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Hatsan Air Stripper

Available in 0.1770.220.25Fits select Hatsan (and other European air guns) with UNF threads
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Pellets can have Air Turbulence in front during propulsion that negatively affects the accuracy of your shot. The Hatsan Air Stripper is a sleek finish on the barrel, which effectively spreads the air so that it does not affect diabolen equally.

  • Air stripper
  • For select Hatsan air guns
  • Acts like a compensator, removing turbulence
  • Mounts on muzzle
  • 1/2"x20 TPI
  • 3.076" long
  • .94" outside diameter
  • Fits Hatsan 25 Supercharger, 25 SuperTact, Dominator Carbine and PCP guns (EXCEPT for the QE versions)

Attach this air stripper to your Hatsan airgun to reduce air turbulence which should increase your accuracy.
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Hatsan Air Stripper
22 Reviews
82% (18)
14% (3)
0% (0)
5% (1)
0% (0)
95% Recommend this product (21 of 22 responses)
By Nicholas
Not worth it in my opinion
May 24, 2017
Personally did not notice any change in accuracy. Therefore, it is basically just a fancy barrel extender, but with its sharp edges it is not very good at that either. I took it off and went back to the stock extender.
By Louis J.
Cleveland, Ohio
Hatsan Air Stripper, .22 cal
December 7, 2016
I purchased the air stripper for my .22 caliber Hatsan AT P1 Pcp pistol for the increased accuracy and tight groups, which I knew it would. Bought one for my .22 cal Hatsan BT 65 elite rifle and was impressed with the results. good product.
ProsEasy to install or remove
By john
Fremont, CA.
good idea
October 4, 2016
Is a help when cocking
ProsIs useful for cocking and protecting the end of the barrel
ConsNone that I can think of
By Paul
Tucson, Arizona
September 23, 2016
Was doubtful how much it would improve accuracy of my supercharger vortex 25 pistol, but was pleasantly surprised at the noticeable tighter groups.
ProsWorks Does as claimed
By oats
Air Stripper
June 23, 2016
Installed this air stirpper on my .177 ca. BSA Scorpion 1200 SE -screws right on the barrel, looks cool.
By Tom
Greer, SC
designed great
June 15, 2016
Hatsan make VG guns for the price. When you look at fps on their product review they are for lead pellets. This is a slight problem when pellets are going super-sonic and they wobble. I recently purchased a BT65 .25 rated at 1070 fps. I bought JSB .25 gr. Hunter extreme 28 gr and barracuda 31 gr. It might be altitude here (1000 ft.) but seems the Hatsan's break sound barrier on guns rated over 1000 fps.(I have AT44 long barrel rated at 1040). When I added the air stripper it would get tighter clusters. Without the stripper only the 31 gr. pellets would cluster tight. With the stripper the 31 gr. barracudas and 28 grain are hammering into ragged hole. Nice looking addition and works great.
Proskeeps the pellet stable in flight, especially heavier pellets. Once you use it you will not want to shoot without it.
Consmakes rifle longer. Not a problem for me but fills gun case to max.
By Ricardo
Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de Mexico
Looks nice
April 17, 2016
Perfect partner on my BT65 looks like a pro rifle
ProsBetter acuarcy
By deerflyguy
Rome, NY
Correct Installation = Great Satisfaction!
November 26, 2015
I took away one star for several reasons (See cons)
What the product description doesn't tell you is that this device will function on ANY brand of airgun that has a threaded muzzle end! You don't need to own a Hatsan to use it. It will fit a Gamo Coyote, and several models of BSA rifles, as well as several Hatsan products, and perhaps many other guns. I now own seven Hatsan air strippers, in all marketed calibers! I have them on a Hatsan Gallatian II, a Hatsan AT44-10 Long, a Hatsan BT65 SB Elite, a Umarex Walther Rotek R8, and three Gamo Coyotes (which are BSA Bucaneer's in disguise). If you search the web, you can sometimes find these on sale, which can help a lot. I've paid from $16 to $25 each for the ones I own.
