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H&N Grizzly .25 Cal, 31 gr - 150 ct

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  • Code: 96325003101 · $8.39 · .25 · 31 grains · 150 ct
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  • .25 caliber
  • 31 grains
  • Hollowpoint
  • 150ct
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber.25
  • Ammo TypeSlugs
  • Ammo Weight31 grains
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity150 ct
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By ConorUSAJanuary 18, 2021 Verified Purchase

Work great in my lcs sk- 19 full auto.25 and air force escape. Dropped birds at 75yds and put holes in a beer cap at 50yds. The sound they make hitting an animal is crazy. You know it’s not getting up.

Smack hard! Small branches and limbs don’t affect flight path.

Nothing at all!

By DonnieUSAJanuary 13, 2021 Verified Purchase

These are absolutely amazing. Have yet to try them in a pcp. Plan on getting a Hatsan hydra this spring. So far I’ve been using these in my Hatsan 135 with great success. Very accurate at 30 yards, and they hit with authority! My 135 is getting 30-32fpe at the muzzle. At 30 yards they’re retaining most of that energy which is very impressive. If you’re looking for a round that can easily dispatch groundhog, racoon, opossum and other small game. I honestly believe with headshots these would take coyotes within 50 yards as well.

None that I can see at this time.

By HaydenDecember 15, 2020

They are no where near accurate in the Benjamin marauder. They miss the target by about 10 feet in every direction in unsafe directions

Nothing good

They do not work in Benjamin marauder

By DonnieUSADecember 11, 2020 Verified Purchase

I honestly enjoy these rounds. They shoot excellent for me from my Hatsan 135 .25. I use them for pest and varmint control out to 25 yards. Even in my 135 the grizzlies will anchor racoon, groundhog, rabbit, etc with ease. In my opinion they’d probably even anchor a coyote with a brain shot within 25 to 30 yards as well with the 135. If you have a more powerful airgun, like a bt65 I am sure they’d really be lethal. Hoping to get a hydra or bt65 soon, so will update my review if I try them in those guns.

By RobertSeptember 21, 2020

Shooting these thru my Hatsan Gladius .25cal. @ 850fps. For me, they tested AMAZINGLY accurate out to 100yds. Hard hitting and devistating. You will never go back to traditional pellets, and very reasonably priced!

Deadly accurate!!!

Not One Thing!

By JustinMay 16, 2020 Verified Purchase

Not a match for hatsan 95 springer

By DavidUSADecember 26, 2019 Verified Purchase

Wondered how the slugs will work.....awesome!

What a punch!


By RobUSAApril 24, 2019 Verified Purchase

I was able to see that my Condor truly likes these pellets & are very accurate, I was able to put these to the test on a possum where it dropped it were stood @ 40 yards.

Small & Deadly Great pellet for the price You will love using these more


By G H.March 21, 2019

Very nice castings, fit great into Bullboss mags with decent accuracy. Averaging six shots at just over an inch and a half center to center at 35 yards ,good enough for larger game at closer range. Good consistent expansion just wish they grouped a little better!

Hit hard, quiet in flight, nice casting

Not as accurate as I had hoped

By JasonUSAMarch 16, 2019

these take the critters down quick hard hitting

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Would these slugs work in a weihrauch hw90 .25 caliber?

asked Steve from USA

will these fit the armada?

asked blas from USA

Will these fire well out of a hatsan flashpup qe ?

asked Patrick from USA

Will these work with the aspen

asked Jason from USA

Hello. Well, these work in the LCS19 25 cal?

asked Marvin from USA

Yes I use them in my sk-19 .25 and drop animals at 75 yds they hit like a champ. I take beer caps of a tree at 50 yds. Only thing I put through my 19!

Conor from USA

would this pellet work in the Hatsan Vectis Lever Action?

asked Hunter from USA

Would these fit in the Hatsan Sortie .25? What about the LCS SK-19 Auto .25?

asked Chad from USA

Only thing I shoot out of my sk-19 I can put a hole in a beer cap at 50yds and kill animals at 75 yds. They pound critters!

Conor from USA

I did try them with the Hatsan Sorie tact, If you let the pressure get low the gun will jam every time. Just watch your gun pressure and they should shoot just fine.

Marvin from USA

They can be shot. They may not fit in the magazine. They may have to be single loaded.

Mark from USA

Has anyone ever tried these in a .25 Caliber Umarex Gauntlet?

asked Heath from USA

will these fit in mrod magazine in .25

asked ANDY from USA
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