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Hatsan BullBoss ODG

Available in 0.220.25
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Hatsan BullBoss ODG Sniper Combo
Exclusive Upgrade
Hatsan BullBoss ODG Sniper Combo
Includes Hawke Scope, UTG rings, and Hatsan Bipod!
This Airgun Depot exclusive Hatsan BullBoss QE has all of the same features and performance of the standard versions you can find anywhere else. So the only difference being is that ours are finished in an olive drab green, extremely limited, and can only be purchased through AGD! Same performance via the 23Ē long Quiet Energy suppressed German steel barrel that delivers velocities as high as 1070 fps using lead pellets! (1070 fps - .22 cal / 970 fps - .25 cal), it just looks a little cooler on green stock.

The Hatsan BullBoss bullpup PCP includes the Quiet Energy suppressed barrel which has been tested by us and shown to severely reduce the report of the gun. It's quiet enough to fire without disturbing your neighbors if you'd like to practice in the backyard. The BullBoss includes Quattro Trigger that is a two stage fully adjustable match trigger. Youíll love the weight displacement of the bullpup design that really distributes the 8.6 lbs of the gun well to make this a joy to shoot and creates a situation where follow-up shots are incredibly easy as you can keep the gun shouldered while operating the smooth side lever of the BullBoss. A lot to love about this new bullpup from Hatsan USA. Hatsan BullBoss, ODG Features Diagram

Hatsan BullBoss QE
  • Precharged pneumatic power with side-lever cocking action
  • Bullpup design
  • Available in .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm) and .25 (6.35 mm) calibers
  • Hardwood stock
  • Optics rail for both 11 mm and 22 mm (weaver/picatinny) scope mounts
  • Additional Picatinny rails beneath forearm and on sides of forearm
  • Checkering on grip and forearm for better control and feel
  • Elevation-adjustable Cheek Comb - Stock equipped with integrated elevation adjustment button
  • Ventilated rubber butt pad
  • Precision rifled and choked barrel for accuracy
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator cuts noise by 32%
  • Rotary magazine: .22 10-rd, .25 9-rd
  • Includes 2 magazines
  • Detachable steel air cylinder tube (230cc). (Spare cylinders are available)
  • Built-in pressure gauge on the air cylinder monitors cylinder pressure
  • Includes fill probe & air cylinder discharging cap supplied in the box
  • Overall blued finish, black anodized receiver
  • Manual & Automatic Safety
  • Anti-double pellet feed mechanism prevents more than one pellet loading into barrel
  • Patented anti-knock system to prevent gas wastage when rifle is knocked or bounced
  • Quattro Trigger: 2-stage full adjustable match trigger for trigger travel and trigger load
  • Metal trigger 
  • Fitted sling swivels
  • Spare air cylinders with regulator are available
  • Overall length: 36.8"
  • Barrel length: 23"
  • Weight: 10.2 lbs
  • Muzzle energy: .22 cal=38 fpe, .25 cal=42 fpe
  • Optimal shots per fill: .22 cal=35, .25 cal=30
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Hatsan BullBoss ODG
72 Reviews
75% (54)
21% (15)
3% (2)
1% (1)
0% (0)
97% Recommend this product (70 of 72 responses)
By Raymond
Awesome Bullpup!
December 12, 2019
Very glad and happy with the accuracy with this rifle. The knock down power it gives with .25 cal.
ProsEasy to carry around
Best UsesSmall game hunting and semi long range targeting.
By Dan
Great gun for the money
November 25, 2019
This was my first airgun I have ever bought. It was not a disappointment, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just getting into airguns. It is a lot quieter then I expected it to be .
Virgin Islands
Hatsan all the way!!
August 28, 2019
I have three hatsan guns and I don't think I would ever switch. I have the 25 cal. to this gun and it's great! I would recommend this gun and just about anything hatsan puts on the shelf over any other brand cause I find you get the most bang for your buck with hatsan. Have tried others but I prefer hatsan. The only drawback is the hatsan guns are a bit heavy
ProsEverything! Easy to load Backyard friendly Very powerful
ConsA bit heavy
Best Usesplinking Pest control
By Heath H.
Connellsville, Pa
Accurate, powerful, heavy but handles well.
August 28, 2019
This gun is super accurate. It‚€™s just as accurate as any of my ATI Nova Liberty‚€™s .22 cal and they are super accurate and very powerful. They all are over 40+ FPE guns. This gun easily holds half inch groups at 50 yards with JSBs or H&N Grizzly slugs. Very powerful gun. Very easy to use in tight quarters due to it size in like my Liberty‚€™s which are full length rifles.

This gun, for the money, in my opinion, is the best bang for the buck in a bull pup design. Is it as smooth as a FX it will shoot with it out to 75 yards or more and for $1000+ less. Most game I take is within 50 yards or so and it hasn‚€™t missed anything I‚€™ve shot at yet. Yesterday I took a pest at 113 yards with it. Stone dead one shot. Great gun. Not regulated yet and don‚€™t think I want to regulate it. I enjoy the power and distance that it allows me to shoot. Pushing 25.39 grain JSB [email protected] FPS and H&N Grizzlies 31.4 grain @860+ FPS. Only adjustments I have made to this gun is a turn or two on the hammer spring and that‚€™s it. Zero problems. Love this gun. Put a good quality scope on yours to get the full potential out of it and you will be glad you did.
ProsPowerful, accurate, easy to shoot, low maintenance.
ConsLittle heavy but ok while shooting. Trigger could be better but it is a bull pup and there is a lot of linkage, not terrible. Very doable.
Best UsesCrushing critters, Target shooting.
By Bret
This thing can drive nails
July 8, 2019
I have to be honest the first one I got had an issue with the lever to advance the magazine.

Air gun depot took care of the return quick! Thank you!

Now for the review of this one. At 25 yards (The range I normally see our local pest climbing about.) I can stack pellets on top of each other. Trigger is really nice, with a easy crisp pull. The 25 cal hits like Thor‚€™s hammer dropping the little beast quickly and humanly. Best of all this thing is really quiet! Don‚€™t want to bother the Nabor‚€™s:)
ProsVery quiet Nice trigger Easy to use action Very accurate Check pic I twitch on the low one. That is a 3/4? bull. 10 shots Easy to carry and aim Hits HARD!
ConsHave not seen any issues with this at all. Like I said I did have a minor issue with the first one I got but A.D. took care of it fast.
Best UsesShooting in the back yard Pest control
By Sam
Tallahassee, FL
Not a rim fire, but just as accurate
May 18, 2019
I decided I wanted to get away from spending tons of money on ammunition that was literally burning money. Having been an avid center and rim fire rifle enthusiast, I was hesitant about getting an air rifle. I really should have made this change a long time ago. This rifle made the switch really easy. The simplicity, accuracy, and sound suppression is phenomenal. A failure on my part, I should have purchased a better scope because, well, honestly, I didn't think I would be hitting 3" targets at over 100 yards in a 1-2" group. I'm not 100% sure what fps I'm shooting at, at the moment, but I can get 20-50 shots depending on when I refill the cylinder. I purchased the .22 cal mostly for the familiarity with that caliber, but I can see now why the .25 is so popular. The Hatsan Bullboss is definitely a cheaper starting alternative to higher priced rifles for someone getting started into PCP rifles.