Since you won't be getting any instructions with the air stripper, you will be left to figure out how to install it. That means googling it and going to blogs, etc., to dig for the information. Pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you, because it could mean the difference in your success, or failure to produce positive results! Right out of the box, it probably WON'T WORK for you! It could even decrease your accuracy! In most every case, you must adjust the brass tube insert, that you see inside the device! To make that adjustment, is trial and error, which involves loostening a tiny set screw that you can barely see just below the product lettering. That will allow you to slide the internal conical brass tube nearer, or farther to, or from, the muzzle of the gun. The proper position is different for every gun, much like finding the correct pellet that your gun likes - you must adjust for your particular gun. When you find the correct distance from the muzzle, your groups will tighten up to scarey precision! Don't forget to tighten that set screw when you find that point!
ProsProperly installed, this device can add to the accuracy of many types and qualities of air guns - both rifles and handguns. We all want accuracy, and for under $30, can now have it. It should help ALL air guns which allow for it's proper installation. Remember that it will only fit on a gun that has a threaded muzzle end! Usually, if you have an unsighted airgun that is loud, you will probably see an end cap, or perhaps a moderator with or without holes in it, which can be removed by hand twisting counterclockwise. Once removed, you can easily hand tighten your air stripper onto the barrel, in place of the protective cap or moderator. This assuming that the threads on your barrel's muzzle are the same as those on the air stripper. Your air stripper will NOT work on a shrouded barrel, a sound suppressed muzzle, or a barrel that has a weighted muzzle end. An air stripper is a device that is NOT intended to suppress sound. It is a device that can improve your gun's accuracy - IF you install it properly!
ConsThis device is a bit pricey; there are no instructions that come with it; the item description is sadly lacking in detail, leaving out very important information for prospective customers.
By William
Rome, NY
Works On Other Guns, Too!
September 23, 2015
As long as the caliber of the stripper is the same as the gun, and the threaded end of the gun has 1/2" UNF threads, this Hatsan air stripper will work! I bought it for my Gamo Coyote, and because the Gamo has identical metal parts as several BSA guns (because Gamo bought out BSA), I know that it will fit them, too! It fits my Gamo perfectly! Don't be left out thinking that just because this is made by Hatsan it will only function on a Hatsan gun. Nothing could be farther from the truth!
ProsFits ANY gun that is of the same caliber and that has 1/2" UNF threads at the muzzle!
ConsNone that come to mind.
Munising Michigan
February 27, 2015
If you are looking to tune your HATSAN in look no further installed this on my BT65 I can make one ragged hole at 25 yards 5 pellets into one hole.
ProsGreat product for your HATSAN
ConsWould be much nicer made from alum.
By Mike
oxford, AL
Hatsan air stripper
July 16, 2014
I like the fact that the air stripper threads right on barrel in place of cosmetic thread cover. it improve the accuracy of the gun quite a bit and looks good also.
ProsExact fit, looks god and improves accuracy.
ConsDoes not quiet report of gun which is loud.
By Shooterr
A Must Have
June 13, 2014
These seem to work. Adj. the brass sleeve for you particular gun and pellet. Most noticeable improvement from 50 yds. out to whatever. Also helps to disperse air blast.
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
Works really well
March 29, 2014
I got this for my Hatsan AT44 Rifle, works very well, increases accuracy, keeps groupings tight. Screws right on the end of the barrel, looks good on the gun. Would recommend.
By Roy
Newark, IL
Must have if you own a Hatsan
March 23, 2014
Ok, so the AT44 is already pretty darn accurate out of the box. This air stripper will complement it. My .22 at44 with this stripper is more accuate than my .22 marauder, and that is saying a lot. Buy it - you wont regret it.
ProsIncreases accuracy, light weight, looks good
ConsNot at fault of the product, but I wish they made these with at least a half baffle set up and shipped with the rifle.
By Bikerbock
Gainesville, Ga.
Get this for your Hatsan pistol
January 30, 2014
I bought a Hatsan mod 25 supercharger 22 cal which came with this air stripper. Not only does it look cool, aid in cocking, but it really helps with keeping a tight group. I sighted in my pistol scope to get dime size groups at 25 feet and then removed the air stripper. My group spread out to a half dollar, wow, big difference. Put the stripper back on and my groups came back down to dime size. Love it!
