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H&N Sniper Magnum .22 Cal, 18 gr - 250 ct

H&N Sniper Magnum .22 Cal, 18 gr - 250 ct

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  • Code: 99135500002 · 0.22 cal · 18 gr · 250 ct
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Ammo Weight18 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity250
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H&N Sniper Magnum .22 Cal, 18 gr - 250 ct
27 Reviews
81% (22)
15% (4)
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4% (1)
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96% Recommend this product (26 of 27 responses)
By Jake
Lumberton TX
H & N Sniper Magnums
November 15, 2019
This ammo will fill your needs in many ways. A round suited for both plinking and hunting. They are very well shaped and shoot very well in my Hatsan Flash. They also fit and feed in my magazines with no problems.
ProsSniper magnums pack a wallop on small game and are reasonably priced. The screw lid tin is a plus and the rounds are very clean and uniform in shape. The way they are packed for shipping assures that they will not be damaged on their way to the customer.
By Jim
Well made and perfect pellets
November 6, 2019
My Gauntlet liked these pellets and was able to hold a 1/4" group at 30 yards.
Proswell made and found no deformed pellets
Best UsesThese pellets worked well for target and small pest control.
By David
Right one for me
August 3, 2019
Shooting .22 Crosman Optimus. Tried several different pellets. All 14.3 grain I believe. Sighted in 2x7 scope at 30 yards. After approx. 200 rounds groups did get more consistent. But still had fliers for no reason I could figure out. It was weird. Shoot center bull group might be good. Then shoot top right would be all over the place. Top left p.o.i would change, etc. etc,. Then I tried these 18 grain pellets and my rifle became a tack driver! These pellets seat in the barrel more consistently. Rifle seems to shoot more smoothly. Maybe the extra weight slows the spring or something? I can tell the

difference in velocity but the heavier pellets hit harder. All in all the perfect pellet for my(cheap) rifle.
ProsConsistent skirt size. Consistent P.O.I.
By Al
Traverse City, MI
Tack Driver
February 14, 2019
This seems to be a well designed .22 caliber pellet, especially for magnum air rifles. 18 grains is well suited for higher powered rifles to tame the muzzle velocity and deliver good energy retention downrange.
I use these in a Hatsan mod 125 sniper and can consistently hold 3/4" groups at 20 yds. all day, or until the screws start to loosen up on the rifle. You need to keep an eye on that.
ProsThe pellets look exceptionally clean and well packed, damaged skirts are rare. Screw on lids a plus.
ConsI buy most of my pellets online, however, I did buy one tin at a local sport store and found the skirts to be slightly oversize and could not seat flush with the breech face. Online purchases from AirgunDepot never gave me any problems.
Best UsesExcellent for home or farm pest control.
By Kendall
Inwood, WV
Bigger is better
November 11, 2018
These shot better for me out of my BullBoss that the liteā€™s did, even tho the luteā€™s shot decent, tighter groups out to 50 yrds, had 2 or 3 others that shot best for me, but over all I liked these & will find ways to empty tin, which is good, I have quit a few tins that Iā€™ve only shot a few groups with & have never touched again!!!!
ProsClean, good concept, a tin that I shld empty over time
By Jon G.
Norther NV
Really a favorite in my M-Rod and Diana 34
October 4, 2018
Of the 3 I got with my Diana 34 this is the favorite - in both of my air rifles. Had to brek in more in the Diana 34 but dime groups were obtained with me doing my part - 5 shot groups.
ProsGood accuracy in a heavy 17.9 gr 22 pellet - and good penetration seen.
By Aaron
H&R 18 grain .22
June 25, 2018
AirForce TalonSS .22 12" barrel 2,900-3,000psi HPA
Indoors, 10 yds rifle in a vise