ProsQuiet Accurate Simple
ConsBipod mount seems a little flimsy tends to double feed 1st mag round
Best Usestargets small game
By Philip
Brevard County Florida
Powerful, Reliable, Quiet, Accurate
January 14, 2019
Safe to use in private setting when need quiet practice or stealth enough quiet shooting. Powerful for small game hunting to medium. Compact and easy to use with smooth firing and reloading. Reliability for shot after shot magazine and reload.
ProsShockingly quiet, long range! Powerful knock down power, humane target hunting for small game to medium with right pellets, shots
ConsLittle odd support with tripod, slightly awkward weigh placement to rear butt of rifle
Best UsesTarget practice and small game hunting within 150 yards
By Steven M.
Costa Mesa, Ca
December 19, 2018
Can't say enough. First PCP. Love it. Jump in, if you haven't.
ProsPower, accuracy, design.
ConsCan only have one:-(
By Jared
Great First PCP
November 19, 2018
I wasn‚€™t really sure what to expect when I was ordering my first PCP air rifle but I knew it was out of the Hatsan BullBoss and the Kral Puncher Breaker silent. Ultimately what helped me to make my decision was finding out the stock of the Kral was a cheap hard plastic (which may have actually been better now that I think about it). I‚€™m honestly wondering if I made the right choice now because there are definitely some issues with my Hatsan such as the screws that were used to secure the butt pad were way too long and broke through the other side (you can‚€™t see this unless you take the stock off), the cheek comb being so high that even with high mount scope rings you have to hold your head at an awkward angle, the irritating automatic safety and the stock being so flimsy and flexible that when shooting from a bipod the whole rifle rocks and twist. I haven‚€™t had a chance do any accuracy testing as I‚€™ve mainly just been trying to get a good shot string and adjusting the hammer tension for the Hatsan regulator I installed but I verall it‚€™s a good first PCP and a okay first bullpup. Oh and the air cylinder is not securely held in place so it knocks and rattles against the barrel which makes the whole gun sound incredibly cheap.
ProsReasonable Price Great Power Output Convenient Removable Air Cylinder
ConsAutomatic Safety Check Comb Flimsy Stock Heavy No Case Fit & Finish
By Eric
hailey, ID
Hatsan Bullboss .25. Wowwww....
November 18, 2018
Where to start? Well, I went from the Nova Freedom .22 to that gun and what a change. Don't get me wrong the nova is a good gun for the price and the pump as you go is awesome. But, the Bullboss is something else. Right of the box I installed a Hawke 4-12x40, sighted the scope and filled the tank. Started shooting at 35 yards without bags and was putting pellets in a quater size hole with JSB 25.39 gr. I discovered that the best grouping and consistency was around 175 to 150 psi with a dime size group still without bag.
I think this airgun has a big potential. After I get my chrono and play with the power adjustment (Hamer spring) I might be looking at the HUMA regulator to get that power curb flatter. I have made 75 and 100 yards shots and was able to keep the groups bellow 2". I really want to see what will happen with bags to stabilize that baby (not that I am shaky but...)
The trigger needed a bit of adjustment to fit my test. For me, the adjustment was a bit finnicky on the second stage. I reduced the first stage weigh to really light and the second just a bit. Not having a trigger scale was more about how it feels than a set weigh. As I am mainly going to use the rifle for hunting, I didn't want an "air trigger". I have made an adjustable up and down but pad with my 3d printer and I love it.
What else to say about that gun? I think I just love it. I was looking at a Wildcat MKII compact and I do not have any regrets. Now I can buy a second one for my son and still have some money ;)

Stock mod details on AGN "bullboss stock mod"
ProsConsistent Accurate Bullpop with forward side lever 2 pellet clips Plenty of power for hunting Changeable air tanks for extra air while hunting Price
ConsCan be on the heavy side, but the weigh is toward your shoulder and doesn't feel heavy when shouldered.
Best UsesHunting. Target 35 yards and above (bellow that it isn't even a challenge)
By Tyson
Nice bullpup.
November 8, 2018
Powerful, accurate and nice Bullpup rifle.
Very satisfied with airgun Depot which have better price compared to AOA.
ProsSecond one will be wood stock.
Best UsesTarget and pest clean up!!!
By Blake
West Virginia
The right one!!!!
October 21, 2018
I was in line for a new air rifle, had a few favorites, kept reading up on all, felt it was time to pick so I chose the BullBoss, I know 100% I made the right choice, with a little time to tune (hammer spring & trigger) & shoot a lot of different pellets to find the shooters within, surprised that there were quit a few good shooting tins out there, but I found 2 that shot great, started @ 25 yrds then 50 yrds & just finished up with 75 yrds where I feel can move to 100yrds, @ 75 yrds, 3 holes 5 shots, not saying it took 5 shots to make 3 holes, putting 5 shots into 3 holes, 3/4‚€-1‚€ groups,scope switch, from a Hawke Vantage 4x12x50 to Hawke AirMax 8x32x50, don‚€™t think I‚€™ll ever out shoot the AirMax but gonna try my best, hoping to keep 100yrds @ the 1‚€-1 1/2‚€ group, & @ 150 yrds gonna shoot for groups 2‚€ & less, knowing how this gun shoots, with work it can be achieved, also shooting off a Caldwell TackDriver bag.
ProsWell made rifle, with little work & time can be tuned for optimal shooting, (hammer spring & trigger)
By Phillip M.
South Texas
Hatsan bullboss 25cal
October 15, 2018
Well I am very impressed with my new bullboss 25cal, once I got my scope sited in using 25.39gr jsb , it is a tack driver started at 30 yards and went to 50 yards, dime groups 100 yards quarter size groups, shooting great right out of the box no problems at all , can't wait to go rabbit hunting, South texas
ProsAll I can say is she is very very accurate 25cal , I am impressed and satisfied with my purchase with Airgun Depot , and it can be ajusted for more fps. For the price outstanding , very well built pcp.its a Hard hitter
ConsWell the only thing I could find , I wish it had ajustible butt pad to ajust up down xtend back .and needs a depinger
Best UsesHunting small game and pest control , target shooting long range 70 to 100 yards no problem close range plinking back yard no problem .
By Phillip M.
