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Crosman Pointed .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct

Crosman Pointed .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct

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Similar in design to the Premier line, these pellets are value priced to allow you more shooting pleasure. Pointed design is useful for either casual target shooting or pest control. Actual packaging may vary from picture. Designed for long range penetration. This is the pellet to use for pest control or field hunting. 250 count .177 caliber pointed pellets packaged in a blister card.
Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight7.4 gr
  • Pellet ShapePointed
  • Pellet Quantity250
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Crosman Pointed .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct
54 Reviews
61% (33)
24% (13)
11% (6)
0% (0)
4% (2)
41% Recommend this product (22 of 54 responses)
By MohAirGunner
Groundhog pellets? Yes!!!
June 5, 2019
First off let me just say these are an excellent economical pellet. They shoot accurately out of all my air rifles and pistols. The pointed design penetrates very well. I use these pellets for plinking and small game hunting. My shots are always 30 yards in so I know accurate shots are always attainable with these pellets. Iā€™ve taken squirrel and rabbits with ease using these pellets. So called experts like Rick Eustler say you need the more expensive rifles and pellets for hunting. We all know he is bought and paid for to promote the expensive items. Just yesterday I harvested a huge groundhog at 15 yards. One shot to the brain, one kill. No matter the gun or pellet it is shot placement! If these pellets shoot tight and consistent groups for you like they do me then these are excellent hunting rounds.
ProsEconomical Accurate
Best UsesPlinking Target shooting Small game hunting
By Frederick
Lincoln Park, Mi
Remington Vantage 1200 Express
October 21, 2015
2 shots two kills right out of the box. Garbage picking ( these guy would gang up on the trash can [40 gal. ] until they would knock it over ) seagulls.

GULL: 40 yds. aimed for head hit in the neck just below the head.

Fox Squirrel: 50 yds. Aimpoint head moving , hit just behind shoulder. Target jumped about 2 ft. in air ran about three yards,fell on his side, went through running motion for about 10 seconds,stopped,then quivered for about 20 seconds. That was it he was dead
When I cleaned him I was somewhat supprized as the "projo's " head had only penetrated the hide, however, all internal organs were ruptured and his back was broken in half.
Old tough guy had to stew him in a table spoon of Knor beef bullion,with carrots,onion and celery. Cooked down liquid til just covering the contents, remove meat cut into pieces. Add water 1 cup with 1 Tblspn. of bullion and 1- 1/2 tpsn. of corn starch for each cup water to the cooked down carrots, onion and celery. Bring to boil wisking or stiring briskly , cook about 1-2 min. till smooth ann all lumps are gone. Serve over biscuts and or mashed potatoes or rice, nice little meal. Add any spices you like to customize to your personal recipe.
ProsCan't say as yet. It would not be fair to you, Crosman or the Vantage. By the way the Remington is really a Crosman Vantage 1200. Buy from Airgun Depot. I bought mine from Dick's , paid way too much and got dick**, my bad. I will give this pellet a thorough tesing with the Vantage and my Gamo Hornet, and give you the results.
By Ricardo
Pone puerto rico
Crosman pellets
September 29, 2015
Good product. Works good in my benjamin prowler .177
By Al
Troy, MI
Great value
August 31, 2015
I needed some practice ammo and this was a good deal for the price. I loaded it on my refurbished Crosman 1377C for target practice. No issues with the ammo.
By M C.
somers, ny
very good!!!
March 4, 2015
I use these with a crosman vantage Break Barrel and @100ft these are extremely acurate . Come spring time im gonna set up longer range targets to really test accuracy
ConsNone found yet
By Zach
Garbage unless you under 15yds
June 27, 2014
Exactly as it says. This is junk for accuracy. If you are shooting a cheap inaccurate rifle and want a cheap route, these are it. I shot with a high powered break rifle and they suck in it. I also shot them in a cheapo pump, performs perfect for a soda can at 30 or 40 feet.
Conseverything else.
By james
Works fine
June 23, 2014
ProsIt works great for me,just use it for the correct guns and it shouldn't give any problems.
ConsI don't currently have any.Just make sure to get a can that's un-dented because if its dented it could have damaged pellets inside.
By Isaiah
, Virginia
These work great
June 13, 2014
These work great for my Crosman 760
By David G.
Not worth their weight in lead
May 14, 2014
I mainly shoot a GAMO Bull Whisper Extreme .177. I need a bigger target to see where these are going. I like using cheap pellets, but I do not like wasting my time and energy shooting with ammo that acts like a knuckle ball. I mainly use GAMO Tomahawk pellets that cost 8.99 for a tin of 750. That is less per shot than these. Tomahawks are .5 grain heavier than these at 7.9 vs. 7.4. Much more consistent.
I like to shoot Crosman Destroyer pellets. Crosman Premier Hollow Points are awesome. These pointed pellets, not so much.
I have never felt so good about throwing a product away that I spent money for.
ProsCrickets chirping...
ConsI had to destroy the tin to get it open. They fit more loosely in the barrel, and fly as if they have a will of their own.
By Jia
Riverside, CA
good pellets for plinking
April 8, 2014
if you are plinking giant targets. With a decent air rifle this is accurate enough. Because if you are plinking and you miss no big deal

