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Hunters Supply Hollowpoint .25 Cal, 48 g - 100 ct

Hunters Supply Hollowpoint .25 Cal, 48 g - 100 ct

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  • Code: AGD-P1406 · 0.25 cal · 48 gr · 100 ct
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With hunters in mind these hollow point, hard cast slugs are brought to us from Hunters Supply. Hunters Supply has years of airgun, muzzleloader, and firearms projectile manufacturing experience and have created some great hard hitting projectiles. These 48-grain hollow point slugs are designed specifically for use in airguns and are formulated to give maximum performance. These projectiles work best in single shot guns or when using a single shot tray but will fit in some rotary magazines such as those from Sumatra and some Hatsan guns. If you need a guaranteed way to harvest game, Hunters Supply 48 grain hollow point projectiles are a great choice.

  • .25 caliber
  • 48 grains
  • Hollowpoint
  • 100ct
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  • ManufacturerHunters Supply
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • Ammo Weight48 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity100
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Hunters Supply Hollowpoint .25 Cal, 48 g - 100 ct
20 Reviews
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25% (5)
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5% (1)
30% (6)
70% Recommend this product (14 of 20 responses)
By Tony
Not for my condor ss .25
August 31, 2019
They don't go all the way in. I read a lot of reviews saying that they won't fit and a lot of reviews saying they have no problem shooting them with their airforce condor. I guess I'm out of luck with this one.
ProsI believe they're good if they fit what your using.I think it's a 50/50 chance.
ConsDidn't work for me. Can't get them in.
By Derrick
Richton Park, IL
These slugs+The Sumatra=😳😍😁
May 28, 2019
Ok, I had to order 2 more boxes of these because I've enjoyed the accuracy and power of these slugs coming out of the Sumatra. Flatline trajectory up to 90 yards and hitting POI damn near bulls eye.
ProsNo energy loss and deadly accurate.
ConsNeed more in the box lol.
Best UsesHunting med. game at one shot one kill thrill.
By GareBear
Best in my Hatsan BT65 & Sumatra
May 14, 2019
These are tremendously effective killing projectiles if you have an air rifle capable of delivering at least 50 foot pounds of muzzle energy.
Prosgood for larger predators.. too much for rabbits and squirrels in my opinion.
Best UsesHunting mid-size game...these will almost separate a squirrel into two pieces with a torso shot.
By Nick
Charlton, MA
Heavy Hitting
April 11, 2019
This is the first time I've tried slugs and I'm a fan for life. It's almost like a bigger gun.
ProsHeavy Hitting
ConsLoss of speed so better for faster .25s
Best UsesSmall to mid size pests and hunting and mid to large birds like turkey.
By ford
Poorly made
December 18, 2018
one will fit 9 wont not worth sending back by the way im useing a condor ss for a heavy cal i will go back to 43gr fungin
Prosthe shape
Conspoorly made
Best Usesn/a
By Will J.
Won't fit
November 19, 2018
These may be good pellets if you have a gun they will fit in, if it happens to be a .25 airforce texan forget it they are to big and won't fit!
ConsWon't fit in a .25 texan
By Chris
Knightdale, NC
November 18, 2018
I am shooting these out of a long barrel Sumatra 2500, and like most say, these do what they are supposed to do. Smashes cans of water at 70 yards with consistency. I have my power a few clicks down from full, for air conservation and consistent velocity. Getting 950 FPS is pretty easy.
As another reviewer alluded to, and I'll add in detail; if you do not have a 60+ FPE gun with pellets, and greater than 1:20 twist in your barrel; you're wasting your time, and a negative review resulting kinda doesn't make a lot of sense. Will use these for hunting. CAREFUL, at 950 FPS, these will surely carry well over a mile if shot upwards.
ProsQuality lead. Good fit on my newer Sumatra, no effort closing the lever. Hit HARD! Great for hunting, I snapped a dove's neck in two at 30 yards.
ConsNone, provided you have power and twist rate.
Best UsesHunting, pellets are cheaper, but not that much. Price is fair.
By Verdell
Clayton, DE
Hunters Supply Hollowpoint .25 Cal
November 13, 2018
These are some great hunting pellets. These are pretty accurate and well made. These fit my magazines good and work great.
ProsAccurate and fit good
Best Useshunting, targeting
By Daniel S.
Will not fit wildcat
August 16, 2018
Will not fit FX wildcat .25 , should of asked the guys at airgun depot they probably could of told me
ConsDidn't fit into breach
By Brian T.
New Mexico
August 4, 2018
Dont waste your time if you have a underpowered gun they are a fricken hammer out of my Sumatra 100fpe
ConsThey don't lose steam like a pellet so know what's behind your target for sure
Best UsesHunting
By Matt h.
Feeding hills Massachusetts
On paper they sound great
June 26, 2018
Bought these for my marauder .25 and they came in a box meant for like 500 So they were loosely bouncing around. The sizing and weights were not consistent, and they wouldn't fit my marauder. They fit the mag just would not load into the barrel. So I paid to ship them back to hunters supply to have them resize them, now they fit the barrel but there all over the place. I don't get it. I've heard the marauders just don't have the power like the airforce guns do, to slings these slugs.
ProsWeight, shape, hollowpoint
ConsWouldn't fit barrel on my marauder, paid to ship back to hunters supply to resize, came back and fit barrel but there all over the place, I'm talking like 1-2 feet at 30 yards! I hear the airforce Condor and the sumatra likes these so if you have a condor or Sumatra then I would give them a try.
Best UsesHunting
By fred
kenosha wi
hunters supply hollowpoint 25cal 48gr
April 30, 2018
they wont fit in my 25 cal airforce so totally worthless they should list what they fit and what they don't fit
Consthey don't fit in a airforce
Best Useswho knows maybe a sling shot
By jacob
mcminnville, OR
March 15, 2018
was rely disappointed in these they were inconsistent in diameter and in weight they were all just rolling around in the box were not very accurate out of my 25 cal marader which is shooting at 810fps diameters ranged from .250 to .256 weight ranges were from 48gr to 42gr group size at 30 yards was like shooting a target with a shotgun
Consinconsistent size and weight
By Glen
Honolulu, HI
Shoots Great!
February 25, 2018
I shoot these out of my Condor .25 with a 24" barrel. they shoot great and are very hard hitting @ 95fpe.
ProsAccurate Hard hitting Not too expensive
By Anthony
Great Value For The Price
November 20, 2017
Got these to experiment with in my BT65 and Galatian. Out of the BT65 not so good; averaging 625 fps. Think that's due to the tight fit in the chamber. In the Galatian, averaging 700 fps (52 fpe) which is pretty good, not great. Probably too heavy for the Galatian. At 25 yrds in the Galatian, they group very well. Can get one ragged hole a little less than the size of a quarter.
ProsWeight and the accuracy
By Paul
Alexandria, VA
Wow makes JSB Heavy seem skinny
October 29, 2017
These are just to heavy for my Hatsan AT44S-10QE but if your gun has the power to sling these monsters I would try them. They shot a respectable group for me at 30 yards and if I was a small game I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of these missiles. Below are my chronograph results for 9 shot spread.

