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Hatsan Fill Cylinder, BT65, Carnivore & Galatian

Replacement / Extra fill cylinder for BT65, Galatian & Carnivore
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The Hatsan BT65 aluminum replacement fill cylinder will allow you to fill your Hatsan BT65 PCP Rifle directly with the cylinder rather than pump your rifle by hand. You can also take an extra when out shooting to increase the amount of shots between fills. Specifications:
  • Detachable air cylinder
  • Maximum fill pressure 200 bar.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 255cc with integral manometer
  • Easily screws in to the all Hatsan BT65, Galatian and Carnivore air rifles.
  • Possibility of refilling the air tube while on the rifle or detached.
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Accessories
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
  • Weight 0.50
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By Anthony v.March 13, 2019

Got the air cylender and it smelled very strongly of feeces. Had to disinfect befor i could use

By PeteMarch 8, 2018

I pumped up the tank to 200 bar the day it arrived. The next morning it was down to 170 bar. I sent it Bach to Air gun depot for repair. I'll give an update when I get it back.

Spare air tank. Other than leaking air, it does its job.

Leaks air.

By GerryUSAOctober 8, 2017

So glad I purchased one of these. I have a small carbon fiber tank I would take in the field with me but carrying one of these is MUCH easier. I installed a regulator in both my air cylinders and get a great shot count and extreme accuracy with my BT65 and I travel 10lbs lighter on the hunt now. Here's a tip to save money. Got Audrius regulators on eBay for $65ea. High quality! Easy install. Purchased my cylinder from Amazon for $23 less ($126.99) even though it ships from Airgun Depot!

Functions as it should

A.D. price could be lower

By ANTHONYUSAJanuary 20, 2017

If you own a BT65, Carnivore or Galatian and like to shoot without having to keep filling up then this is for you. Easy to use; just unscrew your air cylinder and screw this one on. It's as simple as that. You can get double the shots without having to go refill or if you have a pump, you can wait an fill them up later. If you're out hunting, you won't have to lug around a heavy air tank.

Easy to use Doubles your shot capacity

Can't think of any.

By JeremiahUSASeptember 12, 2016

My first cylinder, the pressure guage did not work. But the guys at Airgun Depot got me a new one right a way. I am glad I decided to purchase a spare cylinder, as it increases my shooting time. I fill my cylinders with a pump, so it gives me flexibility.

More shoot time, or the ability to have a cylinder ready at all times.

The pressure guages read different on both cylinders, when filled to the same pressure on my hand pump guage.

By Tom or DeniseUSAJune 14, 2016

The excellent rifle, BT65 is great with it's 255cc cylinder. I have a .25 and it gets a good many shots from it. I bought this cylinder to have handy when I go shooting. I have a machete sheath that my extra cylinder fits in perfect. Out of each cylinder I use 3 magazines of barracuda31gr.or 28 grain hunter extreme. I could probably squeeze a few more shots out of them if needed. If I go off to shoot I carry the gun with it's sling and an extra tank on my belt I am ready to get off 54shots for a day of good shooting fun. I also have an extra cylinder for my Hatsan AT44PA-long. It is so easy to change out these cylinders and have one full and ready, I can not imagine not having extra anymore.If you combine buying this with 4 for price of three deal on pellets you should be able to get free shipping.I did buying this from AGD and got it pretty quick.

Always good to have a spare.

By JayUSANovember 14, 2015

Works great as an extra cylinder in the field with my Galatian QE. Lets me get about 80 shots before needing to top off with my Air Venture 90 Cu tank. Cylinder can be filled when outside the gun.

Easy to attach Fits and looks perfect Easy to carry with you


By ALEJANDROUSAOctober 12, 2015

The first thing I did when I opened the package was see the pressure gauge... And it is like the one that come with the rifle.

It's like the original one that come with the rifle.


By DonUSASeptember 22, 2015

Great innovation and great quality, like all Hatsan equipment, for the BT65, Galatian, and Carnivore series. Does not work with AT44, which requires a different fill cylinder. Merchandise returns are expensive.

Doubles shooting time. Fills easily with hand-pump. Exchanging tubes is a snap.

No cons for the tube - just be sure to order the right one for your rifle.

By RonaldUSAJuly 27, 2015

Very nice to have the field capability to change tanks or to install regulators to adjust the MV performance of shot spreads. Tube to tube precision is quite good.

convient available air in field,

cant think of any

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Does this fit the Hatsan Invader Semi auto?

asked Perry from USA

Will this work with the Hatsan Invader?

asked John from USA

Will this air tank work for the Galation tact auto ?

asked Armando from USA

this cylinder fits at hutsan bullboss ?

asked Juan Carlos from USA

This fit for hatsan trophy Long?

asked Rafael Vega

Does this tube fit the bt65 sb 25 caliber

asked Peter

Does this cylinder come with its own air valve included? I have one that came with my PCP but since I modified the valve I've had a hard time trying to find an extra valve alone.

asked Duvalier from PR

Does the cylinder have to be empty when you remove it? If it's no empty does air leak? Is there an o-ring to tear?

asked Stephen from USA

The air cylinder can be remover with out loosing air. I charge mine off the gun all the time, when it is full I just screw it in and I am ready to go.


Does this BT65 air cylinder fit the Galatian?

asked Kyle from USA

Yes sir, it is the correct one for the Hatsan galatian. The Galatian and BT65 use the same cylinder.

warwick from Australia


Sheldon from USA

Yes! They are identical.

William from USA

Yes! The AT44W-10 uses a 180cc tube (HA90210) and the AT44W-10 Long uses a 230cc tube (HA90215). The BT65, Galatian, and Carnivore all use the same 255cc interchangeable tube (HA90200).

William from USA

Yes its in the description. As long as you have the right model galation.

Robert from USA

yes it does they both use 255cc tubes

Richard from USA

I wish to order this item. Can you ship it International (FedEx to India)?

asked Vik

Vik, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They will be able to answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Do you use this to fill the air tank that is on the rifle after making X number of shots? Or do you REMOVE the depleted air tank after your X number of shots and then screw this FULL tank on?

asked Thomas from USA

The latter, you use the air in the original, and then REPLACE it with this full new one. Then go fill both and start again.

scott from USA

Is this the 250cc tube for the BT65 or the smaller one for the AT44?

asked Peter

The BT65 does not use a 250cc tube. It uses a 255cc tube (HA90200). The AT44W-10 uses a 180cc tube (HA90210) and the AT44W-10 Long uses a 230cc tube (HA90215). The BT65, Galatian, and Carnivore all use the same 255cc interchangeable tube (HA90200).

William from USA

255cc is for bt65,galatian, and carnivore rifles. 230cc is for at44 long and 180cc is for at44 standard and dont forget the 50cc tank for the at-p1&p-2 pistols

Richard from USA


scott from USA
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