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H&N Field Target Trophy Power Copper .22 Cal, 14.66 gr - 200 ct

H&N Field Target Trophy Power Copper .22 Cal, 14.66 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-976 · 0.22 cal · 14.66 gr · 200 ct
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Medium-weight, extremely accurate pellet with flat trajectory for long ranges. No lead-fouling, improved drive in the barrel, no contact with lead thanks to special copper coating (20% harder than comparable lead pellets). Exceptional aerodynamic design for high impact and improved penetration. Field Target Trophy Power pellets have a copper coating that helps prevent lead build-up in your airgun's barrel. H&N Sport pellets are known for their consistency, accuracy and provides the tightest shot groups.

  • Caliber: .22
  • Grain: 14.66
  • Copper-Coated Lead
  • Quantity: 200
  • Nose: Domed
  • Use: Field Target and Hunting, ranges of 50 yards

Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight14.66 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity200
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H&N Field Target Trophy Power Copper .22 Cal, 14.66 gr - 200 ct   $8.79
18 Reviews
83% (15)
11% (2)
0% (0)
6% (1)
0% (0)
89% Recommend this product (16 of 18 responses)
By William f Robinson
July 18, 2018
H&N Field Target Trophy
Out of my guns not accurate but i am using brake barrel guns..Out of a pcp they may do better
Prosloads tight
Consnot accurate in my guns
Best Usestarget
By robert
Redlands, CA
June 28, 2018
All of my six different perform very well with most of the H&N products.
Speed and Accuracy. with a non-lead, environmental friendly pellet. not true with other PBA choices I've been trying. Give Em a Try!
ProsNon lead, high energy and acceptable accuracy.
ConsBit pricey in my world.
Best UsesHunting varmints at medium ranges.
By jim
Austin, TX
December 2, 2017
i bought these for testing, they surprised me . they are fantastic target pellets, very consistent if your gun shoots them well.
Prosconsistent weight and shape
Consnot locally available
By Jordan L Richard
September 8, 2017
Groups good at twenty yards would have no prob shooting squirrel in the head
By Jerry
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas
September 5, 2017
Clean Cooper Coated pellets
Love the clean feel of these copper coated pellets. They keep the barrel cleaner. They don't turn your hand black when you handle them for several hours.
ProsClean and great to handle
By Adam Murphy
May 31, 2017
Unfortunately this is what my Marauder likes. I get about 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups at 50 yards. They are kinda pricey for such small tins. You would think that at the price point they would be high quality pellets, however I would say each tin has at least 10 or more pellets in it that deformed and unusable.
By Parker
Cary, North Carolina
March 24, 2017
Impressive for a copper pellet
I spent about 2 hours today shooting my 1322 and it loves these pellets. I was easily able to achieve 3/10" (.342" ctc) holes in five shot groups and with ten shots they opened up to just over a half inch at 30 feet. I love not having lead dust on my fingers that leaves lead fingerprints on clothes walls, gun etc. I was skeptical about these as I have never shot any copper based pellets before but they work wonderfully in the 1322. Next ill be trying them in Titan GP and 2240, pretty sure they will keep making nice groups.i went through almost the whole tin of 200 so a new one will be in my next order for sure.
ProsNo lead dust on my fingers/clothes etc. Great groups out of the crosman 1322 seem to have a very good weight consistency and no malformed pellets
ConsI really can't think of a con for these except they are priced a little high at almost 9$ for 200, be great if it was 9 for 300.
By John Smith
February 18, 2017
Excellent ammo
Tried the rounds today in my RWS 34 rifle w/scope at 30 yards. Fired about 50 rounds at a quarter size orange circle, approx 10 rounds hit the orange the rest were around the circle no further than 2 inches from center. Decided to compare it to my lead domed .22 Premier rounds. Ten rounds of the Premier were not nearly as accurate as the Copper rounds. Final test with slight scope adjustment prior to final volley firing 10 H&N copper rounds at a 2 inch orange circle at 30 yards. All 10 rounds hit the orange. All testing shots were fired from a fixed seated table position. I am sold on the ammo. Nice with no lead on fingers, rounds appear pretty consistent with not defects. Don't let the few extra dollars deter you, they are worth it.
ProsMore accurate than my lead rounds. No lead on skin. Cost difference is not that great. Same penetration as lead pellets into a half inch plywood backstop.
