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Hatsan BT65SB

Synthetic Stock with Soft Rubber Inlays
  • Code: HGBT65SB-025 · .25 · 1090 fps
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Massive knockdown power will be yours with the Hatsan BT65 SB. If you hunt, you'll be prepared to take small and medium quarry with authority. Even better, you'll have lots of shots left in your 10-rd circular cilp (9 round in .25 cal) and in the large air reservoir. While you can shoot this air rifle with the open sights, you can extract even more accuracy (especially at the longer ranges for which this air gun is intended) if you mount a good-quality hunting scope. Because the optics rail accepts either Weaver or 11mm mounts, you have a wide choice of rings. The BT65SB is an incredible air gun and you can rely on the velocity results from the manufacturer since Hatsan tests this rating using lead pellets instead of alloy pellets.

Hatsan BT65 SB Air Rifle Features
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • 10rd repeater (.25 cal. clip holds 9 rds)
  • Bolt-action
  • Extremely powerful
  • Removable aluminum air reservoir has built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • 200 bar (2-900 psi) max pressure
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with soft rubber inlays
  • Vertically adjustable comb
  • Fiber optic front sight adjusts for elevation
  • Fiber optic rear sight adjusts for windage & elevation
  • Automatic safety (the owner's manual incorrectly states that it's a manual safety)
  • Optics rail accepts Weaver* or 11mm mounts
  • 2-stage adjustable gold Quattro match trigger
  • Adjustable (vertical) recoil pad
  • Anti-double-feed mechanism prevents more than 1 pellet from loading when gun has been fully cocked
  • Mounted sling swivels
  • Ideal for hunting small to medium-size quarry
  • 30-40 useful shots per fill in .177 caliber
  • 30-40 useful shots per fill in .22 caliber
  • 18-27 useful shots per fill in .25 caliber
  • Includes sling- fill adapter- extra mag and air reservoir discharging cap

*Weaver mounts are not standard. We do not recommend using them.
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .25
  • Velocity 1090 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 9.00
  • Overall Length 42.50
  • Barrel Length 22.80
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 9
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Adjustable for elevation
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 65
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Tom or DeniseUSAMay 4, 2016

This is the first pcp I have put a scope on. I usually shoot and dispatch critters with open sights . I have an AT44-PA that I keep open sights. I find Hatsan open sights easy to use and accurate. I believe this is going to be one of the last models that have open sights as the QE series have eliminated them. Since this is bolt action I decided to try a scope. I am waiting for an air stripper as anything less then 31 gr. barracuda go super sonic and they are off a bit. The barracudas go in same hole at 35 yards shot after shot. I have to re-enforce my target backing as these go through 55gal. drum. I don't believe their is a stronger rifle in anything close in price.

Very sturdy feel. Good open sights. Very strong ft/lbs. Best gun for the cost. My AT44 long is good but this is better. the bolt action is slightly tight with barracudas because they are a tad long but work with a couple hundred shots so far. The 255ccm tank gets a decent amount of shots. if you don't want to pay a lot for a real powerful air gun get it.

Kind of loud with JSB 25 gr. or 28 gr. hunter extreme. Not sure if they keep going super sonic. Air stripper is always good so I hope it quiets it down a little.

By Ricardo SaldivarMexicoApril 17, 2016

I've had the BGT65 in .25 I love this rifle. It is super powerful and even impressive the accuracy. I shoot to 103 yards and have a knockdown power

power accuarate

to weight

By HunterOneSeptember 15, 2015

This rifle is an absolute beast. It is amazingly powerful and accurate, especially in .25 caliber. I am extremely happy with this purchase. I also have a Hatsan AT44-10 QE in .22 cal and that is a great rifle as well. However this one...all I can say is wow. Get one!!

Accuracy Build Quality Appearance Power

Bolt action should be changed to lever action.

By Rino P.July 31, 2014

Bought this gun for pest control and target shooting. This gun is the most accurate air rifle I have ever owned. After sighting in the scope I was able to shoot a dime at 25yards on the first shot!!! JSB exact king pellets .25 cal work the best in this gun and the Hawke Optics Sport HD 4-12X50 AO Scope w/ Mil Dot IR Reticle is just amazing on this gun. My other scopes i could not get a good group at all. With the hawke scope i get groups about the size of a quarter with this gun!!! GREAT BUY!!!

Accurate, Powerful

Does make a good crack when shot.

By kimUSAMarch 17, 2013

I've had the BGT65 in .25 for almost a month now. After going through 1000 pellets, I'd have to say I love this rifle. It is super powerful and what's even more impressive is the accuracy! I grouped at 100 yards today several different times. I shot through a steel backing plate for the targets etc. This is way more than I expected. This is not my first rodeo, but I am impressed.