South, San antonio texas
The bullboss 25cal
October 3, 2018
I am very impressed with the performance and reliability and accuracy of 25cal bullboss, and let me tell you it is a tack driver once I had my scope sided in , 50yards dime groups 100 yards quarter size groups, I am a very happy customer, I actually wanted a FX sreamline 25cal senthetic combo but couldn't afford it I wish payments could be made on high end pcps, my second option was the bullboss25cal am I am very satisfied and on sale 499 couldnt beet that awsome Hatsan bull
ProsCan't wait to take it rabbit hunting and squarel hunting , it is a great pcp all around for pest control and hunting or just poping targets at 100 yards very well built, and quick to shoulder to get on target quick, wait is tords the back shoulder area and that meets my expectations, Thank You ,AIRGUNDEPOT
ConsI wish the rubber butt could extend out for adjustment
Best UsesHunting , pest control, and Long distance target shooting
By Ray
Patchogue New York
Great pcp air rifle
September 24, 2018
I got this Bullboss 0.22 from airgun depot a few months ago. I was able to shot at 25 yards, every time I can hit half an inch groups. With JSB 18.13 grains I get up to 989 fps. JSB 25.39 grains gives up to 865 fps that is over over 42 foot-pound of energy. I did not do any modification and I am happy the way that it is.
ConsLittle on heavy side but I have no problem with that.
Best UsesTarget shooting, hunting small games and pigs, cayotes, foxes, raccoons etc.
By William
Stratton, Colorado
Hatson Bullboss .22
September 19, 2018
So far i have had my Bullboss 2 days and have put around 200 pellets through it. First gun came scratch on the side and back where the Adjuster are. Its only getting 20 shots per fill thats a little disappointing. For power, it seems to have that i was shooting ground dogs at 110 yards no problem. Cocking was real scatchy oiled and worked it seems to be getting better. The auto safety has stuck 4 times took time to get it to release. Right now hard to give it a good review going to try and find out how to fix the problems and maybe give it a better review.
Conswill answer later
Best Useshunting
By Lance
Rapid City, South Dakota
August 31, 2018
This is an incredible PCP air rifle! I just purchased the 0.22 caliber. Once sighted, the BullBoss is very accurate and has more than enough power for pest control. Magazine is easy to load and the gun is easy to operate with the side-lever. So far, I have not had any pellet jams. Pellet velocity is fairly consistent over 40 shots and filling is easy with a hand pump.
ProsVery accurate and good level of power in the 0.22.
ConsSlightly on the heavy side.
By Jeffrey
Freedom, WI
July 3, 2018
I can not say enough about this rifle! I got mine in 25 cal. for a muskrat issue I was having in my yard, with a 1 acre pond. I topped my BullBoss off with a 6x24 Hawke scope. With the H&N Sport Grizzly 31 Gr. bullets my set up is shooting 1.25" groups at 50 yards and 2" at 100. My best shot on a muskrat was a head shot at 87 yards.
ProsHard hitting and accurate. The Bull Pup is fast handling, and seam lighter then my T44.
Consnone so far
Best UsesSmall game hunting
By James H.
Tacoma, WA
Great Gun for the money
June 30, 2018
This is my second pcp air rifle. I have been shooting the umarex gauntlet in 22 caliber, I purchased the Bullboss in 22 caliber and it has been a pleasure to shoot, the action has been smooth and you never have a double feed problem like the gauntlet will have from time to time. The trigger was easy to set up, you do not have to remove the stock to adjust the trigger. I did add the Hatsan regulator and installed as the Airgun Depot video showed,It works great improved my shot count to 70 shots and overall improved my shot grouping. The Gauntlet is a tight grouping gun but the Bullboss is comparable at 30 yards. The Bullboss is slightly quitter then the Gauntlet, which is a plus for back yard shooting. I have experience shooting high end air rifles and in comparison for the money the Hatsan Bullboss has been just as much fun for the money invested. You get a very smooth side lever action that doesn't double feed, a trigger the average shooter can adjust, a gun that will shoot dime sized groups at 30 yards using Crossman doomed pellets, and its quite enough to be back yard friendly. Overall very happy with my Hatsan Bullboss in 22 caliber from Airgun Depot .
Prossidelever action, no double feed pellets, bullpup design, easy load pellet magazine,
Conscould be a bet lighter, should have a factory regulator installed like the Umarex Gauntlet
Best UsesPest control, backyard target shooting
By Luz M.
my baby
June 24, 2018
I love the way it feels in the hands also it's pretty lights short when ice little places accurate removable air tank also and overall I give it a 10 thank you
By Henry
May 23, 2018
Really enjoying this accurate and quiet air gun
By Brian
Winchester, Virginia
May 9, 2018
I purchased the green Bull Boss from Air Gun depot because Pyramid Air was out of stock and green was the only color they had. Turns out, I actually liked the green rifle better. On the green Bull Boss, I had a Center Point 6x24x50 but I ended up sending the gun and the scope back. Neither one was functioning properly. The turnaround shipping on the replacement gun was almost 2 weeks. Much slower than Pyramid Air. Since I have read very good reviews concerning this guns accuracy and the fact that its a Hatsan, I decided to mount a Hawk Optics Vantage 6x24x44. I did buy the sunshade separately and had to purchase scope shims because the elevation was maxed out. First attempts at scoping in were nothing to scream about. The trigger pull was ridiculous and it had to be adjusted numerous times before I was happy with it. Hatsan triggers are a little tricky and require a little patience but they are very adjustable. Once the trigger was adjusted, I set up at 35 yards with the JSB Match Diabolo .25 Cal- 25.39 Grain pellet. Let me tell you, this gun is a pellet stacker at 35 yards with 1-2 inch groups at 80 yards. My son has the Benjamin Armada.25 Cal with the Green Mountain barrel and this was the most accurate air rifle I have ever shot. My Son says he finally has some competition. Were going to stretch it out to 120 yards and see. I get about 30 shots before I start shooting a little low and that leaves the tank around 1200PSI. My Chrono is broke so I cant give you the FPS. This is a floating barrel attached to a very ergonomic rubber stock with some kind of bands. Not the best platform Ive ever used and I would recommend using a sand bag for stabilization but I have had decent accuracy with the bipod. I dont like the way it has to be filled because when you turn the mechanism to expose the hole to insert the male adapter it has a tendency to turn the air tank, which loosens it. I do like the fact that the air gauge is at the end of the rifle so its very easy to check your air pressure. I havent had any problems loading this one, but I did have problems with the one I returned. This rifle is very easy to load and unload, and its easy to cock. Definitely back yard friendly, is very stealthy. I had my doubts at the beginning because I had so many problems with the first rifle and scope, but this PCP rifle is loads of fun to shoot, very ergonomic with a great weight distribution, its extremely accurate, has a nice stealthy sound, and for 499.00. Youre getting an Armada shooter, disguised as a Bull Boss.

ProsShoots as well as the Benjamin Armada
ConsShooting platform could be better
Best UsesTarget Shooting and small game hunting. Impressing your friends
By Kyle D.
My first reveiw
May 7, 2018
To begin, I bought this gun for my dad, and airgun depot asked me to review it. The gun is actually very good. The gun is fun to shoot. The gun is very accurate. The gun is very quiet. The gun seems very light, but not too light in the shoulder. I have big bore guns, and for the price tag I highly suggest this gun. After you buy yours, will offer you points for a review, like I am right now, and you will feel obligated to have some amazing story how you ended up with the perfect gun.. but save yourself 1500 bucks and hundreds of YouTube hours because the hatsan bullboss is the real deal. Airgunning is a sport we all expect tradeoffs, and it's TRUE that energy is energy. Spread it thin or spread it thick you will love the gun you get. This gun however, is deliberately accurate and sweet sweet sweet to shoulder, but you wont go wrong with many other guns.
