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H&N Rabbit Magnum II .177 Cal, 15.74 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-754 · $13.99 · .177 · 15.74 grains · 200 ct
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Heaviest hunting projectile for long ranges. Unique aerodynamic torpedo design. Maximum possible impact and maximum penetration. Lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot spreads thanks to special alloy and lubrication.
  • Caliber: .177
  • Grain: 15.74
  • Head Size: 4.50mm*
  • Quantity: 200
  • Nose: Domed (Cylindrical with round nose)
  • Use: Hunting and Pest Control up to ranges of 50 yards
  • Recommended for use in high-powered rifles and PCPs
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 15.74 grains
  • Pellet Shape Cylindrical
  • Pellet Quantity 200 ct
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By MatthewUSANovember 21, 2021

There's enough to punch through a half inch pine board at 50 yards

I love these things they work great through my synergists

They don't always load properly

By DemetrickUSAAugust 9, 2019

I have a Sig Sauer MCX. It’s a little struggle getting them into the belt fed rotary mag. But once you’re locked and loaded, you’ll be surprised how precise they are!

Accurate kill shots!

By JeffreyUSANovember 26, 2018

In a Gamo Big Cat these things are rabbit killers for sure. So accurate. And Cheap. Wow.

Great knock out power.

Would love more per tin.

By JonathanUSAMarch 1, 2017

I really can't rate this pellet because it would not work in my Ruger Blackhawk Elite break barrel rifle. I only fired two pellets and they went very far off target. There was a strange twang sound when the gun fired and I felt I might be damaging the gun using these. I looked at other magnum pellets but there were warnings about which guns they would work in but these did not indicate any problem with a break barrel springer rifle. I was looking for a pellet with more knockdown power but it looks like 10.0 gr. is about the limit for my gun.

Heavy pellet

Not for a springer gun.

By kurtisAugust 12, 2015

I read review after review and it said these where only PCP pellets but I just got them and used them in my bone collector bull whisper and I'm hitting 3 in the same hole once I dield in my scope the work way better than any pellet I put in this gun even out performed bone collectors own pellets will def get these again can't wait to hunt with them

can be used with it guns

not a one

By SHAWNUSAJuly 11, 2015

Again, awesome. Not a squirrel safe in my woods. Tasty stew tonite.

Great knock-down power

A little heavier would be nice

By DerekUSAMay 23, 2015

Love it my ruger air mag loves them and great long range missile. I'm gonna need a better scope because they upped the recoil significantly thank you H&N and Airgun Depot

Perfect bullet shape nice recess cavity in back to push it along. Mushrooms into a pancake!


By JamesUSAJuly 5, 2014

Perhaps if you have a Precharged or something with a bolt that allows some cam action to chamber these but I had a hard time even with a pen pushing these into the chamber far enough the skirt was getting damaged and or damaging my breech seals. And accuracy was absolutely terrible about a one foot grouping (strung horizontally) at 25 yards through my Gamo Bull Whisper bone Collector. its a shame as I was very excited to receive my sampler pack with these in it for testing.

Look excellent

Poor fit in chamber, horrible accuracy in MY gun,

By LeviUSAMay 24, 2014

I tested these in a RWS 850 and Crosman Vantage 1200. The grouping was horrible on the RWS 850 (4" at 30 yards) and the pellets would not even fit in the Crosman. I tried to force the pellet in the crosman and ended up having to push it out with a cleaning rod.


Not consistance

By lorinUSAJanuary 28, 2014

These are very heavy pellets. Recommend a rifle that is qualified for the weight.

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Will these work in my Beretta 92, magazine's?

asked Wesley T from USA

Will the H&N rabbit magnum 2 fit and or fire from Gamo Magnum. 177. If so speed and energy out put. 925 FPS 30 FPE. That would work on rats and squirrels pretty well. I ordered some pellets recently main writing says 9.6 gr. small print 8. something. I had already placed the order when I noticed the difference. I'll keep them, but you should change the information for that pellet.

asked Kevin from USA

Will these work on a SIG P320?

asked Jeremy from USA

No. They are way to heavy to shoot well. They will not fit in the magazine.

Mark from USA

Can i use this pellet in a beeman qb chief 2

asked Cesar from USA

You can shoot them/ They will probably have to be single loaded. They are very heavy. They may not shoot very well.

Mark from USA

I am looking for a bullet shaped pellet for my SynRod in 177. Will the SynRod handle these at such a heavy weight?

asked Bmac

Will these pellets work in a Crosman 1077?

asked Someone in VT

Has anybody run these in a RWS Model 48 and how did they do?

asked Robert

What is the accuracy with a 40 yards distance?

asked nurul hadi

I have been shooting these pellets out of a beeman convertible. the pellets perform well out to about 25 to 35 yards. My gun shoots at approx.1000 f.p.s. with standard ammo. The rabbit magnum is slower but will provides a tight grouping at 25 to 35 yards. The pellet drop is minimal out to about30 yards. I would suggest these pellets if you want a lot of close-up knockdown power.It depends on how powerful your gun is. A 1000 f.p.s. gun does just fine. Its like .22 caliber power from your .177 rifle. These pellets weigh more than most of the standard .22 pellets that are on the market.

Michael D from USA
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