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JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy .25 Cal, 33.95 gr - 150 ct

JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy .25 Cal, 33.95 gr - 150 ct

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  • Code: 546398-150 · 0.25 cal · 33.95 gr · 150 ct
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The new heavy weight when it comes to .25 JSB pellets, weighing in at 33.95 grains. The JSB King Heavy .25 caliber pellet was developed dueto the request of many airgunners with higher power PCP airguns looking for a little heavier pellet. The skirts on these are rather large so if you're having trouble with your gun loading them, pick up the King Heavy MKII instead.

JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy Features
  • .25 caliber
  • 33.95 grains
  • Domed
  • 150 pellets

Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerJSB
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • Ammo Typepellets
  • Ammo Weight33.95 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity150
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JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy .25 Cal, 33.95 gr - 150 ct
27 Reviews
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11% (3)
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100% Recommend this product (27 of 27 responses)
By Michael
JSB Diablo Pellets are Awesome!
April 10, 2018
I fired 25 rounds in the same hole @ 25 yards! unbelievable!. I can't wait to try these at longer ranges.
By tony
April 10, 2018
I just recently purchased an FX Streamline in .25 cal. fully shrouded barrel w/suppressor. At 100 ft. I can put a pellet on top of a pellet, no problem. Have you ever seen a wood rat's head explode at a 100 ft. ?
You have a 25 cal. get a tin and try it, depending on the make and model of your weapon, it may be the best pellet you ever shot or the worst, we all know it varies from gun to gun, but try it, I hope you like it as I do mine, just make sure you describe the gun your using it in and how far away is your target, plus is it windy or calm. have fun.
ProsIt's all good................providing your gun like it.
Consnone from me.
Best UsesRats, and the like...................................
By Daniel
Ferndale , WA
March 5, 2018
As I have always said, JSB are the ones you want. Very uniform with no deformation. Get some and you wont regret it.
By Ian
Lower Alabama
January 9, 2018
these pellets are of uniform size and they have penetrated both front and back of all the targets i've shot. I like shooting cheap shaving cream cans(big lots) , these go thru front and out the back.
By charles
great pellet
November 10, 2017
this pellet is very accurate for my rifle...a regulated hatsan 40 yards i was able to hit eight out of 10 paintballs glued to a 1 inch thick piece of cypress...resting my rifle on a coffee can on a bench....the pellet penetrated all the way through the cypress each shot......a better shot might have hit all 10....i like these pellets...
Pros very accurate..i had no problem with the skirt when loading in my bullboss ..
By Paul
Alexandria, VA
Nice if you need a little more hitting power than than the 25.39 JSB
October 29, 2017
I tested the JSB Heavy in my Hatsan AT44S-10 QE they grouped great at 30 yards and at 85 yards they where hitting hard and very accurate. JSB really makes great pellets. I use the 25.39 grain JSB's a lot and these would be great too, especially for hunting and dropping larger small game. They hit nice and hard.