ProsThe weight and balance of gun are perfect
ConsCycling pellets, changing magazines in a hatsan requires a bachelor's degree at time
Best UsesGo kill squirrels and raccoons
By Carl
Bristol tn
Pretty good shooter
April 7, 2018
Shoots 25.39 jsbs at 918 to 905 not bad es adjusted hamer about 5/1/2 turns counter clockwise shoots very consistent at 50 yds 1/4 in and better have not tried 100 yds yet.9
ProsGood air gun would recommend
ConsKinda heavy.cant have everything lol
Best UsesVarminter and small game
By Cheng L.
Hatsan Bullboss .22 cal
March 28, 2018
This is not a pallets picky rifle you can just grab any pallets and it will shoot close range like 20 - 30 yards.It's heavy when pick it up but when shoulder you don't feel the weight at all.The rifle has a lot of power and very accurate.To seems to like the JSB 18.13 gr. the most.Even though I had to return it due to the gun report and cocking problems(After 150 or so rounds it won't cock and the gun was loud) I think this gun is a joy to shoot.Will wait for the replacement to come and will see what happen next.
ProsAccurate and power
ConsHeavy.Cocking lever jammed after 150 or so rounds.
Best UsesSmall games hunting and target.
By Nick
Very Good Rifle
December 6, 2017
Just received my rifle today from Airgun Depot. I attached a Hatsan scope using Wheelers Level Blocks. Rifle a bit on the heavy side but it definitely packs a good punch and very accurate too. Sighted it in using a NRA 10m five spot air rifle target and putting hole after hole in the 8ring or better. All in all I highly recommend!
By charles
pcp rookie
November 9, 2017
this hatsan bullboss 25 cal. is my first pcp air-rifle .....and although i have only shot about 150 pellets with it , i am very pleased with it...the rifle is very sturdy and tight....being that this is my first bull-pup rifle , it did not take long to get use to it......i put a leupold vari-x-111 3.5-10 on it....6 shots using h&n crow magnums and it was zeroed......i glued some 68 cal. paintballs to a piece of plywood and at 35 yards ,with a few adjustments , was able to hit six out of 10 shots...i also ordered a regulator for the bullboss , but i have not installed it yet....maybe with the regulator , my hits on 10 paintballs will increase.....i am using the air-venturi mk4 pump to keep the bullboss topped off.....the weight of the rifle has not been a problem so far...but all my shooting has been from a bench....i have not stalk hunted with it......but it only arrived yesterday.....
By Dominick
Great 1st PCP Bullpup
September 30, 2017
I have been a reloader .243 cal, and .22 LR boot action shooter. Problem was trips to the gun range and rising expense of target shootin. So my neighbor turned me on to break barel .22 cal shooting! I was hooked, then saw AGD YouTube on the Hatsan Bullboss and wow am I glad I did! Exceeded my expectation on every count!
Pros1. Accurate 5 shots at 30 meters grouped at dime diameter. At 15 meters half that! 2. Quite “As stated crazy quite” the hits on the steel back stop are the loudest sound! 3. Great handling and ease of operation!
Cons1. Hatsan sling is a cheap clip on and really doesn’t do the rifle quality justice. I’m going to buy my bad boy a upgraded sling to match the guns beauty!
By Terry
Munising Michigan The Great White North
Tack Driver
September 6, 2017
Stop looking at other Bull pups Hatsan hit a home run with this ONE !! The accuracy is outstanding dime sized groups at 65 yards .
ProsForward cocking lever is great for quicker follow up shots . Mags. Load with ease . Now time to buy its brother the .25 cal.
ConsLittle on the heavy side .
By Mike
Great sniper combo
August 11, 2017
I have a few pellet pistols and rifles but this rifle is the quietest one I ever shot. Very accurate, easy to use.
ProsI recommend this set up.
ConsCustomer service screwed me up when I was placing the order. I didn't know what pump tot buy so I could charge it up. They suggested a good hand pump but failed to tell me about the much needed adapter to hook the pump up to the cylinder
By Slammer!!!
Gladstone, Mi. Da U.P.
Worth the Wait!!!
July 29, 2017
New to pcp's and popped my cherry on the Bullboss in .25 cal. I ordered this in a during a Lightning Deal getting a great deal from AGD and had to wait about 3 months as they were on order from Hatsan and there were delays. I'm over it and there were delays from every vendor that carried this and other Hatsan models, not just AGD.
After reading 100's and 100's of reviews and watching every video, I new a lot about this gun and pcp's in general .
Upon recieving it along with the rest of my order ( which by the way was speedy with tracking and delivered when promised) it was packed well and after inspecting I found No issues. Was also impressed buy its solid build and heft. I decided to be patient and do a good thorough once over and check al screws , o-rings and connections including cleaning the factory barrel, which was a wise idea I read from others. Pretty dirty barrel .......pic of dirty patches below.

As other have said, the air cylinder was charged to 200 BAR and ready to go. Pellets seem huge compared to my familiar .177 and look awesome ( JSB Kings 25.39g)
Mounted the bipod and scope (4x16x50 AOL) and set up target at 25 yards to zero. Needed some good tweeking at first , but after about 10 shots I had it doing well and hitting my one inch target (mostly). Did some finer tuning on the scope and had to do my first pump up ( cheap Chinese hand pump I bought online). So far the pump works great and no issues, as well it should.....only been used a few times.
Day 2 I did some more shooting with a better rest but not ideal. Even with a good cross wind and and being a new gun I managed to put a lot of pellet on pellet at 25 yards. Moved to 50 yards and it was shooting a hair higher which surprised me. Dialed it in at 50 yards and made a few scope adjustments and did another pump refill.

To my surprise , my first effort at a group of nine shots at 50 yards was under 1 inch center to center. I was impressed to say the least and can't wait to to shoot from a good solid bench. This was standing resting of the back of a truck sitting on a 5-gal pail.
As other reviews stated .......the sound of the pellet hitting the target IS louder than the gun itself and it sounds powerful!!! The no recoil thing with pcp's is different and pretty damn cool!!! I wouldn't hesitate to take head shots on any small game and feel confident with this gun even being new. This gun is a beast but again as others have said it shoulders well, and although heavy it is well balanced. I see this being my goto for lots of situations and my new hunting buddy........not to mention bragging rights and just the pure DCF........( Damn Cool Factor)!!!
People always ask about hand pumping and I'm sure one day I'll get an electric pump, but, with this gun and straight from the factory without any adjustments it takes about 70 pumps average (70 down strokes) to fill back up to 200 BAR after 18 shots. After 18 shots it is down to about 125 BAR and then I refill and takes about 5 minutes and even work up a little sweat.
Can't wait to see what this gun will achieve after a few thousand rounds and getting used to it. Love this thing already and looking forward to getting better with it.
