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Hammerli Razor Air Rifle Review


The Hammerli Razor is a Spanish-made gun from the long-established Norica firm located in Spain. Norica, not to be confused with Norinco (which is China North Industries Corporation), has been making airguns for nearly a century, starting around 1917. And making arms of some sort or another in this part of Spain can be traced all the way back to 1482, before Columbus made his historic voyage.


The Hammerli Razor that I have been shooting the last few days is a .22 caliber gun set in a nicely finished wood stock that features checkering in the pistol grip area and along the forearm. After shooting the gun for awhile using six or seven different brands of pellets, I ended up with the Crosman Premiereís as the pellet of choice, followed by the Beeman Ramjets as the second place winner in the accuracy department. The Crosman pellets were clocking and average of 718 fps, which delivers just over 16 fpe (foot pounds energy), plenty of power for pest control and small game hunting. With a cocking effort of around 35-38 lbs of force, it isnít unpleasant to use for an extended shooting session.

I initially thought I had a problem with the gunís dovetail mount being cut crooked, but as I eventually found out, it was the scope rings I was using that was causing the scope to mount crookedly. After changing mounts, I finally got down to business trying to wring some accuracy out of this gun.


Unlike the Hammerli Storm, the Razorís little brother, the Razor features an adjustable trigger made of molded plastic, as is the trigger guard. . After shooting for a couple of hours, I started adjusting the trigger and finally got it to my liking. As I mentioned above, I ran through quite a few different pellets before finding the one that shot the best overall. I tried Gamo Hunters, Gamo Targets, JSB Exacts, RWS Superdomes, RWS Hollowpoints, Beeman Kodiaks, Beeman Ramjets, and finally Crosman Premieres. The Crosman and Beeman Ramjets came out on top, with my best 5-shot group being covered by a dime at 20 yards. It took me awhile to get this group, but I finally got it. (We always show our best group, donít we?)


This gun is similar in design to the Contender 89 from Tech Force, though manufactured in a different country. The front screw holes are covered with the same plastic insert that at first appearance seems to be a spanner-head screw. The checkering mentioned above is nicely pressed into the wood, and the wood has received a nice stained finish that is attractive to look at.

If scopes arenít your sort of thing, you will like the open sites on this gun. With a green fiber-optic rear site and a red fiber-optic front site, hitting your target is no problem. The rear site adjusts firmly with a clickable dial, and I had a good time making a plastic bottle dance a jig across my backyard before I started using the scope on a paper target.


With a price point of $275 at Airgundepot, and a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, the Hammerli Razor will compete for your airgunning dollar with the Gamo Hunter Elite and the RWS Model 34 Scoped combo. It is a well-made Spanish gun that is deserving of your consideration.

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