My rifle isn't too picky on pellets but shoots these quite inconsistently. Power set to 7, I will get two hole groups with 10 shots fired. Randomly they fly into either hole. The two hole group at 1" apart.
Power set to 10, the group opens up to 1.5". Bad at 10yds.
I didn't wash pellet like some do prior.
ConsRandom flyers, inconsistent shots, dirty
By mark k.
June 15, 2018
seems to be clean and uniform
By Cheng L.
18 gr. sniper magnum in 22 cal.
May 17, 2018
Your listing picture and the actual pallet don't look the same.For my rifle Hatsan Bullboss out of the box using this pallet shoot very good but only from 150 bar to about half that down.Knocking down power is very good.My Benjamin Marauder Pistol also like this pallet too.
ProsGood shooting pallet
ConsActual pallet not the same as listing picture
Best UsesGood for medium to small hunting and knocking breaking stuffs.
By scott
s... ohio
great pellet
May 1, 2018
very nice pellet...shoots great out of my benjamin mayhem .22....
Prosvery uniform and clean...great price
Best Usesplinking to about 30 yards
By Daniel
Ferndale , WA
February 16, 2018
The pellets are uniform and shoot well. I like them well in my single shot pellet rifle. Im not sure if they will load in a magazine or not.
By Alan
Pellet Review
December 28, 2017
As usual H&N pellets are very well formed and the skirt gives a very good seal. Accuracy in my Umarex Gauntlet and Marauder pistol is outstanding.
By Gregory
Irwin, PA
Great Pellet
December 23, 2017
Accurate and flawless in my Guns
ProsHighly accurate and performs well all around for target and hunting
By Andrew
wilmington, DE
December 14, 2017
very good rounds with no skirt issues on the pellets thus far. will put a nice dent in targets back stops too
Prosaccurate consistently high quality
By Dan
Los angeles
Great pellet
November 22, 2017
All my rifles agree with this pellet for accuracy. Ive even had great grouping out of a modded qb78!
ProsComparable to jsb jumbo heavy in accuracy. My kral puncher loves these.
By scott
Zimmerman, MN
They really pack a punch
September 3, 2017
I was really surprised at the damage these do when shooting targets, didn't get a chance to check FPS . They put a nice dent in my spinner target, so much so I had to replace the mounting shaft where the target pivots, it dented so bad the spinner didn't spin anymore. Gamo Fusion Elite. not super consistent, but then I am not a very good shot either. all in all I like them for tearing things up!!
ProsThey tear sh*t up!
Consnot super consistent
By TonyD
killer pellet !!!
August 30, 2017
I've used it in my FX RANCHERO .22 PISTOL, and it's quite accurate within 10 yds. great pellet, you'll love it !
Prosaccurate, has a great punch.
By Mike
These sniper magnums are great pellets for shooting in windy conditions.
July 9, 2017
I bought these sniper magnums for shooting in windy conditions and for long range shooting due to their ability to buck the wind good out at long ranges of 50 yards plus. The dumbbell design provide a better BC than diabolo design do for better down range energy and stability for greater accuracy. These are my go to long range pellet for windy conditions.
ProsI really like the dumbbell shape of the Sniper magnums for their consistency and ability to buck the wind due to their shape versus a standard diabolo shaped pellet. They shoot good in most all my guns from low to high power levels. Very pleased with the quality and design of these for hunting use.
ConsNothing that I can really see as a con or downside to these pellets other than they are sometimes out of stock more often than other pellets.
By Tony
Des Plaines, IL
Good pellet for accuracy and hunting
June 12, 2017
Clean pellet, shoots accurate with a PCP, have not had much luck in break barrels. Delivers good impact.
ProsIf your gun likes it!
By Louis
Leander, TX
Excellent Heavy Pellet
March 7, 2017
I bought these pellets to try in my Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim, in search of the "Right Pellet for this Gun". These pellets have a unique design, and are very uniform and consistent. They fit in my breech very well. Just snug enough.This pellet did not disappoint. I do get respectable groups with this pellet, but I'm not sure that this is THE pellet for my rifle.

Below are the statistics I get with this pellet and the Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim:

Velocity Min - 634 fps
Velocity Max - 642 fps
Velocity Ave - 639 fps
Standard Dev - 2.54 fps
Extreme Spread - 8 fps
Muzzle Energy - 16.37 fpe
Best Group(25 yds) - .71 inches
ProsVery clean and uniform. These shoot very consistently from my Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim
ConsNo cons, other than the price. I feel that the Sniper Magnums should sell for no more than $7.50 per tin of 250
By Capt D.
Burt, New York
Soild Pellet
January 27, 2017
Good accurate pellet. These are heavy and long with great penetration
ProsAccuracy weight amount of penetration
By Steve
H&Nguyen Sniper Magnum .22
January 24, 2017
From the perspective of a newbie to airguning, one year back after a 45 year "break", in comparing this pellet to the Crosman's, I have been getting consistent, 30 yard, open sight groupings of less than 1.5 inches with my Hatsan 95. Attached picture is my last 10 shots at approximately 30 yards. I am content and am anxious to stretch the distance with my Hatsan Bullpup Bullboss:-)
ProsFinish, accuracy
ConsNeed more!
By Leslie i.
Central Maryland
H&N .22 Sniper magnums
January 3, 2017
My Benjamin Maximus is still maturing. It has many mods for power. I tried these pellets at 35 yards and at about 900-930 fps and they were amazing. My at home range is currently limited to 45 yards and I can't wait to test them at 45 yds.
Included image shows two separate groups of 3 shots each on same target. The upper 3 are Sniper Lights and the lower 3 are Sniper Heavies - both at about 900-930 fps. Combined group size was under 4/10". Separately the two different pellets each grouped smaller. Until I tried these pellets, I had no idea of the accuracy potential of the Benjamin Maximus. This test was fired with a bipod and sand bag and 16 power scope. The center bullseye is 1/4"
ProsVery accurate at higher velocities
ConsA little pricey. About the same as JSB Exact Heavies 18.13gr
By Ron N.
H&N Sniper Magnum .22 Cal, 18 gr
December 30, 2016
Super pellet for any type shooting. This is one of the best .22 pellets I have used in my Ruger .22 Magnum Air. It is super accurate and has tight groupings at 75 yards with no flyers. All pellets are perfect with no bent skirts.
ProsSuper pellet for any type shooting. This is one of the best .22 pellets I have used in my Ruger .22 Magnum Air. It is super accurate and has tight groupings at 75 yards with no flyers.
ConsNothing - you can't improve perfection.
By Gerry D.
San Diego, VS.
Use with my AT44 QE
August 15, 2016
Thought the JSB 18g were great in my gun but then tried these. WOW, extremely accurate. The skirt design keeps a nice choked fit for strong hitting power.
ConsNone, really
By Dave
New York
Best darn pellets I've used.
June 13, 2016
Great price, good weight and very accurate.
By Christopher
nikiski, AK
solid hitting
February 6, 2016
these are a good hard hit at 50 yds squirrels didnt stand a chance--beeman genesis np and a ruger impact 22 cal
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