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JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr - 500 ct

JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: 300074 · 0.177 cal · 10.34 gr · 500 ct
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JSB 10.34-grain pellets are manufactured in Bohumin, Czech Republic by Joseph Schulz, are considered by many to be the most accurate pellets available in the entire world. The Exact Diabolo is an intermediate weight, round nose pellet that will deliver improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy. These pellets can be used for both air rifles and pistols and were designed specifically for long range shooting and hunting.

  • Caliber: .177
  • Weight: 10.34 Grains
  • Nose: Round Nose
  • Quantity: 500 Count

Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerJSB
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight10.34 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity500
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JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr - 500 ct   $14.49
37 Reviews
89% (33)
11% (4)
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100% Recommend this product (37 of 37 responses)
By Mike
Houston, Tx
November 15, 2018
Better pellets
Better pellets- I tried several different styles of Gamo pellets and in all seriousness had trouble keeping it on the paper. Kept hearing about JSB and decided to try them. Glad I did! My groups tightened up to around a half-inch!
ProsThey came well packaged, limiting any damage in shipping, have not found a bad one yet.
Cons None, love the pellet!
Best Uses The extra weight performs better on small game.
By Bio
November 7, 2018
Great shooting pellets!
JSB pellets are my first try and shoot the best from most of my airguns. These .177 Exact Heavy pellets shoot lights out in my new Fx Impact x barrel at the 140 bar factory setting and dialed down to 1 on the hammer adjuster. Second 5 shot group shot with these .177 pellets @ 50 yards was a one hole group less than 2 pellets wide!
ProsLaser like accuracy
ConsNot in local stores have to order online and wait.
Best UsesPlinking, Target, Pesting
By Allen
October 19, 2018
pellets fine
having trouble getting new fx crown to group any pellet
Prosjsb have always shot well in any of my guns
By Jim
Bellevue, Iowa
July 8, 2018
Great pellet for the cost
By Hal
Branson mo
July 4, 2018
177 caliber 10.34gr pellets
Very accurate from Umarex Octane, good penetration and deadly on squirrels.
Prosas stated above
Consnot cheap
Best UsesPest control
By david
April 25, 2018
JSB Diabolo Exact heavy .177 10.34gr
Great pellets the only one I use in my Marauder. Clean uniform pellets don't find hardly any defective skirts.500 count tin.
Pros500 count tin. clean uniform pellets
By Joe
Manteno, IL
April 19, 2018
exact ammo
i use these heavy types of ammo zeroing sights
Best Usesgetting best zero
By dan
island lake, IL
February 14, 2018
Great Pettet
no tumble , work great
Prosgood packing and good quality control ( no bad pellets inside )
By Kelly Holehan
Chino CA
January 12, 2018
Bench or Hunting
The pellet design and weight is the most consistent pellet for my Diana 350 Magnum off the bench. It also excellent on small game.
By Roy Bennink
December 16, 2017
Nice to find pellets that shoot in so many guns
ProsThey shoot great
ConsNo cons
By Robert
Shirley, AR
December 15, 2017
Makes even a poor marksman look good
Got these to try out in a Gammo Big Cat. Grouping very tight right out of the box at 25 yds. Two scope adjustments put the next rounds dead center. So I tried my luck on a small spinner target......Dead on. These pellets hit hard and make a poor marksman like me look good. Had time for about 25 shots because of time. Whether the rifle likes 'em or not. They hit hard and fly straght.
By Doug
Philadelphia pa.
October 13, 2017
Heavier is better
Was shooting the JSB 8.4 in my .177 Brocock Bantam at 12 ft.lbs. until one windy day at a benchrest competition and I couldn't hit anything. Resighted the gun at 15 ft.lbs and the JSB 10.34 and those cross winds don't get me frustrated anymore.
ProsGood size and consistent weight pellet to pellet. Most times I don't even wash JSB's, I just shoot them right out of the tin.
By Brian
September 5, 2017
JSB Driven by Gamo Magnum
Took 350 rounds worth of experimentation but I've found my match ! JSB in 177 10.34 has turned my rifle into a deadly accurate pest dispatching machine ! Show dogs got Lyme in my yard after a year of rabbit , woodchuck and squirrel overpopulation invasion . Surprised my wife said deal with the problem in this fashion but knowing a puppy is on the way I happily obliged ! 9 rabbits 15+ squirrels and 5 woodchucks in a week after these pellets arrived ! I purchased the H&N silverpoint blaaah but after 3 distances 20-30 and 50yds with the JSB (yard is 50yd deep) my 5 shot groups at those distances were 1-1.5" freehand shooting no bench rest ! The gun is a tac driver and the JSB precision accuracy made me smile ! Longest shot was 75-80 yards at a pine tree on my neighbors property from my picnic table at a squirrel . He said $50 says you can't take it in one shot well let's just say at that distance quartered away firing at a left but cheek and the JSB not only bucked the slight breeze it went in one end and out the other and chinked the armour of the pine ! So yes these pellets are accurate pest dispatching machines at at least 75-80yds ! Every pest has dropped instantly without suffering so thank you JSB ! (Thank you neighbor I have $50 for more tins or my PCP savings fund !) The best note for last Thank You AGD I've never had a package delivered that took so much care in protection of its contents , it was amazing ! Also thank you for sponsoring the fellas testing your product's and giving such great reviews ! I will be hunting large game by fall of 2018 with a PCP from you when I can afford it and all the accessories because I'm tired of paying for brass ! Tell FX to get started on a .357 please !
