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Hatsan Model 125 Sniper Camo .25 Cal Review

This is a Community Review of the Hatsan 125 Sniper Air Rifle with camo synthetic stock by OC Bolding. The author of the following review are in no way affiliated with Airgun Depot. The views expressed below are personal opinion only.
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Today I am going to review the 125 Sniper in Camo in the .25 caliber. I can tell you this is an amazing gun. This gun has the SAS system and the Quattro trigger which are standard on the all the new 125 models. Iíve had a chance to shoot two Hatsan air rifles, this one and its sister, the Walther Falcon Hunter. After spending some time with these gun I can honestly say they are wonderful. These guns are true Magnum guns.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Open Box

When the gun arrived it was double boxed for shipping. Upon opening the box you will see a nicely packaged gun for shipping purposes. This gun comes with a detachable sling, bi-pod and a 3-9x 32 scopes with dove tail mounts. For those that choose not to use a scope, the gun comes with true glow fiber optic front and rear sights.

Other features include an adjustable ambidextrous cheek pad, adjustable butt pad and auto lock safety. The gun also comes with a dual purpose scope rail which allows the use of a Weaver or dovetail mount. The rail has a scope stop at the rear that is drilled for mounts with the Allen adjustable lock pin.

These guns come oiled for shipping and was not heavily oiled in comparison to other Hatsan guns that you might have read about. The bluing on this gun was perfect on the receiver and the barrel and the fit up was excellent. This gun has the appearance of a quality gun.

The first thing that you will notice is the large muzzle brake. This is a new technique being introduced by Hatsan. The muzzle brake not only serves to aid you when breaking the gun open but acts as a suppressor.

The guns Mosey Oak Camo is flawless. Hatsan has embedded rubber for gripping the gun on the forearm and the rear grip area. Hatsan has made an improvement on the new sniper verses the WFH (Hatsan re-branded) and has beefed up the barrel block area where the barrel is pressed into the breach block. The rear breach area where the seal is on this gun was machined polished and has a bluing treatment.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Muzzle
Hatsan 125 Sniper Stock /></div><div style=

The design of the stock has a great feel due to the wideness of the forearm and the rubber prevents the gun from slipping in your hand. The addition of the adjustable cheek pad has given a more solid butt area and the gun does not have that hollow sound that most SYNTHETIC stocks have. Overall, this is a well balanced gun.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Review on Stand

The first thing I did was wipe as much of the oil off the gun. Next the barrel was cleaned till a white patch came out unsoiled. After firing a few shorts to let the oil disperse I went to the crony. I would like to comment on the noise level of the gun cycling through a shot, QUIET. This gun has the Hatsan twang, but is by all means quieter than a regular 125 due to the design of the brake. I started with JSB Exact Kings 25.4 grs. The following are the results of a 5 shot group. (Keep in mind, this is out of the box NEW.)
  • 729.4 fps
  • 743.0 fps
  • 738.1 fps
  • 740.5 fps
  • 739.6 fps
Not bad for out of the box for a .25 caliber and is already making close to its advertised velocity of 750 fps.

Up to this point, the gun appears to have great potential and should be a good one. You canít always judge a gun truly till you have run the gun through the break in stage. This was a great start. The cocking stroke of the gun is stout but manageable and improves with use. It takes every bit of the 32lbs as advertised to set the the piston in the lock position. Barrel lock up is tight. The Quattro adjustable trigger is smooth with about 4 +/- lbs. and is adjustable. The gun weighs in at the 9 lbs. and the overall length is 48.8 in.

Here are the results at 10 yards with the factory scope. You will notice in the pictures that the gun is grouping great at 10 yards.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Groupings - 10 yards

Now here are some shots at 20 yards. I have left the gun as sighted in at 10 yards making no adjustments. The shots are high due to the trajectory difference of the pellet at a difference distance.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Groupings - 20 yards

The .25 caliber is new to me and I had to go through a number of brands and styles of pellets to find one the gun likes. The last pellet I tried is an H&N Field Trophy Target (FTT) weighing 19.9 grs. With this pellet I have seen numbers of 820-850 on the crony and the gun loved them. This gun was very accurate with these pellets and slinging the .25 at those speeds fits my needs for close range shooting. Below is a 5 shot crony of the H&N FTT:
  • 820.0 fps
  • 851.2 fps
  • 838.1 fps
  • 825.8 fps
  • 845.2 fps
To summarize, I would safely say this is a quality gun. The design is fantastic for all practical purposes. As for the review I would have to say that this gun meets all that it is advertised to be, and even more. It is a heavy recoil gun as most Magnum guns are and may take some time for the shooter master. The recoil issue is being address by installation of a gas ram.

The only con would be the factory scope and mounts. My experience with Magnum guns tells me that this set up will not survive under the recoil of these guns.

Hatsan 125 Sniper - A Beauty

OC Bolding
May 3, 2012

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