Some reviews complained about the air stripper material being made with plastic. Mine is made of metal, I'm guessing the main body being made of aluminum and the center is made of brass.
ProsAids in cocking pistol, looks cool, and will help to get tighter groups. Well made, no problems what so ever.
By Darren
Woodbury, MN
You will want to buy this!
January 2, 2014
This could be the best $30 to spend on your air rifle. I bought this along with my Hatsan AT-44S long in .25, and I am glad I did. I put it on right out of the box and then proceeded to site in my rifle. After I had it sighted in I thought I would remove it to see if it really did anything or not. I checked the air pressure, loaded 5 pellets set the target at 20 yards and then took the shoots. I could immediately see that the group was much larger. I then put the stripper back on, filed the rifle back to the same air pressure as before, loaded 5 pellets and then took another 5 shoots. The group was back down to where it was before. I could go on, but as they say pictures are worth a 1000 words, so I am including pictures of the 2 groups in this review.
I am not sure why people say that it is PVC and brass, because mine is all metal, no plastic anywhere.
ProsDoes exactly what it is supposed to do.
ConsCan not think of any.
By jeffery
United States
hatsan air stripper
December 25, 2013
when using the air stripper seams very accurate & hits hard . it is adjustable & seems to change the sound a bit. friends say so too.
Prosnice & accurate . sweet
Consbrass came loose no big deal. just check once in awhile.
By Andrew S.
Innisfil, Ontario
It does the "Trick"!
November 29, 2013
I purchased this item along with my Hatsan AT44/PA in .22, and it's a great attachment, and does its job perfectly. The Hatsan AT44, comes with a stylish, albeit small, basically it's there to cover the attachment grooves, There is another "Ported" muzzle-brake available, but the ports are all around, as opposed to lying in a single line cross the top, so it wouldn't be too beneficial, If You live in the U.K., or E.U, then getting the model specific "sound-moderator" wouldn't be a problem in the least, but on this side of the pond, it's a JAIL-ABLE offence to try and quieten down your a/g, so that you'd be able safely shoot in a more urban environment, or even your backyard w/out the BATF sending 20-30 officers to "talk" to you.
ProsExcellent for reducing the turbulent air being shot out the barrel ahead of the pellet, (Maintain your Follow-Through!!!).
ConsNone to speak of
By Les
Nashville, Tn.
Cool Add-On
November 11, 2013
I was a little nervous since there's about .5 inch from the end of the barrel to the pellet entrance into the stripper. The BT65 IN .25 Cal is a powerful gun and there is no room for error here! It performed perfectly. Looks good and seems to add accuracy, although it is hard to say for sure. I hit bulls at 50 Yards with no problem
consistently. The CRACK sound seems to go more downrange as well. 5 Stars for me, fun add-on!
Prosaccuracy and appearance, nice benefits for a small price!
Consnone really, maybe long for some case's but easy to remove.
By Bob K.
New Jersey, United States
April 24, 2013
I just received this air stripper today and put it on my Hatsan BT65 SB. I fired about a dozen shots at 12 yards in my basement shooting range and all I can say is WOW!!! Using the JSB Diablo Kings in .25 cal, I was getting groupings that were just touching the edge of each other on average without the air stripper... Now I am putting every round through the same hole with the air stripper attached! It is absolutely amazing! This should have been standard equipment on the BT65 but none the less, it is worth every penny! I'm sure this will translate to mind blowing accuracy at greater distances outdoors, wind permitting of course! This is a MUST HAVE if you truly want every drop of accuracy out of your HATSAN Rifle!
ConsShould have been standard equipment with the already pricey Hatsan BT65 SB!
By Travis N.
Minneapolis mn
Air stripper
January 2, 2013
It adds to the look of my hatsan air pistol.
ProsThe look and leverage it adds for cocking.
By richard
carson city, nv
flash supperssor?
August 30, 2012
only site i found which carries this!
Prosnot overly heavy but well constructed seems to also deflect sound to 3 and 9 o'clock position, looks a little futuristic.
Consthe price( its only pvc and brass)
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Hatsan Air Stripper
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