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Air Venturi MK4 Kit by Hill Hand Pump, Up to 4500 PSI

Up to 4,000 PSI
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Hill has improved their Mk4 hand pump by extracting even more air from each stroke- making this pump more efficient than the competition and requiring fewer strokes than you'd need with other hand pumps. With over 170 years of commercial pump production to their credit- Hill's hand pump is synonymous with high quality and fine workmanship. If you've worn out other pumps- you owe it to yourself to get a Hill pump -- and stop the cycle of worn out pumps. These pumps are easy to field-strip and quick to reassemble. Airgun writer Tom Gaylord has had a Hill pump for over a decade and has stated on many occasions that it's finest pump he's ever used.

Air Venturi MK4 Kit by Hill Hand Pump Features
  • 3-stage pump
  • Up to 4500 psi/310 bar
  • Gen 4 requires less effort than Gen 3
  • Field-stripped in 5 minutes for each maintenance
  • Dry-Pac system removes 90% of harmful moisture
  • Dry Pack quick-disconnect for easy storage
  • Includes Dry-Pac and a 17.50" hose ending with 1/8" BSPP female threads
  • Female Foster Quick Disconnect adapter included
  • Manufactured and hand-assembled in England
  • Each unit 100% tested by Hill before packing and shipping
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  • ManufacturerHill
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypePCP PUMPS
  • Warranty5-year limited warranty
  • Weight4.00
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By TobyUSAMay 12, 2020

My arthritic father (73) cannot work this pump, but I knew that. I can work it smoothly up to my Urban's psi, but it is a workout to get those last 5-750 psi. I'm only dinging it one star for that because I need the exercise anyway. Assuming it doesn't break down the second time I fill the gun (or preferably, ever) I think this is a solid pump.

Easy to assemble. Works with Gamo Urban right out of the box (no extra connectors needed). Pumps up to more than I need, so it gets the job done. Feels sturdy, handle is steel wrapped in a pleasantly squishy grip.

No way around it: it's a hand pump.

By TedUSAFebruary 6, 2020 Verified Purchase

There's a reason most videos skip the actual pumping of tanks. If your'e new like me, you need to have a "Air Venturi Double Male Quick-Disconnect Coupling." In order to have use of this thing to try and fill a small tank.

No electricity, No problem. Sturdy Easy assembly

Pump tube heats up, don't worry though by then your'e too tired to continue so take a break or risk wearing out the seals. The area where you place your feet is plastic but it hasn't broke yet.

By RobertUSAJanuary 9, 2020 Verified Purchase

Air Venture MK4 received. I bought this hoping that it would be the required motivation that my gym membership could not provide and has failed at getting me out of this seating position that i have been in for numerous years now. Yes you need to pump pretty darn hard towards the end but it really is motivational and great too know once i fill the bottle the reward will soon follow!

Pro's - Easy to put together. Very well made pump. If your going to get a hand pump it is important to get a top notch pump, modernized version, reputable unit like this one is. Don't try and save a few bucks on something like this. It will bite you in the end.

Con's - The plastic base that you place your foot on seems a little on the thin side compared to the rest of the parts on this pump. It has NOT broken or cracked i am just filling in this con's section with the observation that you might have when you open the box. That said: With the new plastics materials that continually pop up. The plastics built in durability very well could outlast me! I can see it now......... you will be bidding on this otherwise sturdy pump with a PERFECT INTACT foot pad at the garage sale that my kid has in order to pay for my wooden box and patch of grass on the near by hill.............time will tell. lol

By ScottUSAJanuary 2, 2020 Verified Purchase

One of the better pumps i have used

Quality pump

By MunchUSADecember 24, 2019 Verified Purchase

This is the only pump I have ever had, so I really can't compare it to others. I does however function flawlessly. It is easy to pump, I can do 150 pumps in about 5 minutes, which takes my Umarex Gauntlet from under 2000 psi to 3000 psi. The plastic base is made from a very strong plastic, and I have no worries that it might break.

Well made, efficient.


By StephenDecember 2, 2019 Verified Purchase

Works well with good air dryer. Plastic base looks shady but it has held up for several refills.

Easy to top off tank with

Plastic base

By BradUSAOctober 28, 2019 Verified Purchase

I bought my first PCP marauder which wasn’t cheap but I did not want to spend more money on a bottle or a compressor that was more than my rifle. From 2000psi to 3000psi it takes about 80-100 pumps. I find it very easy to pump. I do take breaks and feel to make sure the pump isn’t getting too warm. I recommend this to anyone who is first getting into PCP

By David L.October 25, 2019 Verified Purchase

We use this pump to test some of our scientific products. This pump works perfect!

By Elmont USAOctober 23, 2019 Verified Purchase

Pumping is harder than I imagined but it does the job. I’ve learned to use my pump more as a top off then a refill to save time on the range. Overall I’m pleased with this product

By MikeJune 17, 2019 Verified Purchase

Ok I first bought the Airforce 3 stage pump to recharge my Condor SS .25 cal. I have to say the last 500 PSI from 2500 to 3000 was not fun it took around 115 pumps to go from 2500 to 3000 and I really had to drop my weight on the pump to make it there. I also have a 100 C.I. fill tank “Guppy” I found out after a little research I should have gotten the Air Venturi MK 4 for two reasons 1. It has air filter, 2. It will pump up to 4500 PSI the Airforce would only go up to 3500 which would not allow me to refill my fill tank to 4500 PSI, also after a little checking I really felt the need for the moisture filter.... so I contacted AirGun Depot and made the exchange for the Air Venturi MK4 and I can not believe the difference to go from 2500 to 3000 on the Condor take 75 to 80 pumps and the effort is no problem at all. I have changed my mind about getting a compressor for now as the pump is no problem at all even topping off my 4500 PSI Guppy is easier than topping off my Condor to only 3000 PSI with the Airforce pump. It makes me think the Airforce pump was defective because there was so much difference in the two pumps. I pain on getting a Texan .45 and I will get a compressor then, but until then I really don’t need one.

Much easier to use than other pumps, the moisture removal is a must. topping

The only thing I didn?t like over the other pump is the foot pad is plastic I am old school and metal is better in my book, hopefully time will prove me wrong.

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Wondering if this will work with a Umarex Gauntlet .25, and what parts I would need to make it work. Thank you.

asked John from USA

Thank you Mark!

John from USA

The Hill MKIV will hook right to the Gauntlet.

Mark from USA

Hi there, I’d like to know if this pump will have enough power to fill a FX wildcat MX 3 cal. 30 and if so, what adapter will I need? Any suggestions will be appreciated ??

asked Edward from USA

The hand pump will fill the Wildcat. The hose end needs this adapter Air Venturi Foster Female Quick-Disconnect... $19.99

Mark from USA

I have a Benjamin Marauder .25 cal rifle and a Benjamin Marauder pistol. I have went through 3 Benjamin Pumps in less than 8 months. I am going to try the best now. What additional auxiliary connections will I need for this pump to work? And if not the Hill Pump MK4 what do you recommend for a solution for my problem?

asked Willie Harper from USA

You should not need any other adapters to pump up your Marauder. The pump has a female Foster fitting which should work on the male Foster fitting on your Marauder.

Sidney from USA

You won't need any adapters if you get an air ventri g6

Wyatt from USA
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