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H&N Grizzly .25 Cal, 31 gr - 150 ct

H&N Grizzly .25 Cal, 31 gr - 150 ct

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  • Code: 96325003101 · 0.25 cal · 31 gr · 150 ct
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  • .25 caliber
  • 31 grains
  • Hollowpoint
  • 150ct

Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • Ammo Weight31 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity150
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H&N Grizzly .25 Cal, 31 gr - 150 ct   $7.49
25 Reviews
44% (11)
16% (4)
20% (5)
16% (4)
4% (1)
76% Recommend this product (19 of 25 responses)
By william
bath, new york
October 30, 2018
Work great
I am using these in an airforce condor, find the right setting and these are dead on accurate. I am very impressed.
ProsVery accurate .. carry a good punch in 25 cal.
ConsNothing wrong with these pellets for a Condor.
Best UsesHunting, Target
By michael
tallahassee, FL
August 16, 2018
H/N Grizzly.25 cal. Pellet
These are really hard hitting pellets. I fire them out of my Hatsan Vortex Edge. They group well at 50feet. Hit really hard and expand well upon impact. They look more like a bullet than a pellet. Iā€™ve taken out a coyote with one headshot with this pellet at 75feet. Dropped him in his tracks. Because of its shape it does not perform as well at greater distances but at 50 feet itā€™s a good pellet.
ProsHeavy hard hitter
ConsNot good for distance shooting but that may be the rifle Iā€™m using
Best UsesSmall to medium game at close range. Exploding water bottles.
By Kevin Cox
July 26, 2018
Streamline .25
Gun didn't like them it would put 3 in 1.5 group at 40 but would sling the other 50 % around the paper as far as 3 inches away from the group
ProsGreat look just didn't group in my gun
Best UsesGuns other then streamline
By Paul
Alexandria, VA
October 29, 2017
For me only good at 25 yards
I had high hopes for these, but unfortunately they just don't shoot great out of my Hatsan AT44S-10 QE they would be pretty devastating at 25 yards, but for me they were very erratic behond 30 yards and at 85 yards they were all over the map. It looked like they were tumbling at long range. I agree with the other person who said get the JSB Heavy instead. Still worth trying as they may work for you if you have a different gun. Name: Grizzly 31g Shots: 9 Average: 736 FPS SD: 3 FPS Min: 732 FPS Max: 741 FPS Spread: 9 FPS Power Factor Average: 23 Power Factor Low: 23 Power Factor High: 23 Barometric Pressure: 30.3 inHg Temperature: 63F Weight: 31 grains
ProsNice exspansion of the hollow point into clay block at 30 yards.
ConsDid no perform great in the Hatsan AT44S-10 QE
By Aaron
August 9, 2017
Wow These hit hard and fit snug
ProsQuality finish Value MASS!
ConsLead? Lol
By Nick
minersville PA
July 24, 2017
dont believe the bad reviews these once got!!
when these first came out i was impressed with what i saw and was going to order some to try. while placing order i read reviews that said they dont group good...yadda yadda i didnt....boy was that a mistake. when i did get some to try my .25 synrod absolutely loves these. every bit as good as i thought they may be. 3/4 inch groups at 50yds from my synrod...with out really trying...and boy do they hit with a "WACK" no doubt it you hit your target.
Prosaccurate, good BC, cycle well
Consmust check them over seldom get bad ones but it happens. wish they came in a bigger tin so i dont have to order them as
By Thomas
Bay Shore, NY
July 12, 2017
.25 Cal Grizzly
These pellets shoot pretty good out of my AF Condor SS. Im hitting soda cans at 100 yards. I have my gun set up to shoot these around 860 FPS. They open pretty well in a water bottle test at 70 yards. Will only use for hunting due to the fact you only get 150 per tin.
ProsAccurate, Heavy and expand well.
ConsNot enough in a tin but cheap enough to buy a few.
By Chris
4500' High Desert
July 4, 2017
buy the jsb heavy king instead
If you are looking for a heavy pellet in .25 - I would go with the JSB Heavy Kings instead. They weight 3 gr more, and yet the velocity is within 2 FPS (in an untuned Gladius Long) at 660 fps.This results in 30 fpe, The JSBs had much better accuracy though, even at 25 yards.
ProsH&N is a great name
ConsLack of accuracy vs the JSB Heavy Kings
By Alex
July 1, 2017
Doesn't fit to my 25 cal Hatsan Edge Vortex rifle
Doesn't fit to my 25 cal Hatsan Edge Vortex rifle
By Brian
Menoken, ND
May 21, 2017
