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JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr - 500 ct

JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: 300111 · 0.22 cal · 18.1 gr · 500 ct
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JSB 18.13 grain pellets are manufactured in Bohumin, Czech Republic by Joseph Schulz, are considered by many to be the most accurate pellets available in the entire world. The Exact Diabolo is an intermediate weight, round nose pellet that will deliver improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy. Ammunition for seriously powerful air guns. Have you really got a powerful weapon? Then Exact Heavy is the right choice! They are heavy, stable and accurate.

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 18.13 grain
  • Nose: Domed
  • Quantity: 500 Count

Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerJSB
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight18.1 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity500
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JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr - 500 ct   $18.99
108 Reviews
90% (97)
9% (10)
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97% Recommend this product (105 of 108 responses)
By J Templeton
VA Beach, VA.
November 21, 2011
JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.1 gr.- 500 Ct.
Shooting these out of my Benjamin NP Trail .22 rifle. This pellet hits HARD with consistant accuracy. At 20yrds I'm keeping a quarter sized group. At first I was getting a few too many flyers and found quite a few damaged skirts. My ammo tin does have a small dent so it may been dropped by the delivery guy a few times, but once I started picking out the round skirt pellets, the flyers went away. They were a bit on the dirty side too, so you may want to wash them.
ProsGreat penetration.
ConsA few too many damaged skirts in my tin and they were very dirty.
Santa Cruz, CA
October 29, 2018
Well made pellet
This is a well-made pellet, it is consistent and shoots well out of almost all of my rifles. Well packaged from AGD, must try these out of any new rifle you purchase.
By Brandon
Venice, CA
October 29, 2018
Best Pellet for my FX Streamline
The most accurate pellet for my FX Streamline. Under 1/2" groups at 50yds all day long. Tried all different types & weights (Crosman, H&N, Polymag, AA, etc.) these are the best. The runner up were the JSB 15.89 gr
ProsVery accurate
Best UsesFX Streamline
By Eric
hailey, ID
October 28, 2018
Perfect for my Nova Freedom .22
This is for the JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr. They have been perfect for my Nova Freedom .22. It holds a less than 0.5" at 35 yards. Perfectly packaged for shipping. No damaged box or skirts
ProsLess than 0.5" at 35 yards
ConsNone from Airgun Depot. Had damaged skirts from Amazon purchased
Best UsesAwesome for hunting small preys
By James
Savannah, GA
August 29, 2018
Better than I thought it would be
The Diabolo pellet has been the most accurate pellet I have used so far!
ProsVery acurate
ConsYou pay for what you get
By Harry L Toomey
July 9, 2018
My Go To 22 Caliber Pellet
Extremely well packaged. Each tin was nestled securely within a foam protector. Fast delivery. Like many have said before me, I wish JSB would ship tins that have screw on lids. Highly recommend using Airgun Depot for all your ammo needs.
ProsVery clean pellets. Seems to have some kind of wax/paraffin coating on them. Skirts are thick and durable.
ConsNo screw on lid.
Best Uses18.13 gn JSBs shoot lights out in my FX Impact X in 22.
By Jim
Bellevue, Iowa
July 8, 2018
Great Pellet for the cost
By Terry
Idaho Falls, ID
July 3, 2018
JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Pellets
These pellets shoot well and hit hard. They provide a consistent grouping that is very acceptable.
By Steve
June 12, 2018
JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.1 gr.- 500 Ct.
so far i have been putting them in the same hole at 25 yards
By Tony
May 11, 2018
I use these in my FX Wildcat, at 100 ft. I was able to put 10 rounds into the same hole !!!!!!!! These are one great shooting pellet ! Get'em
Prosgreat pellet, a few were had damaged skirts, just make sure you wash and lube your pellets before using, it does make a big difference when you use them.
Best UsesSmall game, rabbits, any rodents and of course target shooting. Keep in mind even though these worked great for me, they might not for you if your using a another make of pellet gun, I swear by FX guns as for me as being the best quality for all my shooting.
By Richard Rojas
Lompoc,CA 93436
April 23, 2018
The Best Pellet
These pellets have always been consistent, accusrste and fun to shoot. The first pellet to the last pellet in the tin are the same. Accurate and precise each time JSB’s are the Best.
ProsGreat pellets, hard hitters!
By Joe
Manteno, IL
April 19, 2018
on target
i have been using theese in my Guantlet Benjamin Titan II and have found great short range accuracy.