ProsPrecision accuracy from break barrel ! Quiets down Magnum rifles for back yard friendliness ! Did exactly what I needed , no critters in my yard in weeks ! AGD best packaging I've ever seen !
ConsAbsolutely None !
By Richard Russell
Midland, Tx.
August 22, 2017
Consistent performance
The pellet loads well in the 10 shot rotary clip. Seems to have good impact on target.
ProsGood impact on targer.
ConsNone so far.
By Al
Traverse City, MI
May 30, 2017
I have tried several pellets from the German manufacturers and the JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy tops everything so far as accuracy goes. 3/4" groups at 20 yards consistently from my Hatsan 95. These pellets seat easily into the breach and I find very few if any damaged skirts. The skirts appear to be relatively thin at the base, which I assume helps obtrusion into the rifling grooves to form a good seal in the bore. As with firearms, these guns can be picky when it comes to ammo, but the design and weight of this pellet yields itself well to general target and small game hunting applications.
ProsGood ballistic coefficient for downrange accuracy and energy retention.
ConsWould like to see these pellets in stock more often.
By Andres
April 20, 2017
Best pellet in .177 cal for Hatsan AT44
Extremely accurate at 100 yards. Consistent quality control (all the pellets look tha same). The foam disk inside the tin,to prevent them from rattling around, is a nice touch.
ProsWell made.
ConsPrice. No screw cap.
By Brian
Boaz, AL
February 21, 2017
Vast Improvement
As it says, vast Improvement over light weight Crossman pellets from Walmart...even in a cheap gun. Much better gun ordered. Hope for same results.
ProsExceptional quality and performance. Price.
ConsNone as yet.
By tony D.
February 17, 2017
I use these pellets in my Brocock pistol and in my Compatto .177 cal. they are quite accurate, in my pistol, I get I/2 to 1/4 in. groups at 10 yards. I seem to be more accurate when I use them in my Compatto rifle, at a 125 ft. I get 1/4 inch groups or better.
Prosdamn good pellet for the money, your shots will vary of course, like mine do, depending on what type of gun your using them in.
By Jim
Mpls, MN
February 13, 2017
Great accuracy. Many 3 shot groups, almost same hole at only 10 yds. but tighter than other pellets.
By Todd
January 18, 2017
Tight groups!
I tried about 6 different pellets out of my Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim and wow, quite a difference noticed with the first group. My rifle isn't even broke in yet (maybe 200 shots) and I'm holding quarter sized groups at 25 yards. The squirrels raiding my bird feeders are in serious trouble. I tried Crosman Premiers and a few RWS pellets along with the Gamos that came with the gun but these are by far the best. I see no reason to switch. A little bit pricey but try it you'll like 'em!
ProsAccuracy is great. Clean pellets.
By Cheng Lee
November 15, 2016
job 10.2 gr.
good hard hitting and very accurate for my Benjamin Maurader
ProsThe best so far
By Vic Payne
In the Ozarks of Missouri
August 23, 2016
JSB 10.34 Diabolo Exact Heavy
This is the pellet I have come to rely on. It shoots good in all my air guns. It is consistent and accurate. There is no point in searching for more accuracy (for me).
ProsConsistency & accuracy.
ConsPrice and could use a threaded lid.
By Fur Buster
Ca High Desert
July 31, 2016
JSB .177 Exact Heavy Diabolo
JSB's will never disappoint. These .177 heavies have made my Crosman Quest 1000 come alive. I was using Crosman Premiers and I didn't realize what a superior pellet like JSB's could do. One inch 5 shot groups benched at 30 yards. An occasional flyer I blame on myself. You can trust JSB's in any caliber.
ProsExtremely accurate and consistent. Worth the extra money.
By Chris
, Georgia
July 27, 2016
This is a fun and accurate pellet. No deformed pellet and packed perfectly.
ProsConsistent shot after shot.
ConsTin top is loose, can have spills if not careful
La Mesa, CA
July 23, 2016
Great Pellets!!
These are great in my RWS/DIANA Pro-Compact 34 and my Gamo Hornet .177. I shoot less than 1/2" groups at 20 yards!