By Daryl Graham
October 11, 2016
Best pellet for my Hatsan 95 Vortex .22 cal.
Clean. No residue because of the copper coating. Very uniformed pellet, with little if any deformity between each pellet. The skirt fits snug into the breach, as if made for my rifle. Though I wouldn't recommend it, surprisingly shoots true, well into the 50 yard range!
ProsClean, little to no deformity, long distance accuracy.
ConsA little expensive for only a 200 count but hey... you get what ya pay for?
By Chris
New York.
August 7, 2016
Favorite pellets for my pistol!
I received a large amount of these as a gift with a Browning 800 in .22 caliber, and once the sights were properly adjusted, I found these held tight, quarter-sized groups, penetrated well, hit very hard, were clean, and my gun seems to just love these little things! This is inline with my experiences with other H&N pellets, they are my favorite brand, and I'm glad I was furnished with so many of these with my pistol!
ProsClean, Accurate, no lead dust, powerful, pierce deep in targets, nice screw-on lid, consistent between tins.
ConsNone, these are perfect, and I love them!
By James Roemelin
Hillsboro, Il.
July 14, 2016
H&N Field Target Trophy Power Copper .22 Cal, 14.66 gr - 200 ct
Once sited in, I can shoot a 3/4" group of 20 at 25 yards. (OVER AND OVER) After shooting 300 rounds, then cleaning, very little lead residue in barrel. (I clean my barrel after every shooting session.) Also quit impressed with the view of the pellet at the 50 yard target 1 1/2" group. (this is out side with about a 10 mile an hour wind blowing too and a bit across to my left) Yep, you can see the pellets with the sun behind you, very cool !! Weight of the first 20 pellets I weighed were very consistent 1 out of 20 only .0100 of a grain difference. I HAVE BEEN SOLD ON THESES PELLETS> YOU GO H & N !!!!!! I have shot 22 different styles and weights of pellets and these are the ones that shoot the best in my gun. YES FOLKS, YOU MUST FIND THE CORRECT PELLET FOR THE GUN YOU ARE SHOOTING> I am shooting a RWS 36 22cal.
ProsWeight VERY consistent, pellets VERY clean, and very easy loading.
ConsI have none !!!!
By Arthur
Slidell, LA
March 17, 2016
Shoots really good in an RWS Dianna 34.
ProsAccurate. Fun to shoot.
ConsComes in a nice screw top can.
By Jimmy
Hi Hat , KY
December 26, 2015
Great product
Very accurate, consistent grouping, great quality, and they seem to have a higher velocity than regular lead pellets
By John
T.Bay , Ontario
September 1, 2015
excellent pellet.
Very consistent from my NP Trail
By Bruce Van Deusen
Clinton, NY
July 5, 2015
H&N copper plated lead pellets
great for close up and distance, I'll be buying more of these!!
By Neil
Chrisney, IN
July 11, 2014
My Marauder loves 'em!
very good accuracy and velocity from my Marauder with these, as well as my NP powered Benjamin "springer" rifle also. will definitely knock a squirrel out of the tree!
Prosaccuracy and velocity
Consif you are hunting pest birds, be careful of backdrop as these pellets just "pass on through", but that should be taken into account on any shot....
By Brandon
Pittsburgh, PA
April 4, 2014
Fast, Consistent Pellet
Bought a couple tins of these to try in my Benjamin Trail NP .22. I've had the gun for almost a year now and these pellets along with the JSB Exact Diablo shoot the best out of my gun. I don't have a chronograph, but it feels like the copper plating on these pellets makes them shoot faster with a flatter trajectory. Shot placement is much more important with these as opposed to a Premier Hollow Point because most of your shots will be pass-thru with no expansion. I will probably shoot the JSB's and these exclusively from now on as I think quarter-sized groups at 25-30 yds is about as good as I'm going to get w/ the Benji Trail.
Prosconsistent pellets that wont leave residue on your fingers or in your barrel.
Cons200 per tin?? C'maaaaaaaaaaan...
By Corbin
December 4, 2013
great bang for your buck
These pellets may be smaller in length than other ones, but they deliver great power on impact and they shoot nice and accurately through my Benjamin trail NP .22 cal. Also the copper plating is a bonus because it makes the pellet sturdier so that it dosent break up, and the plating dosent leave residue in the chamber/ barrel for you to have to clean out later, overall I'd have to say that these pellets are an awesome pick for the money. I shot these puppies straight through a 1 inch thick plywood board, and when they hit the metal plate behind that, they were barely damaged
Prosvery accurate, powerful, you dont have residue build up, and they fit perfectly in my Benjamin's barrel.
Consnone really, unless you want a heavier pellet thats larger in length
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