Best Usessighting, uping your plinking sport, or short range hunting shots
By Vince
Los Angeles
April 17, 2018
Favorite pellet for the Gamo Swarm
Seems like the Swarm likes this particular pellet. So far it out performed the top 5 recommended pellets. Was able to shoot a nickel size grouping at 28 yards with very few fliers. By far its the most consistent.
ProsAccurate and consistent.
ConsA little pricey.
Best UsesHunting small game, pest control and plinking
By Cheng Lee
April 2, 2018
18.13 gr.JSB Heavy.
One of the very good shooting pallets.They fit in the magazine as well as the rifle very nicely.Shooting these pallets out of my P-ROD and the Hatsan Bullboss at 25Yards very accurately and consistently after sorting out the good and uniformed pallets.The tin had been dropped and quite a few damaged pallets.So I don't get the 500 quantities but shoot good on the good one.
ProsMedium heavy good for all weather condition exceed my expectations.Have heavy punching power.
ConsA few too many damages pallets in the tin.
Best UsesFor small hunting games and target shooting this the pallet to go.
By william
bath, new york
March 22, 2018
My go to pellet for .22
I have tried many brands of pellets. These perform perfect in all my .22 rifles and are very consistent. When I buy a new gun, these are the first pellets I use it the new gun. I normally only shoot to 40 yards while hunting and these work perfect every time... if I miss, it is my fault. I have never been disappointed in these pellets and believe me... I have gone thru many tins of these.. I have shot these out to 50 yards bench rested with perfect results. If not 1/2 groups , never more than 3/4 to 1 inch ... of coarse it depends on the gun I am using at the time... as we all know... some guns are more accurate than others and wind plays a major role. I highly recommend
ProsGreat consistency while shooting, I rarely find a pellet with deformed skirt on pellet.. well worth the cost.
ConsNone... wish price was cheaper, but don't we all...
Best UsesThese are great for target shooting and hunting...
By Jim F
February 14, 2018
As Good As it Gets
These JSB pellets are excellent. I use them in my FX Wildcat and Evanix Rainstorm.
ProsSoft enough to expand on conact
By Daniel
Ferndale , WA
February 11, 2018
Favorite pellet
My Leshiy loves these pellets. I like them so much that they are my go-to pellets for 90% of the time.
ProsUniform, consistent and accurate.
By Joe Toscano
Floresville Texas
January 23, 2018
Great over all
Jsb does a great job with these pellets not a bad one in the bunch. Im shooting about 40 yards n can put pellet in the same hole constantly
ProsGreat pellet accurate
By David H.
Hercules, CA
January 11, 2018
JSB Diabolo Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal. 18.13 gr
Very good product.
By James F Johnson
January 8, 2018
Best pellet for my rifle.
Shot accurately out to 100 yds.
By Thomas
Mountville, PA
December 31, 2017
Still one of the best
Have used these before and they are still one of the best pellets I have used in my 460 and a LGU Varminter .
ProsHit hard and accurate when used in a gun that can drive them over 600fps.
ConsSeem to be a loose fit in most any RWS gun. Need to be careful not to tilt barrel upwards when loading, as they may fall out. Not enough of a deal to subtract a star, just a thing to watch for. My LGU does not have that issue.
By Andre
December 22, 2017
Well made an accurate
My Hatsan Galatian shoots these very accurately and consistently
ProsConsistent quality Foam padding at top and bottom of the tin is nice
ConsPricey No screw on cap
By jim
Austin, TX
December 2, 2017
i dont have a gun that doesnt like JSB Pellets. my NP shoots quarter groups at 30 yds with these. The weight is the perfect balance for the high energy that launches them. No more tumble. The tree rats hate the energy that they deliver.
Prosconsistent weight and shape
Conscant buy them locally
By Dan
Los Angeles
November 22, 2017
Very consistent
These jsb pellets are my go to for consistent accuracy. I order these in bulk because I go through them. I use them as a benchmark for when I am tuning or tweaking
ProsVery consistent groups out of all of my rifles (and some rifles are quite picky). Uniform shape and quality packaging. You can feel them slide through the breach and bolt much smoother than other pellets when loaded.
