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JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Beast .22 Cal, 33.96 gr - 150 ct

The heaviest .22 cal pellet yet! Note: Does not fit in rotary magazines
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  • Code: AGD-P1331 · $13.99 · .22 · 33.95 grains · 150 ct
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JSB is best known to be the best choice for hunters looking for a pellet that has the weight that can keep up with their higher powered airgun. Well JSB just pushed the envelope even more with the heaviest .22 cal diabolo domed pellet yet, the JSB Exact Jumbo Beast. Coming in at a whopping 33.96 grains, it truly is a beast! This hard hitting pellet will give you the ft-lbs you?ve been dreaming your air gun can produce.

Note: These pellets are longer than standard pellets and will not fit in PCP rotary mags.

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  • ManufacturerJSB
  • Caliber .22
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 33.95 grains
  • Pellet Shape Domed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity 150 ct
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By JohnnieApril 10, 2024 Verified Purchase

I do not recommend shooting this through a cheap rifle much

Accurate,hard impact, good for hunting small game at moderate distances

A little large for my Crossman Shockwave but with a small moderation it works very well

By MatthewUSAApril 6, 2024 Verified Purchase

These are best used for larger varmints such as raccoons or coyotes.

Very powerful, 800fps and 51fpe out of my gun. 0.75" group at 50 yards when sorted

Quite a few flyers. After sorting 100 pellets there were 20 more than plus or minus 0.02mm from the average, which matches my observation of about 1 in 5 being flyers. About 1 in 3 had bent skirts.

By SeanUSAApril 25, 2022

Get less deformed pellets from poor shipping and have more fun shooting accurately. I don't care what pellets you buy, just buy them from someone like Airgun Depot that knows how to ship them.

These seem like great pellets. Like all pellets, your gun will either like them or not. But what is really great is the shipping! Airgun Depot gets it. I bought these same pellets and they came in a soft sided mailer envelope USPS. They were destroyed. Even the tin was smashed in. Airgun Depot shipped these in very clever packaging that kept them protected in a box and shipped via a real package carrier. And the final price was slightly less than Amazon. I know where I am buying my pellets from now on...


By El T.September 16, 2019

I will get a pile of these to try out, so far what I'm hearing is getting me excited!

By ShawnUSANovember 23, 2018

Great accurate pellet if you've got the air to push it.


By benjamin m.October 23, 2018

The ammo looks like it would be great but it doesnt fit inside of a benjamin marauder magazine clip.

By Jim D.October 5, 2018

The pellets shot great if loaded one at a time and pack a punch.

By DanielUSAFebruary 7, 2018

Pellets are uniform and shoot consistent. Hard hitting for a .22. Works well in my single shot.

By DominickUSASeptember 17, 2017

For shoes at 50 yrds or less this round is a lethal knock out pellet! Rabbits hit in torso or head are stopped in their tracks! Shot river muskrats (big ones) cease to move after one hit in the chest or head! Went after woodchucks (ground hogs) from a blind head shots also took these big boys out!

At 750 to 850 fps this pill has a wallop! Probably + 60 ft lbs. wind has little affect from 10?to 50 yards

Not good beyond 75 yards too much weight drops (with my Rifel)

By williamUSAAugust 18, 2017

These are well made, but my Hatsan Galatian does not like them.

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Will they fit a sig virtus belt clip

asked Christopher from USA

No. They are too long to fit in the magazine.

Mark from USA

Will this work on Gamo Magnum rifle?

asked Alek

What's the heaviest grain pellet I could use on a Hatsan Edge 22 caliber

asked George from USA

How long are these pellets?

asked Richard Scott from USA

Would this pellet be a good choice for my gamo .22 cal magnum?

asked William Locklear
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