Name: JSB Ex King Heavy 33.95
Shots: 30
Average: 702 FPS
SD: 22 FPS
Min: 661 FPS
Max: 740 FPS
Spread: 79 FPS
Power Factor Average: 28
Power Factor Low: 26
Power Factor High: 30
Barometric Pressure: 30.2 inHg
Temperature: 30F
Weight: 40 grains
By Jim
September 16, 2017
I just thought mt AT44 liked JSB exact until I tried the Heavys. A 5 shot group is covered by a dime at 35 yards. This pellet gives me consistent energy from a non regulated gun.
Prosaccurate and delivers energy downrange
Consnot locally available
By John D.
Lockport New York
Well made
September 12, 2017
Awesome pellets, nice performance and weight
ConsKinda pricey
By Chris
'4500 High Desert
Good accuracy and heavy
July 4, 2017
POI is very close to the standard Kings, but 8 gr heavier. However, the std Kings fly 200 fps faster from the same rifle (untuned Gladius Long). At 660 fps these came in at 30 fpe. If you want heavy pellets for close in pesting, buy these in the 300/350 cans - they are great for close in work where over penetration may be a concern.
ProsAccurate & consistent
Leander, Texas
Very Accurate
June 12, 2017
These pellets shoot like match pellets. Three shot groups at 20 yards, holes in target touch each other and can be covered by a 1" diameter circle. At 50 yards I get a little more dispersion, but three shot group can be covered with 2" diameter circle. I start my three shot groups with a full air cylinder and I count rounds two through four. I have not zeroed and fired the Hatsan Bullboss at a distance more than 50 yards.
ProsThe design seems to promote accuracy. Flat head or extremely pointed pellets do not appear to be as accurate.
By Kevin
ausome jsb extra king heavy
May 4, 2017
I bought a Airforca condor ss i was shooting jsb 25 gr they grouped one inch at 50 yards i thought they were a great pellet then i sent fore jsb heavy ,eunjin 35 and 43 gr I shot them all at 50 eunjin 35 gr gone no good for my condor.43gr eunjin and jsb heavy both shot great maybe three quarter inch with the eunjin but the jsb heavy after my gun settled down shot less than a dime with 7 shots I could not believe it Iam not that good of a shot or am I. Next 100 yards. Shot them both eunjin 43gr 6 inch was my best jsb heavy 4 inch group was my worst i never though i could shoot a one and a half inch group at 100yds Dont get me wrong the eunjin 43 gr are great at 50 yds 0r less for hunting they hit with tremedous power I Will always have some around but the jsb heavys are the pellet for my condor ss it loves them and so do I. thank you JSB I now absolutly love my condor ss
ProsBest pellet for my condor ss Hits like a ton off bricks
Houston Texas
March 22, 2017
I know it is not good for the pellet gun but I put a small drop of 3in One oil behind the pellet skirt,
loaded in the gun and WOW the dieseling pellet blasted clean through cabinet grade 3/4'' plywood!
Gun is a Hatsan Sniper 125
See pictures below
out hole blast is a 3/4" hole.
Prosfast & neat shipping well padded box
By Manuel E.
Napa Ca
Hard hitting. Accurate
February 9, 2017
Very nice hard hitting pellets. I have a Sumatra 2500. And I can stack pellets no problem.
By Anthony
Moreno Valley Ca
Need An Accurate Pellet?
January 18, 2017
I use a Hatsan BT65. I have only used these at 25 to 30 yds and I find them highly accurate. Have seen videos of them being used at 3 times that distance for hunting. For sighting in purposes, I normally take 7 to9 shots at target. The grouping I get is about the size of a quarter maybe smaller as I use the splatterburst targets. You really can't go wrong with these.
ProsHighly accurate great weight hard hitting
By Jeremiah
Charleston, West Virginia
My Hatsun Galation loved these pellets.
September 12, 2016
These shot very good in my rifle. Only slightly less accurate than the King .25 at close range. At longer ranges I seemed to get better groups than the King 25, but I was still getting my rifle to fit, so I'm not 100% sure. I will have to do more experimentation.
ProsShoot good for me.
ConsNone noted.
By dave
ironton ohio
great pellet
July 28, 2016
hard hitting out of my hatsan at 44
Prosvery good pellet
By Mike
Exact King Heavy .25
June 29, 2016
Great for hunting or just pinking great pellet
By Dale
, Missouri
Quality pellet
June 12, 2016
All the Jsb pellets are always consistent in size. These are a little large for my Hatsan 95 and have to be seated with my diy pellet pen to seat correctly. I wouldn't recommend them for the Hatsan 95 because of this. They hit with a loud thud. Would recommend for magnum guns only.
ProsConsistent size.
By Dominick
Rio Rancho, NM
marriage of power and accuracy
May 29, 2016
With the Marauder at 75 yards i can cover 5 shots with a nickel and I am not the best shooter in the neighborhood. Great performance all around.
ProsAccurate Powerful
ConsOccasional skirt damage
By Ricardo
Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de Mexico
Masive knockdown power
April 17, 2016
The best pellet for my hatsan bt65 .25 massive power even to 103 tyards
ProsWeight, performance accuarate
By George
San Antonio, TX
Very accurate and heavy hitting.
September 16, 2015
I loved them for they are very accurate. But keep in mind the weight of these. I used them on my Cricket which can do easy 75 yard shots with lighter pellets and experience little to no drop. With these I noticed a 1" drop at 50 yards and 6" drop at 75 yards. They are great for 20-40 yard shots and show no drop and hit very hard. Anything further and you'll need a mil dot to calculate the shot. I will not be using them in my Cricket any more, the drop is just too much for me. I will be using them in my Sumatra for 25 yards or less shots. The Sumatra loves these pellets and is very accurate with them.