Also looking to check it with a chrony and do more fine tuning, but for out of the box accuracy without a lot of effort, this gun is an Azzkicker!!!
Slammer from da U.P.
ProsCool gun!!!. Solid build, accuracy, power, smooth cocking, more power, low noise, price point.....did I say Cool???
ConsWeight.......but I'll be using a rest most of the time.
By Doug
Hatsan Bullboss, wood .25 cal
July 19, 2017
Once again let me start by saying that the service I received from Airgun Depot is top notch. The hatsan bullboss with wood stock is a very nice gun. Although I have not check fps yet, you can tell it is hitting very hard. Mine seems to be pretty pellet finicky. Have not found the perfect pellet yet. But JSB's, and Excite copper work pretty well so far. I know the gun is capable of better than 1.5" groups at 40 yards. When I find the right pellet. As for the gun itself the wood stock is very nice. Has picatinny rail for bipod that's good. The trigger on the one I got was horrible, but has improved with use. I think it can be adjusted after removing the stock. I really love the side lever action, but some of the parts look like they may be plastic, but no issues so far. The removable air cylinder is a nice feature, but when screwed in snug still has some play at end of stock. It should have some kind of support there. The adjustable cheek rest is great to obtain optimal eye position on the scope. The clips index well. And the QE moderator makes it very backyard friendly. The gun can be filled with a hand pump to 3000 psi, but you will want a fill bottle. This gun is fun to shoot and you will want to shoot it alot.
ProsGun has plenty of power. Awesome looking gun. Very fun to shoot
ConsShould have a way to adjust trigger without removing stock. A bit on the heavy side. Needs some kind of support for air cylinder at front of stock
By Dale
Jacksonville, FL
Awesome Gun !!!
July 10, 2017
I bought this gun back in November and I've had nothing but fun with this gun. I've showing to my friends, neigbors and my boss, they're all wanting to start to get into airguns. My hats off to Hatsan for making the AT-44 into a bullboss. I took this gun hunting back durning the hunting season and I dropped 3 squirrels before they knew what hit the first one, my dad couldn't believe how quite this gun was and the power and range it has.
I wanted to see how far my gun could reach so I placed a 5 gallon bucket about a 100 yards away and by the 3rd shot I was getting about an inch and 1/2 group. In the pic below the target is a 6x6 at 30 yards and 27 rounds, I was impressed.
I hope you enjoy the pics...
ProsIt is very accurate, holds well in my hands, the range and quiteness.
ConsA little heavy, I wish Hatsan would some how make their guns a little lighter to tote through the woods without sacraficing range, accuracy and power.
By Jeffrey
Hollis, NH
Accurate with the right ammo
June 17, 2017
I just got this gun and only have about 50 rounds through it but with the .22 cal JSB Monster 25gr it is doing sub 1/2" groups at 25 yards.

I love the action and balance.
By Larry g.
Bullboss qe sniper
June 7, 2017
The rifle is everything I could wish , accurate , handles very good,powerful, solid construction. Scope is a perfect shooting this beast,70 yd dead on.
Only complaint my bipod didn't come. With the weaver mounts,just the barrel and AR mount. Call customer service was told a new mount would be sent.?..Nothing yet...three weeks
ProsGreat air gun scope awesome
By gary
waleska, GA
bull boss
June 5, 2017
was a little stiff when i received it ,,a little 3 in one oil goes a long way ,,helps it cock much better and smother
Prosgood shooter ,, fun to paper punch with
Consit will double feed,, if ya dont cock it fully back it will feed a pellet and not shoot till ya cock it all the way at which time it will feed a second pellet,,just remove the clip if this happens and shoot out the first pellet if you catch this about to happen,, if ya double feed ,, i use a cleaning rod to push the pellets back out the barrel and not chance jaming them deeper in the barrel
By anthony
webster, fl
Hatsan BullBoss .25 cal, syn stock version
May 20, 2017
When I first unpacked this monster I could tell that of its hefty weight that the chances were that it had a good possibility of being a straight shooter, and it was. I had also ordered two tins of H&N Grizzly .25 Cal, 31 gr - 150 ct hollowpoint pellets with this. Don't have a chrome so I was not able to get muzzle FPS and was not able to calculate Ft/lbs. I am a long distant shooter and the closer targets are really not my forte'. I usually always start my targets out to at least 50 yards, as I did with this rifle and go from there. I first used the air that was already charged to the rifle and even though the shots were pretty dead on and straight, I could see the pellets fly down range, but still hitting my 8" target. Once recharged to my max pressure I could no longer see the path of the pellets and my accuracy went up. I was able to get off 20 good full power shots before refilling. The sidelever cycle was smooth to chamber the next round. I did find that the safety switch was a little too far forward to engage but still doable. Also, it would of been nice if I could of added a forward barrel strap due to the fact that my barrel has a slight wobble in it if you put some pressure on the barrel ( I do not know if this is common to this rifle). The strap would secure the barrel to the air cylinder. I added a tripod for shooting balance and a red dot scope sighted to 50 yards. This rifle is so much fun to shoot that it is recommended to purchase far more ammo than you usually would. You will go through them quickly. I have the Air Venturi air compressor, so I can shoot all day every day without having to go to the dive shot any more. The best of both worlds! Thanks, Airgundepot!
ProsStraight and hard hitter with the heavier pellets
By Quentin
Santa Maria, CA
May 20, 2017
I Like this rifle. from the bench, One hole per Magazine at 35yards all day long. (JSB Kings). at 50 yards easily a quarter size group, I'm thinking that will tighten up as I get used to the Bull-pup style. Still haven't gotten used to the check-weld yet.. THE PING is too Loud. Yes the pellets fly quietly, the barrel does great at keeping the pellet quiet, but the rapport from the hammer strike right next to your ear is Stupid LOUD. Sucks so bad. The rifle is very accurate and plenty of power. But for pesting will need PING Taming first. and remember it is well balanced to your shoulder, but it's still heavy. I did have some trouble recently when it quit firing, turns out 3/4 turns on the front two screws with the included red-handled allan for the trigger got it shooting again.. SO, got about six charges maybe 200 pellets though it and want to keep on shooting but the PING and the required air PROBE are bothersome. can't we all use foster air supplies.. Something you should know, you'll need an adapter for that probe if using Foster female quick release air supply.
Consheavy, Ping, fill Probe
By Jacque B.
Rapid City, SD
Novice gets needed help.
May 16, 2017
Commendations and thanks to Jason Kirk who walked this novice through setting up the fittings and helped me fill the air tank and the air tube on this gun. Without his help I would have been up the creek. Haven't shot the gun yet, but at least I'm getting the idea and hopefully will soon be a full-fledged PCP gunner.
May 12, 2017
This is the most accurate air rifle I have fired. I have a rimfire trap I used to zero this rifle. It is so quiet when firing that it is interesting to hear the report when the pellet hits the trap. I look forward to getting it in the field and trying it on small game. I read the reviews on this airgun before I selected it for purchase. All of the positive things that were said about this rifle are true. I have not found anything negative issues as yet.