I have been shooting these out of my Airforce Condor SS at 945 fps and find them to be very accurate. I think they are as accurate as the JSB King Heavy but hit with way more destruction! They will consistently hit a 1.25 in spinner at 60 and 90 yards. They are devastating on gophers as you can see in the photo of the head shot at 60 yds. Can't wait to take them with prairie dog hunting!
ProsAccurate and hard hitting!!
ConsDidn't buy them sooner!
By anthony
webster, fl
May 20, 2017
H&N Grizzly .25 Cal. HollowPoint 31 gr - 150 ct
I found that my BullBoss liked these pellets the best and shot the straightest. No jamming (unlike the lighter pellets with skirts) tend to bend on the skirt portion and really throw off its accuracy! These pellets give real shooting reality!
Prosstraight shooters
Consnone that I can think of
By Darren
Woodbury, MN
January 20, 2017
Good for long range out of Daystate AirWolf
The JSB kings are better out to about 75 yards, but these hold a better group past that. They do fit the magazine fine, but sit loose in it and can jam the mag, so better to single load them.
Prosgood at 100 plus yards
Conswish the where a little larger in size so they would fit the mag better and be a little tighter in the barrel.
By Charles
January 8, 2017
Completely blew through a coyote skull and 3/4 mdf at 30 yds. Expands decent and holds weight retention.
By Michael
Adrian, MI
December 29, 2016
Ok product
Shallow skirting, would use as an inexpensive target pallet rather than hunting. Many were damaged in the tin. Definitely sort before use.
ConsThink skirting allows for damage to be easy to happen.
By Josh Hall
October 30, 2016
These projectiles are amazing, accuracy out to 150 yard is great. They are like mini heat seeking missiles on bunnies.
ConsThat I just started using them
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
October 29, 2016
For high powered pcp
I have 4 .25 cal air rifles and a .25 pistol. These pellets only shoot well out of one, the Benjamin Marauder. But out of that rifle I get one hole groups at 20 yards. They hit hard, penetrate deep, but do not expand more than the polymag. You need to drive these hard to get accuracy out of them. Drive them hard and they are fanominal Hard hitting, good penetration, and as with any pellet, depending on your gun capable of good accuracy. For small game, not deer, these work great. And yes they do work well on brain shots on hogs, at least at 40 yards. A year ago I would have told you they were as bad as the rabbit mag, but now I have a rifle that these are my favorite small game round, I would say that if you have a PCP with good power, try them!
ProsNot too heavy Good penetration Good expansion They work better than the very pricey Nosler for me.
ConsNot for springers Not for pistols Not for guns tuned for high shot count
By John
September 20, 2016
H&N Grizzly .25cal,31gr-150ct
This is another fine pellet. No problems at all.
By Eric Woody Volpe
Albany NY
September 7, 2016
Mixed feelings
Ordered several different ammos to try and liked look and weight of grizzly
ProsClean loading good reasonable accuracy nice nock down force
ConsConsistency is questionable at times i think if they made round a little longer it would help with consistency
By Brian Hanlon
New Jersey
June 15, 2016
Hits like a sledgehammer.
Awesome hits harder then Mike Tyson swinging a sledgehammer.
ProsVery accurate in the Mrod
ConsNot a thing
By Dominick
Rio Rancho, NM
May 29, 2016
hard hitting, not as accurate
These little guys are strictly hunting, not accurate enormous to constitute precise shooting but will drop medium sized mammals easily.
ProsHard hitting Lots of power
ConsNot as accurate
By Rich
Chesapeake City, MD
May 25, 2016
Not for me.
This is the only pellet, that I have found, that my Gladius will not shoot well.
ProsWell, they are clean and seem to be well made. I like the overall look of the pellet.
ConsThe only con I have is they do not shoot accurately in my rifle.
By Trent
Brentwood, CA
April 15, 2016
Shotgun Blast pattern
Loose fitting, all over the map in a 8-10 inch group.
Proslook cool
ConsPoor grouping
By Jon
Silver Lake, Minnesota
September 6, 2015
Hits hard in hatsan 135, surprisingly loose fit, thus not accurate past 15-20 m. Realize it's a pcp pellet, not for a springer. Fun to shoot though, worth it for that reason.
By David
August 12, 2015
Using benjamin xl 725. 25 cal rifle,these pellets wont group! They tumble badly. Only under 500fps with this rifle. Lack of a skirt causes no stability drag.
ConsUnstable,innacurate. Spin causes bad drift. Wont shoot center.
By Glen
Honolulu, HI
July 18, 2015
Great pellet
I shoot these in my .25 Condor SS and my 2560 with a MRod barrel and both shoot these great! Accurate and hard hitting.
ProsAccurate and Hard hitting
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