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Hawke Sport HD Scope Review

Hunting at night always presents challenges, even when you use a scope with illuminated recticle. In this video, experienced airgunner Tyler, examines the Hawke Optics Sport HD scope with High Definition (HD) coatings & illuminated glass etched Mil Dot reticle to see if it makes it any easier to hunt at night. Check it out below.

This is a Community Review of the Hawke Optics Sport HD Scope by Tyler Patner. The author of the following review are in no way affiliated with Airgun Depot. The views expressed below are personal opinion only.
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Video Transcript

Welcome to Airgun Depotís product spotlight, Iím Tyler Patner and today we will be looking at the Hawke Sport HD IR 4-12x50 scope. This is a very nice multipurpose scope from Hawke Sport Optics that has recently undergone some upgrades at the factory. I must say, Hawke hit the nail right on the head with this updated version, so letís take a look at the robust features of the Hawke Sport HD!

Letís begin with one of the new upgrades that Hawke has made to this scope, the windage and elevation turrets. The new adjustment turrets are a low profile turret that makes adjusting your point of impact much easier than the older style. The 1/4 MOA clicks are nice and crisp as well.

Like all Hawke scopes, the Sport HD series is spring gun rated, so have no fear when mounting it on any of the springers in your collection.

The Sport HD features a front wheel adjustable objective, that moves smoothly and accurately. The scope can adjust from about 9 yards to infinity which is perfect for any airgun situation. As with all lower powered scopes, it does not range find very well past 50 yards, but since most airgunners are going to be using this at ranges under 50 yards, you can have confidence in the AO wheelís readings on distance to your target.

One of the biggest selling points on this particular version of the Sport HD is the 50mm objective lens. It lets in a ton of light, giving you the clearest and brightest picture possible. The one downside to the 50mm objective is that you MUST use high mounts and may even have to take the rear sightís off of some of your rifles.

Weighing in at just over 18 oz, the 4-12x50 is not the lightest scope in the game, you can attribute that to the 50mm objective as well.

Probably the biggest upgrade that most will notice right away is the reticle. Hawke has changed this scope from a wire reticle to a glass etched reticle. This not only makes your cross hairs thinner but also should prove to be a bit more durable as well. As you can see, the scope features a fine mil dot reticle that is very useful for tricky shots in the wind or when you need to give a shot some hold over or under to take out your target!

One of the features I was unsure about on this scope was the Illuminated Reticle (IR). Having owned the older wire reticle version, I knew that the IR had a tendency to splash and create this color ring around the outside of the picture that really messed with my focus on the target. But Hawke managed to centralize the IR on just the mil-dot portion of the reticle which leaves no color splash. While it does add some weight to the scope, this may be an essential feature for the night hunters out there. Having used it in total darkness on a hunt myself, I can say that it does come in handy for getting the most accurate shot possible on nocturnal game.

The 4-12 magnification range is very useful for target shooters and hunters alike. It gives you more than enough power for long range shooting but also allows you to dial it back for easier target acquisition while hunting. What I like most about this magnification coupled with the new glass etched reticle is that I did not see too much of my target get covered by the reticle, even when using 4x magnification. The Sport HD Mil-dot series scopes feature 3 different magnification levels, 2-7, 3-9, and 4-12. They also come in different objective lens sizes so you can choose one that will fit you and your gun the best.

Overall, my impression of the new and improved 4-12x50 Sport HD is very good. I really enjoyed this scope for its crisp glass etched, mil dot reticle and the new adjustment turrets. The Sport HD gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars from me. Optical clarity is a 5, Ergonomics is a 4, Accuracy gets a 5, and build quality gets a 4.5. If you are in the market for a new mid powered scope that wonít break the bank, give the 4-12x50 AO Sport HD scope from Hawke a close look!

For more on the Hawke Sport HD series scopes and the full line of Hawke optics, check out Iím Tyler Patner and this is Airgun Depotís product spotlight, thanks for watching and have a great day!
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