ProsConsistent and powerful! (See Attached Photos)
By Thomas
Rockford Illinois
July 4, 2016
Jsb heavy exact .177
Great pellets dime sized groups at 15 yards with gamo bigcat. Each pellet fits the same as the last. Very clean almost no need to wash the pellets.
ProsVery accurate and great for hunting. Just ask the squirrels under my garden
ConsHad like 10 pellets on the top off the tin with bent skirts.
By Donald
Corydon, IN
June 12, 2016
Excellent Pellet
One of my Favorite Brands
ProsExcellent Accuracy out of my RWS 34 Pro Compact
ConsThe Tin is horrible Lid wont stay on ..... needs a screw on lid
By terry
Hundred, wv
May 13, 2016
JSB Heavy .177 are the best in my gun.
My Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite loves these pellets the most. I am shooting them at an average of 782fps and they are deadly to the starlings. These are the only pellets that I will use in this gun.
ProsVery accurate pellet and very uniform.
ConsThe tins lid will not stay on. I just put them in a different pellet container.
By Jackson
Atlanta, Georgia
February 12, 2016
Very Accurate and Powerful!
So far i have shot the .177 Diabolo Exact Heavy through two of my airguns, and I have been very impressed with both results so far. My first airgun I tested was my Hammerli 850 Air Magnum equipped with a 3-9x40 BSA Sweet .22 Scope. The weather was windy and around 49 to 50 degrees F so the co2 pressure may have been lower than optimal. Regardless these pellets out performed anything I have shot so far! 1 1/4 inch groups off a wobbly table in the very wind conditions at 30+ Yards! The second gun I tested was Sig Sauer p226 pistol. This pistol is very inaccurate with off the shelf pellets but the accuracy changed quickly after swapping over to the JSB pellets! The impact power of these pellets down range at 30 Yards is easily flipping over and resetting my Do-All-Outdoors Auto Reset Target. This is something I could not achieve at 18 yards with 7.9 grain pellets (using the hammerli). I will update my review with further testing in ideal conditions and with my Umarex Octane, Gamo PT85, Hammerli 850, and Sig Sauer p226!
ProsPower. Accuracy. Consistency. I included my grouping shot on a 8" shoot N-C target shot with my co2 powered Hammerli 850 Air Magnum *WINDY, Wobbly Table, and Cold*
ConsNone. You get what you pay for!
By Billy
September 1, 2015
Great Pellets
Very consistent.
ProsQuality product
By Steve
Monterey, CA
August 1, 2015
Great pellet
These shot very well out of my crosman vantage in .177. The pellets are very uniform in size. Each one fits the same in the chamber.
ProsUniform size.
By Ken
June 29, 2015
JSB Heavies
these pellets are absolutely the most accurate in my Marauder,one ragged hole at 25yds and just over an inch and a half at 50yds(10 shot groups).Varmints don't have a chance at my house anymore!
Prosextremely accurate and hit hard to dispatch vermin quick
By Sid
Newark, OH
December 16, 2014
Another accurate pellet by JSB
Had great accuracy with their .25 cal. pellets so I bought these when I purchased my .177 cal. rifles. I was not disappointed with the performance. They shoot very well out of my Marauder and easily group under 1/2" at 20-25 yds. JSB pellets seem to be the standard used to judge other brands of pellets and are usually the most accurate pellet in most airguns.
ProsConsistent and accurate.
By James
middletown, MO
July 5, 2014
Shoots very well in a Gamo Bull whisper bone collector (or at least in mine) I was a bit rushed today with over 30 types of pellets to test and I feel I pulled off just a bit and could do better than the 3/4 inch group I was able to get at 25 yards. and remarkable centered on my zero which was done with a lighter 8 something grain pellet (Gamo Hunter) Can't wait to see how these perform in longer range testing.
Proswell made obviously very concentric. Not too bad a price shot excellent in my rifle.
By Levi
Ludington, MI
May 16, 2014
Accurate and Powerful
I tested 9 different pellets in my RWS 850, these performed the best. They are accurate out to 50 yards and the wind and rain does not effect there flight path hardly at all. They have about a 1/2" group at 25 yards and a 3/4" group at 30 yards. I also did a penetration test with these pellets, they have good penetration but still good expansion for hunting. I shot some starlings and they drop immediately. The cycling of my bolt is so smooth with these pellets it is almost hard to believe.
ProsVery Accurate Good Penetration Good expansion Very good stability under extreme conditions
By Paul
Allen, TX
December 31, 2013
Great Heavy Pellet
Great for slowing down magnum air guns. Accurate out of most my rifles, the best in my Umarex Surge.
ProsThese and the Air Arms field heavy's appear to be almost the same pellet, both very accurate.
ConsSometimes hard to find.
By Louis
Apache Junction Az.
November 13, 2011
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