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H&N Piledriver .22 Cal, 30 gr - 150 ct

Available in .22
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  • Code: 99105500001 · $19.94 · .22 · 30 grains · 150 ct
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber.22
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight30 grains
  • Pellet Quantity150 ct
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By DaleUSANovember 8, 2019 Verified Purchase

The set screw on my power wheel got loose and backed way out till my hammerspring tension was @ minimum even though it was set to max shot a groundhog with a Jsb monster 18.39 gr and he laughed at me that's when I bought the piledrivers and realized when I went to dial them in @ 880 fps my set screw was loose too bad for JSB now they're my favorite pellet just as accurate and way more destructive ooh and that groundhog, he ain't laughing no more.

Heavy easier to load accurate and way more destructive than the jsb 18.39gr I'm tempted to buy a slug liner and see how it does

Small tin I like the large Jsb tin fits perfectly in the cutout of my carrying case

By Murray LUSAAugust 13, 2019 Verified Purchase

I use these (after much shopping around) in a Hatsan AT44 QE Long .22 cal. The fit is good and tight. I can feel the round seat. I find that it shoots accurately up to about 100 yards. These heavier pellets make a huge difference but do not use them in anything other than a PCP rifle. There are pellets on the market that are too long for this Hatsan--as a matter of fact, this is the maximum--and they have to be loaded up just right. I shot at least 1000 rounds. No complaints.

Accurate Hard hitting

Long for some magazines. very dirty--so, clean up after yourself. PCP only.

By EdwardUSAMarch 24, 2019

I tried these in my Seneca Aspen on high power setting. Very very tight fit. Too much effort to push the lever home. I shot 3 before pulling the magazine to figure out why. I have some Crosman lead free pellets with (I think) a HDPE skirt. I fired a couple of those through, and they dragged some thin semi-cylinders of lead out with them. I put a micrometer on a few Piledrivers and got .233-.224”. I compared that with other pellets that chamber fine. Those are often .223” also. The difference is that is the *skirt* diameter on a diabolo shape. The heads are .220 or a touch less. The thin skirts deform to the rifle lands easily, and fill the grooves for a good gas seal. The Piledriver is a slug with low rings moulded around either end, I’m guessing to create a gas seal and grab the lands like the diabolo skirt. It also has longitudinal ridges between the rings. I’m not sure what those are for. I think I’ll chamber one more of these in the Aspen, then either push it back out with a cleaning rod or shoot it into a trash can full of water. Or both. Then I can get a better idea of what’s happening with those things. I’ll update here when I do. This slug might work well on a Huben K1 which uses a slightly oversized slug anyway.

By paulJuly 24, 2018

I know it says only for PCP rifles, but I figured a Gamo Magnum would be able to push them. It probably could if the pellets could fit in the barrel. Way too big.

Also can't say because I didn't get a chance to fire them.

Won't fit Gamo Magnum .22. Odd...I thought .22s were supposed to be the same size? The Sniper Magnums shoot like a dream, though. �

By JEFFUSAApril 24, 2018

airforce condor in .22 these are a very tight fit. the rear of the dam thing sticks out 3/32. fires but real tight to seat'

look cool/ heavy.

just this side of to big in a l.w. .22 barrel.

By JohnUSAAugust 21, 2017

For me, not good, I think I made the mistake of getting too heavy a pellet for my FX RANCHERO PISTOL, It was the only 22 cal. I have and it was just too much for the pistol to handle.

Well made, killer design.

Too big for my pistol, maybe better used on a rifle.

By MichaelUSAAugust 4, 2017

My Daystate MK4is does not like hard lead pellets like those in the H&N line. These pellets are near impossible to chamber in the barrel. Pity, because I've read good things about the pellet that I am unable to support or refute them.

-Good reputation.

-Head size too large and lead too hard to fit in my rifle.

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Does this fit into a rotary magazine?

asked Rath from USA

No. It is too long. They would have to be single loaded.

Mark from USA
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