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Airsoft Pistols

When you are more interested in an up close and personal surprise attack as opposed to the long distance, inconspicuous approach, an airsoft pistol is just what you need. At Airgun Depot we carry a variety of gas and electric airsoft pistols to choose from. If you are interested in an airsoft spring pistol, like a Beretta, with fast reaction firing, Airgun Depot has what you are looking for.

Our gas airsoft pistols are powered by a Green Gas or CO2 source. Gas-Blowback guns (GBBs) are the most popular airsoft guns we offer. The GBB offers a realistic firing system. It produces semi-automatic firing by utilizing a magazine-stored or on-board gas storage method. The compressed air that causes the BB out of the barrel also creates the blowback. It is the "recoil" effect that makes these guns so realistic. This gas airsoft pistol can be fired just as quickly as you can pull the trigger, and once the magazine is emptied you can simply slide in a loaded mag clip and continue with your rapid fire.

Whether you are looking for an airsoft gun or pistol, Airgun Depot has all that you need in the line of guns and supplies. Order online or call 1-866-477-GUNS to purchase your automatic airsoft pistol. To receive the absolute best deals online join our mailing list to receive information about new products and special offers.
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