but if you are hunting then you want that one shot to hit and there is so much size discrepancy in 1 tin of pellets that it will drive you mad

Prosvery cheap and works fine for plinking
ConsYou might get a good tin but most likely you will miss your targets 1/3 of the time due to a bad pellet. I can inspect my .25 pellets but .177 with the dark hue of crosman pellets it gets a bit difficult so I would shoot other pellets for hunting and zero with other pellets as well Try the crosman wadcutters.
By joshua
Carsonville, MI
really nice
January 15, 2014
good weight very consistant nice pellet
By XMas F.
Xmas flyers
January 3, 2014
I bought it for my brother whom ran out of pellets and needed to shoot off his old crosman 2100. He like it and they where some what accurate for plinking and all purpose pest control.
ProsDo your home work and see the reviews. Only trial and error base on your rifle. It worked for us
By Harry
Altamonte Springs, FL
Good all around ammo!
December 21, 2013
Crosman Pointed pellets is an all around pellet weather for hunting , Casual shooting. they are consistent and well made compared to other competitors
Crosman Pointed pellet are abundant at any retail store that carries air rifles accessories . These pellets have no cosmetic flaws or inconsistencies and it is my preferred pellet on all my air rifle and air gunning needs.
ProsConsistent design no factory defects.
good for weaker guns
November 14, 2013
these pellets are not accurate in my gamo bone collector bull whisper the weight is to light
Prosinexpensive good for weaker gun
Consto light weight
By Kevin
Great For Practice and Birds
September 17, 2013
These pellets are the perfect choice for practice shooting, very cost effective when purchased on sale from here. They are also great for eliminating pest birds such as sparrows and starlings from greater distances. They fly true due to the pointed tip and retain some good power to longer ranges.
By lumpy
north east america
amazing pellet
September 12, 2013
I will start off by saying these pellets are insane.They shoot so accurate with my rws model 34 I dropped a groundhog at 20 yards first shot and I killed about 50 pigeons and birds they are extremely accurate. They pack a punch for the price and I recommend them to anyone if you say good for pest control only you are crazy like I said I dropped a groundhog if it does that imagine what it would do to a rats head. Get in your car and buy it so you can do some serious hunting
Prosamazing x100
By William H.
Great pellet
August 28, 2013
These shoot well in my Nitro Venom Dusk to about thirty yards, then accuracy falls off a bit. This gun likes 10gr+ pellets.
My little Beman p-17 pistol loves these things, one hole 17'. This pellet also penetrates very well.
Proscheap,good quality,accurate
By kt
Lodi, CA
My favorite Pellets
June 1, 2013
These are my favorite pellets and they are very well priced. They travel further and straighter than the wad-cutter type pellets and still make a nice hole in paper targets.
ProsConsistently accurate and they travel further than wad cutter type pellets while still making an easy to see hole in paper targets.
By Josiah
Blackstone, MA
works with Winchester 1029
April 19, 2013
I used these pellets with my Winchester 1029 and found them to group reasonably well. I measured a muzzle velocity of 1001 FPS which gives me 16.5 FPE.
ProsDecent grouping and reasonable fit in Winchester 1029-S.
ConsWhile they group well, I had a POI shift from domed pellets.
By Braydon
Southern California
A-OK for the price!
April 5, 2013