ProsPowerful, accurate and quiet.
By Jeffrey
Hollis, NH
Worked great for 30 shots then...
May 6, 2017
Out of the box with nothing done to the gun (no cleaning or anything) this gun is accurate out to 25 yards. Dime sized groups (just like my AT44-10 Long QE). It's heavy, but it shoulders very nicely and the weight isn't as much of an issue as it is with the AT44. Definitely need high mounts for your scope though to get a better cheek weld.

My biggest problem - after about 30 shots something broke in the gun and I could no longer pull the charging lever back all the way. A little piece of metal that kind of looks like a sear broke off internally and I think this is causing the problem. Luckily, I only had received the gun a week before and it was no issue to return it to AirgunDepot with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that they emailed to me. I sent it back and am just waiting for a new replacement gun to arrive.
ProsAccurate Powerful Nice ergonomics - especially on the charging lever
By Tony
Very nice PCP bullpup!
May 5, 2017
Waited long for this one! Read all reviews and watched all the videos, then AGD ran their special on it, had to finally jump on it in .22! Glad I did, very nice rifle. Mine did not like Crosman HPs (my go to pellet), but LOVES JSB 18.13. I shoot 22 yards and can cover 10 shots with a dime! Works for me. I did clean the barrel when I got it, did some minor trigger adjustments, and HAD to add a depinger! Still testing, this barrel is pellet fussy! I have about 25 pellet types I test with, and so far (about 10 tested) is only accurate with HN Hunter (but not Hunter Extreme???) and JSB. The rest look like a shotgun pattern!
The rifle is fairly well finished, and works smoothly, and I am sure it will get better with time and more pellets (only about 500 shot so far).
My fifth gun from AGD, and they are always efficient and keep customers happy!
After adding 4-16x50 scope, bipod and laser, gun weighs in at about 12+ lbs. HEAVY, but not when shouldered! Balances well and the side cocking lever makes for fast follow up shots. Compared to a custom Benjamin Marauder pistol, this weighs twice as much.
ProsVery good accuracy (when you find the pellet it likes), power! Very good ergonomics and balance.
ConsHeavy (to carry) trigger could be better (still good) maybe after market? Charlie Tuna?
By Wil S.
Virgin Islands
Great Gun!
April 22, 2017
I just love it!! There is not much that I can say at that will cover how nice this gun is.
This is my first PCP but it will not be the last. I opted to pay the extra $100 and got the Walnut stock one in the .25 cal. I am still setting the scope and this being my first gun where I am using the scope it is taking some getting use to. I am not getting them to a close grouping as yet but that is because I am still lining up the scope so I am aiming a bit to the left at the moment. Plus I have only began shooting it yesterday. Hit 7 out of the last 9 on the 2" and 2.5" target.
The gun is very quiet, much quieter than the gas piston crank guns I have had. On my first cylinder I have shoot over 40 shots and it hasn't seemed to fade in power. Plan to refill tomorrow and do a full count. The gun has hardly any kick back and I love the side lever, actually can't wait to try a semi-automatic, I would love to see this gun in a bigger caliber like .357 which is the ideal size that I want.
Hatsan has really out done themselves with this gun.
Bought a cheap scope just to get accustom to scopes plan to buy a good one real soon!
ProsWell Balanced, super powerful and hardly any recoil. Very quiet.
ConsNeeds to come in bigger calibers, at least up to .357 Would have loved if it had its own sights
By Warren B.
Fordland mo.
Hat sun bullboss
April 14, 2017
This is one powerful 25 caliber. Very accurate. Can shoot dandelion Stems at 50 yards. I' like the fact that you can have an extra air cylinder with you. I also like the magazines are inexpensive. Overall really Worth the money!
Pros We could have one Airtube regulated and one not. I would make for the best of both worlds.
Cons The only con I can think of is the weight .it is pretty heavy scoped but it does shoulder nice and I don't mind it.
By Bob
April 12, 2017
Surprised at heft. Much more than I expected. One fine piece.
By gary
new orleans
April 12, 2017
Although I did have to send back ,would not cock after 200 rounds -hammer sear jammed according to Hatsan, I am loving it. This is my first pcp but not my last, hard hitting, accurate. Still trying different pellets so I havn't found best yet. Will get a regulator to get a few more shots per charge as i hand pump, looking at shoebox but waiting to see whats new this year with high pressure compressors. Originally looking into mrod but when I saw the Bullboss in .25cal. game changer! Also looked at Hatsan .30cal breakbarrel Butt no more breakbarrels for me.
Prosonce again hard hitting, accurate
Consonly wish it had storage for extra mags. Damn it has fueled my lust for a big bore, lets see if umarex hammer is all they claim.
By Peter
First PcP, love it.
March 28, 2017
Firstly, this gun is a nail driver. Accuracy is very consistent using JsB exact at .25 cal. Pier is plenty for small game hunting, and it's discrete. Pellet impact is louder than the actual shot.
ConsFrame screws can be loose, I would recommend loctiting before use.
By Anthony
Awesomemess in .25 Cal
March 9, 2017
This is my first bullpup and I absolutely love everything about it.. From it's easy cocking lever mechanism to it's spot on accuracy. I have a UTG 4-16X56 scope mounted on it. Will group anything that I have tried weight wise from dime size to about 3/4 of an inch at 30yrds.
ProsSo far it has loved every type pellet I have tried. The lightest being the H&N Hornet at 23.16 gr and the heaviest being the JSB 33.95 gr. Super accurate and just an all around fun gun to shoot. Even though there have been concerns about the weight, it is balanced to my liking. It's very quiet so it's backyard friendly.
ConsWeight?? Even though it's a bullpup it's weight is comparable to the BT65 series.
By Brett
Buy this gun
February 3, 2017
I love this gun. Gun is very accurate and easy to use. I bought this gun for targets I wanted something hard-hitting that would make steel targets spin . I added some mounts to hold extra magazines and installed a regulator .

ProsHard-hitting and accurate.
Cons None
By william
Tazewell, VA
grate gun
January 31, 2017
I love this gun very accurate out to 50 yards my gun is a 25cal loads of power.
Prosaccurate and powerful
Constop heave with a scope on
By gary
fairmount, IL
A very nice gun
January 2, 2017
I got this in 22. acouple weeks ago. I got it in the kit form.Its my first pcp and wow.It is heavy but not a issue with me.It is a shooter.The venture hand pump that came with it I wouldn't mess with. Save yourself acouple of hundred dollors and put it on a air tank.I got two kit guns at the same time and both venture pumps would not pump.Had to wait for my tank to come in to shoot.
ProsGun is user friendly and just a joy to shoot.
ConsNothing about the gun but sell the kit with a hill pump
By Maxx
Great Airgun
December 28, 2016
This gun is slightly heavy, but when shouldered it doesn't feel that heavy.It has serious accuracy... Same hole at 30 yards. The auto safety is weird to get around, but shooting the gun easily gets you used to that. The .25 I've got has huge power and deadly accuracy.
