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JSB Diabolo Exact .20 Cal, 13.73 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: 546220-500 · $23.99 · .20 · 13.73 grains · 500 ct
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If you're looking for a compormise between high air rifle accuracy in .177 cal and brutal efficiency in .22 cal? The JSB Diabolo Exact in .20 cal takes the advantages of both .177 & .22 calibers. Very popular for its high accuracy, flatter trajectory then .22 cal, and efficiency on pests. Seems like a dream. Popular with the AirForce .20 caliber pcp air rifles.

  • .20 caliber
  • 13.73 grains
  • Domed
  • 500 per tin
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  • ManufacturerJSB
  • Caliber .20
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 13.73 grains
  • Pellet Shape Domed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity 500 ct
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By StanleyUSADecember 30, 2018

Nice ( in between caliber ) , hard to beat JSB's. My Sheridan Silver Streak C9 loves these as well as my Talon-SS.

By ARTHURUSADecember 1, 2018 Verified Purchase

I have a Weihrauch HW-45, a Webley VMX and a Sheridan E 20. I tried all the different pellets and all of my guns worked best with this one. You should test all the different pellets on your gun to find the best.

By alton a.January 28, 2018

I am very pleased with my purchase.

shoots great.


By RobertAugust 7, 2017

Great ammo. They really punch.

By TravisUSAMay 21, 2017

First off, these pellets are very affordable. They are cheaper by about $4 a tin than most of the JSBs in .22 and they are also cheaper than most of the .177 JSBs! Also, they are very accurate. The Benjamin cylindrical pellets would fall out of the breach of my Condor and get smashed they were so loose and these fit just right and are extremely accurate. I'm not sure whether they are more accurate than the H&N FTT (it's probably a toss-up, at least with my skills) but they are more accurate in my gun than the Kodiaks and Baracudas and they are much cheaper than any other option. They also have a fairly good BC, but i wish there were heavier pellets in this caliber still available. With the variety of pellets in .20 constantly decreasing I'm really glad to have a good and affordable option available. I'm not sure how many pellets fused together in the picture I have attached but that group was shot at 15 yards.

Affordable, accurate, good weight and BC.

None, except i don't like JSB tins. I wish they were screw top.

By markUSAMarch 13, 2017

These fit a little tighter in my Sheridan's than any other pellets I've tried, therefore they are a little more accurate.

Tighter fit. Cleaner.


By IanUSAJuly 2, 2016

JSB Diabolo's shott GREAT from my Beeman R1 .20cal

JSB Diabolo 13.73gr pellets shot extremely well from my .20cal Beeman R1. Using an AO 4-12 scope with Caldwell front and rear adjustable rests on a supported platform, the Diabolo's were second best in groups only slightly behind the 13.27gr Beeman Kodiak pellets. All other 8 different pellets that I shot really opened up at 35 yards and beyond. Kodiak #1, Diabolo's #2; Kodiak better at +45yds out to 60yds than the Diabolos...inside of 40yds both pellets were about even. I put 5 shots per target, per tin, at the following ranges: 25-35-45-55-60yds (x25 shots per tin, 5 shots per target) on all 11 different pellet tins pictured below (275 total shots). A fun day behind a superbly accurate air rifle - but as with ALL air rifles you need to find the 'right' pellet. It still amazes me how finicky air rifles are with different pellets, take the time and find the pellet, then the gun becomes fun because it's all on you... After the 275 shot/11 tin test I put up the JSB Diabolo groups pictured below at (top) 35 yards, (bottom) 45yds. I like the JSB’s in my R1 - and they are about ½ the price of the Kodiak’s.

The tin is HUGE - but you get 500 rounds so it needs to be~ and for $13 it's a great deal.

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What is the problem with getting these pellets in stock. I just bought an HW90 in .20 and I need a decent supply of .20 caliber pellets for hunting. This is the best all around caliber. I had a Beeman Crow Magnum in .20 and they were the most accurate.

asked RUSSELL from USA

When do you expect these to be in stock?

asked Rebecca from USA

is a 20 cal. and 5mm the same size ? I have an older Sheridan and am having trouble finding the 5mm Sheridan pellets.

asked Joe from USA

Yes, they are the same size. Sheridan/benjamin no longer make 5.0 pellets.

Mark from USA

what is the BC of 13.73 & 15.89?

asked Fathi
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