ConsHigher price but worth the cash if you really want to test your rifles. If used for hunting the weight combined with the dome will fully penetrate most small game and not transfer a lot of energy (so head shots or chest is a must)
By Daryll
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
November 2, 2017
Nice Heavy/Accurate Pellet
After I shot in with 14.+ gr pellets, I switched to these. Boy do these carry power and are very accurate. I was shooting 30 yds and having 2" groupings but with great impact energy. This is definitely a keeper as a hunting pellet. The 14 gr pellets are too light for my Octane for hunting but these were great - heavy enough to carry energy and not be erratic, yet not too heavy that it affects the velocity too much.
By eric
okeana, oh
October 31, 2017
an okay pellet for some guns i guess...
The Hatsan model 95 vortex did not do real well with them. They are HEAVY tho !
Consdid not group well in the Hatsan 95 vortex
By rhett
manchester, TN
October 29, 2017
Great pellets
Very consistent size and weight. Accurate in most every rifle I have tried them in. Possibly the most universal pellet I've ever used.. (as in most guns like these pellets)
By Dominick DaCosta
October 18, 2017
Worth every penny I paid!
I recently moved up from my Gammo .177 to the Hatsan Bullpup .22 cal and wanted a slug that had a reputation for high quality product. AGD [John] who is the owner recommended these in his video [though it was for .25 cal] he really seemed impressed with the Hatsan Bullpup liking these pellets. So I ordered the .22 cal. I fired 10 rounds to sight in my scope and after that at 25 meters I held a 1/4" group, and 50 meters 3/8" group, and at 75 metters 3/4" group! Simply amazing! Being an engineer I was curious and did a weight & balance and was amazed at the repeat-ability within 0.19 grams from pellet to pellet!
Pros500 ct. $16.49 thats .03 cents a shot! Really good value!
ConsNo cons
By Roy C. Wells III
October 9, 2017
The Best.
Again the service and the shipping of one of my favorite pellets was excellent.
ProsEverything about ordering from AIRGUN DEPOT is good.
By Logan f
September 13, 2017
Tack drivers
By far the most acurate pellet i have found. in my streamline they shoot dime size or smaller groups at 50 yds all day. I tried several other pellets but kept returning to the jsb jumbo heavy 18.1 gr ... this will be my only pellet from now on😀😀
ProsAccurate and hard hitting ... great for hunting small game
By Paul
Pittsburgh, PA.
August 16, 2017
New gun break-in pellet
I bought these because they were highly recommended and came in a 500 pellet tin. So far groups are acceptable and shrinking at 25 yards with only about 200 shots through a new gun. They seem to be very consistent in quality. I can't remember any fliers that weren't my fault. I'm going to try different pellet weights in this brand after I get the gun broken in properly. This is a good one to start looking for that "magic" pellet for your gun.
By Doug
July 24, 2017
The go to for accuracy
Good for all types of shooting, if you have not found a good pellet for your gun, definitely try these as they could just solve your issues. I wash all my pellets and use Behold furniture wax on Break Barrels and oil on PCP, Pell oil or speed oil by Napier. Extra work but when your shots need to count it is worth the effort.
ProsShape, stability, nock down.
By RB22
Midwest Michigan
July 10, 2017
Jsb pellets
I received pellets super well packed, delighted to see the pellets skirts not miss shaped so far in the tins I have opened. Thanks Air gun depot.
ProsJSB pellets shot very accurate.
ConsNo cons.
July 3, 2017
My Air Force Talon seems to like these better than the 15.9 gr. I've turned it down to 3 1/2 on the power and getting really good groups.
ProsGood sale on them now.
ConsCan't really think of any.
By Don
June 26, 2017
My Maurauder loves these things.
The packaging from Airgun Depot was exceptional. The pellets were uniform and I have not found any deformed ones. My Marauder can shoot .75 inch 10 shot group at 35 yards with these pellets.
By Tommy
, schoharie
June 6, 2017
Awesome pellet
The work good hard hitting and very accurate
ProsHard hitting Accurate Good penetration
ConsI can't get them local have to order online
By bsjcook
Canon City, Co
May 30, 2017
Work well, especially when weighted and sized
I sorted 500 of these pellets by weight and got almost equal piles of 17.9, 18.0, 18.1, 18.3, 18.4, and several at 18.5 gr. I target shoot through FX Impact, indoor range, and get a dime sized group at 50 feet. Before firing I run each pellet through a pellet sizer (55.3) and that seems to help too. I have seen a YouTube video that the differing weights doesn't affect accuracy, but am still testing that out. At the lowest FX pressure setting these pellets show a muzzle velocity of 905 fps which gives them a 32.9 ft/lb impact. I'm no expert, but having fun learning something new.