ProsAccuracy, power, stability
ConsHeavy, auto safety
By David S.
December 21, 2016
The Hatsan Bullboss is very accurate. Getting an average of 27 shots before loosing accuracy. It takes 98 pumps with the hand pump to refill back to 2900lbs. Great for bench shooting. A good bit heavy for hunting.
ProsAccuracy is awsome. The look is sporty! The trigger has some travel but still smooth.
ConsFor me the weight is the only con.
By Robert
Fernley, Nevada
Hatsan .25 cal vs Evanix Rex 357
December 1, 2016
I can't wait until my new ordered Evanix Rex 357 gets here. I will be conducting a powers test. I would like readers to give me their
opinion, which of the 2 Hatsan 25 cal or the Evanix Rex 357, do you believe have the most punch?
I will inform Airgun, of my test results, and according to the results of the feedback and my test results, I will be purchasing one more of
determined winner, or I may even purchase the Sam Yang 357, and give my opinion on which of the three is the best,
at which time, I will be purchasing the winner of the 3 guns.
ProsCurrently I can't give an opinion until I have the results of what I'm looking for. I can say thave fired the Hatsan . 25 cal, and I love the hidden power you feel when firing. This is not a BB Gun for sure. It's not one of those Walmart in the box guns either, When you actually fire one, just like any weapon, the Hatsan 25 cal demands respect. The very time you loose respect for this gun, will be the time you regret disrespecting this gun and not giving it the proper attention. I'm not rushing any of my testing, regardless of how much I want to move to the next gun testing. I'm very serious about my investments, because these investments will be handed to my children and hopefully grandchildren.
ConsNA as yet. The Cons are depending on my testing results. Of course I would recommend all my purchased items to a friend, but the factors of time, proficiency, and possible other undiscovered elements may change my mind.
By Richard S.
Chicago, ill
Great purchase.
November 21, 2016
Item is as described. Very reliable very accurate. If I had to rate the Red Dot scope I would give it a four star. The rifle tell his fantastic.
ProsEasy to fill tube easy to load ammo cartridge.
ConsIf you're going to be perched in one spot hunting game. I would recommend a tripod as it isn't the lightest rifle to carry around all day.
By Greg s.
Most accurate Hatsan
November 21, 2016
This is not only a powerful .25, but an absolute tack driver. Tuned up to 900 fps with 31.02 gr H&N Baracuda pellets. 1/4" Ctc groups at 25 yards. A bit heavy, still get 3 magazines ( 27 shots) off of a fill. Power peaks around shot 5-7. Last 2 shots are around 700 fps. Can't wait to take it coyote hunting. I mounted a 2-24X50 AO scope. Perfect for this rifle.
ProsShort powerful Accurate
ConsMine does not like light weight pellets, nor H&N Grizzly pellets. But it shoots the H&N Baracuda well, who cares!
By John
Lockport New York
Nothing like my other 2 Hatsan's
November 21, 2016
I think it's a great idea but needs some work the amount of corners cut to save money on what still is a 600.00 gun is not for me. I guess I'm the type who believes 600.+ is still a lot of money !
ConsStock , mount and rails all poorly made plus the air cylinder seems miss shaped
By Doug
First PCP
November 21, 2016
Well built gun. Shoulders well with a very good balance and enough weight to be stable in my hold. Mine is .25 and it hits hard. Punched a clean hole through a 1" piece of HDF from 5 yards.
ConsThe instruction manual is for the Gladius and is poor at best. When you spend $619 on a pop airgun you should at the very least get a manual for the gun you purchased. AirgunDepot should consider making a set of instructions for the Bullboss.
By Preacher
Freeport, NY
So far so good
November 21, 2016
This is a fantastic gun. Its accurate and powerful. I love the fact that it is a cartridge loaded firearm. The scope is excellent and the bi pod is very utilitarian. I haven't had an opportunity to shoot at any real distance yet but hopefully over the thanksgiving holiday I'll get an opportunity to stretch its range.
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
Best Hatsan I have!
November 20, 2016
I have several Hatsan rifles. I have 2 Carnivor s. 2 AT44 QE in .25, both the long and regular. The Bull Boss is more accurate, tuned to 875 fps with H&N Baracuda pellets, and shoots one hole groups at 25 yards. AY 44 cocking made even easier with the extension on the lever. The trigger isn't as good as the AT 44's or the NT 65 Carnivor, but the Boss is a heck of a powerful, accurate, hard hitting rifle. I still get 27 shots on a 3000 psi file with only a 27 fps spread in velocity. Over 45 fpe for all the shots. Tha's with a 41.02 gr pellet! Like my other .25 Hatsan, it does not like the H&N Grizzly pellets, and the groups do open up with the Pylarm 18.4 gr pellets. Benjamin pellets were no winner either. Haven't tried the Baracuda extreme hunter, or my Skenko hollow point or Big boys yet. I mounted a 6-24X50 AO scope, it was worth it! This is my favorite rifle now. Best rifle they have made so far. Although give me until after Christmas and I will have to try the new Nova.
ProsEasy to tune Great power Great accuracy Short easier to carry, especially with the sling.
ConsAlways want more power! Heavy A Turkish Walnut stock would be nice
By Kevin
Dundalk, MD
mine came damaged from fed ex
November 13, 2016
I received mine about 6-7 days ago, my daughter accepted the delivery from fedex and did not notice the outer box was really damaged ( not the fault of A.G. Depot ) but when I got it,I did and it was to late to refuse the shipment .So I was really hoping that when I took it out of the Hatsan box and put together it would be O.K but it wasn't, it was damaged and the scope would not zero either up or to the right without shimming
and the fill port on the cocking lever side would tear up the fill probe -o- rings but the fill port opposite side worked perfectly, So the rifle can be damaged if not handled properly.
So you probably wonder why I gave it 5 stars?
Well even with all that had to be done to start shooting this rifle ,it was drop dead accurate.( even after scope shimming both scope rings ).
Also A.G. Depot has a good return policy and good support, So as of this writing I am awaiting a return shipping label as to exchange this.
It is a drag when something like this happens but it looks like fedex played soccer with my shipping box and it shows and it affected the gun in a big way.
It is starting to get cold here in MD. and I would not have returned this but it was expensive for me ( disabled fixed income) and I didn't want any problems to pop up down the road after the return period ended.
So I hope the weather is warm when the replacement arrives so I can take it out in the yard to zero it in.
I don't mind the wait ,I do mind the shippers poor care of the packages they are charged with delivering, tsk, tsk., tsk.,
ProsGun still was extremely accurate even with scope ring shimming ( front for bringing it right & rear for height & still have turret adjustability )
ConsTrigger a little heavy on the pull ,but can be adjusted by turning the rifle upside down and using a long set of metric allen wrenches to adjust the trigger . The last hole behind the oblong hole is for weight of pull and uses the larger allen wrench ,but I found the trigger fine the oblong hole has your 1st & 2nd stage leghnth of pull adjustments they use very small metric alen wrenches and I would be careful adjusting this trigger if you do not understand how it works and how over adjusting any of the 3 stages could negatively effect your gun then you will be sending it back to Hatsan U.S.A. for repair at your expense
By Harry
Show low, arizona
September 20, 2016
Hatsan bullboss .25 cal PCP air rifle I purchased few weeks ago. Very powerful and accurate. I love this air rifle. I am very satisfied with its performance. If anyone wants to get into air rifle, this one is inexpensive and solid. I would purchsse another at later date.
