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H&N Hornet .177 Cal, 9.57 gr - 225 ct

Available in .177, .22, .25, 9.57 Grains, 225ct
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  • .177
  • .22
  • .25
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  • Code: 92424500003 · $24.99 · .177 · 9.57 grains · 225 ct
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Use for plinking and hunting, these H&N Hornet pellets have controlled expansion due to their hollow head. The brass insert improves its aerodynamics.

H&N Hornet Features
  • 9.57 grains
  • 225 ct
  • Hollow head with brass tip insert
  • Improves aerodynamic
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 9.57 grains
  • Pellet Shape Pointed
  • Pellet Quantity 225 ct
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By JacksonUSADecember 30, 2023

They are expensive. But I think its worth it

they work amazing for hunting everything in .177. they are putting out about 19 foot pounds of energy from my crosman fire break barrel. I shot a 13 pound jackrabbit at 15 yards with a body shot and he went 5 yards. Also a cottontail at thirty with a body shot and he dropped!! these pellets turn your .177 into a .22


By DavidUSAMay 24, 2023 Verified Purchase

In spite of its' light weight, this has the best piercing power of any .177 I've used so far. These fly straight, and can pierce iguana skin at 20-30 yards. For those dealing with infestation here in South Florida you'll appreciate what that means. If you're tired of other rounds bouncing off the target, I highly recommend this pellet!

Great piercing power, flies straight in spite of the light weight.

I thought this was a bit pricey, but all things considered, I'd buy it again.

By DarcyJanuary 15, 2023 Verified Purchase

I found it interesting that the heavier the pellet used, the less apparent the damage. All the lighter, sound breaking pellets appeared to cause far more impact damage. Keep in mind, however, this initial testing and comparing was only shooting at 25 yards. And, yes, I know I spelled Crosman wrong in the picture :)

GAMO Magnum (Gen3 ) owners - So far, of some 14 different types/makes of .177 pellets, these have proven to have the BEST PENETRATION of any. These pellets went clean through a .65mm sheet of steel at 25 yards and embedded into a second sheet behind it. Two other pellets also broke through the metal but not as fully: Crosman "Fast Flight" pellets, and JSB Match "Diabolo" pellets. I have not had a chance yet to test their acurracy/consistency at any ranges yet, but combined with this Magnum Rifle they pack a piercing punch!

Only that they will not fit comfortably in the 10-round magazine, and must be loaded manually.

By LamonteUSAJune 25, 2021

Man,, you can do severe damage with these monsters even at 350-450 fps with ease. Most people test the hornets on hard objects but I recommend things like raw meat, clay and dough. Their made for hunting not destruction but however,,, if you feel the need to shoot hard objects I'd recommend coconuts, drywall and soft wood..

Nothing crafty about these

Shouldn't test on hard objects,,,not what their made for

By GregUSAJune 27, 2020

Definitely worth the extra price.

Excellent !!! High penetration with 700 FPS Beretta CX-4 Storm rifle. Tight grouping , within 3 inch diameter circle , at 25 feet distance with laser mounted on gun. Embeds completely into 3/4" plywood. Goes completely through both sides of the tin they come in. No misfires or jams. Great pellets , great gun and very satisfied !!!


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Will this work with the Beretta PX4 Storm and can it be used to shoot cans?

asked Christopher from USA

Will these work in Sig Sauer M17

asked Timothy from USA

Will they work with a baretta 92fs?

asked Michael from USA

Will these work with my Beretta Order #10913019?

asked Gwyn from USA

Do they fit an m 92 fs beretta

asked Tyson from Canada

Will these work in a Gamo PT-85 ?

asked Jimmy from USA

Compatible for my Gamo P 430 pistol?

asked James from USA

No, too long for any pellet gun with slide-in 16 clip but the h&n terminator pointed hollow points are just as effective and perfect for the gamo p430. I recommend getting the crosman 357 vigilante for longer pointed pellets if you're into pistols, I rank it #1

Lamonte from USA

Will they work in a crosman 1077

asked Christopher from USA

Will these work in a Dan Wesson 715? Thanks

asked Anthony from USA

Will they work with Crosman f4

asked Mark from USA

does it work with AGD-43088323?

asked Kenny from USA

Remington 777sb compatible? New to air guns and such

asked James from USA

The title says, "H&N Hornet .177 Cal, 8.80 gr - 225 ct" and under the specs on this pellet it shows it's 10.03 grains? Which one is it? Something is not correct on either the description or the Specs. page.

asked Mr. Pat from USA

Will these work fo a sig Sauer MPX?

asked Jodi from USA

No . They are too long for the magazine.

Mark from USA

Will they work in the Umarex Gauntlet. 177?

asked Christopher from USA

You will have to single load. They are probably too long for the magazine.

Mark from USA

do these pellets work in a crosman vigilante

asked alan from USA

No .They are too long to fit in the magazine.

Mark from USA

Can I use these in a P320 air pistol?

asked Shane from USA


Mark from USA

Will these work in a sig P320

asked David
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