For the price, these pellets are hard to beat! My Daisy 880 Loves this pellets while my ruger air hawk did not so much. Compared to higher priced premium pellets, these definitely have a wider range of size and shape. However, they are perfect for backyard plinking. I have not shot them past 25 yards but the sweet spot for my daisy rifle is around 20 yards. Overall, they are a decent pellet for the price and widely available at just about any sporting good store that carries BB's and pellets.
ProsCheap! Widely Available
ConsNot much to complain about for the price
By jeff
Champaign, IL
Good all around pellet
March 25, 2013
Great plinking pellet.
ProsMost accurate pellet for my daisy 880. Pretty accurate pellet for my gamo big cat 1250.
Conspellet tumbles past ranges of 50 yards.
Somewhere, Someplace
Great Pellets
February 9, 2013
These are some great pellets, especially for the price. I buy them at Walmart for $3 per 250. These have excellent penetration and accuracy in my Crosman Phantom 1000. In fact, I haven't found any pellet that shoots this well out of my gun. At ten yards, there is a nickel sized group, and I was shooting open sights. I'm sure if someone who was a better shot than me had this gun with a scope on it, they could make it an even better group. These are also very good for killing things like squirrels. If you do your part and take shots within a reasonable range, you can kill very effectively and humanely. And if you can hit the vitals, you don't need a hollow point.
By Jack
Casa Grande, Az.
Good Price
November 14, 2012
Very effective.
ProsVery inexpensive for the quality.
By Anonymous
Ontario canada
Great pellets for weaker guns
August 17, 2012
I have a 495 fps crosman Optimus .177 and killed dove one shot through the head. I Don't use other pellets unless these are out of stock. Then I use destroyers. One time used wadcutters and missed and destroyed a window on a car we don't use.
ProsWhat's not to like
By David
Good Pellet, QA/Consistency in dia. and trim would help.
June 2, 2012
I have used the these along with the Premier Hollow Points, Gammo Tomahawks, the PBA Raptors, and Rockets in the Gammo Silent Cat (1250 FPS) rifle. These pointed pellets are subsonic in that gun with muzzle velocity between 960 and 1010 FPS. The pointed pellets do well in guns shooting at less than 750 FPS but struggle to achieve 3 inch groups at 20 yards at higher velocities. As mentioned earlier, the pellets seem to vary in diameter considerably. Some will drop into the barrel, while others require significant effort to seat flush in the end of the breakover. The exterior finish of the pellets are on par with many top pellets, but the skirt wall thickness and weight distribution around the skirt is hit or miss. All things considered, I give this pellet a 4 of 5. I gladly shoot it for fun, but I don't expect to be able to drive nails with it. All things being equal, if it were a toss up between the premier or this pointed pellet, I would probably go with the premier in faster guns. The rounded hollowpoint seems more stable in the 900-1100 FPS range than the pointed pellets. A longer skirt on this pellet would help in that area as well. However, in guns slower than 600 FPS - I cannot tell a difference between this pellet and the premier.
ProsExterior finish is nice without significant casting lines. Shoots great in slower guns.
ConsThis is a very short pellet and the skirt wall thickness seems to vary from pellet to pellet. This seems to cause accuracy issues for guns in the 1000 FPS range. (negligible in guns slower than 600 FPS)
April 2, 2011
By gene
March 4, 2011
I have three racoons with these pellets. I have a storm xt gun. And at about 60 to 70 feet they do the job its all about shot placement. The last coon i shoot weighed 18lbs. Two shots behind the shoulder at about 40 feet he was done. Awesome pellet.