ProsAccurate, consistent shape, and hard hitting.
ConsToo heavy for distant shots.
By Don A.
Probably the most accurate pellet I've ever used JSB has done it again...
September 3, 2015
From weight consistency to pellet uniformity these are the most accurate pellets out of my .25 Airforce Condor, with an extremely high ballistic coefficient I am taking small to medium game cleanly and easily out to 90 - 100 yards ( with good shot placement of course) longest shot to date 135 yards on a feral pigeon without a flutter. With a FPE of 70.2 at the muzzle and a BCE 100 yards I'm still getting 42 foot pounds of energy with these pallets( according to Hawke Chairgun Pro) that's outstanding
ProsUniform, weight, consistency, clean, ballistic coefficient, accurate... very very very hard hitting
Cons350 count tin 's don't stay on the shelves very long get them while you can
By Nathan
Woodland Ca
Super Accurate!
August 30, 2015
These are the most accurate pellets I have fired out of my BT 65. First group was great although I had not shot in a while. Second group was the best group I have ever got with the rifle. These pellets fit in the mag tighter so I'm guessing the accuracy comes from seating in the barrel tighter. I also get better penetration with these pellets.
ProsAlmost same hole accuracy @ 40yds. Better penetration.
ConsMore expensive, but worth the extra $$$.
By Alin
East Stroudsburg, PA
August 4, 2015
ProsHeavy but not too long, they fit the Hatsan Galatian magazine
Consnot available in 500 quantity tins, Price
By John
pagosa springs, CO
awsome pellet!
July 22, 2015
very accurate pellet but of course wouldn't expect anything less they are jsb! the picture is a five shot group at 80 yards from my talonp the two bottom shots were my bad so with saying that I think the group would have been within the 1/2" to 3/4" group range awesome!
By Richard T.
Las Vegas, Nevada
JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy .25Cal/33.95Grain
June 22, 2015
These are Grouping In At 1" Or Less at about 25 Yards away in my Airforce TalonP; With the Power Turned~Up, they Chronograph at about 850-875FPS!....And with this Weight (Approx. 34Gr.), These are the Heaviest (Waisted) Pellet I Have Ever Tested in (.25Cal)!, and They Hit WIth So Much Energy, and the Domed~Shape Contributes to the Accuracy that These are a Must~Try if you Shoot in <.25Cal>~Quality...I Have Much Confidence in all Other JSB's I Have Tried So Far (.25 Exact King's/.22 Exact Jumbo Monster's/.22 Straton Jumbo Monster's~All Three with the Same 25.39Gr. Weight), They Should've Named These Jumbo 34Gr.< Exact King~Monster's>, Instead of Just !, Or Do They Have Another Surprise in Store in the Near~Future??! JSB~Quality. Airgun Depot's Excellent Packing, Consistent Shipping, Speed and Awesome Deals are The Reasons You Really Can't Go Wrong With!
ProsI LIked the New DomeShape~Kind of Like a Cross Between the .25 Exact King's, and the .22 Exact Jumbo~Monsters, just with a Higher "Waist", Almost like a Streamlined Badminton~Birdie!/Just About Every~Single Pellet in the First (2~Tins) I Opened Were So Clean/Uniform~Consistent, and that (Seemingly) has Become Synonymous with the JSB~Match Label, "Carefully Selected"!
By Mike O.
Ottawa Kansas, rural
Nice heavy hitting accurate hunting pellet, but
June 17, 2015
These pellets seem very uniform & very accurate in my Hatsan 125 vortex sniper after going through my first tin of 4 I only have one complaint about the pellet, but it is a big issue at least as far as using them as a hunting pellet. The way these pellets are designed the skirts are pre-flared and so much so that each pellet must be seated. For target shooting this is just an annoyance and in truth its much the same for hunting as even with a break barrel i seldom get or need follow up shots. I have used H&N crow mags, barracuda, barracuda hunters, Benjamin round nose and Gamo raptors which i would not use ever again, but these pellets are the only ones that have required seating and while these might be marginally more accurate than say Beeman Kodiak extra heavy match or H&N barracudas they are more of a hassle to use and i am not sure if the small increase in FPE is worth it. I can see however if you happen to have a .25 that has a slightly larger bore than is normal these pellets will likely transform an inaccurate doorstop into a usable and possibly very accurate hunting rifle. I should point out these pellets are designed for this and the trailing edge of the skirt is thin to allow for seating. I was given 4 tins of these as a gift and after using 1 of these tins i am still on the fence as it is a little heavy for any springer while for a loose bore or a bolt action PCP it might be the best pellet ever made.
ProsTop quality pellet uniformity and well thought out design. As to if i would recommend this to a friend, yes if i thought it was appropriate for a particular air rifle.
ConsI do not like having to seat pellets and i have definite doubts as to how well these would work in a semi-auto PCP like a Benjamin marauder. I do think that the flare in the pellet skirt should be prominently mentioned in the pellet description. As to if i would recommend this to a friend, yes if i thought it was appropriate for a particular air rifle.
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