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Hatsan Piledriver

Available in .510, .457, Powerful Big Bore
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When you think of Hatsan, you think of power, and that's exactly what you get with the Hatsan PileDriver PCP air rifle. This big bore bad boy delivers over 700 FPE in .45 caliber and over 800 FPE in .50 caliber, making it an absolute leader in the airgun market. That's definitely enough power to take down any game you'll find in North America, and there are YouTube videos out there to prove it. This bullpup rifle manages to provide all of that power using a 33" barrel while coming in at just under 47" total length. It has a large single shot loading port that can handle ammo up to 34mm long and cocks easily with a long sidelever. Although the Hatsan PileDriver is fairly heavy at 10 pounds, that weight is mostly centered thanks to the bullpup design. It has a 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 300 BAR, which gives you 4-6 shots in the .45 cal and 3-5 shots in the .50 cal before velocity and POI are suboptimal. The PileDriver PCP has an elevation and angle adjustable buttpad to go with its elevation adjustable locking cheek piece, giving you maximum comfort and repeatable sight alignment. It also features an ergonomic synthetic advanced polymer thumbhole stock with an all-weather pistol grip. Hatsan has included their two stage adjustable Quattro trigger, so whether you're out in the field shooting big game or out at the range shooting paper, this rifle gives you precision to go along with best in class power.

Hatsan Piledriver Features

  • Available in .45 (.457) and .50 (.510) caliber
  • 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • 300 BAR (4,350 PSI) Fill Pressure
  • Precision Rifled Barrel 
  • Bullpup Design
  • Quattro Trigger
  • Long Sidelever for easy cocking action
  • Synthetic Thumbhole stock with adjustable cheekpiece 
  • Angle and elevation adjustable buttpad
  • 11mm dovetail/weaver combo scope rail
  • 3 Picatinny accessory rails mounted around the air cylinder
  • Utilizes a fill probe threaded to 1/8" BSPP
  • Large loading port accomodates ammo up to 34mm long
  • 4-6 shots in .45 cal, 3-5 shots in .50
  • 700 FPE in .45 cal, 800+ FPE in .50
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .510
  • Velocity 850 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 10.00
  • Overall Length 46.50
  • Barrel Length 33.00
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 1
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 5
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action Single-Action
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By RyanUSAMay 17, 2022

Customer service may take some time to reach back out, but as long as you are friendly and patient you'll have no problems. If prompted to buy this or the Texan, I would choose this because of it looking great and having a solid build quality.

Accurate Hard hitting Perfect for big game hunting High pressure bottle is away from user's head (compared to Texan)

It is quite loud so bring hearing protection or use a moderator Heavy to carry but great for aiming (the weight is in the back making it easy to maneuver the barrel)

By NealApril 19, 2022

After finding correct ammo 51cal. I'm shooting a quarter size group at a hundred yards and can use between 235 grain (coyote) to 535 moose bear and other beasties just drop! Really dependable!


By RandyUSAMarch 9, 2022

Heavy and long but accurate. I have the 45 cal and I use 457 for below 400 grain and 454 for anything over 400 grain

Very powerful. Shoots through 6" of wood and destroys the back of the wood. Well balanced and easy to shoot without a stand or bipod, although it is very heavy and long. Very accurate. Very easy to load. I have the 45 cal and I use 457 for below 400 grain and 454 for anything over 400 grain

Make it quieter

By StephenApril 5, 2021

Powerful! Hogs and ‘yotes hate it! Loves NSA 350gr bthp and for hunting the 348 gr Knurled BTHP is the bees knees. The adj trigger and cheekrest are a great feature. Pic mounts galore! I would attribute other complaints on accuracy to the ammo. I tried others and had bad luck as well, but the NSA’s are spot on. Loud! Add a DonnyFL Emp w extension for sure. +\- 500 rds and not one issue. Very comfortable to shoot, and does not feel as heavy when shouldered. Sidelever is somewhat stiff, but understandably so with a heavy hammer spring. It does smooth out with use.

Needs a 20 MOA rail adapter or rings for some scopes. Also need a long case for it!

By LawrenceUSAJanuary 13, 2021

Powerful rifle

Not accurate at all, Shot at 50 to 100 yards with numerous bullets, the best pattern I could hold was about eight or 9 inches

By BernardUSADecember 3, 2020

For large game this 45 or the 50 cal it the ticket for taking the game

This 45 cal air rifle shoot a .457 cal pellet. It is very powerful and I found it shoots the Boat Tail HP 350gn very accuratelly. This rifle in 45 cal will take down almost anything. It is well made and a bit heavy. The stock is very adjustable even the butt pad.

It is Loud. I put a DonnyFL Moderator on it with the extra chamber and it quited it down. With the moderator it is very long.

By melvin dienerDecember 1, 2020

little exspensive but in long run u will love it

shoots good hits hard not to much recoil

find right ammo 457 size works best. site in with 3 dif boxs 260 gr-350 gr- 411gr. 260 sucked 48shots all over. went to350 dead nuts 411 dead nuts only real prob this thing is b------- to pump by hand. but i did it. 6 times not like my other big bores. this 1 will work u out. but its worth it . see after u shoot it

By JohnUSANovember 18, 2020

Hatson website crashes every time you use it. Phone contact with customer service refers you to the website or let you leave a message if you have no internet service. Not much help when they don't reply to messages. Make's getting parts impossible. Wish I had bought a different brand.

Great Gun

Very Heavy, Hatsun support non-existent.

By onedererUSAJuly 20, 2020

It is important to inform the customers that there are two diameters relating to 50 caliber airguns. The Air Force Texan requires the ammo to be .501", and this also applies to the Hatsan, and Umarex Hammer. Actually these airguns are .510 diameter caliber. A little bit larger than the .5 caliber rifles. The regular 50 caliber ammo, will just slide down the barrel of the .510 barrel, and down to the floor. The ammo for the regular 50 caliber, is smaller than .50" It is .49X". Be careful! I received ammo for the smaller size 50 cal. but the ammo was measured as: .396X". This looks like 45 cal ammo, and not fit for 50 cal. usage. It is important that you measure what you bought. No wonder my shots were taking a vacation! The ammo was flying with the air cushion passing around it while rushing out of the the barrel. It was also bouncing up and down in the barrel's walls.

See below:

Inform the customers the difference between the two different sizes for 50 caliber ammo, and which guns they apply to. Apply the diameter of the ammo, on the ammo box so there is no expensive mistakes on the purchases or errors in selection(s).

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What is the weight in 50 cal ?

asked Benjamin Reese

Is the .50 cal gonna be set up to shoot arrows and why not if it isn't

asked William from USA

The Hatsan piledriver and hammer are both .50 BMG not the .50 you are used to. Being that the airbolts are meant for standard .50 cal sizes (.492 to .498) i would doubt that it would seal well enough to fire an air bolt.

kyle from USA

No. It's a big bore rifle made to shoot pellets/bullets.

Ryan from USA

Loading force required?

asked Paul from USA

Very easy to load. I have the 45 cal and I use 457 for below 400 grain and 454 for anything over 400 grain

Randy from USA
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