25 pistol. Accurate and hits hard out of a 12" barrel.
By rg
Hard Hitting And Accurate!
January 5, 2013
I purchased these pellets to do some faster chrony results in the new hatsan 135 I just purchased from Airgun Depot. What I found was that they hit harder in this rifle than expected. Make sure your backstop can handle these pellets (especially if using them in a Hatsan).
ProsAccurate to 60 Meters Hard hitting
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