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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum

One of our most powerful CO2 rifles
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German quality and loaded with features, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is so much fun to shoot that you'll have a hard time putting it down. Let's start with the all-weather stock. You can take this gun anywhere and not worry about a fragile finish, because it's made from a durable polymer. It's ambidextrous, too, with a raised cheekpiece on both sides of the Monte Carlo stock! This CO2 rifle uses an 88-gram AirSource cartridge, giving you about 200-250 shots before you have to change cartridges. The fiber-optic sights will help you acquire your target, but feel free to mount a scope on the 11mm dovetail rail. (Umarex also makes a dovetail-to-Weaver mount) The checkering on the pistol grip and forearm will help you get a good grip while you plow shot after shot from this 8-shot repeater. This gun is everything you ever hoped for in a CO2 repeater! The fun never stops with this rifle! Ideal for plinking, shooting targets and spinners. Hammerli/RWS is known for standing behind their guns, and their warranty has always been viewed as the best in the business. Made by Umarex for RWS.

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  • Manufacturer AGD
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type AGD
  • Weight 8.00
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By DavidUSAJuly 5, 2016

Very nice gun, I have owned a few different airguns and this one is excellent. Solid feel, distinct report, accurate out of the box, and smooth action. Now I know why so many own them.

Solid feel, plenty of shots, accuracy, look, and sturdy. The rotary mags load up nice and easy. Very quick learning curve.

A bit front heavy, especially with an 88g CO2 cartridge. Stock seems a bit hollow near the shoulder.

By DanielUSAApril 13, 2014

Hammerli 850 Air magnum is an outstanding rifle to practice sport shooting. I bought the caliber .177 and have been having a lot of fun. This is the first time that I own a pellet gun and I am having a blast. - The rifle was really well designed. The bolt mechanism is intuitive and makes you fire a lot of pellets quickly and accurately. The weight of the gun is perfect. It doesn't feel like a toy (BECAUSE IT IS NOT A TOY, FAR FROM THAT, IT IS A GUN) and its not heavy to the point of bother. - The refurbished version has an almost invisible "R" in the receiver, which I would never find out if I haven't read another review before the rifle arrive and, otherwise, is new fully functional rifle. - I used Ai rsource co2 cartridge/Crosman pellets and has been working fine. The accuracy is as expected and the safety makes sure no accident will happen. The sight is really nice and I have tested between 10 and 50 m. It worked really well concerning small targets (not quarter size, but the size of a phone book). At 50 m I had a target of 2 x 3 feet and the top part was marked in white to give brighter reference. I shot under extreme conditions (54F, windy and 7am in a cloudy day with low light) and still could hit the target 100% despite been barely visible from that distance. The fact that all the pellets hit the bottom part means that I should adjust the sight for longer distances, not that the gun is inaccurate. I intend to purchase a scope for this gun despite loving its sight just to make my life easier to go from close to long distances and hit quarters. - I REALLY recommend waiting the refurbished version and of 850 air magnum. This is the first time that I shoot anything and I am confident on my aim, so should you if you buy one of these...

- High quality material, design and performance. - Accuracy and speed. - Sniper design. - Relatively silent weapon. - Great sight. - Safety is very safe.


By Bill M.July 30, 2011

I'm glad i chose this one. I was originally trying to avoid the 88gram deal, but this gun changed that. I like the bolt and the left handed hold of this rifle. Debri can get into the action, i dropped a pellet in it, and it wouldn't close till i discovered the problem. This gun shoots and works fine. I must say i like this gun better than any at this point. Still lookng for a better solution than 88gram though. Maybe best airgun for money yet Thank u AirgunDepot

By demarkisNovember 11, 2010


By JeffNovember 11, 2010

Except for the tiny "R" stamped in the receiver you'd never know the rifle is a refurb. Not a scratch or mark on the entire rifle, nice deep, rich bluing, stock perfect. Best of all, the rifle shoots fantastic. Ragged hole groups at 30 yards with a variety of pellets and chrony tests showed FPS to be right where it's supposed to be. This was a great buy and the service from AirGun Depot was fantastic.

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Is it okay to leave co2 in this gun when you put it away? I would not be able to use all of the co2 in one sitting.

asked Leslie from USA

What's the barrel length and is there any capability to adjust the co2 power level such as hammer spring or valve orifice. Thanks

asked Francisco from

What bi pod works best for the Hammereli Magnum 850?

asked Dan

What is the barrel length?

asked Francisco

Is this rifle .177 version capable of target shooting at 50 yards?

asked Caley from USA

What is the overall rifle length? I am also looking for a rifle se to fo with the Hannerli 850. Thanks

asked JIm A

I want this gun so much. But I HATE automatic safetys. Can It be modified? Lastly, Is there a woodstock option or do they make a woodstock that you could buy and swap out, after you purchase the gun In synthetic? (If offered complete In wood Isnt an option of course.

asked Matt

Can this riffle take out pigeons and squirrels at 20 yard.

asked John

Front sight removable?

asked Duane

Has any body out there had mod. this rifle to operate on air instead of co2 also would it be possible to regulate it?

asked Pellet Popper

Will this rifle take out a pigeon at 20 yards or a possum at 10 yards?

asked John

is 0.22 an air rifle or real gun?

asked bob

where else could I buy a refurbished model? thanks

asked bradford from USA

This place is it. I've been keeping an eye out for a refurbished or used RWS 850 for a while now. Apparently people either 1) don't like to part with them, or 2) they retain a lot of value and are sold for not much less than the original price. Waited about 8 months before the last sale.


Only at Airgun Depot, as far as I am concerned and I have been looking for a long time. So I recommend you to reserve it now and as soon as they sent you an email, go for it. Is not frequent, maybe 3x a year that this product is available.

Daniel from USA

How do you like the refurbished RWS 850 Air Magnum ?

asked Randall Wells

Mine is awesome. I ordered two additional magazines at the same time and a tin of the RWS Superdomes because I had read these shot well. And they do. Just a FYI, the rifle hates the shape of of the 7.9gr Crosman hollowpoints and domes. They just don't fit quite right. The 10.3gr Crosman pellets fit fine.


Please notify me when the refurbished rws 850 in .177 or .22 is again available.

asked abraxas

Abraxas, Please go on the webpage and put in your email, that way we will be able to update you with time frames of this back order. Unfortunately, as for adds and promotions that will come with putting in your email. Sincererly, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Please let me know if you have this rifle. I want to order on Christmas or allow me to pre-order one Thx!

asked chan

Refurbished items are tricky to know when they will be coming in stock cause we have to wait for someone who bought a new one to return it, have the factory fix any of the problems and then we can sell it. As of right now we do not have any in stock. If you would like you can put an order in and once we get it in, it will be shipped to you.

Scott from USA
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