Power, accuracy, fit, and finish.

magazine depth prohibits the use of longer pellets like .43g Eujins or predator poly's

By scottUSAFebruary 27, 2013

After long deliberation, I pulled the sale trigger. Well packaged, well built,and great fit and finish. Powerful and accurate. What more needs to be said? The only draw back so far is the 120db noise level, and the loud THWACK as the pellet hits wood. Can't wait to go hunting with this thing.

Feel, adjustability, accuracy, and fit and finish.

Noise level

By rogerUSADecember 8, 2012

Got this rifle during black Friday and a extra air cylinder was free with purchase. You can get about 45 kill shots at 50 yards with each air cylinder. Even though it's a .25 cal rifle, it still has the power at shot 45 to take small game like rabbit and tree rats.



By JamesUSADecember 1, 2012

I have only had this rifle for 2 days but I must say that I am extremely satisfied with it. I purchased it here along with UTG Varmint/Predator 4-16x40 scope, Hatsan air stripper, Hatsan pump, Benjamin Premier 27.8 grain, and Kodiak Match Extra Heavy 31.02 grain pellets. This rifle is awesome right out of the box. I have only fired the Benjamin pellets and at 25 yards, I was shooting through 3/4 plywood with groups the size of a quarter within 15 shots total. The engineering of this rifle is top notch, I was a little worried after reading some reviews on the web that I may get a substandard rifle but after 3 shots I knew that I was shooting quality. Today I moved out to 50 yards and had to adjust the scope because I was actually shooting about 3 inches high. The groups were still within 1 to 1.5 inches. It will bury these 27.8 pellets so far into 2 inch pressure treated lumber that you cannot see them AFTER passing through the 3/4 plywood. The way I work I don't know when I will get to hunt with it but will update at that time. Must add that I was shooting off of my back deck with a rest but not a bench. This is a high powered hunting rifle, not a backyard sneak and plink.

Quality Power Hefty weight comparable to a 25 caliber range high powered rifle helps accuracy.

It is loud, a built in suppressor would help. After 3-4 magazines you need a refill and the pump takes some effort. The sling has poorly made clips that I don't trust.

By DavidUSAMay 31, 2012

i have had this gun almost 1 month with the utg varmint/predator scope 4-16x40 a/ this date i have not shot a more accurate rifle yet.the quality of build is unmatched,i have already started taking care of pests squirrels mostly and 1 adult hog.every 1 was a 1 shot kill.i am completely surprised by the shear power of this air gun.yes i said 1 adult wild hog i got plenty of those to dispose of here on the farm in Alabama. he was a 1 shot kill,head shot that stopped a 200+ lbs hog in its tracks at 64 yards with my laser range this accuracy of this gun is unrivaled i can put pellets through the same hole a lot if the gun is in a gun sled. i got the gun sighted in @50 yards and its really incredible what this gun can step is the nd3 night laser designator. soon as i get it ill do a small review on it to.the best pellets i have found for this gun is the jsb match diablo exact king .25 cal and 25.39 gr. if u get this gun the possibilities are limitless for hunting if it can take a hog head shot it can kill a deer as well,with the correct shot placement.

everything accuracy,build quality,everything is nice and quite frankly flawless.

the gun is a little heavy,if u get a hand pump know it takes a lot to pump it up but once u get it there its ready for anything.the quality of the sling is not the best i'm talking about just the connectors on the sling its self ,which can be changed. not coming with a fixed barrel silencer,it is a huge hassle to get approved in the USA for a silencer this gun should come with a silencer and barrel all in 1 piece.lets hope they make one soon as maybe a upgrade or something because the gun is loud. not a back yard friendly gun if u live in the city.

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can the front site be removed?

asked steve

Can I replace the barrel of hatsan with walther barrel

asked donald from USA

I checked and there is one available as a replacement but the gun is very accurate already. I wouldn't expect much if any improvement. The Hatsan barrel is choked and will shoot with the best of them. The great thing is the amount of energy you still have at long distances for hunting situations..My BT65 in 25 cal will punch a beer can at 100 yds every time off a bipod and stick in a 2x4 so you don't see any pellet in the big hole it makes! At 100 yds you can here it whack the target! That long distance energy really is the purpose of this rifle and not punching holes in paper. It's a hunter!