By david
April 17, 2017
JSB Diabolo exact King .22 18.13gr
as usual found that the JSB pellets work great.hard hitting and very accurate don't even consider buying another brand without first using JSB.
Prosclean pellets uniform in shape and fit tight when chambered
By Myles T. Haymon
April 17, 2017
JSB is a reliable pellet.
I have 5 PCPs in calibers .177 through 9mm. So far JSB is my go to pellet.
ProsReliable pellet. I can almost use these to trouble shoot. All of my gund like them.
By Chazm
April 4, 2017
Few fliers
These are quality pellets that are worth the price unless you are only shooting feral soda cans where misses do my count.
ProsMore stable than lighter pellets and very consistent without sorting them.
By Edwin
, Kentucky
April 3, 2017
Very powerful
ProsHeavy round
By Louis
Leander, TX
March 30, 2017
Excellent Pellet for Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim .22
I bought these pellets as a last resort, to try in my Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim .22. I had tried more than 16 different pellets, and none of them would group less than 1.5" at 25 yards. The other pellets tested include, but are not limited to, JSB's 13.43, 14.35, 15.89, H&N FTT, Barracuda Match, Sniper Magnum, and Sniper Light. After shooting about 10 of these to "season" the barrel, I commenced to shooting' for accuracy. My first 10 shot string measured .89" CTC. The second 10 shot string measured .74" CTC. It was very obvious that these are the right pellet for this gun.
ProsConsistent shape and build. I don't have a means to weigh or measure them, but they all fit the breech with the consistency. They shoot very smoothly. After 400 rounds, I have not experienced a single flyer. Very clean. Very little lead fragments in tin. These pellets shoot extremely well out of my Gamo BC Maxxim, Crosman 2240, and Benjamin 392.
ConsThese pellets do not shoot well from my Browning Leverage. I feel the price of these pellets should be reduced by $2.00 per tin.
By Shred
Potter Valley, CA
March 28, 2017
Good price for the quality so far.
250 rounds and not one flyer. So far so good
By Herbert Barrett
March 27, 2017
Awesome pellet!
My AA S510 & my Daystate Airwolf love them They are consumed in great quantities!..They are hit the same mark shot after shot. Just ordered a FX Streamline walnut in .22 cal. Sure hope it likes them, You can't go wrong with these pellets.
ProsVery consistent shots.
By Pedro
Ewing, NJ
March 27, 2017
Always a good choice.
I have been using JSB pellets for a while now and must tell you, they are very good and consistent pellets with most of my airguns, very clean and uniform with great BC on my Huntsman Regal. I am a big fan of this brand and will recommend them for long accurate shooting.
ProsVery good quality of mfg. and uniform shape, not many damaged ones on each tin and good price for the amount per tin.
ConsCould benefit if it had screw on lid.
By Leonard
Eugene, OR
March 27, 2017
Very Accurate
A perfect match for the FX Wildcat. Hole in hole at 50 yards.
ProsWorks in FX very well.
By Brian Hanlon
New Jersey
March 24, 2017
Get what you pay for!
Great pellet awesome company.
ProsHole after hole.
By Cobra03
March 10, 2017
Exelent pellets
Is the best pellets for all my collection of rifles I own. Exelent accuracy at 55 yards. I order 5 pins or containers of them and I am sure I will keep purchasing more when I need them, because I don't think I would change pallet for my rifles, I realy like theme. Jsb diabolo exact jumbo heavy are the best.
ProsSimply this are the best pallets for my rifles, I was really surprise the accuracy on my rifles after I start using these palettes. 55 yards no problem exelent grouping.
By Eric
Manistuque, MI
March 8, 2017
great pellet
Nicely made. Tin and pellets are clean. I shoot these through my condor ss at 944 fps and excellent groups. Only reason the grouping will change is because of the operator of the rifle. Hits the pesky critters hard.
ProsNice clean pellets and the tin of 500 is a nice qty. Air Gun Depot does a very nice, quality job of packing your pellet shipment.
By Brian
Boaz, AL
March 6, 2017
Great Pellet
Have gone through several tins and have found no bad pellets. Excellent accuracy and very tight groups out to 45 yards with Hatsan Mod 125 Sniper...definitely the guns favorite pellet. Very well packaged as always from AGD.
Prosquality, accuracy
Consas others have stated, would like to see a screw-on lid
By shawn kautz
Chehalis washington
March 5, 2017
Very hard hitting and time after time grouping results.
