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J-B Non-Embedding Bore Cleaning Compound

  • Code: PY-A-1086
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Paste cleaner gets bores sparkling clean without caustic liquids. Removes lead residue in just three passes from steel barrels. Do not use in brass barrels. Cushioned abrasive action actually polishes your bore clean without damage. Used and trusted by precision shooters for over 40 years to clean their finest rifle bores. 2 oz. jar. Ideal for steel airgun and firearm barrels.
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  • Manufacturer Brownells
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By ToddUSAOctober 8, 2016

This is good cleaner, and does what it's supposed to. I know people who use other products, I prefer this one. This jar will probably last years. Highly recommended

By Tom or DeniseUSASeptember 20, 2016

Since I use PCP air guns almost exclusively now, I was looking for a safe way to clean barrel. You definitely don't want any oil residue in the barrels. I have squares of cut up cotton that I use to apply and wipe clean the barrels. I use the next smaller size wire bore brush.-ie- .177 for .22 barrel, ,22 for .25. When I wrap the brush with the approx. 2x2 square it makes a nice snug cleaning tool. First wipe pushed through has the J-B and then follow up with a couple of follow up wipes till clean.I am surprised at the small amount of residue in the barrels of PCPs and understand now why some people don't even clean the PCP barrels. Break-barrels not so much. I was going to save the J-B exclusively for PCP but this jar has plenty of the compound that it will last long. I am going to try on a few of the break-barrels I have.

Easy to use. I feel safe using it on PCP. Since only a dab is required for each use, the price is very good.

None that I can see so far

By TerryUSAJuly 19, 2016

I heard about this product on YouTube, from a video by "The Airgun Hunter" and it is awesome! He said to apply it like this; Take a piece of trimmer line and cut it to your barrel length plus some. Next, melt one end into a small ball, small enough to fit your caliber. Next, sharpen the opposite end to a point. Then, pierce a cleaning patch via the sharp end of the line and move patch to ball end. Next, apply J-B to the cleaning pad sparingly, as you don't need much... Next, feed the line through your barrel and pull the patch through, a couple of times. Follow up with clean & dry patches until they come out "clean and dry!" You don't have to worry about residue or any damage to your gun's rifling with this method, like a brass brush might do! This stuff works and this is a great way to apply it to your expensive airgun barrels! "Hat's Off" to J-B's and "The Airgun Hunter!" Also, Airgun Depot has the best price for it, I found...try it for yourself!

No residue, as it's "non-embedding" to your gun bore... Safe for airgun bores (no rifling damage possible, when applied as suggested)... Don't need metal rods, brushes or metal embedded bore snakes damaging rifling... Very reasonably priced and the tub should last a long time...

Not a thing, as I can see!

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