Is it below the 12 ft pounds uk legal limit

asked Michael

good gentlemen afternoon my question is if sent everyone product q'm interezado in that elite Hatsan .22 specific product plus see the possibility of including the air compressor all together of course also paying but I live in the city of Iquique Chile area frank

asked alfonso from USA

Alfonso, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

good gentlemen afternoon my question is if sent everyone product q'm interezado in that elite Hatsan .22 specific product plus see the possibility of including the air compressor all together of course also paying but I live in the city of Iquique Chile area frank

asked alfonso from USA

Alfonso, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Does it come in smooth bore?

asked Neil

How many shots do you get per fill?

asked Parker from USA

It says 65 in .25

Wyatt from USA

How many shots do you get per fill?

asked Parker from USA

How far can you shoot it accurately? How loud is it?

asked Parker from USA

what air tank would you sugest

asked Ronald Bevan

what else is needed to complete this air gun package.thinking about adding this to my collection

asked will shaw

what else is needed to complete this air rifle kit,probably add this one to my collection.

asked cecil shaw

Hill pump and a good scope, and altaros regulator

Armando from PR

what is the power fact. at target . Will it take down a hog? What yardage does accuracy drop off?

asked bill

Not sure about the first and last part, this gun is a nail driver at 100ft. Target shooting that is About pigs, I raise pigs and attempted to slaughter one of my pigs ( 270lbs) with this gun. After no less than 5 shots to the head, he would not go down. It was a bad choice of slaughter weaponry, as it caused all kinds of pain and suffering because the pellets (25cal) would not do the job. All shots point blank to 10 ft away. Only after going and getting a 22cal long rifle pistol, did he go down after the first shot. I would not use this pellet gun to hunt pigs... Did not work for me.

scott from USA

im not sure what the power fact is ,and dont think it has the power to to take down a hog,Rember when they advertise this 25 cal pcp hatsan the fps is 1080 with a 15 to 18 grain which is not a lot of fpe, but i found a 35 grain made by eunjin which gives me about 700 to 750 fps which i still dont believe it will take down a hog unless it is a small hog and you hit it just right i hope this helps you,if you are looking for a powerful air rifle that will bring a hog down check out the 9mm recluse made by sam yang using from 60grain up to125 grain and they are about the same price.

vincent from USA

Can you fill the gun up with a standard air compreser? How much pressure do you need?

asked Bob

the answer is (No) you will need a scuba tank or a tank to hold 3500 psi or more.

Miles from USA

No, the operating range is 100 to 200 bar (1,500 to 3,000 PSI) You can buy a hand pump that is designed to refill it but it does take some effort. This is how I fill mine. You can get a scuba tank adapter to fill with a scuba tank then have the tank refilled at a dive shop or somewhere that refills fireman's tanks but that could cost quite a bit.

James from USA

You cannot fill this rifle with a standard air compressor. This rifle requires 2,900 PSI. This can be achieved by using a special hand pump or more easily by using a scuba or scba air tank. The hand pump may be the least expensive option, but will require a bit of work to get the pressure up.

kim from USA

The answer for Bob about filling the hatsan bt 65 .25 cal is no you can not use a regular compressor they need at least 3000 lbs of air pressure or 200 bar. The best thing to do is to buy a scuba tank and have it filled at a sporting goods location. I highly recomend this way rather than getting a hand pump . I hope this was helpful and you do decide to use this method.enjoy! Kelly Serrano. :)

George from USA

no your standerd air compreser go"s up to 150 psi the hatsan BT65 pcp in any caliber, or any pcp air rifle this rifle needs 3000psi so you would need a hand pump made to go up to this high pressure looks like bicikle pump, or you would have to use a scuba diving tank to reach the 3000 psi, if you choose to use a hand pump you will need to be prety stong.IHOPE THIS HELPS YOU

vincent from USA

No you cannot. That rifle takes 3000 psi. Most of the compressor out there are 80 to 130 psi. You need a multi stage compressor. The scuba tank or the hand pump is the easiest.


No, you need aprox 2900 psi. So, you can either pump your little heart with the hand pump..... A LOT of pumping, OR You can fill up from a SCUBA tank with at least 3000 psi A standard shop compressor will not work

scott from USA

Hello good day. My name is Luke, I would like to purchase this product. I live in Brazil. I wonder if this product have sold to someone here in Brazil? you sold! antrega to come up to the customer.

asked Lucas Luz

Lucas, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

dos it come with a pump? I wonder so I wont buy one if its already included.

asked cesar

Cesar, No, the Hatsan BT65-SB 10 shot PCP .177 caliber air rifle does not come with a pump. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Is there an option to put a bicycle pump on it to fill it or do you have to use a scuba tank?

asked Tom Coleridge

Benjamin Marauder .25 cal or Hatsan BT65-SB 9 Shot ?

asked G blake

I's sorry, I do not understand your question.

