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Marksman BB Speedloader

Includes 1,000 BBs
Only $9.99
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  • Code: 1510 · $9.99 · .177 · 5.1 grains · 1000 ct
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  • Marksman premium grade steel BBs
  • 5.1 grains
  • Includes Speedloader
  • 1,000 steel BBs(700 in bag, 300 pre-loaded in speedloader)
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  • ManufacturerMarksman
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Ammo Weight 5.1 grains
  • Pellet Shape Round ball
  • Pellet Quantity 1000 ct
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By thomasMarch 14, 2023 Verified Purchase

please do not use the b b s

the b b loader is all most the loader you can buy it is real good.

do not use the b b s there are a bit larger and jam in gun

By APUSAJuly 28, 2021

It's junk product. No pros.

Useless. It should be called a slow-loader... BB's will jam your gun or make it inoperable. Don't use them.

By WadeUSAAugust 17, 2020

Sometimes this might come with a packaged airgun, but, just use the loader with other BBs

The loader works quite well, although even it has required attention at the spout end for shoddy manufacturing. I have two- not sure where I got the first one, but I think it came as some part of a bundle/kit purchase a good set of years ago. And the newer one needed plastic removed from the spout area due to a molding seam. Seriously, somebody, work on designing a fantastic BB loader....

Strong echo for most of comments here - just through these BBs out, or use them for some other purpose because they WILL jam in just about every barrel in every gun you might have. If these BBs came with it, I don't remember, and, yeah, if they did they worked in whatever BB gun I had that long ago, but I have several now, and every once and awhile one of these BBs gets loaded 'cause I dumped 'em into my large bucket not knowing better at the time. And now, I've had them jam in over five different guns, so I've taken to getting only silver and/or black BBs so I can see these golden ones before the inevitable ramrodding needed to clear the barrel.

By CarsonUSADecember 18, 2019

It seems to be a common complaint that the bb's supplied with this loader are oversize. But I ask you, what size should a bb be be? .177? That's what one person posted in these reviews. Well, I pulled out my Brown and Sharpe 0-1 inch micrometer which is certified by government standards to be accurate to within one ten thousandth of an inch (1/30 the thickness of a human hair) and measured the bbs supplied with this loader. They mic at .1769. Pretty close and even erring on the small side. Checking some galvanized steel bbs bought from AGD, they mic at .1725, .0044 smaller. But if you think about it for a minute, bbs can't be .177. That is the size of pellets which have their skirts deformed by being forced through the lands of the rifling. Steel bbs will not deform but will rather damage the rifling which is typically cut from two to four thousandths of an inch deep. On a bore as small as .177, the rifling would be cut on the shallow end of that spectrum. So if the grooves are .002 deep per side of the bore, that leaves .173 between opposing lands. So the real bbs were well made, leaving .0005 clearance (.00025 per side for clearance to slip down that bore and stillmaintainsome semblance of accuracy. The poseurs made to the dimension of a non airgunner were indeed oversize and will jam damage and possibly destroy any air gun in which they are fired. Save them for blowing through soda straws in the classroom. Hope this helps. Luv and kisses, Carfunkle

The golden finish on the bbs is pretty.

Someone failed to do the most basic of research before foisting a product onto the buying public. I bought mine just to get the loader. Arthritis in my hands makes loading bbs quite a painful chore.

By MarkUSAApril 21, 2018

DO NOT use these bb's they are too big & WILL jamb in your pistols & rifles !! 3 star for being able to use just the speed loader. I used a pick to open the hole a bit wider & works better now. BUT if you order this speed loader throw the bb's away immediately !! 3 stars for speed loader after mod, minus 5 stars for maker of these bb's putting on the market to damage your air rifle & pistols.......

Bottle works better than others

Over sized bb's that come with it !!!!

By RaymondUSASeptember 14, 2017

I purchased 2 of these speedloaders and each came filled with BBs along with an extra bag of Marksman premium grade steel BBs. I wanted these, to be able to speed load my Baretta M-92A1 magazines. The soft plastic loader worked fine, but all the BBs were oversized. None would fit into the barrel. My gun calls for standard .177 BBs. I'm not sure what size BBs came with this kit, but they don't seem to be standard.

By StevenUSANovember 1, 2016

This little tool you will want in your gun case. It works excellent on the Beretta M92 A1 magazine as well as the UZI SMG magazine. Both of which are difficult to load by hand. Just line up the pour spout squeeze, and you have a full magazine. Simple yet very smart. I'm sure it will work with many other mags. And for the price, you can not really go wrong. Get one and check it out. You too will probably find it quite handy.

Quick loading !!

none so far.

By MichaelUSAOctober 7, 2016

I just purchased the Colt Defender pistol and it was hard to load the built in magazine then I found the Marksman easy loader and it was perfect and solved the problem.

Perfect answer"


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will this work with the uzi .177 cal. 25 round magazine ?

asked Steve

will this work on the umarex uzi 177 caliber 25 shot magazineit is the mini uzie auto or semi

asked kenny illges
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