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Hatsan Air Stripper

Available in .22, .25, .177, Fits select Hatsan (and other European air guns) with UNF threads
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  • .177
  • .22
  • .25
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Pellets can have Air Turbulence in front during propulsion that negatively affects the accuracy of your shot. The Hatsan Air Stripper is a sleek finish on the barrel, which effectively spreads the air so that it does not affect diabolen equally. Specifications:
  • Air stripper
  • For select Hatsan air guns
  • Acts like a compensator, removing turbulence
  • Mounts on muzzle
  • 1/2"x20 TPI
  • 3.076" long
  • .94" outside diameter
  • Fits Hatsan 25 Supercharger, 25 SuperTact, Dominator Carbine and PCP guns (EXCEPT for the QE versions)

Attach this air stripper to your Hatsan airgun to reduce air turbulence which should increase your accuracy.
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Shooting Needs & Accessories
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
  • Weight 0.25
  • Caliber .22
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By Airgun LouUSADecember 7, 2016

I purchased the air stripper for my .22 caliber Hatsan AT P1 Pcp pistol for the increased accuracy and tight groups, which I knew it would. Bought one for my .22 cal Hatsan BT 65 elite rifle and was impressed with the results. good product.

Easy to install or remove

By WilliamUSASeptember 23, 2015

As long as the caliber of the stripper is the same as the gun, and the threaded end of the gun has 1/2" UNF threads, this Hatsan air stripper will work! I bought it for my Gamo Coyote, and because the Gamo has identical metal parts as several BSA guns (because Gamo bought out BSA), I know that it will fit them, too! It fits my Gamo perfectly! Don't be left out thinking that just because this is made by Hatsan it will only function on a Hatsan gun. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Fits ANY gun that is of the same caliber and that has 1/2" UNF threads at the muzzle!

None that come to mind.

By MikeUSAJuly 16, 2014

I like the fact that the air stripper threads right on barrel in place of cosmetic thread cover. it improve the accuracy of the gun quite a bit and looks good also.

Exact fit, looks god and improves accuracy.

Does not quiet report of gun which is loud.

By ArnoldUSAJune 13, 2014

These seem to work. Adj. the brass sleeve for you particular gun and pellet. Most noticeable improvement from 50 yds. out to whatever. Also helps to disperse air blast.

By JESSEUSAMarch 29, 2014

I got this for my Hatsan AT44 Rifle, works very well, increases accuracy, keeps groupings tight. Screws right on the end of the barrel, looks good on the gun. Would recommend.

By RoyUSAMarch 23, 2014

Ok, so the AT44 is already pretty darn accurate out of the box. This air stripper will complement it. My .22 at44 with this stripper is more accuate than my .22 marauder, and that is saying a lot. Buy it - you wont regret it.

Increases accuracy, light weight, looks good

Not at fault of the product, but I wish they made these with at least a half baffle set up and shipped with the rifle.

By BikerbockJanuary 30, 2014

I bought a Hatsan mod 25 supercharger 22 cal which came with this air stripper. Not only does it look cool, aid in cocking, but it really helps with keeping a tight group. I sighted in my pistol scope to get dime size groups at 25 feet and then removed the air stripper. My group spread out to a half dollar, wow, big difference. Put the stripper back on and my groups came back down to dime size. Love it! Some reviews complained about the air stripper material being made with plastic. Mine is made of metal, I'm guessing the main body being made of aluminum and the center is made of brass.

Aids in cocking pistol, looks cool, and will help to get tighter groups. Well made, no problems what so ever.


By jeffUSADecember 25, 2013

when using the air stripper seams very accurate & hits hard . it is adjustable & seems to change the sound a bit. friends say so too.

nice & accurate . sweet

brass came loose no big deal. just check once in awhile.

By AndrzejNovember 29, 2013

I purchased this item along with my Hatsan AT44/PA in .22, and it's a great attachment, and does its job perfectly. The Hatsan AT44, comes with a stylish, albeit small, basically it's there to cover the attachment grooves, There is another "Ported" muzzle-brake available, but the ports are all around, as opposed to lying in a single line cross the top, so it wouldn't be too beneficial, If You live in the U.K., or E.U, then getting the model specific "sound-moderator" wouldn't be a problem in the least, but on this side of the pond, it's a JAIL-ABLE offence to try and quieten down your a/g, so that you'd be able safely shoot in a more urban environment, or even your backyard w/out the BATF sending 20-30 officers to "talk" to you.

Excellent for reducing the turbulent air being shot out the barrel ahead of the pellet, (Maintain your Follow-Through!!!).

None to speak of

By TravisUSAJanuary 2, 2013

It adds to the look of my hatsan air pistol.

The look and leverage it adds for cocking.


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Will this fit for the hatsan blitz 22?

asked christian from USA

Get the Hatsan Bullmaster/Galatian/Blitz with 1/2 x 20 UNF and thread adapter #A35 from DonnyFL then it will work for the Blitz

Rene from USA

Did anyone try this on a Hatson Sortie? More specifically .22 Caliber?

asked Robert J Demkowicz Robert from USA

Fits Hatsan 25 SuperTact, Dominator Carbine and PCP guns (EXCEPT for the QE versions). It does not fit the Sortie.

Mark from USA

Will airstripper fit hatsan gladius long .25 cal

asked James Schok

When installed there is about a one inch space, does the pellet navigate it to go through the middle brass piece?

asked frank

Yes the pellet will travel straight through the brass piece as if it were not even there!


is ther any diffrence in bore on the strippers from 17 22 25 cal or if so 22 and 25 being the same i asume has anybody considered this fact the spec. may be the same doise anybody know

asked greg from USA

The only difference is that they are different cal. The .22 only fits .22 cal hatsan air rifles. The .25 only fits .25 cal hatsan air rifles, and the .177 only fits .177 cal hatsan air rifles.

Scott from USA
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