grudging compliment
January 12, 2011
If you are on a budget and need to deal with pests, these will do the job... at a minimum. I've used these for almost my entire airgunning career and have won quite a few trophys with crosman ammo and racked up more than a few kills with these. I am using much more exotic guns now and more exotic ammo, but when I run out of my other ammo or need to sight in a new gun, I do use these simply because they are cheap and sold everywhere. Why spend $15.00 on exotic lead free ammo when $3.00 tins of this will work just fine for sighting in new guns, minor pest control and demo field target events.
By John
A reliable stand by
December 8, 2010
I have used these pellets for many years and they have always served me well in a variety of situations from target to pest elimination. I have seen these take out a bird from a decent range of 25 to 50 feet with a crosman 1077. BTW, not a good hunting rifle but reliable. I'm currently phasing these out in favor of PBA ammo for hunting. I currently only use these in my 1077 and nightstalker. Mostly this is for the reason they are cheap, available everywhere, and the 1077 and nightstalker eat vasy amounts of ammo in a short amount of time.
By Dennis B.
October 1, 2010
Great for hunting, if you have a good gun the pellets will do what you need. Great penatration into larger credders is no problem
By killer
August 12, 2010
I used this pellets in my benjamin that shoots 1200fps. i took down a wood chuck at 20 yards. if u hunt big pest i recommend u shoot them in the head
By adam
May 15, 2010
most are good but every now and then you get a pellet out of it that is different or something so its accuracy is way off. id say every 10 shots there is one that is off some.
By breaker b.
May 2, 2010
i shot these with my crossman storm xt that shoots up to 1200 fps and i picked up these bullets and tried them out and there alright i have found there a great target shooting pellet and have good accuracy and distance but for a hunting pellet not to good today from about 30 yards away i shot a squirrel directly in the chest and the thing jumped up screamed and i think the bullets dont do to much damage i think you should spend more for the beeman crows
By winchester 1.
great pellets
March 22, 2010
great pellets for your money no problem shootin 60 yards and dropping pigeons overall i wouldn't shoot anything else
By joe r.
very accurate pellets
February 26, 2010
these pellets are well worth your money i would recommend these for both beginner and intermediate shooters, plinkers, and hunters. I dropped a tree squirrel at 30 yds with my crosman 357 co2 pistol( this is a great gun that gets up to 450 fps). overall these are premium pellets with great accuracy.
HAPPY HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Thomas
great pellet
December 9, 2009
I am amazed with the performance i got from these pellets!!! Penetration is great, i'm getting nice 1" groups with them. Shot a hole through a 1/2" thick piece of plywood, took around 75 pellets. The only problem is the lead dust that gets all over your fingers and must gunk up the barell but otherwise great pellet all around!! I would highly recomend these to anyone.
By ChRiS
okey dokey pellets
October 21, 2009
these are ok pellets they have very good grouping with my gun witch is older that me and only shoots about 600fps but DONT shoot oak trees cus i took a ricochet to the shoulder. also the arent that great for hunting, the tip is rounded not so pointed but there ok
By Damanman
Pretty good
September 10, 2009
Well they are middle of the line pellets that have good accuracy with okay hunting abilities.