ProsAirgun depot has fast shipping and packages these pellets like gold!!
ConsNone yet
By ed
altadena ca.
March 1, 2017
best pellets
I use all jsb for quality and are very consistent. The 18.1 are great in my air arms and hatsan at 44w
By Lee
February 22, 2017
On target!!!
My FX Wildcat loves these pellets. They are very consistent and shoot a hole in a hole at 25 yards. With five shot groups.
By Adam
Campbellsport WI
February 10, 2017
Love them, keeping sub 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards.
By Brian
Sacramento, CA
February 3, 2017
Great Pellets
These pellets shoot well with very few deformities and they also come in at weight. I checked weight on a 0.1g scale and all are exact. I will have to get a 0.01g scale to know exactly how close they all are.
By Dennis Crowell
January 18, 2017
JSB 18.13 review
The JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo is the pellet my Sumatra 2500 Carbine shoots the best in that weight class and at what ever power I set my gun on.
ProsExcellent quality, Great packaging from AGD
By Sergio
Moreno Valley,CA
January 9, 2017
Excellent Pellets
Excellent accuracy . My Taipan Mutant loves these pellets .
By Matthew
Fort Worth Texas
December 23, 2016
Clean and accurate
Very accurate in my marauder
ConsWould like to see a screw on lid
By Philip
December 20, 2016
Accurate pellets, these are my favorites. I've tried them all and these are the best.
By Petou
San Diego CA
December 5, 2016
Best pellet for my new FX Royale
These pellet are well known to perform well in my latest toy "the FX Royale" (as well as many other airguns, my Marauder like them too) so I just confirming that my FX rifle like them as well. If you never bought pellets from AirgunDepot I will let you in on the big secret, if you put 4 tins in your cart they will only charge you for 3 (pretty awesome! I think) and they pack them like they were made of gold which I'm sure they are not. But it is nice to see that they care about they products.
ProsAccurate and do not seem to be bothered much by light winds at least within 25 yards range. With the FX there are 3 setting for speed via a rotating dial on the gun. I uses them at #2 and #3 power setting (around 700 fps and 925 fps) at low power #1 I choose lighter pellets (Exact Jumbo Express 14.35 gr or Jumbo RS 13.43gr) that give me the same performance within 10 to 15 yards with a very low noise level. I tried to sort them by head size they are all 5.51 mm with a very low percentage of 5.50 mm so they are very uniform in matter of head size and the skirt size is never below 5.58 mm. All and all a very good pellet for target shooting since I do not hunt.
ConsNone to speak of.
By Lee Tindall
United States
November 29, 2016
best pellets byfar
Use these pellets for hunting and target shooting tried several other types no other shoots as well through my trail 22 cal. Love shooting long distance and shooting and these pellets are the best.
ProsShipping was fast and pellets were well protected.Very little damaged pellets.Airgun depot has my business m
By Jack
Green Valley, Arizona
November 9, 2016
First pellet purchase from AGD.
Pleased with the packaging of the pellets. They arrived in good condition. Would like to purchase unbroken sleeves of 5 tins. I have purchased pellets from another source, that were still in the 5 tin, plastic wrap. This assures that the pellets are from the same die lot.
ProsI have tried other brands of pellets, and some perform nearly as good as JSB's, but you can always count on JSB's to give consistent accuracy.
By David Harris
Sarasota, Florida
November 3, 2016
killshot ammo
Dead on at 50 yards with Gamo whisper fusion igt..22. Also dead on with Gamo whisper fusion g-2. I shot half inch groups at 50 yards with at least two shots going thru same hole as previous shot.
ProsDefinitely kill shot ammo for critters. Very good knockdown power. Even hogs out to 30 yards. Hardly any flyers.
ConsNone so far
By Matt
Phillips, Wisconsin
October 24, 2016
Shoot good
Thus pellet is accurate in both my gamo .22 and my hatsan 125 sniper
ProsGreat price a ns accurate
By Glen
Honolulu, HI
October 17, 2016
Great Pellet
These are my go to pellet in my Talon, QB 78, Discovery, and B51. Very accurate out to 50 yards.
ProsUniform shape, accurate
ConsNeeds a screw on cover.
By Carlo A Nardizzi
Clifton Heights pa.
