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Morini Air Pistols

For a choice that offers the best in performance and reliable accuracy, there are a few names to consider. With their focus on superior operation and quick firing capacities, Morini air pistols have been the winners of airgun competitions worldwide. Established in Italy in 1973 as a grip maker factory, Morini's potential was seen by Hammerli and was quickly produced as its own air pistol. Later in 1991, they created the first precompressed 200 BAR pistol, a technology that was later adopted by all other air pistol developers. With a dedication to breaking new ground in the industry, Morini continues to be one of the most renowned and innovative air pistol manufacturers today.
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We are pleased to bring you a carefully selected collection of Morini air pistols for your shooting needs. Made with their signature commitment to excellence, you will find each Morini air pistol boasts the latest technologies and design elements to ensure a high performing solution well worth the price. With components such as precision barrels, muzzle compensators, detachable cylinders with front pressure gauge, low-pressure lock intercept, and many other useful features, it is clear why a Morini air pistol has become a staple in the collection of shooters with the highest standards. Best of all, these units offer high capacity tanks, so you are guaranteed around 200 shots per use without worry. While they are designed to be high performing and versatile in terms of operation, they are easy to use for both the skilled shooter and the less experienced one alike. From the adjustable grips to the electronic trigger with ball bearing and dry firing mechanisms, it is evident these are models manufactured with the utmost of care for a high performing shooting addition to your arsenal. Add one of these high-quality selections to your next target practice session or hunting trip today. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service and would be happy to assist you in any way.
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