ProsAccuracy and powerful. Easy to carry and compact.
By Joe B.
Santa Cruz California
Hatsan BullBoss
September 13, 2016
This rifle is a beast! Shooting this 25 cal compared to my 22 cal Mrod is like night and day. I shot a squerel at about 50 yards and spun his little butt around several times and there was no getting up. The power is almost that of a big bore. And its accurate also, however, there are some things that are inevitable when you buy an inexpensive mass produced gun. Like the one I purchased has some issues with advancing the magazine sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. And its a little on the heavy side enough to where i went and bought a lighter (cheaper) bipod which is frutrating when you're used to a nice pair! But all things considered its a very fun rifle to shoot. And did I mention the power...oh yes I did at 4 feet away a JSB king almost past all the way through a 2x4! Now thats power leathal power so be careful this is no toy!
ProsGreat rifle for the price, Very powerfull, Accuracy is good.
ConsSomewhat heavy, Might come with a few flaws but maybe not you never know nothing that cant be fixed if you're handy like that.
By Dave
Clifton, Virginia
Love this thing!
September 12, 2016
Bought this a couple of months ago and love it. Shoots 3/4 inch groups at 50 yards. Trigger is not my favorite, but is not bad - especially for a bull pup. It's very quiet and very powerful. It pings a lot, it seems to me. From what I hear, that's easy to fix though. Dare I mention that it is heavy? I wrote an earlier review and mentioned that fact, and that may be why my review never showed up here. It's a little heavy, and its configuration makes it kind of awkward to carry, but with a sling that's not such a big deal. The manual that came with it was for the Gladius, for some reason. I get confused sometimes with loading the clip, and can't always tell if I've loaded a pellet. I've had a few double loads, for some reason. It also appears there's no way to decock it once there is a pellet in the chamber. Minor problems really, and maybe not for people less spacy than me. This gun was a great bargain, in my book. I spent half what I paid for my tricked or AR, and I enjoy it ten times as much. I can shoot it any time in my back yard without worrying or annoying the neighbors.
ProsReally accurate. Hits hard. Quiet. Not a stupid single shot like my Air Force Talon. Cheap to buy a second air cylinder. Cheap regulator available.
ConsA little bit heavy.
By william d.
volant pennsylvania
more than i expected
August 29, 2016
the gun came and I put it all togeather and went out and only took a few shots to sight it in. one fine shooting gun ten shots in a size of a dime/
Proslove every thing about the gun
Conshad to take the cheek rest off so I could see in the sight with out moving my head all a round.
By Loran S.
Monroeville, PA
You asked!
July 18, 2016
The gun ins heavy. I have not had a chance to use it yet since I must save enough to purchase a pump for it. One thing at a time. But, thank you for asking. Loran
By Denis
New Orleans, la
Tack Driver
July 10, 2016
Shoots great and very accurate.
ProsCompact and accurate
ConsLong trigger pull and a bit heavy but when it is shouldered it feels good
By MattMac
Nashville, Tennessee
Great Airgun
July 1, 2016
I ordered this from Airgun depot Monday night. I received it Wednesday. Right out of the box this gun is solid, I use a Benjamin hand pump so if you do also make sure you buy the air Venturi quick connect adapter. Oh and this rifle from Airgun depot came fully charged!!! My synrod and discovery came empty from another supplier. She holds air, she's built like a tank, super solid, you can get extra air cylinders along with regulators. This pup can go a long way. So my first magazine at 30 yards was about an inch or so. I swapped my Hawke from my synrod on it using the same high mounts and I didn't have to Tenerife my scope or anything. That kind of blew my mind. So this group is the third magazine I shot out of it.!its a 3 inch shoot n c target I stuck on some of those cheap rubbery floor tiles which crack and break off in big chunks, if I had put the target on wood the hole would've been a lot smaller. But this picture is 10 shots at a rough 45 yards give or take a couple feet. .22 bullboss and jsb 18.13
ProsWell built-solid Super accurate out of the box Great on the shoulder 2 magazines Sling Sling mounts Pica tinny on the bottom, dovetail on top Replaceable cylinders Amazing side lever
ConsHeavy, but it shoulders well so it doesn't feel as heavy With my high rings and Hawke 50mm objective lense it doesn't fit in the hard case I have for my marauder so I'm going to have to find something it fits in
By Lee
bennettsville sc
excellent bullpup
July 1, 2016
i get 22 good shots from 2900psi to 1850psi starting at 900fps up to 924fps and back down to 902fps before the next shot falls under 900fps with jsb 25.39gr kings the only thing that confuses me is why hatsan uses steel for all the parts that could be aluminum which would allow the gun to be a couple of pounds lighter and more user friendly and accuracy is excellent one hole at 20 yards all day long dead on at 20 and back to zero at 50yds every range inbetween is around a 1/2" high
Prossmooth mechanics,accurate and plain fun to shoot good balance
Constoo heavy when it did not have to be aluminum is only a couple of bucks higher in price
By Randy H.
Dayton Ohio
What a beast
June 26, 2016
I purchased this gun about 2 weeks ago and I must say I really am impressed with everything about it.Straight out of the box it's hitting hard and accurate I have already taken 3 ground hogs at 50 plus yrds with head shots dropped them on the spot.The boss is quite and very comfortable to shoot plus I can't forget about its great looks man is it sweet.Having owned both a Benjamin marauder and a air force condor I must say that in my opinion this gun is better than both.The Bullboss really shoots the JSB 25 grain very well I hope this helps those looking to purchase this beast .
ProsEverything about this pup is nice.
By Brian
chico, ca
Ratings and reviews for owners of this gun, don't rate if you don't own it, moron!
June 17, 2016
Annoying has heck to see people rate something they don't even own. If you don't own it, don't comment (unless you're calling some idiot out for doing the aforementioned, ha!)...
ProsRatings from actual owners help people make decisions on purchasing
ConsRatings from blowhards who want to throw their two cents in on something they know nothing about, aside from what they've read on keyboard warrior duty, are no help to anyone.
Malabar Florida
Very nice example of what the people want.
May 14, 2016
Looks to have all the right pieces and features for what I hear the American Air Gunner is wanting. Nice layout with the handle upfront. Good shot count. Does Not say whether it is regulated or not. Nor is fill pressure listed. Would like to see a wood stock option. I am not into the black gun look. And a decent price. Should sell well if it can shoot.
And I still compare all guns to the USA made Benjamin Marauder. I wonder how a gun made in the USA can be sold for so much less than any of these foreign made guns. Especially with the strength of the dollar.
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