Name: Hunters Supply 48gn Cast
Shots: 9
Average: 575 FPS
SD: 10 FPS
Min: 562 FPS
Max: 594 FPS
Spread: 32 FPS
Power Factor Average: 28
Power Factor Low: 27
Power Factor High: 29
Barometric Pressure: 30.2 inHg
Temperature: 36F
Weight: 48 grains
By Jesse
Del Rio, TX
Decent Pellet
June 24, 2017
I was a little disappointed in the uniformity of the bullets. Most of the butt ends seem to be fairly oblong and this causes a few feed issues out of my magazines. The work well off the single feed tray and hit like a ton of bricks. At fifty yards I was able to drop a Jack Rabbit dead in his tracks and there was no question of the impact force. It made a gory mess of the rabbit's head.
Proshard hitting
Consquality of the uniformity
By Muan
Hoih thou
May 31, 2017
By Gary
north georgia
hunting pellet
May 15, 2017
I use air force escape set on half way power and this pellet is a sledge hammer and accurate,, you will have to re-zero your scope
Prosgreat for hard hitting needs
By Brad
Quincy Illinois
.25 heavy lead
May 15, 2017
I purchased these as hunting pellets. They are heavy and great for mid to small game. I use them in a bullboss tuned to run them at near 800 fps which is the lower end of the speed it takes to make a hollow point expand. They work great delivering roughly 65 fpe or so.
ProsThey fit in hatsan magazine with no issues. Heavy to deliver max fpe. Accurate enough to shoot the head off a turtle at 50yrd.
ConsAs most cast bullets they lack in uniformity doesn't seem to affect the accuracy much though
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