Scott from USA

Does this air rifle come with a scissor bi-pod? because i read from the official site that it comes with it in the box, but this site doesn't include it in the description.

asked Christopher

No it does not come with the scissor bi-pod.

Scott from USA

What is the minimum psi that this gun requires to still maintain a velocity of at least 1000 fps? About how many times can you charge this gun using a scuba tank filled to 3000 psi, before you need to recharge the scuba tank?

asked Chris Dux

It shoots with .25 cal but how heavy the grain can this rifle push and how much fps? thank you

asked richard lunz

Do a youtube search, ther is a video of a guy doing muzzle velocity tests with 8 or so different types of ammo. I would imagine it will shoot as heavy a pellet as will fit in the magazine. They cannot be longer than standard pellets or they won't chamber properly. With 25 gr pellets, you are right under 1000 fps with around 52 ftlbs of energy. That's a lot for a pellet gun.

scott from USA

How long will this gun hold a charge for? (i.e. do you have to discharge after every use, or can you leave it charged for extended periods so it is ready when you need it?). I have read great reviews on it and I am assuming it will have no issues taking out varmints such as raccoons and possums?

asked Karl

Good question, the manual does not say, but having worked with high pressure vessels all my life, it would be fine to leave charged for weeks to even months. It's always best to store them long term with just a small amount of pressure, say 10-20 bar. Yes, it will definitely kill possums and coons.

scott from USA

Does all the images below match the bt65-sb 10 shot pcp .22 caliber ?

asked judy from USA

Can this be refilled with air from a gas station compressor. Regards Charles

asked Charles

No you need a High Pressure hand pump or scuba tank pressures, 3000 pounds per square inch.

William from USA

Can you use a co2 to fill the gun?

asked mike

The manual says use"AIR" only

scott from USA

Noise level?

asked Dennis from USA

120db... loud

scott from USA

Hi, I'm from Brazil, Did you guys already export for here?, I am interested in the importat Hatsan BT65 RB, how much is shipping?

asked Gustavo Luis

Go to that webpage, where the item you want is. Click on "Add to Cart." (There will be a pop up with other items if you want those) Then click "proceed to checkout" if that is everything you want. When your checking out at the sight and there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping depends on the item and your location. When checking out at the sight you should be able to see how much shipping is before your complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

What kind of tank or pump can I use for this? I would like something that is good but nothing too expensive.

asked Clayton from USA

I had the airforce pump but man I tell ya, it's a ton of pumping. It would be better to get a scuba 3500psi tank and have fun rather than be forever pumping and not shooting. The pump I had was 195.00 but u have got to get one with a moisture remover built into it or your gun will turn into a squirt gun.

David from USA

How many rounds have you shot through it? Any problems?

asked Lester

As of now, I have shot 50 tins of 350 count JSB match exact diabolo kings 25.4 grain, which is most accurate and no problems. The only thing with this gun is don't buy a hand pump or you will be pumping most of the time, I went with the Air force hand pump and quickly learned. I now have a scuba tank, 3500 psi, and can fill the gun on a full charge almost 20 times before refilling the tank. I got a 1 year free fill up when I bought my scuba tank and after the first year it is $6.95 to fill the tank. I think I fill my tank maybe twice a month during hunting season.

David from USA

You deliver in Brazil?

asked Guilherme

Yes we can ship to Brazil, but we can not ship any CO2.

Scott from USA

Will this kill a squirrel? How about a farm pig? Wild Boar?

asked Shawn

Yes these will kill squirrels no problem. They will kill farm pigs and wild boars but it does require a very good and accurate shot. You would need to shoot them in the ear or the eye.

Scott from USA

Does it come with a pump? Can I pump this with my air compressor?

asked fabian from USA

No this gun does not come with a pump. Unless your compressor develops 3000 psi you can't fill it from there either. You would need to purchase a hand pump, seems to run about 200 dollars or get a scuba tank and fill from that. You can fill scuba tanks at dive shops or paintball shops, usually for 5 to 10 dollars.

Seth from USA

all the air guns i own have a spring for the firing mechinism how much better is a pcp and how easy is it to use?

asked Nick

PCP is a lot more accurate but as far as easy to use, spring break barrels are much simpler. The pumps used for PCP guns are tough to use if they are the hand pumps. They take about 2 hours of prep before the first time you take it out. However, you will get hundreds of shots out of it before you need to think about re-pumping for 20 minutes. I hope this helped

Scott from USA

does the Benjamin marauder hand pump fit this gun

asked Cole

What is the noise level of this riffle? What does it compare to? Thanks, Jac

asked Jacques from USA

It sounds very close to a rim fire 22.

judy from USA
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