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Daisy Lead Free .177 Cal, 5.2 gr - 250 ct

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Choosing the right pellet is important for optimum performance. Your first choice is easy: choose the Daisy brand; the brand that's synonymous with airguns. Your next choice is based on how and what you'll be shooting. For target practice, you can't do better than Daisy's flat-nose pellets. They are great for target practice at home on the range. Daisy flat-nose pellets are also available lead-free. The flat head makes an distinguished impact on paper targets that let's you accuracy score shots.
  • Caliber: .177
  • Quantity: 250 count
  • Grain: 5.2
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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber.177
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight5 grains
  • Pellet Shape-1
  • Pellet Quantity250 ct
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By LynnNovember 22, 2019 Verified Purchase

These pellets look good,but they are too big to fit my pistols.

Look good,well made

too big

By MicahApril 2, 2019

These pellets are very accurate. I've use them primarily out of my Beeman P17.

Lead Free Accurate Great price

By ZMarch 23, 2016

Easy to load, so easy in fact that some pellets fall right through the barrel. Measuring a random sample with a micrometer showed that the head has a smaller diameter that the tail, ranging from 4.35 mm to 4.45 mm, averaging 4.4 mm. That accounts for the sloppy fit and depending on the barrel may not engage rifling. The tail edge comes in at 4.55 to 4.7 mm diameter and should deform to hold the pellet in place until fired. However the material is quite brittle and rather than deform may simply snap off so the pellet falls through the barrel. This can be resolved by loading the pellets leaving the tail edge protruding just a tiny bit rather than inserting it flush with the edge of the barrel. Used in pistols the spread is considerably larger than the Vortex Eco that I normally use. The Vortex are made in Germany, are larger and very consistent but also cost more than twice as much. In rifles the difference is less noticeable. The pellets have a flat face and cut paper targets very cleanly, particularly at high velocities.

Price Lead free

Sloppy fit

By DAVIDUSAMay 25, 2015

These pellets go generally where you shoot them. They give almost no penetration and smash like lead pellets. I would use them if I had to but I don't.

Small head loads easily in barrel of DAISY 953.

Does not get small enough grouping. smashes easily.

By RoyUSAMarch 23, 2014

I use these in the crosman 3576W pistol. In my basement, I generally use the crosman premier domed or hollow point shooting into a trap. However, I use these when shooting at spinners out in the yard. Being that I have a horse farm as a neighbor, and a field that turns into a stream that leads to a preserve when it rains, I don't generally like to shoot lead into the earth. These pellets are an excellent solution to the problem. They are of good weight (vs some of the other lead free pellets) and affordable. Accuracy is pretty good as well. I haven't done a side by side test, but they are very comparable to running lead wadcutters. My only concern would be the barrel of the gun with repetitive use of these, but I could be way off base on that.

Low cost vs other lead free pellets, good accuracy in the 3576W, good weight @ 7.8gr

Still not cost competitive with lead pellets, but headed in the right direction

By Greg B.December 10, 2011

Good tight patterns, for a lead free pellet. At about 3 cents each, these flat heads are my pellet of choice.

Lead free and they retain their shape well. Very fast, in my break barrel Beeman RS1. With an oiled barrel, they easily go supersonic. They shoot tight patterns and they are reasonably priced.

Somewhat less knock down power than lead.

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