can see mark were they put the pellet together; not as much as a gamo rapter but still noticeable.

Point isnt sharp but more rounded

Bottom line is that these pellets are not a great buy but just okay. I would recommend rws super point they are the best hands down.
By Patrick
July 3, 2009
When I got my 1st pellet gun a "Remington 77 Airmaster" I was ready 2 kill sumthin and the man who bought the gun for me also bouth these i go out and I here some chickin hawks off in the distance so I followed it the noise..when i got there i found three fully grown chicken hawks in a very tall half dead I quickly loaded my brand new gun and and got set up in a small oak tree about 40 yards away..when i had his throat in my sights...BANG...goodnight Mr. Chicken Hawk..and it was amazing bcus when the pellet hit him he didnt even open his wings to try to fly off..he jus fell foward and hit the brush on the ground in the woods with a i went to recover my hard earned trophy and ranned bacc to the house 2 show me dad..he was impressed..also i noticed the can of pellets with 250, the inside of the skirt is half way solid and they penetrated a tin shack i shot at like butter..but the can with 300 pellets the skirt is hollow and the pellet is lighter and u have to get a lot closer to your target if ou want it to i would recomened the can with 250 pellets in it..also the remingon perform just as well as these..also i took out 2 rabbits, ringged neck dove, 5 pigeons, lots of red birds, and a water mocassin with these pellets so i dont think you would want to get shot by one of these..but yea these are very good, strong, accurate, and powerful pellets. I would recommened them for hunting, target practice, sightin in your scope, plinking, and what ever else you wanna shoot
By Dylan
Crosman storm xt
June 22, 2009
These pellets work great in my strom xt there very accurate in it compared to others i have tried such as the gamo raptors, daisy pointed this pellet also has good knock down power so if you have a crosman strom xt only by crosman ammo like pointed or hollow pointed priemers.
By Matt
March 16, 2009
This is a very good pellet for target shooting, but not for squirels rabits or simliar creatures. Jack and sniper your problem will be similar to most other people. Sniper, your gun shoots at about 650 fps correct? This speed will not give the pellet the speed it needs to penetrate the ultra tough squirel skin. Also, your shots were not in the vital area were the pellet would puncture the lungs or heart. If you want to try again aim for high chest. I have no clue why the head shot did not kill it.
These pellets have some flaws but for the most part are very accurate out of my TF 97. I am able to consistently able to hit the lip of a soda can at 15-20 yards. I also got a small bird at around 30 yards.
By jonathan
great pellet!! forget jack123 and sniper!!
January 29, 2009
i dont agree with you two! i killed my first squirrel with these pellets!! good accuracy too.
By jack123
nice pellet, agree not for hunting
September 7, 2008
sniper, i had the same roblem, leaded the pellets into my gamo varmint hunter, shot the squrrell at least 6 times twice in the head, the rest in the back area, and i had to get to point blank range to put it out of its misery
they are decent, but not for hunting
By Neil
less is more
June 15, 2008
These cost less and work great. Very consistent shape and accuracy.
By Preston
April 26, 2008
really good pelllets 4 targets, squirrels, cows, piegons, and anything smaller than those. They are very light and fly really straight. I highly reccommend these pellets
By flamethrower
pretty good
February 18, 2008
i killed alot of squirels birds, snakes and gators with these. nice pellets, could be cleaner
By cor
February 11, 2008
These are great,I shot a penny at 150 feet with a inch to half inch spread.These are cheap and amazing.
By zach
best pellets yet
December 27, 2007
ive tried 3 different pellets in my G1 Xtreme and these are getting me the best groups yet. 1/4" at 20yards.
By John M.
Crosman Pellets
December 23, 2007
Great Pellets used a few to sight my Gamo Recon .177 break Barrel and today i took a 30yrd Eye shot at a bird & droped it very good penatration...
By Nate D.
Good value
August 26, 2007
Inexpensive, 1/2 inch groups at 20 yards through my RWS 34, takes out rabbits and squirrels from 30 yards with ease and great penetration.
By will
great pellets
August 12, 2007
these are very inexpensive but reliable pellets i recomend them
By Xof711
Pointed Pellets
July 4, 2007
Good Pointed Pellets
By Alby
Great for the G1 Extreme
June 18, 2007
I haven't tried any other pellets in my G1 Extreme but these seem to be working well and I'm shooting 60 - 75 feet. There's no doubt they will be deadly for shooting pests.
May 25, 2007
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By kevin keeley from ireland on July 29, 2012
Will they fit in a Smith and Wesson M&P pistol?
By Staff on July 30, 2012

Kevin Keeley,
Yes, if the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol is .177 caliber.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

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