October 10, 2016
JSB. 22 pellets
I have to say that JSB pellets are by far and away some of the best pellets I have used. I have used a lot of H&N pellets as well. The JSB pellets fit my Hatsan model 95 like butter. They chamber very smooth and have fantastic grouping, like they were made for the rifle. Some of the H& N pellets are OK but I am now JSB fan. When I can afford another air rifle from airgun depot I am sure to feed it JSB.
ProsAll pros
ConsNo con
By Marilyn
Denver, Colorado
September 12, 2016
Great for plinking
Very accurate, mine came packed well with several other .22 ammo from Airgun Depot.
ProsGood for plinking with my modded 2240
ConsNot so great for dove beyond 25 yards..Predators work much better for hunting.
By Sean Noonan
San Diego, CA
September 7, 2016
The only pellet for my FX guns
I've tried just about every pellet for my FX Impact and these are the best for my gun. The Smooth Twist barrels seem to love JSBs (my FX Monsoon likes the JSB 15.89gr Jumbos). And Airgun Depot has the best price on these of any place I can find. Which is why I recently purchased 32 tins (16,000 pellets) from them!
ProsAccurate with FX Smooth Twist barrels
By Tommy
Elberton, GA
August 3, 2016
Just 2 words...BUY SOME
There is a reason these pellets have Have a 5 star rating... they are that good! They are packed with care and I haven't found a bad one so far. I shoot these with my Crossman Venom NP and my Benjamin Disco and they are extremely accurate at 35 yards. They'll drop a bit at a distance but when I learned their trajectory, I can get groups under a quarter at 75 yards.
ProsQuality manufacturing Consistent Accuracy and power A must have for all my airguns
ConsPrice can be high Almost always have to buy them online
By Jonathan Long
Salem, Oregon
August 3, 2016
Very accurate!
Shooting with a Hatsan Mod 95 Vortex these are very accurate. Hittin' critters when I aim at 'em. Unlike other some of the cheaper brands I tried out.
Pros- accurate - clean - didn't find any deformed pellets - every pellet fit perfectly in the barrel - nice finish
ConsIt's doesn't come in a bottomless tin!
By Torrence
ellenboro, NC
July 11, 2016
Awesome pellets
I shoot this out of my Hatsan at44 QE and it loves them. I'm no professional but this pellets make me look like it. 20 and 30 yards I'm shooting nickel size groups and 50 I'm getting quarter sized groups and sometimes better. They are clean pellets also, I can tell it on my fingers. I've done went through several cans so far.
ProsGood shooting and clean fits snug in my Hatsan.
Consnone! !!!!
By Jason
Wartburg, TN
July 7, 2016
Overall Best pellet for pest control
Most of my airguns are .22cal because I shoots targets only when sighting in or can't go hunting. This is one of my top 2 all time squirrel killers that I have ever used. This and a H&N Barracuda are the 2 best at taking squirrels in one shot. I realize its all about placement, but I have taken hundreds of squirrels over the years and this one holds it power for long ranges. I don't have to worry about the 50+ yard shots, because they drop out of the tree with no problem. I have a FX 400, Daystate Huntsman and a Benjamin Marauder in .22cal all shooting this pellet.
ProsAccuracy Power for long range shooting
ConsMay be too heavy for light to medium powered springers.
By Brian
Eastern Oklahoma
July 4, 2016
These are the first to try in new guns.
These have to be the number one choice in 22 caliber. All of mine and others I know guns all shoot this pellet the best. After 20yards these really shine compared to others.
ProsBest grouping out of all pellets tried,and also five different brand guns had the same result. Available in 500 round tins.
ConsPrice and availability can be a concern.
By Brian Moore
Alpine CA
June 8, 2016
Great pellet/great packaging
My crosman 2260 loves these pellets, it will do 1/2 inch at 15 yards. These pellets are very clean, the quality control seems very high. Airgun depot's packaging is awesome, they ship them in foam cut outs so your pellets do not get beat up. I still can't find any damaged skirts in my 500 pellet tin. These are great pellets, try them in you a 24 inch crosman Co2 rifle.
ProsVery clean Great packaging High quality control
By Chuck
Whitefish Montana
June 8, 2016
Deadly Combination
I have never in all my 50 years of shooting, have enjoyed such accuracy as with the Air Arms S 510 Ultimate Sporter and the JSB 18.13 grain Exact Jumbo Heavy. It is as if Air Arms designed the S510 Ultimate Sporter to be shot with this pellet for the best ever performance ever created by man. Don,t waste your money on anything other than JSB pellets. I have.
ProsNone Better
ConsNot enough led on the planet
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